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for those who are managed across the border, say it's not because they have improved back home. they say it's a good continue to be targeted because of many problems are being reported and all they come to taking refuge conditions. here are some ideas ah, 6 people are killed in south africa and more than 200 arrested violence by the jailing of the former president, jacob's ah, hello again. i'm peter w, watching out to see life and also coming up. yeah. that of cubans benting the anger of the government in some of the largest protesting in decades. but addressing the nation, he was president, blames the us, the dia,
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economic situation that people are facing. and the court in jordan has sentence to men including a member of oil family to 15 years in prison for plot against the moment i see 6 people have been killed in violent protest, triggered by the jailing of the former south african president, jacob's duma, the military has been deployed after days of riots and looting and the provinces of causal natal. i'm tang south africa's top court is hearing an application from zoom to review his 15 month jail sentence. he turned himself in to the police last week of being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption case. for me, the miller has the latest from the waiter wherein so where, so where we were at a more few moments ago and we had to move from there because of the rocks being
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thrown, police had to retreat. they just simply don't have enough resources to get a handle on what's happening. thousands of lucas were at that particular mall carrying out anything they could possibly we where we've moved to just down the street is another more where there is somebody looting taking place. we've had police the fire rubber bullets. we've also had tear gas fired. it is extremely dangerous situation at much of these hot spots in hosting, as well as the consumer natal province, where the concern really is the extent of the looting that we're seeing that appears to have stems from these protests against the imprisonment of former president jacob's duma but we've also heard from analysts and observers that this could be optimistic crime and that people are taking advantage of some of the protests that we're seeing. but i think what is specifically concerning is the
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difficulty police are having and trying to manage what's happening. and so we've had the deployment of soldiers to various hot spots, specifically in those 2 provinces. the cuban president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protest in 3 decades. the white house as the government to respect people's rights to demonstrate the police crime down on thousands of people calling for change in the capital. havana . there have been similar demonstrations all over the country. people are angry at the government handling of the corona virus pandemic. and the worst economic crisis in decades. loafing, nancy, i mean to care for you will receive the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and fix the power supply planning and it had to go, okay, let's look at was driven this protest movement. it is the biggest display of public
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discontents since that least the money cannot. so, uprising of 1994 that resulted in a mass exodus. cuba is experiencing its worth economic crisis in decades last year the economy contracted by 11 percent. that's partly because of us sanctions imposed by the trump administration. as of november 2017, they target businesses, but they also prevent people working overseas from sending money back to cuba. in january the island said the restrictions cost about $20000000000.00 has been made worse by the corona, virus pandemic, affecting tourism banana for the cuban economy. and there were shortages of medicine beds and doctors to deal with rise in cases of covert 19 rate. lindsey joins us now live from have an a. he's a journalist with betty of the beast and independent media organization that covers cuba and us cuban relations rate. good talk to you again. has the government in the immediate short term even begun to address some of these issues that the protesters
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are in effect raising while the canal, the president keeler spoke today? and he, i don't think there's much he can do to address the issues there. the government really has its hands tied with sanctions and the impact and coal that he did address the problems and talked about them. for example, explain that a lot of the blackouts were occurring because it increased demand for, for energy in the summer. but said the thermal electric plants, they couldn't get repair parts because they need to import the new block in, prevented the embargo prevented them from doing so. there's also been an oil blockade against cuba close by the united states under the trump administration, which continues and makes it very difficult for cuba to obtain oil. he mentioned, for example, the the production of medicine cheaper produce as most of its medicine. it also has 2 of the top 5 vaccines in the world as far as advocacy. that is, that has a very strong biotech sector, but so, but on a vac. seeing, for example,
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was delayed, the production was delayed because they were not able to obtain the raw materials needed to make that succeed. and he also addressed the issue of the foreign currency stores to buy created these foreign currency stores. but you can't use cuban pesos, but you need to come in, you need have dollars of girls to purchase things very unpopular among the population. one of the, one of the things mentioned among protesters is something that very angry about. and you can now agree that was not desirable, not something they wanted to do, but they were forced to do it because the embargo was basically a crowd them and made an extremely difficult to obtain foreign currency with its move back in 2017 the trumpet, ministration imposed these tough sanctions clearly having a big, big impact. not just on cubans in cuba, but also on cubans living and working in the states. what was the trumpet ministration, trying to achieve that? i mean, what was the particular problem with cuba?
