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or, you know, some, our them lines that also gives them some kind of freedom to be abusive when it comes to, to black place, in particular with a clean up, a found zones like basically coming to an end. but now there are growing colds on social media companies on politicians, and on the sports of football to clean up their own act, to crack down harder on racism. demarcus rush with mural has now been covered with messages of support. but kicking racism out of football. and off social media is a much bigger challenge. nadeem barbara al jazeera london. ah and now the top stories on al jazeera, at least 6 people have been killed in almost 500 the rest. the during the violent protests triggered by the jailing of former south african president, jacob zoom. the military has been deployed after days of riots and losing in the
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provinces. of course you will natal? and one thing south africa was pub court to is hearing an application via zoom to review his 15 month jail sentence. he turned themselves into police last week after being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. president seated. i'm opposed that has warned that the country will face food and medicine shortages and disruptions to its corona, various vaccination programs. if the unrest continues. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and marginalized bad that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food
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does not rich supermarket shelves and health workers cannot go to work. he was president is blaming outside forces. and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protests in 3 decades. on sunday police crackdown on thousands of people calling for change in the capital. have i know there were similar demonstrations around the country. people are angry at the government's handling of the corona virus and they make and the worst economic crisis, in that case. a member of jordan's royal family. and the man who was once the king's top adviser and have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to de stabilize the monarchy. the court says the pair were conspiring to, for king of the half brother, prince hamza, on the throne. those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you here and al jazeera in half an hour. they were the still coming. it makes the, it's the stream. thanks for watching
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me. ah, ah, ah ah, ah. hi, anthony l. k to day on the string, nicaragua, 4 months before presidential and legislative elections are due to take place, opposition, voices are being detained. we spoke to one activist who talked about her, take a why this was happening. have a list and have a look for 2018 president and got out of violence. depression twisted countries opposition groups after this journalist or anyone will post. this is government
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ahead of election knowing that he will lose if he opened free and fair elections. there has arrested 6 potential presidential candidates, including opposition leader. he has close all a democratic stories by eliminate the competition by arresting anyone who opposes his government or any one who do it in his can, canada and see that it is a nasal analysis. what is your this is a big question. i am going to be asking. is there room for opposition? voices nicaragua? today? jumping to the comment section, be part of our discussion right here on the stream. let me say hi to the gas, introduce your panel to you to the ana has a miguel the know if they get to see you to see on or introduce yourself to the stream audience hired around. thanks for enemy. i'm on central america analyst as international. we'd be covering this for this for 3 years now and came out with the early warning report just before the actual quote. so we,
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we have been in the country and we look forward to your call so time he has a miguel, welcome to the stream. introduce yourself trying to national audience. hi, my name is amy yoder and i am the executive director of the america division. i see my rice watch, unfortunately, mika waste one of our top priorities in that region. and like the national crisis group, we just published the report about human rights conditions unique at our way, where we are watching re, really, really serious setbacks. we're going to him off and not in just a moment. no, no, welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to international audience. thank you. thank you for inviting me there or not. so niga, facilities and commentary. so maker have several publications about political, cultural democracy and media. and i was in my letters a work as
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a filmmaker are several, the commentaries about people in exile. so again, i'm going to start with a series of videos. in these videos, you will see a presidential candidate, an opposition leader, another presidential candidate, and a former friend. and if the minister, what they did was make the videos and they released the videos, if i get in trouble, this is a video you will see, they were concerned. the fact that i'm able to show you the video shows that already in trouble have listed, have a look, a minute, see mine, and correct you and brothers. and if you are watching this video, it is because i have been detained by your takers regime. now, i'm your list. if you're seeing this video, it means my house is being rated and i've been here be and seeing this video, it means i've been captured when, when you go, if you are seeing this, it means i've been detained by the police. no, you start 1st of all, when you see this going on in your how country when you 1st started seeing these
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videos coming out, what did you think? well, i wasn't surprised at all. actually. i know most of these candidates, the situation of me got our, it's not something that happens in the last month or it's not something to happen in the last 3 years. is actually i consider like what is happening right now, like the final step of the plan has been consolidating for the last very years. these are they, i lose power in the 990 elections that he's convinced that he wants to create a new political system. that is not democracy and he's not based in election. but he's basing one part part the leader for one family in which their country only has room for one way of thinking. so when we saw these, maybe what was surprising was the speed of how these happen, because now we have 6 pre candidates in prison,
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but we knew that this was going to happen. it's just a new step of these, you know, building obvious new political system. they miguel, this is bold. it's not even subtle. it is actually bold is something that we haven't seen in latin america again, decades. this idea that the head of a state, in this case, the data could capture, could you know, be pain. we know, due process with fake chargers, the, the, all of the leaders of the opposition peaceful, democratic opposition. any of them could potentially defeat ortega fair and transparent election. but the fact that he, he was able to, to make this move. i think it's very revealing of the state of mind.
