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show the right lonely south coast. that breeze is a helpful cooling trend and it does bring quite a long way even to sudden, saturday, with occasional showers in the mountains, patches of yemen. more especially along the coast of mar, was sloppy. the concentration things aren't changing much otherwise as a dusty wind through iraq, which every now again, pulses down through the gulf, but it's not doing so on that day, wednesday to friday we have got flowers, forecast showing, possibly the best place to be in the middle east the moment it's cooler, it's overcast. it's often writing and yes, as is wanted $2728.00 to $9.00 degrees by the a little bit less. of course, over night. this is one of the wet is mumps. any c o p, or with thunderstorms every day in highlands. of course that means attempt should have said both and a very high. the rain is welcome and it's going to fall every single day. the escaping a wall. finding a new identity,
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confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese, and call astray leo home. once upon a time and punishable on al jazeera, luckily god's dying disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8 meets the ship or women defying tradition. to conquer the world's pars bounce on, i was 0. ah, al jazeera with me
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ah, welcome. if you just joining us, you're watching the news from l 20 here, and i'm pete. adobe. your top stories, south africa military has been deployed to process triggered by the jailing of the former president, jacob zoom. at least 6 people have been killed during days of riots and the provinces of cause are going to tall and how time the cuban president miguel diaz canal has blamed us for stirring up on rest after the biggest anti government protest in decades. he says, washington is responsible for cuba. economic problem us president joe biden says, america stands with cubans and their rights jordanian court. today sentence a foreign minister and a member of the royal family to 15 years in prison on charges of attempting to
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stabilize the market. seems to pushing forward as the throne print comes up as an alternative to king of dollar england says it'll go ahead with plans to live nearly all corona virus restrictions in one week. the u. k. prime minister boris johnson says it's the right time to do it, but warns caution he's urging people to get vaccinated and says businesses will apply and new guidelines to control the spread of cobit 19. there are concerns about the highly contagious delta variance, which is the dominant strain driving new infections in the u. k. it is absolutely vital that we proceed now with caution. and i cannot say this, partly or emphatically enough. this pandemic is not over this disease. socratic virus continues to carry risks for you
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and your family. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday, the 19th of july to life as it was before cape it. now as we mentioned a little earlier here on the news, the south african president several run a post service address in the nation for the 2nd time in several days on the growing unrest. let's listen in 20 saying these families that have lost their loved ones. many south africans at this hour, counting their costs to their livelihoods and property. they're counting their cost to their shops and businesses that have been destroyed and bent down. and they also counting their cost to the safety and security of themselves as south africans. many more south africans feeling
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anxious and afraid to night parts of the country reeling from days and nights of public violence, destruction of property and looting of the sort of rarely seen before in the history of our democracy. local wednesday, guy of monte big missing x. and i got a boy in total said he has a have to holler saudi boni, more democracy, a i don't want it started with the bending of trucks at my revise in cars or natal this past saturday and was followed by blockades of roads and the northern parts or the province and the looting of shops
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in its whitney and pitter merits back for the past due 2 days. how dang has experienced the blocking of roads, looting of shops, damage to property, and bedding of trucks. thanks to the work or far lloyd enforcement agencies. 166 suspects have been arrested. inquisitive natal and 323 suspects have been arrested in holding in relation to these incidents. nevertheless, violence is continuing in many parts of this 2 provinces and may be spitting over to other provinces. some have characterized these
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actions as a form of political protest. this violence may indeed have its roots in the pronouncements and activities of individuals with a political force and in expressions of frustration and anger. at the beginning of this and rest, there may have been some people who sought to i to tate for violence and dis order along ethnic lines. we know that the majority of our people have out of principle, refused to be mobilized along these ethnic lines. however, while we are witnessing now opportunistic acts of criminality
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with groups of people instigating chaos merely as a cover for looting and theft. there is no grievance, no any political cause that can justify the violence and the destruction that we have seen in parts of cars that are not taught and holding our constitution guarantees the right of every person to protest, to organize, to engage in free expression and free association. our constitution is very clear on these issues. it gives every person an equal rights to protection before the law, and confess on every person, a responsibility to respect and uphold the rights of others. our