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well, i think trump, in particular was trying to achieve winning florida. these policies for, for many years have been implemented not because they're necessarily effective in terms of advancing us interest. but because they play kate a part of the cuban american community in south florida, which can be decisive in election, in particular presidential election. that i would say, what is the main, the driving force a sensibly the idea is to essentially regime change. in addition to the thanks of us government for millions of dollars into what they call democracy promotion, but which in essence is. ready our efforts of regime change, funding, opposition groups and cuba and individuals that are, are trying to push for the overthrow of the government. and when it comes to any potential eating of the situation, you are telling us during our last show reads the do and use our program. the it
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was pretty quiet during the course of the past 81012 hours or so. but realistically, does it still feel like a very combustible situation? yeah, i think even before the protest, cuba was a tinderbox. that has been because the, the level of frustration and anger among the people has been rising and rising. before it came, the situation was pretty dire. and covert has made it unbearable for a lot of people. the shortages are unbelievable. they've extended to medicine in a way that they haven't before in recent months. and, and as a result, there's so much anger, so much frustration, most of it directed at the government, even though the u. s. government is and the sanctions have been the cause for a lot of the problems allows the anger is directed at the cuban government and, and as a result, i think that something is it would not surprise me if we see more. on the other
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hand, the 1st time has ever happened the 1st time i've seen something like this. and so it's sort of known, it's things will flare up again in the future. okay, we'll leave it there for the moment. re, lindsey, thank you very much. thank you. now the highest ranking us military official in afghanistan has handed over his command at a ceremony in the capital campbell, general austin miller's departure comes the time when the taliban is making rapid gains across the country. thousands of people have been displaced by fighting and many are desperately trying to leave in search of a better life. priyanka goop to reports. these long queues outside ca, both passport office tell the story of a nation on the edge as us a new 2 soldiers return home. hundreds of guns, a trying to scare bears up on it. i think that our country is at the verge of collapse, and the security situation is very bad. there are new jobs. i'm
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a student and i'm not able to continue my studies. therefore, i'm here to get a passport. since me, the taller bonds advance has been fast and strategic. it's fighters, rounding cities and towns. and they are now battling for control of the southeastern city of god's me just ours will be from cobble and forces are fighting back. but this time without foreign troops on their side here too much canister. first the most probably afghan government has decided to retake the cities, districts and villages that the enemy has taken with cowardice or propaganda. and we are clearing these areas. the afghan special forces have advanced weapons and we sure are people that there is no problem. prefer of gone in the north and conduce sheltering, intense made of rocks and stones. the daily struggle is against hunger. in 3 months of fighting, many have lost everything. i say here we have no help and we sleep
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with empty stomachs under the sun. we have been here for a month or 20 days, and no one has come to ask about our situation. i back in kabul for these families. a passport means a chance of a future for a generation of, of guns who have only known war priyanka gupta, alt 0 u. k. government making a big investment right now because england just england saying it will go ahead with plans to lift nearly all corona virus restrictions as of next mondays being cold freedom day in the u. k. health minister such a job, it says it's the right time to get the country back to normal life. but the government says businesses will be expected to apply new guidelines to control the spread of 19 is, comes and concerns over the highly contagious delta variant, which is now the dominant strain driving new infections across the u. k. as soon as we get anything worthy of reporting, more detail perhaps,
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which we are not expecting. we already know the guts of what the government is going to announce purely for england, not for the whole nation, so called not for scotland, wales or northern island face masks. no longer mandatory pubs, they won't be scan and you will be scanned with a q r code going into one me. so rules being scrapped and restaurants working from home can go on. if people want it to go on vaccine, passports will of 6 weddings, funerals, no limitations on those night clubs, no restrictions at all. a caught in jordan, a sentence, a former minister and a member of the royal family to 15 years in prison on charges of attempting to de stabilize the monarchy. case shocked. jordan and the ruling hashemite family that's been seen as a beacon of stability in a volatile region for years. now. jamal l sheil has more sentences in the case came after almost 3 months of secret hearings at ro damian state security court.
