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generation chains on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello and welcome, i and peter w. you're watching the news i live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. 6 people are killed in south africa and more than 200 arrested and violent ignited by the jailing. the former president jacob's duma fed up cubans went to their anger at the government in some of the largest, protesting and decades. addressing the nation, the cuban president plains, the u. s. the economic situations as people and are facing also this,
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a jordanian court has sentenced to men including a member of the royal family to 15 years in prison for a plot against the monitor. uninstalled italy celebrating that 1st manger football puddle since 2006 the team back in rome with the european championship trophy after that when against ah, the jailing of south africa, the former president jacob zimmer, has triggered violent protests. at least 6 people had been killed in more than 200 arrested. the military has been deployed after days of riots and looting and the provinces. of course the natal and our 10 south africa's top court is hearing them application from zoom and to review his 15 month jail sentence, he turned himself into the police last week and being found guilty of failing to
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appear at a corruption case. let's get the latest now from janice bergen correspondent for me to miller. so me that what's going on on the streets as far as we can tell when we left. so we're so specifically that south of janice. but in the early evening, the looting and some of the violence that we've seen, the continued at that time. and we know that police are struggling to contain really what's happening at some of these hot spots across halting and lou natal. now we are expecting president to room up was a to address south africans, and that's in response to this ongoing violence. it's been about 3 days now and that began in was due to itself. and immediately at that time, in response to the imprisonment of former president, jacob hula was duma. now since then, they are concerned that opportunity criminals are taking advantage of the protests
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that started about 3 days ago. and there really is concern about the around policing around that and their inability to contain these protests. they all report to that they may be more stringent measures or restrictions put in place of africa with the liberal pool of a cobra 19 lockdown, which means that people have to abide by a curfew from about 9 pm in the evening until 4 am what they seen the last few days is that that really isn't considered in some areas. it's if that curfew doesn't exist at all. but what we have heard from the government in the last 6 hours is that the so the african national defense for soldiers will be deploy too hot spot to try and contain some of the violence. because police just on coping to me to some people are saying that the protests that we're seeing a comparable to the events of 1994. but surely that's to,
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to misinterpret what we're seeing. i mean, point number one, south africa has been so badly hit by cobit 19 and point number 2, these protests is not just in the townships, it's in the, in the urban and suburban areas as well. that really is a massive concern. it is probably primarily in townships and perhaps on the outskirts, but we have seen significant violence in the central business district of devon, as well as some violence in jana's book specific, specifically in jeopardy and hale brow. and when businesses have been looted, we've seen a streak lined with car dealerships affected cars, torched and again police unable to cope. and the concern really is just how police aren't able to deal with this. draw dinning violence, it began and was doing itself. it's now move to how tang and now reports are coming in that provinces like longer and limpopo at least to others of being affected. and
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also public services have been impacted, especially during the time of the 19 where they in the vaccination program running and in major hot spot that's now been suspended along with things like bus and train services. i think i'd be cautious to compare what's happening now too early of violence in south africa. but it is worth noting that it really is unprecedented at the beginning of the violence that the so called lena tell they was thinking that perhaps it would be contained, it's sporadic, there are pockets of violence that would be quickly contained. and that certainly hasn't been the case, and that's also demonstrated by the fact that the government has had needed to deploy the army. it's difficult to say what might happen in the coming days. but what is also important to note is that home a prisoner jacobs tomorrow does have a pending application at the constitutional court. that's the court that found him guilty of contempt of court,
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sentenced him to 15 months in prison. and that's very much what his supporters, a very angry about. we did see in an candler his homestead in considering to tell support as they say, that they would protect the president at all costs the and they would not accept that he would be taken to jail. we know that happened. and now we've seen that kind of violent response in the days off to that people demanding that he be released. now this challenge at the constitutional court might take some time to be heard, but it is a serious concern, warranties in south africa. how does violence may continue and what the response might be if this court application is not successful for the former president, for me that we are learning now we will hear from the president in the next 25 or 30 minutes or so. stay close. i suspect we might talk to you a little later today for me to miller report in light from joe burge. the cuban president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti