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constitution is the foundation of the rule of law in our country. and this is a right that was fought for many in our country, and many people laid down their lives so that we can have this right. it is this rule of law that god's against the abuse of power that protects the poor and the vulnerable it is this rule of law that enables us society to function and our economy to develop in the interest of the people of south africa. the victims of the violence that is unfolding now the victims being the workers, the truck drivers, business owners,
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the parents and families of those who have lost their lives have done nothing wrong whatsoever. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and the marginalized bad to made a branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shuttles have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food does not reach supermarket shelves. and health workers cannot go to work. we will soon be facing a huge risk of food insecurity and medication
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insecurity. in a few weeks, our vaccination program has been severely disrupted, just as it is gaining momentum. this will have a lasting effect on our ability to consolidate some of the progress we are already witnessing in our economic recovery as well. these disruptions are cost lives by cutting off the supply chains that sustain our food health and production systems. the path of violence, of looting and anarchy leads only to more violence and civil run opposed to the saying many south africans and feeling anxious. the trouble
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kicked off 2 days ago. he was telling us things through the numbers. i guess the best way to describe more than the beginning of this address, the nation. $160.00 plus suspects arrested in one location on $300.00 in another location is that the balance continues. he said that some people are calling this a form of political protest. some have refused and different clearly to him. this is good, refuse to be mobilized along ethnic lions. he said this is nothing more than a series of acts of criminality with a cover for looting and staff. let's bring in for me to mila correspondent who was in. so it's just a little earlier today here on our seo. she's now returned to johannesburg. so for me to that, is that clearly the government's valid narrative now that they're trying to get out the into the public domain. this is criminality, plain and simple. that's totally is the what the president wants to bring across. i think especially given the criticism that he's faith in that he's done
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little to act in the last couple of days and the fact that police really a struggling to deal with what's happening on some streets in, in the coating as well as cause new natal. now that one point he had made about ethnic lions is one we received specific criticism. home president jacob zoom out who is now in prison for contempt of court. and that's where we saw this electrical sort of opposition and angle rise in the last few days. no president phil ra post is referring to the fact that the former president is of the zulu as mister t. and that it is new people specifically in south africa who are reacting to his imprisonment. and many people have been angered by the saying that the president utterances, i in fact dividing people and that's not the reality. it's not about the city,
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it's about the support of jacob zoom. and this is a political call. and we've also heard the president say that there is no political call that will justify the actions that we're seeing at the moment. they really is mounting concern about the lack of policing, the difficulties authorities having. and i think also to potentially minimize possibly the support jacobs tomorrow. my tab and what also could be orchestrated violence in terms of his imprisonment or reaction to that to minimize it. the government may not be leading, leaning on commonality, which is a reality given that many of the people we've seen running into stores and looting have nothing to do with this political call, but all being opportunistic as the president has said to me to thank you so much for meet them in their reporting live from joe. back with mr. run, a post is still addressing the nation the highest ranking us military official
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enough. gaston has handed over his command at a ceremony in the capital cobble, general austin miller's departure comes at a time when the taliban is making rapid gains across the country. thousands of people have been displaced by fighting and many a desperately trying to leave in search of a better life, priyanka goop to no reports. these long queues outside ca booth passport office tells the story of a nation on the edge. as us anita soldiers return home, hundreds of guns, a trying to skip theirs on it. i think that our country is at the verge of collapse and the security situation is very bad. there are new jobs. i'm student and i'm not able to continue my studies. therefore, i'm here to get a passport. since me, the taller bonds advance has been fast and strategic. it's fighters, rounding cities and towns, and they are now battling for control of the southeastern city of god's me just ours will be from cobble up on forces. are fighting back,
