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weather across europe, we've got heat waves, not just in the northeast, but also in the southwest museum temperatures climb in spain. they've got a heat wave on there at the moment. people cooling off in the cities fountains and it's a similar story for western russia. we've seen temperatures climb about 10 degrees above average in moscow. they've had to try to cool down the streets using water trucks. the heat continued to heat warnings in spain on tuesday. it's leasing the heat continue to build as a turkey and greece, the bow concerning temperatures continue to rise. and this isn't the story for western parts of russia. finland got an excessive heat wave as has latvia, and you get the picture here, hot and dry. continuing in the east but to the west, we've got wet weather on the way or continuing for the british child. there will be some sunshine breaking through those showers. but france is still seeing some really wet and windy weather and as we go into wednesday, it will be switzerland in germany that will see the really torrential downpours. we could see flooding in the have been some warnings out before the south of this
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things are looking hot and dry. and it's a similar story across the north of africa. the heat continuing to build in egypt with 39 degrees in cairo. the escaping a wall, finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time and punch bowl on al jazeera, the going to read the conservation part of the book, bringing nature and people together to work with what like my passion, my talk is linking between the content and unique epic. and you need to find
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a bubble or do we have to teach the community living with one lives? it's excellent. elliott, slim mumbo writing with elliot, my son bob. way on. do me the ah, welcome back. as a reminder of the top stories and just at least 41 people have died in the iraqi city of nursery, after a fire tor through was cooper, 19 isolation ward a blaze at the same corona, virus hospital has been brought on the control now,
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but rescue efforts are continually south africa, the military has been deployed after at least 10 people were killed in almost 500. arrested during violent protests trigger by the trailing of former leader jacob's president term oppose us, says the unrest could lead to food and medicine shortages. and us president is blaming outside forces. and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protests and 3 decades. on sunday, police track down on thousands of people holding for change in the capital have on the world is facing a dramatic increase in the number of people affected by hunger and malnutrition. the united nation says 811000000 people are estimated to be undernourished. that's one in 10 people across the world. mohammed valve has one ha, 25 year old. that is a single mom with 3 children. she doesn't have
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a job and her life in the village of my hobbles in width and that the gasket has become virtually possible. had children a malnourished. but now there's at least some help. a team from m. s. f. doctors without borders has arrived. i am really happy, i dance like this. i'm really happy. without this a be would have died. we'd been eating lutes, which gave us permanent stomach ache. as a woman, i personally no longer have enough energy to go and they got those routes. even men are unable to do so anymore. families in desperate need for food and medical assistance i gathering doctors without borders, has set up, makes shift center. some of the families looking for health. how to work long distance, move just a moment. we've come upon a food crisis. yeah. so we launched an urgent deployment. when we choose to do this this way because health centers and the regions infrastructures cannot deal with the crisis of this magnitude. right now we take charge of children with cases of
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severe and moderate nutrition, and that we also treat other diseases, mostly malaria, intestinal piracy, to us, and diarrhea. but a gasket is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. agencies warned that more than a 1000000 people here are facing severe food shortages. but it's just one of many countries with the same difficulties that you report reveals. a dramatic worsening of the food security situation in 2020, the number of mountain people in the world. continuous tries to 118000000 more people were facing hunger, one in 2019 moderate or severe food insecurity has been claiming slowly for 6 years and now affects almost a 3rd of the world's population. africa is hardest hit, followed by latin america. report says cofi 19 has had an effect, but so to have conflicts around the world. and it says urgent action is needed to
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avoid an obvious catastrophe. hammered fun and dizzy. the highest ranking us in the tree official enough galveston has relinquished command. it's another step towards the end of america's longest war. and it comes as the taliban seizes more territory across the country. thousands of afghans has been displaced by the fighting, and many are now trying to leave in search of a better life. priyanka gupta reports these long queues outside cobbler's passport office tells the story of a nation on the edge as us and the 2 soldiers returned home. hundreds of guns, a trying to escape. there's plenty, i think that our country is at the verge of collapse and the security situation is very bad. there are new jobs. i'm a student and i'm not able to continue my studies. therefore, i'm here to get a passport. since me, the taller bonds advance has been fast and strategic. it's fighters,
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rounding cities and towns, and they are now battling for control of the southeastern city of gods. me just as will be from cobble upon forces are fighting back. but this time without foreign troops on their side, hey, miss canister. first the most probably afghan government has decided to retake the cities, districts and villages that the enemy has taken with cowardice or propaganda. and we are clearing these areas. the afghan special forces have advanced weapons and we sure are people that there is no problem. prefer. i've gone in the north and conduce sheltering, intense made of rocks and stones. the daily struggle is against hunger. in 3 months of fighting, many have lost everything. i say here we have no help and we sleep with empty stomachs under the sun. we have been here for a month or 20 days, and no one has come to ask about our situation. i back in kabul for these
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families. a passport means a chance of the future for a generation of of bronze whose only known war. blanca gupta, alt 0, a series of freak, lightening accidents has killed more than 70 people across 3 indian states. that's according to local media. thousands of tourists had been visiting this 12 century for 2 in rochester on some of them were reportedly taking cell fees at a watch tower when light struck killing at least 11 people around the dozen. others died in the same state while another 41 were killed in order for this. and at least 11 people were killed in lightning strikes in my dea pradesh. lightening and thunderstorms are common during the monsoon, but scientists say the climate change is making them more frequent. in