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when, when this bit in which it was regarding the 1st criminal bus and our dollar, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. with regard to the 2nd criminal sharif hassan been zaid. the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. the 2 men found guilty of plotting to sole discord and ultimately undermined the jordanian monarchy by some are the law. and i'll show you how some bins aid. i was like a former minister who rose to become the head of jordan's royal courts, but he was not a popular figure among many jordanians who for long accused him of corruption and financial embezzlement. are the le is also said to be very close to saudi arabia, chrome, prince from a been sad man, and has been described as being an advisor to the saudi royal. his co defendant should he hasn't been said, is a member of jordan's hash. my family, which has ruled the country for a 100 years, the case against the 2 men began in april when they were arrested by security
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forces. the following day, a video message from prince hamza, a former air to the throne, and a half brother of the current king was a leak to the media. he said he'd been placed on the house arrest. skeptics say the case against our the latin bins, aid as a smokescreen and the, the government is using them escape goats to tarnish prince from sir who has been a scathing critic of how jordan has been run in recent years. but the current can lead not foreseen, and his supporters say jordan's been the target of a foreign plot by regional powers to destabilize the monarchy, especially after jordans rejection of former us president donald trump's deal of the country. and the kings objection to gulf countries normalizing of relations with israel. of course, the political ramifications of this are many the most important one. it's a message to the external actors, as well as the internal actors who may have intentions to destabilize. jordan again that the state is very strong. jordan has been struggling economically for several
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years. a growing great of unemployment and discontent has led to sporadic protest during which prince hans his name was sometimes taunted by demonstrators who saw him as a symbol of reform. and although the prince has not been put on trial, some believe monday sentencing is a clear message to governments. critics. it's obvious that we're trying to convince even so it's a child by fcc even for breast cancer. so i think this is to be in game, the one comes to me out of the picture. there was so many, many of them dance, for instance, what times it to be the region. but now i think i, even next to 0. this has arguably been the most controversial case in jordan for decades, and although a verdict has been issued, the defendants can still appeal. and the other court that's of public opinion is
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still to give its verdict dramatic shea yal jesse era. still to come here on al jazeera, we'll report from south to down with the world news nation is trying to revive and economy devastated by years of the savior winning the european football championship and racist abuse hours. the optima ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. beijing's weather was not very good yesterday. that developing area of clarity to a proper low center circulation, which means lorraine, huge amount of cloud funding. storms, 700 flies, delayed invasion. and it's still going on not so much centered in beijing, just the east and just to the north. but that's taken over the atmosphere further
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south, further west in charge of it being flooded on the ground in situations not much flowing out in the sky. it's dry and really quite worn fact described as hot in many cities further south. for example, shanghai not reco breaker, the records 39, but we're above average 34 to 36. that suddenly dry breeze all the time. so if you shall let in japan, but the real big charles off further south and they're concentrating again soon. always the back through borneo and then running up towards probably cambodian southern vietnamese is the area biggest rainfall. su march is looking dry. singer poll clancy, malaysia, and most of into the easier to java is look at the dry at the moment the monson know, doing copy of it doing what you might like to do is write up the western gast, googe rat. and more importantly, it's now broken out in pakistan sponsored pay cut on airways on counting the costs. dow salvador legalize the big coin where they proved
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to be an economic bonanza for the latin american country. but when it become, like guy says, paradise, europe, i watering tech valuations, raise bubble fears, plus lambda, gamey, goat electric. kathy, the cost on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on 0 o the the me. welcome back here watching al jazeera, my name is peter w. top stories, south africa military has not been deployed to protest triggered by the jailing of
