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me i owe $100.00 gmc here, and i'll just iran. come all santa maria and these are the headlines. at least 58 people are dead. dozens are injured. after a fire swept through a cove at 19 isolation ward in southern iraq, that fire is now under control in now for the 2nd hospital fire that is killed. covered 900 patients in iraq this year. more from munger. it up the why had reporting from back that the reason for this is the same that happened in a pretty in edna the hospital and,
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but that badly stored oxygen cylinders being get miss used the know the prevention measures no proper equipment, no safety equipment, no safety measures that's according to many people, including the health officials. iraq is currently going through a high wave arise in fiction, over 9000 infection cases. and this is one of the centers allocated for treating a covert maintain patient. now in that ma'am, it has st. hospital that war, the isolation center was located for absorbing about a 100 bits 100 patients. there was a, there were about 60 people there. when the fire broke out, these were patients and with their accompanying relatives. there are also victims
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among the medical us tough and the security individuals, the prime minister must have because me has and i was said that it, he, his government is having are holding an emergency meeting with his officials. and that is a wave of anger. people are really very angry, they say that it's just a replica of the same mistakes that were led to the death of 82 patients in april in the hospital. in that the headlines in south africa, the military has been deployed after protests triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom, turn violence. the 6 people have been killed and hundreds of rest. and during days of riots and looting in 2 provinces, the current president run a post that has warned the unrest could result in food and medicine shortages in the next few weeks. although these may be opportunistic acts of looting driven
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by hardship and poverty. the poor and the marginalized bad that are made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food does not, rich supermarket shows and health workers cannot go to work. cubans president is blaming outside forces. and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protests there in 3 decades or the anger over a worsening economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic, low frequency, i mean, took it in the full, you will receive, the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and
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financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and fix the power supply planning and england will lift almost all its corona virus restrictions from next monday to spied case numbers rising to the highest level a month. all legal limits on social contact will be dropped. large venues will reopen and work from home guidance will come to an end. but the record number of the people in france, booking appointments to get their vaccines after the president announced you restrictions from next month. proof of vaccination or negative chance will be needed to enter restaurants shopping centers or to travel on long distance trains. emergency crews say they're making progress containing wildfires burning in the us state of california. within 3000 people have been told to evacuate the area. so those are the headlines to this our on our to 0 next it's witness the. ready
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yes. hello. that settles daddy and i called miss young miss la, whatever. michelle would have come to even go
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to the news people i think for me take 14. 14. how am i going to be with the whole 14 cars in my hands? why don't you hold still? has your 710 extra form in 2 lines? 456.
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so what does your family saying now the penny to stay here? and then they don't want you to take that journey and that's what i'm telling me to stay. if there's a way i can go back and they are aware of the danger and some awesome on and you can do for what i think being alive is better than poor. your blessing, danger, being less than just being hit, being alive is much better than putting, relaxing danger. no upsets me the most. going to get arrested and harassed, of being sure. that you know, even for me, you know, even had a chance of the danger. i know, i mean, you don't know about my situation. i know, i think you've got, you've got american possible, right. my dad has different to me. i don't have
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a brace possible. i'm devoted from the u. k. and i was an ex member. it makes everything difficult because i'm an ex name, but it's going to make it difficult for me to legally get back. and because i am an excellent, but he's gonna make it difficult for me to stay here because they're going to want to change then, right? where, what, where, i mean, it's not coming to pick over me. ah, ah,
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it's all stuff to see and the whole through that, like playing cell phone number, you thought that's not much of a good. that's something that happened. you know, it was meant that it was really hot. no, but not like he's going to be by his lose. he's going to be his son's life. you know, of it can be part. he's done sooner. all. no care about your guy on our thing and him love. he will nobody nobody know. now the only person he's got is me.
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oh, i was 2 years old and he just wanted me to stay in life. when i was 8, i came to england where i grew up with my steps as i was just like any other kids. i went to primary school, secondary school, college, and friends. i played football and around the streets. i grew up, don't my parents? when i was 15, i go into that company trucks and i was sentenced to prison for 2 years.