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the world health organization says the highly contagious bell covariance is becoming dominant and driving the new spike in covert depth and infections around the world. some governments, in se asia are now imposing their strictest social distancing measures. in more than a year, thailand has gone into locked down for 2 weeks with a night curfew in place in bangkok. and after recording its highest number of cases ever on saturday, south korea's capital lands surrounding areas have moved to the strictest level of restrictions. clubs and churches have been shut, and private gatherings have been limited. but here in the u. k, this 5 cases rising to their highest level in month. the prime minister says the lifting of most current of virus measures will go ahead. next monday, charlie angela reports from london. the so called freedom day for england
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is going ahead as planned on july 19th, bringing freedom from legal restriction, but not from covered $900.00 cases which are on the rise. the prime minister boris johnson is rebranding the moment asking people to move forward with caution. not this disease creative iris continues to carry risks for you and your family. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday, the 19th of july to life as it was before cape it. we will stick to our plan to lift legal restrictions and to lift social, distancing the changes, we'll see nightclubs, the big performance venues we open, pub, and bar table restrictions and customer limit abandoned. and the one me to social distancing rule scraps workers will no longer be encouraged to work from home. and face must be recommended, but not compulsory. but
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a number of top scientists are concerned saying the government's decision is not based on scientific evidence. and it's dangerous furniture. the basic principle of managing and i'd break is that you impose restrictions whenever cases are going up and you remove them whenever you're in a sustained done where trajectory we seem to be doing the opposite. and the public is divided. going to be good for the whole contra came. yeah, i really, i think people need a bit of a morale list. we've been in lockdown for a long time. i believe they're just thinking about the economy. and i think we're going to end up in another lockdown again. the u. k. has suffered one of the highest death pills we covered 90 monday, recorded 34000 new infections, but the government says a successful rollout of the vaccine has broken the links in cases and hospitalizations are assigned to say, maybe the week, mid scrapping all restrictions in the face of rising infection rates is a gamble, but the government is caught between a rock and
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a hard place if it delays it could potentially purchase 3rd way further down the line. hitting in winter when the health service is already on the seasonal strain. but the risk of many people now developing long cove, it a real, this is britain has the end to the new chapter of learning to live with code. 19 charlie angela al jazeera london. it's going to france now we're record number of people who booked appointments for coven vaccines after president manuel mac chrome announced new measure in the convincing skeptics to get themselves innoculated. from next month. anyone who wants to go to restaurants, shopping centers, or travel and long distance trains, will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative cobit test. natasha butler has more on this from paris. when a manual mac cross said the vaccination is the only way out of the health crisis, the message in his speech was pretty much the people in france need to go out and
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get vaccinated. now about 40 percent of the population have been immunized, but a matter of micro says that is simply not enough to get out of this health emergency. he announced a series of measures to encourage people to get vaccinated. one of them in fact, is going to be mandatory vaccinations for health workers who work with particularly vulnerable people for people who work in care homes, for example or in hospitals will have to be vaccinated by september. that will be controlled and checks the macro to make sure that they are properly immunized. the government will also extend its so called a co fed certificate, his national cove, its as if because if this is the, the application on people phones on a piece of paper that shows whether or not somebody has been vaccinated fully or shows whether or not they have a negative p c altis, that certificate will not be necessary for people to use a restaurant to go to a ball, go to see it, or to go to a conference or even catch
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a train in france from august. so not strict measures all designed this course to try and curve of what we've seen over the past few weeks, and that is a rise in cobit 900 cases fuel by the delta variance in micro micro making it very clear that this variance is highly contagious. it's much easier to catch, it's much easier to pass on. and the health ministry and frauds just a few days ago said that if this fair and continues to circulate at the rate at which it is circulating in france, we could see as many as $20000.00 cases that they by august, that is something of course, the government want to prevent and want to stop, and that is why a man and micro, i say more strictly needed, people need to be more vigilant. and as i said, his top line really is his message to the french people who really go and get native the world health organization. the chief scientist has warned that mixing cove at 1900 vaccines from different manufacturers is a dangerous trend. the warning comes soon after thailand said that health workers
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who have been vaccinated with final vac will not receive an as presented a both as a booster in recent months. more than 600 health workers that all collated with sign of i have contract cove in 119, but the w h o says there's little data available on the potential health impacts and almost half the entire population of indian easiest capital. that's about 4 point. 7000000 people have antibodies against coven. 19. i have a survey shows 44.5 percent of jakarta. the residents had been infected by march this year. but just over 8 percent of people had their cases confirmed. the survey indicates that the cities official corona virus figures are vastly under estimated kids get more now on that breaking news that we've been getting from iraq that deadly fire in a coven ward in nasiriyah mac mood. that bill where he'd is live for us in baghdad . would good to see you. what is the latest that we know about that fire?