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government process in 3 decades. the white house has urged the government to respect people's rights to demonstrate police cracked down on thousands of people calling for change in the capital havana. they have been similar protests around the country. people are angry at the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic. and the worst economic crisis in decades, lawfully nancy, i mean took on the full you will receive the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and fix the power supply planning. and we have 3 reporters covering all the developments on this big regional story for you. we have my motor, apollo and mexico plus our white house correspondent, kimberly health at 1st to read. lindsay joining san scott from havana, so read quiet ish there to day. how much to what degree is the government playing catch up here? well,
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i would venture to guess it. the government was surprised by these protest. they certainly were the, the biggest protests here for, for several decades. and i think everyone was surprised. on the other hand, the, the, the tension in the streets, in havana, the rest of cuba has been on the rise because the economic situation has been getting increasingly worse over in recent months. in part it's due to cold it. but in large part it's due to the to us sanction. even before covert came, the cuba was an economic crisis due in large parts of the intensification of the us embargo during the trump administration. and since biden has taken over and even throughout cove, it, those sanctions are not let off. if anything, they have intensified and disconnect, spoke today. and he address a lot of directly, a lot of the things protested they're talking about,
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such as the scarcity of food and medicine blackouts. and basically went down the where these points one by one and explain why, how the government was strapped, unable to get foreign currency, unable to influence raw materials, to produce back seen, and other medicine. and basically blame the us embargo and the u. s. has been waging and economic war against you, but sometimes there's a, there's a famous memo written 1960 in april by the deputy system sector state at that time . buster mallory, where he wrote that the point of embargo to deny money and supplies to cuba to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow the government for 60 years. they haven't, they've sort of achieve a lot of those things, but not, not the last one. but certainly that, that the u. s. government seeks seeks to, to hear the regime change. but so far the protest just lasted one day. it's very
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time today. and so we're means of seeing what will happen in the coming days. okay, read thanks very much for lindsey kimberly helped get john slide from outside the white house in washington. so kimberly, we got this delegation of us politicians heading for cuba. that the central message seems to be. we stand with you, we support you, but doesn't that ring kind of hollow? if the biden administration doesn't jefferson the trumpet ministration sanctions put in place was 4 years ago now? well, that was the big question. there. the white house press briefing that just wrapped up and there seems to be an effort by the, by the white house to deny that these protests have anything to do with those tough economic sanctions put in place by the trumpet, ministration, but not undone by the binding they'd ministration now. the reason that this is so pronounced for so many journalist why there are so many questions. that's because this is
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a white house that's gone out of its way to undo trump policies. it was one of the 1st things that joe biden did when he took office out to that. this is an administration that has repeatedly said it stands with the international community . it is repairing those bridges. so recently, when we saw the resolution of the united nations where a 184 countries voted to condemn the ongoing 60 year trade embargo by the united states to cuba, the united states and israel voted against that. they were the only one. so this is your, as you point out, ring hollow for a lot of people that are trying to understand why the, by the ministration is deliberately choosing to leave these economic sanctions in place. the white house press secretary refused to answer that question. all she would say repeatedly when asked the number of times is that there is humanitarian assistance that is being provided to the island. and again, this the thing itself, in any way from the cause of these protest saying these are spontaneous,
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the by ministration is looking at these policies. and they are giving humanitarian assistance and they stand with the people, but no mention of making any of the changes. the people are looking for in terms of allowing for that economic sanction at policy to be remove one, but so far the white house is keeping in place and has no timeline for undoing. kimberly, thanks very much. kimberly. how could they report in life? the news from washington live as well to mexico city and my colleague money or apollo, that my role republic many. so we've heard from the mexican president today giving a, i guess, a snapshot of the regional reaction to what's going on across the water. what he's saying well, there has been an international reaction at this point and what we're hearing from the mexican presence specifically is support for the cuban people saying that mexico stands with the cuban people. but also saying that that cubans need to find
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a solution for the problem themselves, calling for non interference from anywhere else in the regions. kind of a tradition of mexico foreign policy not to be in any way hawkish, not to be in any way. seems like they're wanting to interfere in the national politics of other countries. it's in a way similar to what we're hearing from the united states as well. the difference here is the, in the tone of the mexican president is that he is coming out in favor of lifting these, this blockade of lifting the us sanctions against cuba. we should note that all of this, the unrest, the discontent taking place in cuba is taking place under the backdrop of a worsening economic crisis. the economy in cuba contract by 11 percent last year, many would say that us sanctions have a lot to do with the fact that the through the economy is in such bad shape. and we should note also very importantly, this is one of the largest social mobilizations in cuba in almost 30 years. the last time that we witness anything like this in cuba was in 1994. and one thing that we're hearing, especially from human rights,