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but this time without foreign troops on their side. who's within the 1st the most part about gun government has decided to retake the cities, districts, and villages that the enemy has taken with cowardice or propaganda. and we are clearing these areas. the afghan special forces have advanced weapons and we assure are people that there is no problem prefer, i've gone to the north and conduce sheltering, intense made of rocks and stones. the daily struggle against hunger in 3 months of fighting. many have lost everything. i said here we have no help and we sleep with empty stomachs under the sun. we have been here for a month or 20 days, and no one has come to ask about her situation. i back in cobble with these families. a passport means a chance of the future for a generation of, of guns who have only known war. priyanka gupta,
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alt 0. the us government is warning china that any attack on the philippines in the south china sea would draw a response under a mutual defense treaty. the repeated warning comes as hundreds of protest. as in manila mark the 5th anniversary of an international court ruling against china's territorial claims in that region. jamila allen dugan reports. now from manila, i marching in defiance and making a statement in front of the chinese embassy in manila. these activists want to remind beijing of what happened 5 years ago when it last in a legal battle on the world stage. in 2012, the scarborough shore was forcibly seized by the chinese military prompting, then president ben ignore quino to file a case at the international court in the hague. 4 years later, the tribunal invalidate the china, so called historical 9 dash gleam of most of the south china sea. smaller country
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standing up to a superpower, was seen as unprecedented. but as long as nations abide by the rule of law and not of military mind, the award is a north star through keep us on the course in the present. and that will point us back to the right direction in the future. should we in a moment of weakness or action lose our way. but the legal victory had little impact on china's behavior. in the past few years, china even increased its presence in areas controlled by the philippines and other countries with what are described as fishing militias. believe to be connected to the chinese army and it's also expanded, it's reclamation of islands and reefs already deemed illegal under international law. all this is happening under the watch of philip in president rodrigo to 13 was
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not only undermined his own country legal link, but even called it, amir scrap of paper. other countries have repeatedly called in china to seize it's illegal incursions. but one of the strongest statements has come from the us secretary of state anthony, blinking. he warned china america would defend the philippines. should there be an armed attack against it's military, or even its public vessels? many say it was a david versus the live scenario that proved that rights is mice, but years later, a critics a president of legal that they're just squandered, that victory by refusing to enforce the ruling and even back pad. those on this campaign from is to fight for the countries right in the south china sea. similarly in dog and i'll 0 manila last more still to come for you here on the news are including italy celebrating the european title when they receive a heroes. welcome from the italian president on that shortly with andy. let me come
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back. i brought to you by accenture. let there be change the news with me
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brought to you by extension that there'll be change. oh, a time for news is ending. thank you so much paid. so a little li are celebrating their 1st major football title since 2006. the theme, well, if i can wrong with the european shamikan trophy after they went against england on penalties coach, or versa mancini and captain georgia, he laney showing off the silverware before the entire scored. attend to the ceremony hosted by the telling president, said your master roll, it seems like the theme will get the all clear to enjoy the victory parade. to avoid mass gatherings in the possible spread of coven 19 the 2nd time it's live,
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one the euros. following gather 1st victory way back in 1960 who meant the manifest yesterday was an evening of celebration for the whole country office. we were finally able to celebrate and come together again. i can't hide our satisfaction for giving moments of happiness to our citizens, and to celebrate a beautiful moment in our football history with them all england manager, garris southgate, says condemn the online races to be aimed at 3 of his plays. marcus rochefort, jayden son sherman, 19 year old because soccer all missed the penalties during the shootout defeats the club themes also issuing statements demanding action 1st, some of them to be abused is unforgivable really. i know a lot of that has come from abroad. you know, the people that track those things have been able to explain that but not all of it and it's just not what we stand for. we, we, i think has been a,
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a beacon of light in bringing people together. i was full sure. i sat down, lewis says he isn't surprised that they be suffered by those place. we have black and brown. people have come to be used to the abuse that we suffer in situations like this in situations out of this, we go out in circles. i can't sit here and say the social companies need to be more because you know, that viewers know that i know that they know that. and yet here we are. the players will continue to take in the the players will continue to do what they feel. they should to hire a visual races to be se, but we on our media platforms in our big media companies, in newspapers, in our radio stations. we must be alongside them, their problems are our problems and unless you support them, you will continue to have this kind of conversation. again, there is
