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could extend to thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global events that are passionate lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how to find libya and her region. and so many others. we go to them, you make the effort. we care ah, hello, i'm barbara here in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. at least 10 people have been killed and almost 500 arrested during the violent protest triggered by the jailing of former south african president, jacob's whom the military has been deployed after days of riots and looting in the provinces. of course natal and how tang south africa stopped court. his hearing an application by zoom to review his 15 month jail sentence. he turned himself into
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police last week after being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. zoom in this supporter say they are victims of a politically motivated crackdown or the presidency or more pause that has warned that the country may face food and the medicine shortages and disruptions to its coven vaccine program. if the unrest continues. though these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and the marginalized bad that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food does not, rich supermarket shelves and health workers cannot go to work.
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q both president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government process in 3 decades. on sunday, police cracked down on thousands of people calling for change in the capitol, havana. there were similar demonstrations around the country. people are angry at the government's handling of the corona virus and they make and the worst economic crisis in decades. a member of jordan's royal family and the man who was once the king's help advisor have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to destabilize the monarchy. the court says that were conspiring to, for king of the lead path brother, printer comes out on the throne. lawyers for both defendants say that they will appeal. those are the headlines that stay with us made in france continues next. and i'm going to have the latest on all the news we've been covering on the al jazeera news, our just under half an hour. hope you can join me then, bye bye. me
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. in france, the sale of war material abroad is subject to government approval. from the country of human rights is also the 3rd largest arms exporter every 2 years in paris. the years saturday exhibition showcase is the thriving center. the event is not to be missed by sentences buyers from all over the world and june 2018 among the exhibitors. excelsior promoted its know how the flagship product
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or the knowledge shake. agenda the mercy of each comment. and again, i don't think you that i would put you in a bank when it's all the projects on the also filled the position. you good luck with exactly what you've done next me can you tell us what you do do? do you have these all the chart like
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small i believe is the part found on the ball roof in gas. and one of these senses the high position electronic component that would be able to steer in israeli missile. now the one that killed afternoon, she had and was him show a bar in the summer of 2018. this question remains unanswered. i i
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in the last the last all of the and then once we have the model number of called the introduce our shift. my lawyer, probably a gunshot account. i don't see you didn't wanna come with me. they have left him a message on have them hung up on the other hand, some are now on the one of them on the. busy oh
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i i me. i, i do manage to get out of god to come to you. this is the 1st time a moment of freedom fall from the palestinian enclave.
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in paris. see me to joseph brandon to the lawyer. yummy. now my doing is a key witness in the show case desert. yeah. find things doing yourself at least seeing you have a good thing. we have one of the reason why i asked you to come is because i would like you to change okay. to know whether you agree or not to see him. and if so, if you do agree to explain you why i would like to talk to him one to what it, what is it interest for us as to the party? to judge will not be able to have any access to,
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to the crime scene. he will not or very less have difficulty. she will not have access to the remnants of the site. and i would like you to explain how you cases what you do, why you do it, or i guess that just will have some other questions. did you take this movie? yes, definitely. yeah. okay. when you should, the 2nd day of the attack at on. you mean today? no, no, none of the have in at 7 pm the next morning. okay. so the mornings so say afternoon. how do you explain this things in this case? because he's here give us here and the other 2 behind in here and yes,
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sure. okay, okay, perfect. so remember how many shooting sites you visit this morning? i guess you won't be able to tell me a number really. this is the time long, then you'd be 30 per day and sometimes more than 50 you will always the other team member know sometimes alone sometimes is our friends from focus on innovation with some text driver and just go to the to collect information about every incidence that happened in that day, and after that, just give them to information and make a little about what was done, but i should visit every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to
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bring that it's correct now a few weeks later and december 2018. no. my dune was summoned by the examining magistrate to be heard as a witness. the complaint has been investigated by the crimes against humanity and war crimes unit at the parish high court. it's a new unit specializing in the most serious crimes. only over the last decade, has it been possible to prosecute such crimes in france, even if they were committed outside the country's borders. it is the 1st time the unit is investigating a case filed against a french army manufacturer. ah, in france, it's the bidding of whom hearings made the judges. it could notify the entire legal proceedings,
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which is said in the judge's office is also part of the investigation secrecy in europe. mama double rama represents the n g m for which he, i mean, am i doing works in gaza? in march 2019. he spoke with the human rights council in geneva. the human commission of inquiry report on the protest in gaza has just been made public. and for several hours member states and n g, i was all have the floor that i'm in a good day to show us now the by the long a vessel and level united nations watch mister president. i was a british commander in northern ireland, iraq and afghanistan. and have extensive experience dealing with riot and crowds whipped up by armed terrorists. i have served violent demonstrations on the goals
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border many times from the front lines. unlike you, mister chairman, and your commission, who have never been that. i accuse this counsel of handing a deliberately biased mandate to the commission intended to defame israel. i accuse this commission of miss representing her master's actions, twisting organized violence into peaceful protest. i accuse this commission of acting as an instrument from terrorism, by falsely accusing israel of crimes against humanity by validating terror tactics and by inciting, killing, and violence. greater violence is planned by her mass in a few days violent. this counsel could restrain by condemning her for its murderous actions and rejecting this outrageous report appeal to every member state to repudiate it. if you do not, you will have the blood of palestinians and israelis on your hands.