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are organizations and human rights observers is concerned over what could be characterized as a heavy handed response by security forces in cuba against against protesters. people are, were initially out on the streets, protesting against these power cuts rolling power outages across the country. but that's quickly growing into frustration over widespread food shortages over increase prices on basic goods. so all of these frustrations are bubbling up at the surface and really reached a fever pitch over the weekend. now even though things have quieted down mostly, as you heard from our, from our corresponded there in havana, the tension is still bare. so the cuban government is under a lot of pressure to, to answer for itself to answer these questions that many in cuba have over the worsening colby crisis as well. the worsening economic crisis. and now this unrest and this cracked down by security forces against protests that we haven't seen at this level again in almost 30 years. manuel, thank you so much. my, my reseller. they're talking talking to us from mexico city. ok. let's drill down
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and explore what's driven this protest movement. it is the biggest display of public discontent, since at least the medical not so uprising back in 94 that resulted in a mass exodus. cubans experiencing the worst economic crisis in decades last year. the economy contract by 11 percent. that is partly because of us sanctions imposed by the trumpet ministration as we were hearing from kimberly back in november 2017 . now those sanctions target businesses, but they also prevent people working overseas from sending money back home to cuba . in january the island said the restrictions cost about $20000000000.00 has been made worse by the coven pandemic, affecting tourism, as a bigger enough for the cuban economy. and there are shortages of medicines, beds, and doctors to deal with the rising cases of cobit 19. charles shapiro is presidents. the world of his counselor at length. he served as a former principal deputy assistant secretary for the western hemisphere and us
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ambassador to venezuela. he joins us from atlanta. charles, great talk to you again here on the news are difficult to knit to know for sure. but what's the main dynamic here that's causing all this? is it the knots? got rid of american sanctions, or is it the cuban government's reaction? or lack of a reaction to the crises that has been facing i would go with a letter, look the sanctions with the trump administration, imposed for essentially not much different from the george w bush administration. and the cuban government managed to keep the economy patched together and operating during that what's happened is this pandemic is imposed more severe embargo on the cuban him economy. and then the united states ever was possible of doing or go could have dreamed of. do tourism is not just one important
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cuban economy. it is the driving force acumen, economy, it is their number one, export number one or a foreign exchange. the cuban government stands accused of a heavy handed response. what do you think it believes its options are now moving forward? i mean, you have to remember, i mean this is a country where there is no channel for opposition. opponents are called dissidence, not opponents. in your country and my country will guide political parties opposed to the government. if you don't like the government, you support the opposition in cuba that does not exist. so they're stuck. there's no polling data. they don't, you know, just one percent of the population. 10 percent of the population, 60 percent of the population, nobody really knows what significant is that you had these demonstrations all across cuba from santiago in the far east to the, to the far west and particularly, and then clearly
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a very combustible situation. is it your estimation that it might get worse before it gets better, particularly if cuban politicians simply don't understand what they're dealing with when it comes to the expression of anger that we're seeing on the streets. in my experience, which happen over the past 15 years is the cubans are no longer afraid to criticize a government. i mean, they used to be used to what they wouldn't even say the word, castro. now if you speak spanish, you're in q and a couple of minutes people start complaining about which wrong with this. what's wrong with the gasoline not available? electrical blackouts which are not new by that so that, that fear has gone. and the other thing that's happened and asked, i wouldn't be surprised if can government enact here is, is connectivity. 10 years ago, cubans were cut off from the world. now they're why fi hotspots in the parks all
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across the country in places and small cities, cuban and the internet is not centered. so it means that cubans in cuba are finding out what's going on around the world. they know what's going on in other countries with card in this case to to cove it. but they also, they can talk to each other without being censored in that, that's new in the last that fear of the government. and that, that is extraordinary. we must leave at the great talk to cha shapiro. they're joining us in the world of his council in atlanta. plenty more still to come here on the news for you, including desperate to get out of afghanistan and the people queuing for passports at the taliban gains more territory and a long walk to find something to eat. warning from the un on the sheer scale of hunger and malnutrition, around the world. and in sport, the blind runner who's chasing paralympic goal on that story. lisa with andy here on the news.
