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so no matter how you take it out, we're bringing the news and current affairs to, ah, ah, me! dozens of people dead after a fire, tears through a coven, 19 nice relation, ward in southern iraq. the hello barbara sarah. this is val, just new life from london, also coming out south africa, deployed the army after 10 people die in violent protests over the jailing of former president, jacob's yeah, president biden,
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this says the us band with the people of you got after rare anti government, which cuba the president has blamed on the way this is in the euro. 2020 champions returned home. they were heroes. welcome england players who miss their penalties are subjected to races. ah, at least 45 people have died in the southern iraqi city of last year after a fire ripped through a cove at 1900. nice elation ward the blaze at the al, whose same colona virus hospital as important the control but rescue efforts are continuing. dozens of others have been injured and many patients are still missing . in april of this year, a fire at a coven, 1900 hospital in baghdad,
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killed the 82 people, and injured more than 100. get more now on this from a, with a bill where he, who joins us live now from bad. that must, who do we have any idea as to what might have caused this was barbara, according to health authorities in the car nursery district in the going rate. in southern iraq. it's the misuse of badly stored oxygen cylinders. and remember, that reminds us of the same reason 80 to go with patients also were died of the same the same incident that took place in the hospital in but in april. now, a state of emergency has been declared in the car to govern rate, about 360 kilometers to this. how was from the capital about
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a dad and the prime minister? most of the academy is now meeting with the health and other government officials in an emergency meeting to discuss ways to deal with this crisis. now we know that the mistake, the, the a man and her st hospital that the hospital were the 45 people died today of this accident to the the, the head of the health authorities in the car govern rate has resigned on account of this accident. and now the house of representatives in better dad has just announced that it's dedicating its today's session to discuss this crisis. we know that now in the car govern rate,
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people are taken to streets to express their anger at what they call the corruption and mismanagement of health officials. we know that people are accusing health authorities of management and of corruption. and as you know, also that because of the k use, the country is impacted by that has been elected also and several government institutions including on top of them at the health institutions and also education institutions. as you know, that iraq is currently suffering from high wave of infections. but despite the fact that the government is trying to impose new restrictions as trying to improve the health authorities
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departments. but this action also indicates that in negligence and mismanagement is still impacting this current government overhead. with the latest on the firing nasiriyah speaking to us from baghdad, latham thank you. now at least 10 people have been killed and almost 500 arrested in violent protests triggered by the jailing former some african president, jacob juma. the military has been deployed after days of riots and looting in the provinces of course natal and helping south africa. the top quarter is hearing an application buys luma to review his 15 month jail sentence. he turned himself into police last week. after being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption inquiry who went in the porter said they are victims of a politically motivated crackdown by the current president. i am opposed while
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addressing the nation earlier. i'm opposed to warned that the country may face food and medicine shortages in the next few weeks. he also said the country's current of ours vaccination program will be disrupted due to the looting and protests. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and marginalized bad that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacy's. food does not rich supermarket shelves and health workers cannot go to work. while little earlier al jazeera for me, the miller sent us this report from the wet near
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a mall were police failed to stop protested from booting. wherein so where to so solve johannes, get a more will looting, has continued throughout the day and i think what is quite exceptional is that police have all but given up the stood back they did try to fire rubber bullets at the looters earlier in the day they did try at one point to try and stop what was happening. but as soon as police moved in, they were stoned by the people around this particular mall and immediately retreated when spoken to police officers. yeah, they said, what can we do? and this is exactly why we're seeing the deployment of the military. they haven't been any soldiers in this particular area yet, but we do understand the printer being deployed to areas in johannesburg. but as we sandra people continue to lose this wall. they're leaving look shopping carts for the thing, throwing various items into cars and,
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and making their way away from the more we've traveled to other areas of which, where they have been fired with. there's also looting in other areas. and again, the difficult experience by the city is quite extraordinary, and they just haven't managed to get a handle on what's happening. not just in the coping and in various parts that hotspots in johannesburg, but also inquisitive in the fall. and we're starting to get reports of more incidents of violence and looting in one or 2 of the provinces in south africa. cuba, the president is blaming outside forces and do a sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protests in 3 decades. on sunday, police crackdown of thousands of people holding for change in the capital. havana with similar demonstrations around the country. people are angry at the government's handling of the corona virus and then make and the worst economic crisis in becky low frequency. i mean, to get him