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as your m. s. c de la la l ms. n center for human rights. thank you mister president. the evidence and analysis of the commission of inquiry is big for itself. no amount of politicizing can all of the fact that the fact or the lo surrounding the killing the murder of and i mean when it comes that important, which found that in all possible 2 cases, they use a lot of live ammunition bias. i think that the 4th is again, the most played out, was unlawful amazon to come and take a desire to come and vision support the conclusion that there was demonstrations was the value in nature, and constitute combat or military campaign. as the report, the firms, the legal flipped framework applicable to policing protests as the law of enforce of law enforcement, international human rights law government. this kind the
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11th of knowledgable tele, knew some of them the subtle for them to buy list. if you haven't got that sort of vehicle off and then when you're done the lead to someone who's in the hallway and they'll just tell them all away below because you have them like as you half she will know what i'm about to move october because my husband has a little more about what she's done and who are mobile. i'm in the midst of my j before 11 and out of here in oklahoma. it's got the dash and
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the ad to learn how to see all that. i'm officially a emily lawson. she was asleep for the camera on hold on. oh hi, be can hello the collision them. logistics policy have to come up there and i'm kind of less than, i'm not, i have a policy that's called the shuttle mom, the local police, or no more, no less money. but we love with some local, clear what i'm do mila. from the pull up the what all of the fitness comes along the for a lead minutes. i yourself, 2nd among the phillips at home on monday, my dear let men know little but the mother lives in that kind of just to come into her company. i'm calling the
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failing and i'm getting, i'm an issue for why am i going to monitor? we'd like to have on a camera or, ah, in, in israel did not ratify all the protocols of the geneva conventions which have sent the laura for since the end of the 2nd world war. israel also does not recognize the status of occupied territory for the west bank and the gaza strip. the law of
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the strongest dictates here the roots of the gang. morning. morning everyone. morning everyone. i would now like to invite major general yelling the child. these only challenge the challenge of the government to reverse the idea is to improve the situation of civilians without with limiting defaults been, the process will come up and be slimy. you had to be killed, innovation, our civilian community, most of them of the cultural community. very close proximity the border
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and for me to responsibility over commander, you don't have enough time for mistakes. you don't have enough time to consider. taking your money to retaliate immediately. you know, to prevent a failure in which the villians we'd be attacked directly by 3rd, we do all we can to pick precisely the miller. and there are dr. without testing civilians, not without the steak. i thought the palestinian authority is vigorously pushing for an ice. if the investigation of the is that it is of fair position that i could feel the most joyous diction over these very felicity in counseling, the law abiding state with an independent justice system
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as early as july 2014, a few days after the death of jihad and was him sure? the family filed a complaint in israel. they never got a response. and i still looking over monday. how does it say no? like the sensor, the good will was found in the debris of the missile that killed the children on the bars roof both pieces of part of the projectiles. mechanism garza now am i doing found israeli miss house fire in the 2014 war which did not explode. the intact missiles can help determine exactly what the sensor is used for
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. how essential is it for the missile to work? lab take, i'm a subtle southern masula by on the help them the little farm while bush the issue for just listen home from old on the look at that i had enough to look up on her. the name was provided me in france, thirty's, friends. i had a set of copies of what i had, they had an advisor he had in the head. teddy few other they have to the had had that they had with that had had 50. but i'm going to have the i'm assuming that the dividend, visual, if it's, you know, how the tech comes at that the little metal model would look at here. they had to have came in with heavy local louis to show them the weather and still had it hurting her.
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and the theory to, to irish, which then the level of pick up someone has limited in a france as it had come from my thought. my fault, the cello over the fee would be additional a heavy weight he hung in the heavy well, how does that have a table have to have a cable here? okay, great. you know, with it was just a little over and the out of all of us on both of us on things this senses found in the unexploded missiles are identical to the one found on the
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sure bowels roof all of the matcher model. so by euro fara as early as 2012 to israel aerospace industry. one of the israeli army is miss all suppliers. the transaction was authorized by the french government. these senses are considered to be war material. for the show about families lawyer, there is now no doubt about it. the company knew that these senses would be used to make missiles capable of killing and committing crimes. ah, our arms manufacturers and governments authorizing the sales guilty of the crimes committed with these arms. for the 1st time, the french justice is considering this complicity, the criminal liability venomous manufacturer in war crimes is being examined.
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you're all right, that being and they said they didn't give me the stuff the father of the child does not is so much time does
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this case take and the french traditional but i get not or see if the suitable families complained succeeds. it will undermine the impunity. the arms industry relies on the case is unprecedented and its consequences will be to me over i oh oh
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i i use use hello there for north america. it's all about the brutal heat wave gripping the west all the way from canada. to the us mexico border and as those temperatures continue to rise, they are challenging records, death valley in california was said to have hit $56.00 degrees on sunday, and if that's verified, it will be the hottest place on the planet now. those excessive heat warnings are continuing across many western states in the u. s. and those hot, dry conditions fuel those wild fires across more than parts of california and oregon and all the way up into british columbia. but there is some welcome wet
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weather on the way down in the southwest, particularly for arizona and into new mexico. and they've had historic drought. so that wet weather is very welcome. we've also got some severe storms expected across the midwest and wet weather ranging all the way up the elevation mountains into the north east, eastern canada, seeing some storms and showers as well. new york city and washington dc, expecting to see the temperatures continue to climb and we are going to see hot and humid conditions continue, that it's also looking rather hot and humid in miami, as the rain continues here. and as you move to central america, it's hot and humid in havana at 33 degrees. ah, most people will never know what's beyond these doors. the deafening silence of
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100000 for how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious with fear. it's not an option. but we're not most people a face compelling story without uttering a single word. and knowing a simple touch, informa the young conventionality of life. witness through the lens of the human eye. if morton bias, the witness documentaries on out there at the start cheerfully in front of the next museum in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to the man. the government is locked down restrictions and left the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2,
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the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the testers who are not following social distances rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police are trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were right in sitting across the latter, after some protest started throwing stones. and that's why your work police on horseback moved in to clear the area. the news. this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes,


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