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ah, a court in jordan today sentence the full minister and a member of the royal family to 15 years in prison on charges of attempting to destabilize the monarchy. the case shocked jordan and the ruling hashemite family that's been seen as a beacon of stability and a volatile region for years now. jim l l sheil picks up the story sentences in the case came after almost 3 months of secret hearings at the door. damien, state, security court, and been this been a while regarding the 1st criminal bus him, our dollar. the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. with regard to the 2nd criminal sharif hassan been zayed. the court has sent it's him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. the 2 men found guilty of plotting to sole discord and ultimately undermined the jordanian monarchy by some are the law and show you how
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some bins aid. i will the lies a former minister who rose to become the head of jordan's royal court, but he was not a popular figure among many jordanians who for long accused him of corruption and financial embezzlement. i will, the le is also said to be very close to saudi arabia's chrome prince from i've been some man and has been described as being an advisor to the saudi royal has called. defendant sheriff hasn't been said, is a member of jordan's hash. my family, which has ruled the country for a 100 years, the case against the 2 men began in april when they were arrested by security forces. the following day, a video message from prince kanza, a former air to the throne and a half brother of the current king was a leak to the media. he said he'd been placed on the house arrest. skeptics say the case against our, the latin bins, aid as a smokescreen and the, the government is using them escape goats to tarnish prince from sir who has been a scathing critic of how jordan has been run in recent years. but the current can
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lead none for saying, and his supporters say jordan's been the target of a foreign plot by regional powers to the stabilize the monarchy. especially after jordans rejection of former us president donald trump's deal of the country. and the king's objection to gulf countries normalizing of relations with israel. of course, the political ramifications of this are many the most important when it's a message to the external actors, as well as the internal actors who may have intentions to destabilize. jordan again that the state is very strong. jordan has been struggling economically for several years, a growth rate of unemployment. and this consent has led just periodic protest, during which prince hans his name was sometimes taunted by demonstrators who saw him as a symbol of reform. and although the prince has not been put on trial, some believe monday sentencing is a clear message to governments. critics. it's obvious that they were trying to
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convince, even so it's at trial by fcc even. so i think this is the end game. they want to be out of the picture. there's so many, many games, for instance, what time is it to be the region. but now i think i, even next to 0. this has arguably been the most controversial case in jordan for decades. and although a verdict has been issued, the defendants can still appeal. and the other court that's of public opinion is still to give its verdict dramatic shea yal jesse era. ok, let's bring in giorgio kathy aero. he's chief executive of gulf states analytics. he joins us on skype from washington, d. c ga. great. have you back here on the news? what was the original conspiracy theory here? and was there any evidence presented to the court to support it? thank you for having me on your program today. i'm in this trial what was
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definitely not transparent. it was done with much secrecy and so there's still quite a bit that the general public does not know about. but they were, were very, very serious allegations. allegations of some sort of a, a d, stabilisation a lot in the kingdom and, you know, jordan is relatively stable country. of course i want to emphasize that stability is always a relative concept, but endured in there is a lot of sensitivity about the countries stability. and this trial was extremely important for many reasons. but i think one of the real main takeaways that everyone has is that the government is sending out a very strong message to a domestic regional and international audience that the, by authorities in jordan take the countries stability very seriously. and they