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law ortega, his wife was the vice president. yeah. and. and anything important that need to national community react also in a similar boat way because otherwise, ortega setting is very, very negative precedent for the entire weekend. i will through a double take when i have ortega and his wife, the vice president is quite shocking. i know there are political families, but that's a very cause political family to be on a, for us as an international community. can you break down who is being scoot top and why? well, i mean, it would be basically rounding up on the all the sectors where former allies of in even were brothers actually or overly allies and dialogue and contains private but
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also directly to the leaders politically there. sorry. and be there something that role in between teaching writing where hundreds of thousands of new ones, lot industry and demanded for a change where basically we use the police and of course the president or take a just a few weeks ago he actually spoke about why these arrests, these detainees were being detained. i want to see if you can pack it for me because i am a little bit confused by the reasoning behind this. so let's play the video and then you can help me understand. what does he say? it says, learn those. we are not judging politicians here. we are not judging candidates. we are judging criminals. you've attempted against the countries against the national security, against the lives of its citizens,
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by trying again to organize another april 18 is another q data provider bed. in bed and was investigated denounced, prosecute those who with committed crimes against the homelands. those who have loaned money the same as when a drug traffickers, trade is the same, the same, not a step back. there will be no step back. only forward. no i have lenore leaning in jose miguel was shaking his head. no, you start 1st of all, what does that mean? can you understand what the president is saying that yes, i mean you have to understand that a big a has to justify what he does. so he cannot justify these democracy. so what he's doing, he's just fighting every out and that he's grading. what is this reality? we got our 2nd 3 divided between france, this and the nice that people an enemy, everybody else. so because he cannot let it in my, by, in south, in pre election,
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what he's doing, he's building the site that we are kind of in our war, you know, the brewing to an enemy parties. and what he does with this is the human eye. anybody else that he's not part of a political party? so right now he's not, he's not talking about, for example, what happened you 2018 as every 1000000000 of the people against the victor sheet, which was what's happening. i mean, we're talking about proctors about including almost 10 percent of the population. you know, it was really, really wide representation of the country binding speedo saying about what he's saying that he, that was the intent of the top. and at the same time, he's saying because of the, everybody that was involved in that rebellion always involve increase, exciting. the government is not a thing. any buffering. how politic are right? they are traitors. go ahead as they miguel
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me. i think it's important for the audience to understand that ortega control congress. they do the sherry, the chief prosecutor office, the supreme electoral counsel, the police and the army, and time. so full concentration of our last year by december he passed legislation to, to apply to to the leaders of the opposition. and this legislation is like old fashion, solve your legislation or penal chairs legislation which allows the government to go after anyone could criticize artega as the enemy of the state as the enemy of the fatherland. and that is primarily the charges against the leaders of the opposition just because they have criticized the government. they have,
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for instance, celebrate at decision from the european union or washing done or cannot our, or the has to condemned what is going to make or what that means. then it target of legal repression. and most of them are in income when he got the attention, we know the process, no x, those accept to a lawyer on a fabricated charges. does. yeah, i think what i said think that i think it's important that the bank i say is that these politically strategies that are they guys building up high legal frames, you know, have the concept was and there are 4 laws that are they got proving the last 2 years that are really important, one is the law to protect. so bear anything which is pretty much trying to justify, to profess anyone that has if considered a traitor. although law is they fever, crime law, which is a load that is created to control any person by click the side or take in the
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social networks they against that he's against me. right? yeah, yeah. the other law is the reform to the claimant, now called in which now for example, if you are called by a judge to be like in prison, you don't have to be there in the past. you need to be there for 48 hours and then to present it to a judge. now you can be in prison for 90 base in order to be presented to a job. and the. yeah, so it means by right now, this is what we're billing our. all our political leaders are in prison and they're not present it to a judge. and we expect that they are alive in prism, but we don't have any everybody got the, our ally present. you know, to see on i'm just looking at here correctly, the tang journalist miguel mendoza for lead street. and so when you start controlling the media, then you are controlling the narrative. you were in nicaragua