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a polio as he read the lack of finance for governance, is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and fix the power supply planning. and our president biden says, the us stand by the cuban people and the surgeon the government to listen to their grievances. folks who want to start by recognize a remarkable protest taking place in cuba. cuba, people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course, frankly ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q what as they assert their universal rights. and because the government doesn't accumulate, refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of the people who have his
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caretaker prime minister has thank the public for helping with one of the largest man hunts in its history clothes. joseph says his main focus is to get to the bottom of the assassination of eighty's president in his own home last week haitian . please say that they're slowly piecing together the events leading up to juvenile moisten beth with the help of international intelligence agents officers have arrested the man suspected of masterminding, the plot and haitian doctor christian emanuel's son on is suspected of hiring the hip squad that carried out the attack we will see that one of the, the silent was presented with an arrest warrant against the president, the warranty, as well known, it is circulating its from there, the operation was setup. christian, a man, your son on it's now in the hands of the police. look, be off to missing this crime. the 1st person who was contacted by the silence was christian man, your son on he contacted to other people who are also involved. as time goes on,
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more information will be brought to light about the mastermind of the assassination of the president. a series of freak, lightening accidents has killed more than 70 people across 3 indian states. that's according to local media. dozens of tourists have been visiting this 12th century for to in rochester, and some of them were reportedly taking cell fees that a watch tower. when lightning struck, killing at least 11 people around the dozen, others died in the same state while another 41 were killed. in order for this, at least 11 people were killed in lightning strikes in medea pradesh. lightening and thunderstorms are common during the monsoon. but scientists say that climate change is making them more frequent sofa come in this half hour jordanian court jails. a former advisor to the king and the member of the royal family. for 15 years over an alleged at cooper
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the hello there for north america. it's all about the brutal heat wave gripping the west all the way from canada to the us mexico border. and as those temperatures continue to rise, they are challenging records. death valley in california was said to have hit 56 degrees on sunday. and if that's verified, it will be the hottest place on the plan, and now those excessive heat warnings are continuing across many western states in the u. s. and those hot, dry conditions, fuel those wild fires across more than parts of california and oregon and all the way up into british columbia. but there is some welcome wet weather on the way down in the south west, particularly for arrazola and into new mexico. and they've had historic drought,
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so that wet weather is very welcome. we've also got some severe storms expected across the midwest and wet weather ranging all the way up the l. a. patient mountains into the north east, eastern canada, seen some storms and showers as well. new york city and washington dc, expecting to see the temperatures continue to climb and we are going to see hot and humid conditions continue there. it's also looking rather hot and humid in miami, as the rain continues here. and as you move to central america, it's hot and humid in havana at 33 degrees. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you,
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and your bill. ah, ah, ah ah, reminder now the top stories on al jazeera, at least 45 people have died in the rocky city city. yes, after a fire rip, who was 19 isolation was the blaze that the same kona virus hospital has been brought under control of the rescue efforts are continuing south africa. the military has been deployed that for at least 10 people were killed in almost 500 with a rested during the violent protests triggered by the jailing of former leader,
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jacob's president term oppose us as the unrest to lead to food and medicine shortages and cuba. the president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest fancy government protest in 3 decades. on sunday, police track down on thousands of people holding for change in the capital have in france, a record number of people have booked appointments for cone. a virus vaccines of the president, the manual electron announced, new measure is aimed at convince, convincing skeptic to get themselves inoculated from next month. anyone who wants to go to restaurants, shopping centers, or travel on long distance trains, we'll have to show proof of vaccination or a negative cova test. natasha butler has more from paris. when a manual macro said the vaccination is the only way out of the health crisis, the message in his speech was pretty much the people in france need to go out and get vaccinated. now about 40 percent of the population have been immunized, but
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a matter of micro says that is simply not enough to get out of this health emergency. so he announced a series of measures to encourage people to get vaccinated. one of them in fact, is going to be mandatory vaccinations for health workers who work with particular vulnerable people. say people who work in care homes for example or in hospitals will have to be vaccinated by september. that will be controlled and checks the macro to make sure that they are properly immunized. the government will also extend its so called a coven certificate, his national cove, its as if because if this is the, the application on people phones on a piece of paper that shows whether or not somebody has been vaccinated fully, or shows whether or not they have a negative p c altis that certificate will not be necessary for people to go to a restaurant to go to a ball to go to see it, or to go to a conference or even catch a train in france from august. so not strict measures. all designed this course to