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will swiftly deal with anyone who is allegedly behind any sort of plot to undermine the king or the country stability. but again, i want to emphasize though, there are so many different narratives about what's happening. there are these allegations of the defendant being tortured. i think we need a little bit more time to better understand specifically what has been going on, or perhaps what has not been going on within those multiple narratives. you're talking about the georgia, we heard this expression foreign hands. what does that mean? well, there are suspicions and allegations that there is a shouty. hans behind this alleged the destabilization lot, the links between the defendants and the kingdom of saudi arabia, specifically crown prince mohammed ban. so non are important here. i want to
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stress that i haven't seen any concrete evidence to demonstrate the saudi government was involved. busy in applying to destabilize jordan, but it's no secret that there has been some rising tensions between the ash making in some gulf states, chiefly saudi arabia, in the u, a. e. so within that context, these suspicions and these allegations of saudi involvement are very serious. and regardless of what is fact, what is fiction? i think this whole episode could serve to create some serious problems between amman and re odd wrapping my next question up in one massive allegedly giorgio. why would saudi arabia allegedly want to be stabilized? jordan at this time. well,
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there are some voices who are suspicious of a saudi hand who think that may be i, the king of jordan has not done enough to support the, the gcc states, chiefly saudi arabia, on a number of issues for one. we can also point to the fact that the leadership in jordan is not welcome. it's the growing trend toward normalization, of course, that concerns the u. a. e on it not, not so much saudi arabia, but at the same time, we know that shouting review was in certain ways to certain extents, supportive of the u. a. e and bahrain. moving ahead with the abraham records in from jordan's perspective. those diplomatic deals undermined jordan's position in the region. jordan would like to see the palestinian issue resolved. and when
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you have gulf states, i normalizing relations with israel before there is resolution of the palestinian question. the perspective from on is that this is the stabilizing, and most importantly it will have the stabilizing impacts on jordan. so that's definitely one of the numerous issues in the region that has created some distance between the ash my kingdom and some powers in the arabian peninsula. despite a history of the gulf states in jordan, being very, very close to each other, thought provoking conversation, georgia kathy over there in washington. thank you very much, ga good to talk to you. thank you. still to come here on the news for you. people rally in the philippines come out a little victory on the south china sea as tensions mount again with china. and how the world's new nation is trying to revive and economy devastated by years of war
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and in sport. after a year away, the world's top golfers have returned to the open championship. andy is here with that story in about 15 minutes. ah. but it seems odd, but 50 looks like the new norm in q 8 during july, certainly temperatures in eastern iraq, western iran and q a nice society are in the high forty's or the low fifties on the daily basis as tim to the temporary a bit around the gulf, doha, at $39.00 because it's rather more human. you really can't sustain 47 and humidity that's too high. so the to tend to counter each other. i'm lonely, south coast. that breeze is a helpful cooling trend and it does bring quite a long way even to southern saudi with occasional sheriff in the mountains,
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batches of yemen. more especially along the coast of mar, was salon being the concentration. things aren't changing much otherwise as a dusty wind through iraq, which every now again, pulses down to the gulf, but it's not doing so. on that day, wednesday to friday, we have got flowers, forecasts showing, possibly the best place to be in the middle east. the moment it's cooler, it's overcast. it's often writing and yes, as is wanted $272829.00 degrees by a little bit less. of course. over night. this is one of the wet is months. any c o peer with thunderstorms every day in highlands. of course that means attempt should have said both no very high. the rain is welcome and it's going to fall every single day the escaping a war.


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