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a few months ago. what was the atmosphere like? can you describe it? it's a cancer environment. although on the surface it appears to be cold and it's quiet. there's no protest. i haven't been one or 2 years, at least. you know, people, industries do their own things. the malls are filled with people. there are always those companies, patrone, run the bows and to, well, any side of minimum unrest. but apart from that, you don't see, you know, in the stage of absolutely the integration. but as soon as you scratch it and you speak with people from the nice, the old proclaimed themselves because are either 1st horse or genuinely believed in
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some type of illusion on social media. they all because they are public employees. so they they also are very good. so you can really proceed on one hand, the fear, the terror pause with these would be slow to say, release sold. and on the other hand, the illusion that the section of what came out between t applied, which translated into very minimum of gauge around the folks between deposition and the government was basic, the creation of the movement. why that basically turned what was social demand for change? into an actual district, and they're inviting,
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prevented your position groups to create ben together and create another way that will be focusing on this moment. right now where that doesn't seem to be rooms. opposition. voice is which is the question we were asking for the show. but there have been improvements in terms of agriculture and infrastructure. nicaragua is not all. i have to be careful about how i say this is really for in order to say really about what you see in terms of progress in your home country. rather than me. ethan outside is saying this because i think this is also important which may be explain why all take is still able to whole power. other than running the military, of course, and the judiciary of those institutions. but also he has affected some change. tell me about that because i think that's important. we can't have just half a discussion. go ahead. yeah,
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i mean i seen that actually before this program i already, we checked what was the result in care. so the fight against poverty and he can walk in according to their results to the biggest, more respectful survey that the strong in the country around that we have pretty much the same levels that we had in years ago. so it has been come up with. so much code is like the goal there may like to say, i think the we have had important changes in terms of the practice tarka incorrect, stricter lie, you know, any hoss be fine, you highways, new roles that were important in our society. i think for some are to be something important that a lot of people rely, is that he restored the center of my now and that was really in forgotten. but the thing about or theory got is the 1st of all, he hadn't done anything really, to change the conditions that create poverty. and he got out. so when he hung down the road and they have tried to read those extreme poverty,
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but we don't really mean a month for salt because of what happened or they got could do. it's more improving by the direction, by the country. so on a stable political lee, and also there is so little thrust in the country right now. i mean one of the person, but he put in prison right now. he's the manager of one of the biggest box in that there are no new a new investments. so there was a little protest at the beginning of the government, but because of the lack, because a lot of people lost their job because of their political, continuous, political crisis. pretty much we are kind of the same. ok, we were at the beginning of the government when at one point the notary said raising, which i think is a valid one. i mean, i agree, is that the them, i mean economic model of the vitamin of mika has been mostly based
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on support from various relax. and because what has been historically very close to its way last been as well as being providing very significant support to me. cuz our until day until recently, when the venezuela, an economy collapse and, and that is partially explain the mobilization and demonstration social unrest that happens in because i was in april and may of 2018. but there's 2 for that that they got to be able to build. it's basic, basically try and tell support individuals who are close to the the ruling party and get some benefits. but they have reputation of ortega and his family. is the patient of dr. see, this is the family who has a, may, i mean, accumulated tremendous wealth you know, in
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a country that is incredibly poor and, and you still just take keys, why it's also the rest of the family and some members. i mean, you know, when i, when i, when i look at, present will take, i think of the dual or well novel animal farm where the animal was oppressed, so they overthrow the humans. and then the animals then become the oppressors. and it feels like that cycle is happening right now. yeah, let me bring in an international voice. this is the un high commissioner for human rights, michelle bachelor. and then i'm going to put a couple of questions to you for my youtube audience. let's start with michelle. partially talking about the situation, nicaragua, look, a mother that is for more than 3 years, this council has been analyzing in depth to human rights, social and political crisis affecting nicaragua. regrettably, i must report that almost none of the recommendations made by my office to the state of nicaragua have been implemented. this crisis not only shows no signs of
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being overcome, but it has worse and alarming men. i have so many questions for you. guess i'm going to get you to ask these very, very quickly, ed rather gonzales castillo. thank you for watching. i'm nikolai doing. my question is what difference would external pressure have or take a will whole power no matter what? and the structure of corrupt power behind it will also be supportive fiano. you take out what go ahead. i think 2 points here. very important to take into account . first of all, of course, external pressure is among the factors, the new account, but or take the most afraid of it. that's why you struck, you don't still have that doesn't mean that the being should not, or she, she just the crisis module. we actually advocate to break to come to the math where it wasn't because unfortunately,