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will according to the health authorities in the city, the car govern rate, about 360 kilometer south of the number of dead people has risen to 41 person now so far and the search is still ongoing for more victims. now, the history is also announced that the civil defense teams have managed to contain the fire must have a cause to me, the prime minister has declared the state of emergency in the government rate. many people have taken 2 streets in another year and in front of the a member has seen hospital that the hospital where the incident happened. now, the health, the manager of the amendment hussain hospital in the 3 year has,
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has resigned on account of this accident. now we know that this, this entity is not the 1st one. it reminds us of the, a similar incident that happened in april in the hospital in both. what 82 coven patients are. also a died of, of the fire that broke out in the hospital in, in april, according to health. also, it's the same reason. they say it's the bad use or misuse of badly stored oxygen cylinders. now they're iraqi parliament also has announced that it's dictating today's session in order to discuss the consequences of this accident. so i guess that that's what we know. and i'm assuming it's still a bit too early to know, you know,
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who might be injured in this, but what does it do to the fight against coven in iraq? but obviously, specifically in nasiriyah, having this hospital not being able to be used for the foreseeable future. will definitely indicate certain negligence, lack of proper equipment in hospice. the same as well as what happened in april in edna leave the hospital as you know, that the number of cove in 1900 infections in iraq has been recently on the rise. and that have been complains of lack of proper medical equipment and also proper handling of the cool with a crisis. and that is also the reason many questions for the health authorities
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and the government. whether or not these authorities are handling get such health issues properly. as you know, that they have been accused asians to the has a ministry accusations of corruption and mismanagement, mismanagement. and this is, this is the same reason that lead to there is ignatius of the health minister last april following the, the, the new hopi bit hospital incident that they were had with the latest, from baghdad for the moment. thank you. ok the time to get the latest on the days sport. let's go to though ha and andy thank you so much bother. well, the celebrations show no sign is slowing down in italy from the low of filing to qualify for the last world cup. the national team and now champions of europe for the 2nd time in the history of rainy pools from rock more than
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half a century. but the jury have finally brought the european championship trophy back to italy rating through rome street. the teams soaked up the adulation of his fellow italian. one of i'm wanted to lay, we want to dedicate our victory to you into the millions of phones in the whole world. whenever left us alone accompanying us step by step, we'd love and passion his exciting journey. kept office stellar tournaments that easily won after beating england and the shoot out on sunday night. yeah, on monday morning, these fans were still taking in the site after a night of celebration. they didn't want to let the moment go. i love the fact that all the whole team send you nodded. and they played as a team, not in the book, and it was the real transfer. despite concerns over the delta,
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various and social distance thing, italians gathered in the thousands, across the country with explosions of utter joy and jubilation to celebrate the victory supports in the national team has always been strong here. but during the pandemic, it seems to me a little more to mini here. so this isn't just a football which is a win for all italians. almost 2 years of a panoramic of sacrifice. it is a rebirth for us. a long time fan who vividly remembers the 1968, when saw things a little differently, every is a several big winners are always happy. they are always satisfied. whether there is a virus or not, it's a win. since we won the championship and we are very happy and recovery buddy was upset over how english fans booed during the italian national anthem and saw a greater symbolism to live in lucy. it gave me the sensation that they were
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leaving the european union for a 2nd time. ah, the larger meaning is there for many, still the victory that will live on and most italian hearts. in mind. adam, reading, algebra, rome, well england play markets rush, but he said he never apologized who he is or where he's from his social media post following online races to be signed to him and other black teammates rush for jaden sunshine and 19 year old. because soccer all missing that penalties during the shootout defeat against italy, the club themes of also issued statements demanding action. but we've been talking to schools rented baron lewis. he says he isn't surprised at the abuse suffered by the place we are black and brown. people have come to be used to the abuse that we suffer in situations like this in situations out of this. we go in circles, i can't sit here and say the social companies need to be more because you know,