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the former president jacob zoom up at least 6 people have been killed during days, rights in the provinces of because of the natal and god tank. the cuban president miguel diaz canal has blamed us for stirring up unrest after the biggest anti government process in decades. he says, washington is responsible for cubans, economic problems. us president joe biden says america stands with cubans and they're right in england says it will go ahead with plants with nearly a whole corona virus restrictions by next monday, the health minister and job. it says it's the right time to get the country back to normal. life the us government is wanting china that any attack on the philippines and the south china sea would draw a response on the a mutual defense treaty. be repeated warning comes with hundreds of protest. as in manila mark the 5th anniversary of an international court ruling against china's territorial claims in the region. jamila adding to gun reports now from manila, the marching in defiance and making
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a statement in front of the chinese embassy in manila. these activists want to remind aging of what happened 5 years ago when it last in a legal battle on the world stage. in 2012, the scarborough rashaw was forcibly seized by the chinese military prompting, then president ben ignore keener to file a keys at the international court in the hague. 4 years later, the tribe, you know, invalidate the china, so called historical 9 dash gleam of most of the south china sea. smaller country standing up to a superpower, was seen as unprecedented. for as long as nations abide by the rule of law and not of military mind, the award is a north star. keep us on the course in the present. and that will point us back to the right direction in the future. should we in a moment of weakness or inaction lose our way. but the legal victory has little
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impact on china's behavior. in the past few years, china even increased its presence in areas controlled by the philippines and other countries with what are described as fishing militias. believe to be connected to the chinese army and it's also expanded, it's reclamation of islands and reefs already deemed illegal under international law. all this is happening under the watch of philip in president rodriguez was not only undermined his own country legal link, but even called it a mere scrap of paper. other countries have repeatedly called in china the seas. it's illegal incursions, but one of the strongest statements has come from the us secretary of state anthony, blinking. he warned china america would different the philippines. should there be an armed attack against it's military, or even it's public vessels?
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many say it was a david versus the live scenario that proved that the right is mice. but years later, critics say president of the good is there just squandered that victory by refusing to enforce the ruling and even backpack those on this campaign from is to fight for the countries right in the south, china sea, maryland. dog. and i'll just 0 manila, the u. k prime minister bar johnson has condemned the online racist abuse against england's black football as marcus rushford, jason sancho and book i of soccer tug of have after missing penalty kicks and sunday 0. 2020 final against italy. the metropolitan police say it's opened an investigation. the industry association issued the statement, the f a strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and as a pulled by the online racism that has been aimed at some of our england players on social media. we could not be clear up that anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome in following the team. we will do all we can to support players
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affected while urging the toughest punishments possible for anyone responsible. we'll hear from not in barbara in london shortly 1st. adam rainy has more now from room. when some of the black england players were on the screen, there were particular booze directed toward them and racist comments. now that was a minor affair, and a large part, most of towns were focused on their side. the, the town team itself took a ne, along with the english side. but there are reports that in italy is no stranger to racism on the pitch. there's been that over the years with black italian players, people from bananas on the field, people making races, comments, a really awful, awful sentiment that is express here. it's not as expressed is often perhaps because it's just not as diverse of a team and none of the teams are quite diverse is the one and the premier division in england. what we are seeing here, of course, is much more celebration. that's the story here in italy, the national team returned this morning, bearing its trophy. there been crowds of people out,
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some of the crowds that were all night never went home, was the 1st kind of communal celebration here in italy. since the pandemic started the wayne at least a little here, of course, they're suffering picks in some parts with the delta v like other countries. but it is this pivotal moment where people rallied around the team, the celebrations in the streets. they went on all through the night. we saw roam, explode with tens of thousands of revellers in the piazza. we were up here to the next year. what are our tell reports to deem is seeing in london is a little different and he can tell us what's the story there and be owns. the clear disappointment to england didn't actually win a tournament for the 1st time since $966.00. there has been a reaction by some people calling themselves fans of a good football team, particularly in the social media on, on platforms like twitter and so on. racially abusing certain members of the team,