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try and curve of what we've seen over the past few weeks, and that is a rise in cobit nice in cases fuel a by the delta variant in micro macro, making it very clear that this variance is highly contagious. it's much easier to catch, it's much easier to pass on. and the health ministry and fraud just a few days ago said that if this fair and continues to circulate at the rate at which it is circulating in france, we could see as many as $20000.00 cases a day by august. that is something, of course, the government want to prevent and want to stop, and that is why man and micro, i say more structures needed, people need to be more vigilant. and as i said, his top line really is his message to the french people who really go and get fox native, a member of jordan's royal family. and the man who was once the king's top advisor have been sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of attempting to destabilize the monarchy. the court says the pair wanted the king's half brother to take the
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throne, javelin shout, reports. sentences in the case came after almost 3 months of secret hearings after danial state security court. when, when this bit in which it was regarding the 1st criminal bus and our dollar, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. with regard to the 2nd criminal sharif hassan been zaid. the court has sent it seemed to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. the 2 men found guilty of plotting to sole discord and ultimately undermined the jordanian monarchy by some are the law and show you how some bins aid. i was a former minister who rose to become the head of jordan's royal courts, but he was not a popular figure among many jordanians who for long accused him of corruption and financial embezzlement. i will, the law is also said to be very close to saudi arabia, chrome principal from been said man and has been described as being an advisor to the saudi royal has called. defendant sheriff hasn't been said, is
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a member of jordan's hash. my family, which has ruled the country for a 100 years, the case against the 2 men began in april when they were arrested by security forces. the following day, a video message from prince comes up a former air to the throne and half brother of the current king was a leak to the media. he said he'd been placed on the house arrest. skeptics say the case against our, the latin bins aid as a smokescreen and the, the government is using them escape goats to tarnish prince who has been a scathing critic of how jordan has been run in recent years. but the current can lead none for saying, and his supporters say jordan's been the target of a foreign plot by regional powers to destabilize the monarchy. especially after jordan's rejection of former us president donald trump's deal of the sentry. and the king's objection to gulf countries normalizing of relations with israel. of course, the political ramifications of this are many the most important when it's
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a message to the external actors, as well as the intended actors who may have intentions to destabilize. jordan again that the the state is very strong to it and has been struggling economically for several years. a grown grace of unemployment and discontent has led to sporadic protest, during which prince holmes his name was sometimes taunted by demonstrators who saw him as a symbol of reform. and although the prince has not been put on trial, some believe monday sentencing is a clear message to governments, critics, as we're trying to convince, even so it's at trial by fcc even. so i think this is to be in game one time just to be out of the picture. there was so many, many being as forces. what time is it to be the region? but now i think it's even next to 0. this has arguably been the most controversial
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case, enjoy them for decades. and although a verdict has been issued, the defendants can still appeal. and the other court that's of public opinion is still to give its verdict dramatic shea yal jesse era. the white house has issued a strong warning to china over its activities in the south china sea. this comes with hundreds of activists gathered in many lead to mark the 5th anniversary of a court ruling against china's territorial claims. jemina lean dog and reports. now from manila, the marching in defiance and making a statement in front of the chinese embassy in manila. these activists want to remind aging of what happened 5 years ago when it last in legal battle on the world stage. in 2012, the scarborough rashaw was forcibly seized by the chinese military prompting. then president ben ignore kino to file a keys at the international court in the hague. 4 years later, the tribe you know,
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and validate the china, so called historical 9 dash gleam of most of the south china sea. a smaller country standing up to a superpower, was seen as unprecedented. as long as nations abide by the rule of law and not of military mind, the award is a north star through keep us on the course in the present. and that will point us back to the right direction in the future. should we in a moment of weakness or inaction, lose our weight. but the legal victory had little impact on china's behavior. in the past few years, china even increased its presence in areas controlled by the philippines and other countries with what are described as fishing militias. believe to be connected to the chinese army and it's also expanded, it's reclamation of islands and reefs already deemed illegal under international
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law. all this is happening under the watch of philippine president rodrigo to 13, was not only undermined his own country legal link, but even called in amir scrap of paper. other countries repeatedly called in china seas. it's illegal incursions, but one of the strongest statements has come from the us secretary of state anthony, blinking. he warned china america would defend the philippines. should there be an armed attack against it's military, african, or even its public vessels? many say it was a david versus the live scenario that proved that rights is mice, but years later, a critics a president of legal that they're just squandered, that victory by refusing to enforce the ruling and even back pad. those on this campaign from is to fight for the countries right in the south china sea level in dog. and i'll just 0 manila the u. s. climate envoy, john kerry,