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actually watch the interim information. the human rights were the only looking at the country in the last couple years because the strike them come to seem to be turned back into sort of. so let me see if i can squeeze. one more question really came to talk to you need to apologize. it is great to listen to this christopher m as a this one i'm going to put to you has a miguel, the sandinista is control 2 thirds of the electorate. good luck over throwing a democratically elected government. that is take, what is your take very quickly. a leg. i mean that come on. ortega is a dictator. he controls everything. and there is no democratic institution in the country that he's able or capable to prevent abuse, to investigate abuse or so to how the or tag i'll or keys you know,
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regime accountable for anything. so, you know, in this particular case, where people are exposed to gross relations of human rights, the national responders not only allow but also demand the attention from the, from the international community. i think that the organization from, i guess they have enough grounds to suspend. we get our work from membership in the organization or like i said, because he's not a democracy. let me put the video comment to you know, because it's really interesting. it brings us for circle back to the november elections. this is kai failure and he's not hopeful about what these elections might look like. come off the back of his video immediately with a brief response during unforeseen events. nicaragua, government is extremely unlikely to change course and hold free and fair elections
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this year. the government has stood international pressure and sanctions. in the past, the main opposition presidential contenders are all jailed. free speech and freedom of the press have been thoroughly suppressed despite the efforts of independent journalists continuing. and the government has re energized members of its base. so, and there are very few incentives to share and hold genuinely free and fair elections. oh, i'm asking you to call that, go ahead. yes, i mean, i agree, there seats away from the saying, well, we are in an almost impossible situation, but we are not company, we are a country and we have to continue find the solutions. so for me right now, one of the points that i want to raise that i think we don't talk and all is that we have to, it's her life. they control that what they have over done over they are meeting
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over day police and i think one of the things that they international the pull must be have to do is to really caught the money in the power that is getting to the army into the police, because right now the majority of the population is against ortega. we have 3 election. we are going to win. ortega the program right now, is that even if we have really strong voices? do you guys have a gun? and even when you have really strong voice as guns killed this boy right now, power and all. thank you. has a miguel. thank you to see on a thank you. we could keep going. but i know i have to wrap up, but i won't people to know where they can come for great installations. i have a look here on my laptop. you should be following right now. the new or as they miguel. and till sienna, for they takes an analysis of what is going on in nicaragua right now. thank you,
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chief audience for your excellent questions. really enjoyed putting them to the guests. i will see you next time. take care everybody. ah, ah ah ah, when the news breaks in new jersey and his complaint systematically and the story needs to be told, we watched the last helicopter, leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth proport. if purple is your thing,
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this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 9000 to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on there. and on line of football from spain traded, battling opponents on the pick up fighting fascism at home and abroad. good morning, legend edit hanson introduces stephanie known the battle awarding in use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. i. what ball rebels on al jazeera and mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting that is dangerous, profitable, with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigates claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy. are
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in fact poisoning the environment with dia, health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a just, you know, the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to what was on here, and it's very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, hello and barbara, sarah london, these are the top stories on al jazeera. at least 10 people have been killed in almost 500. the rest, the, during the violent protests triggered by the jailing of former south african president, jacob's in the military has been deployed after days of riots and looting in the provinces of prison. and how tang south africa talk. court is hearing an application by zuba to review his 15 month jail sentence. he turned himself into
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police last week after being found guilty of failing to appear out of corruption inquiry vilma, and to support say that they are victims of a politically motivated practice. presidency serial and i'm oppose that has.


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