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in those 2 years, i begin to change. i begin to become religious. i was looking for a sense of belonging to prison. i was deported to somalia and i became part to busch above me at 1st and i had to show up with a good case fight for the somebody people they defended me. they gave me a way to establish my life in africa. i was never from soldier. i never carried a gun for them. i never killed anyone for them because i could speak english and i was key to the new computer. they had me doing other things for them. i'm not, i'm not a toe is not a suicide bomber. when
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i saw the division dying and i begin to understand and realize dash 5 is a terrorist organization, kids and some people. that's when i stopped being show up. i realize i was before i realized i was trip to scenario like i'm literally state now i'm hiding dish or trying to stay away from us. my father passed away and my mother lives in scott. somebody sharps that have a lot of power. what has happened to them in more highly secure and show
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the muscular having somebody me as soon as i do that or the absolute will have to live in i or program in chicago. so my mom had that a little bit negative mission and i wanted it, i had been a customer know how to how many of it that's going to increase their credit and couldn't, i don't know how much i'm limiting to montes can show up and i get that out of the
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about who do you do the good to go in it but a little more my wife, but that is familiar at the never done or job with it in the in the book ahead and show up a little early what the mother who really who now maybe you can look at them. i mean i was wanting me
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to hear i knew that and she actually like combat the hell the password new window all the time. she thought she was. yeah. sure. you know, she started. oh, you mean i never had no problem. i i the i
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the don't the the in the me the me wanting
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much money. yeah. look us up as a month before the do know that you can get me take the day. okay. can call them i can call the do both feel
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go back till hometown. come to you don't belong here to the i'm already, i'm not going to know, but when i was born, if you do, nope, no kidding, face. you want to go, you don't need all of this promotion mine. couldn't you keep your voice down? okay. she's not here now. okay. but you know, you know, i don't want to know if i have my own place, then there will be no job. no, nothing drama. you know, what kind of job it won't, it won't, it won't be like in time then said i do,
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you know that i know well, i'm going to go is the investigation. com or the whole year when you, when it comes to this point, how much i have to do what i say i'm going to do right. okay. my com still say no. i bought a house where you could come in nice. i think that bill is coming up on have a place to know if i'm still living plays, who are able to ha, i
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call hopefully it will budget was about me that she was going to go ha okay, no i could get some help. maybe i can do the
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the the hello. hi. how are you? i'm lawyer in london. i had head ahead. you know, i don't understand that pull. my
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name was eventually repeating the name, but then i was given your criminal offense. you would change the chip, you've never given exceptional leave your name or anything in the country to it's going to be who the you being able even in the you k, baranski b is not in any way. then if you were to be you,
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then you would be very involved with the conversation you too good. i never get optimistic about what cisco monk will like that i'm sorry, don't, don't get me wrong. and they never look at the person's predicament or, or what, what causes the person to be most predicament, everything just plain people kind of thing. so the immigration context and they never really looked at my problem really. i'm 100 percent shock of this so much. i never told them so they might be
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the same type of light but mostly and the fact that the fact that i was 8 years old and no mother, i'm father and i came to the u. k. and i did so much they didn't consider they look look at if you really well, unfortunately not likely to happen in the question with the rain given, given that i don't want him to be closure. well, she's about to take care of me
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me i'm trying to leave this country. i want to be in place and i can hear and you know, you know, i don't know about you. you can kind of different being all me, children,
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any other european country this close to you again? you again you think? oh, let me see you again. in an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into our house. i heard people shouting so full masked men for not only the eyes and hair were showing al jazeera willed, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of,
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how does it follows that goes in human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court? my says it every place to make sure that the information to bring its context, taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in fact, coming soon on disease award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion. what guarantee that would be the right typically life giving voice to the voice here in california . it almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that opened your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like. the the world from a different perspective on houses near me,
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the l. j 0 as a you ah, all me this part to witness and just a moment that says to check on the headlines, at least 58 people are dead. dozens are injured after a fine switzer recovered, 19 isolation ward in southern iraq. the fire is now under control in nasiriyah, but this is the 2nd hospital 5 it's killed, covered 900 patients in iraq this year. more from the why had to in baghdad. the reason for this is the same that happened in a pretty and healthy hospital in baghdad.


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