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is in moscow trying to encourage russia to cut its carbon emissions at the start of his 4 day visit. carrie met, foreign minister, said the lover of to discuss joint cooperation. john hall reports even as john kerry and sir gala rob met in moscow to align the countries positions on climate change, the fires raged all around them. in ne siberia where the permafrost is rapidly disappearing, forest fires, threatened homes, and villages june temperatures in both moscow and saint petersburg set new records, while temperatures north of the arctic circle approach. 30 degrees celsius in the united states to wildfires, destroyed homes in parts of california. state for the rest of the visit is an important signal for developing bilateral relations. lifting tensions for establishing work in areas where we can find common ground. the russian foreign
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minister knows the former us secretary of state. well, adela disagreed on march in the past. this time john kerry comes as president, biden's climate, envoy and on climate change. both sides now support joint action apps. we believe there is space for us to cooperate on this and perhaps to be able to open up some better opportunities on other issues as we do cooperate on this restrictions recognize the program flashes. and this is a very good, very good bet for, for the launch the negotiation in such an issue. mutual suspicions abound as ever. president putin has warned the climate cooperation may be used by foreign powers to exert pressure on russia, perhaps, and limiting its exploitation of new oil and gas opportunities created by melting
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arctic ice. and as a signal to the 2015 paris climate accord. russia is yet to produce a plan to achieve net 0 emissions by 2050 for the u. s. this is the 1st test of president biden's hope of a reset of relations within 6 months. she just wasn't for the us, it's important now to find some common topics within the announced half a year period, during which it must be figured out if interaction with russia and its current administration is possible or not. that's why it's important that it stands upright example of washington's tactics, and that's relations with russia. so 2 of the world's top oil exporters and carbon images will make positive noises about transitioning to green economy. this will not likely be the forum for the fournier topics accusations of cyber attacks by russia relations with china. a display of common interests, but only by the narrowest of margins, are jona whole al jazeera. europe football champions have come home to
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a rapturous welcome in the italian capital, ga kil, lini side. it became the 1st italian team in 53 years to win the european championship. they beat england in a dramatic penalty shootout in london's wembley stadium on sunday. many italian see the victory of the euros is an emotional turning point for a country that's been ravaged by the corona virus. they make. meanwhile, british police have opened an investigation into a torrent of racist abuse directed at 3 black players on england's national football team. the trio missed penalties against a lee at that final in london's wembley. the abuse has been condemned by leaders across the worlds of both politics and football. that the barber reports from london. in the aftermath of england's defeated wembley, the clean up some had predicted the tabloid price, often accused of racial stereotypes would be full of negative headlines. in fact,
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most carried the same image. one of england's prominent black players, 19 year old, became sucker being comforted by the english manager garrett south gate after missing his penalty. but there was by the abuse or the same this mural of substitute mark as rochefort and his native manchester was defaced with races, graffiti, and much of a hate speech was online. twitter said it had taken down a 1000 posts and permanently suspended. many accounts of the firm said they were doing all the kurt. while southgate himself condemned the racial abuses, unforgivable insisting it was not representative of most england fans. those boys have done a brilliant job and we have together as a team now and we're there for them. and i know that 99 percent of the public will be as well because they will appreciate how well they've played. ricardo in particular has been an absolute star in this tournament. pretty prime
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minister, baris johnson, and his home secretary, pretty patel has also condemned the abuse that those who have been directing racist abuse that some of the players. i said shame on you. and i hope you will crawl back under the rock from which youth emerged but anti discrimination campaigners inside and outside the world have accused them of hypocrisy. patel had criticized in getting players for taking the knee and anti racism gesture and johnson had defended fans who booed the team for doing so. people remember that it's all debatable that you don't have to take the need because the prime minister government don't agree with it. and so therefore, you know, some, our them lines that also gives them some kind of freedom to be abusive when it comes to black place, in particular, with a clean up, a found zones like basically coming to an end. but now there are growing colds on social media companies on politicians,
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and on the sports of football to clean up their own act, to crack down hard on racism. demarcus, russia mural has now been covered with messages of support. but kicking racism out of football and off social media is a much bigger challenge. nadeem barbara al jazeera london. ah, and the reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, at least 45 people have died in the iraqi city of necessity after a fire ripped through a cove at 1900 nice lation ward. the blades that the l who same current virus hospital has been brought under control over the rescue efforts on continuing dozens of others have been injured and many patients are still missing. the blaze was reportedly caused by misused oxygen cylinders, at least then people have been killed and almost 5.


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