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a lot of work to be done to change the perception of england destination. they have a wonderful football team with terrific players. they have a sizable section of their support, which is well, meaning, good natured, fun willing to engage open minded. but there is a core, there is an element, england support is embarrassing. that is shameful. online and offline continues to heat shame on this country. ah, well, mexico is giana kara, so we'll be running for gold. the paralympics in tokyo next month, she'll be competing in the blind cat's degree, hoping to add to the world championship title she won 4 years ago. so i the, and i go to as an add later, but i didn't because my name is deanna carsa. i am a blind pearlin p, and i will were present mexico in the upcoming calling the game in 2021
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battle. when i started thinking kids would say i could not play with them or do the same thing. but i knew i could, that i could run. i could play and do everything to me. yes, last importer than the smell. but my guide is very special, indispensable to me. yeah. without him, i could not run. he's not only my, i tend to track and it is more than just about competing. a lot of things have to happen so we can have good communication. he talks to me a lot, he motivates me, and he runs great races. those achievements are possible because we make such a great team. i mean, you will do all that. it was doing the loan, the letting those last middle of the race met you. not only a gold medal, but they prove to me that i could do it. and made me believe that effort. i could make things like this happen it and make my bring up the rest
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a little of her. the moment of the 2020 games was very hard. everything stopped only a few days from the lack of fire. it was very uncertain and you know, a lot of things went through my head. it was everything we were working for, not knowing what was going to happen with the emotional, the very hard. we are used to having a plan. so not having it made me feel lost and finally, plenty, plenty one has the right where i'm sure we are working toward time, which is if you know, well, you know, if you're not i, i'm very excited that we are real as a team that we know going to the lympics is an immense achievement and only because we went through a lot, these are my 2nd games and we have a huge goal. we won't sell for less than running in the final. yeah, i mean your me got good credit on that. i would say to all children and people wither without disabilities. don't be afraid to drink, don't be cared to as a crazy thing. i didn't believe in your dreams. dreams do come true. there are a lot of obstacles. nothing is easy. here severe is
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a secret success. try keep trying and then try some more. you have to be stubborn to read your drink. nice, fussy, now, 2015 open golf champions at johnson is out of this years of enough testing positive the current of ours, the world took place all gathering in england oil saint george's course ahead of the final major of the season last year from the council, jude covered 19 this week, just over $30000.00 spectators will be allowed to attend each day. that's great for the tournament balls or those players. i'm in my own bo villa, my own house, and i'm not leaving. i'm not allowed to do that on the field and i think that's good and, and like i wouldn't, i don't want to be here playing in front of nobody. so i think it's great that they're starting people and, and i was very excited. okay, that is high sports is looking for more from in a couple of hours and a many thanks. that's it to this news. bob was here with show us of london. we're
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back tomorrow with 15 g from everyone on the late team here. and thanks for watching, we will see you there isn't ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, joined the debate, you know, back seen reaching those who are most the needs and amplify your voice in allowed a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it off the table, it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursday for new wasted. the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera, of pain, can tell us story, without uttering a single word. and knowing going can going to a simple touch informa, the convention manatee, of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye. it's what inspires witness documentaries, on our to 0 if you want to help save the world, needs into your elbow. in 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. leeway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power system based on private ownership
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and the profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is depend demo back cause of so much of the suffering exclusive protect the people or the profit ever did. one of all hail the locked down on his era. ah, south africa deployed the army after 6 people die in violent protests over the jailing of former president, jacob's ah, barbara al jazeera lies from london, also coming out. the president biden says the us to stand with the people of cuba after rare anti government pro.


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