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that the viewers know that i know that they know that. and yet here we are. the players will continue to take in the the players will continue to do what they feel they should have. the issue of race is to be se, but we on our media platforms in our big media companies, in newspapers, in our radio stations. we must be alongside them, their problems are our problems and are less important. we will continue to have this kind of conversation and there is a lot of work to be done to change the perception of england destination. they have a wonderful football team with terrific players. they have a sizable section of their support, which is well, meaning, good natured, fun willing to engage open minded. but there is a core, there was an element of in england support. embarrassing the shameful online
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and offline continues to he. shame on this country. the mexico's deanna caressa will be running for gold at the paralympics in tokyo. next month, she'll be competing in the blind cat's degree, hoping to add to the world championship title. she won 4 years ago. so i the, and i go to as an add later, but i didn't, because my name is deanna casa, i am a blind pearlin, p, and i will were present mexico in the upcoming calling the game in 2021 battle l'aquila. when i started, the kids would say i could not play with them or do the same thing. but i knew i could, that i could run. i could play and do everything for me yes, lot importer than the smell. but my guide is very special, indispensable to me. without him, i could not run, he's not only my,
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i come to track and it is more than just about competing. a lot of things have to happen so we can have good communication that he talks to me a lot. he motivates me and he runs great races. those achievements are possible because we make such a great team. i mean, it will be all i was doing the loan, the letting those last middle of the race met you. not only a gold metal, but they put to me that i could do it and made me believe that effort. i could make things like this, happen it and make my drink the rest of her too much of the 2020 games was very hard. everything stopped only a few days from the last fire. it was very uncertain and a lot of things went through my head. it was everything we were working for, not knowing what was going to happen was emotionally very hard. we are used to having a plan, so not having it made me feel lost, is it finally you 2021 has the right where we are working toward which you know
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what you see on that. i am very excited. we are thrilled as a team and then we know going to the lympics. it's an immense achievement and only because we went through a lot, these are my 2nd games and we have a huge goal. we won't sell for less than running in the final. yeah. last name, your name. yeah. well, get better on that. i would say to all children and people with or without disabilities. don't be afraid to drink. don't be scared to imagine crazy thing. i didn't believe in your dreams. dreams do come true. there are a lot of obstacles. nothing is easy. here, severe is a secret success. try keep trying and then try some more. you have to be stubborn to reach your dreams. nice, fussy, and 2015 open champion. zach johnson is out of this. she's events of the testing positive the corona virus. the will sub gulf is now gathering england's royal saint george's course of the final major the season last is open with council due to
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covered 19 this week, just over $30000.00 spectators will be allowed to attend each day. that's great for the ornament balls or those players. i'm in my own bubble on my own house and i'm not leaving. i'm not allowed to do that on the phone and i think that's good. and, and like i wouldn't, i don't want to be here playing in front of nobody. so i think it's great that they're starting to and people and, and i was very excited. ok. facebook is looking for now. let's get back to barbara in london. and the thank you now, protestors have forced their way into george's parliament demanding that the prime minister resign the struggle to keep the crowds out of the building in the capital of leasing. some of the protesters got past the officers and ended up in the chamber war. scuffles broke out. their angry that violent groups were able to break up and l g b t. pride march. last week, several journalists covering the event where attacked and the camera man later died
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of his injuries. i'll have more news in just a few minutes. i in energy and check to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your face can tell us story without uttering a single word. and knowing going can guide a symbol times inform the young conventionality of life. witness through the lens of the human eye. it's what inspires witness documentary on our era nuclear guides dying disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8 meets the ship or women defying tradition to conquer the world's part bounced on. i was 0. we understand the differences, minorities of conscious across the world. are you taking out era will
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bring you the news and current affairs? ah ah. me. dozens of people dead after a fire, tears through a coven, 19 nice relation, ward in southern iraq. ah! hello barbara sarah, this is val just new life from london also coming out south africa deploys the army after 10 people die in violent protests over the jailing of former president, jacob's yeah.


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