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particularly the 3 black players who missed penalties on sunday night. the youngest of them because of stucco, is just 19 years old. now in the last hour or so, garrett south, south gate, england manager has commented on the abuse saying, i think we've been a beacon of light and bringing people together in people being able to relate to the national team. and the national team stands for everybody that togetherness must continue without togetherness, included from the start of the tournament, even before all of the players taking the need, the anti racism gesture. it was criticized by some politicians hit in britain, pretty patel. the home secretary criticized it saying it shouldn't be happening because it was a political gesture, gesture, politics. the prime minister boris johnson, did not criticize funds to boot the taking of any he defended the right to do that
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just before games. now on monday, those 2 politicians have come out and it's huge statement condemning the racial abuse that we're seeing of those black players. many commentators suggesting that being rather hypocritical social media companies have repeatedly being asked to do more to bond racist people who post racist abuse. and the government has been called on to do more to regulate those companies. i think that is gaining traction now and there are greater coals for the, for the abuse to be taken seriously. but also for the whole discussion around how to get racism out of football and out of society to be taken more seriously. since to don recently mom, 10 years of independence from sudan to become the world's youngest nation, but few are celebrating during those he is the country experienced the civil war that killed any 400000 people and displaced millions. the economy heavily dependent
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on oil, also suffered her matessa as this report from the capital juba. moses dans pharmacy has been here for many years, 1st as part of sudan. been when it became seltzer don, after a referendum for independence. since that vote, it's been 10 years of highs and lows. moses survived the war in 2013, been another in 2016. his hope now is that the unity government set up last year stabilizes the economy, which everybody wants to have his own business and b, b, a. we have it under the guise of a government and all his property for a little bit. it was really a pre number, his business on what he's everything and that's the only reason for delta don has received billions of dollars in financial support from the international community, but tensions between president solver care and his 1st vice president react. masha held back economic progress today. basic services are too expensive for the poor.
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and the economy, which allows largely on oil, is struggling. normal to gratian would have to have some, would away the business of revenue products are not going to depend on. i think when i had it physically given that economy heavily important economy. so if you need to have some sort of revenue and not depending on oil because it seems like oil. what a lot of has been in the mission market when prices come down, or sometimes we have those cars where they get it. is that the problem with high unemployment, rising inflation and the currency crisis isn't making day to day life easier money dealers. the found a way in the city and some people prefer changing the foreign currency on the black losses because the weight is higher. the bad. that means we're getting better value for the money. prison care claims. international sanctions for started on under perform the economy. been the growing humanitarian crisis at the moment,
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there are 7000000 people in a precarious state, which means that their food security needs are not completely met. in addition, with out there also fairly large buckets of people who are under direct threat of starvation. so it is, it is very bad, it's quite, it's quite localized and it's a strange country because on the one hand, there are areas that, that are food producing areas. but on the other hand, there is vision in other parts of the country. the some infrastructure development is taking place. todd roads are being built to try to, to make more of the country. and that's seen as a thought. but mean economists say last and peace is, was really needed to move the economy forward. how did with us algebra juba? now the us special envoy for climate change john carries in moscow trying to encourage russia to cut carbon emissions. and the 1st step of
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a 4 day visit mr. kerry is meeting with the foreign minister. second lever off to discuss joint cooperation carries also asking other governments to step up their fight against climate change ahead of the united nation summit. in november, the largest wildfire of the year in the us state of california has been partly contained firefighters working in temperatures. nearly 40 degrees have been able to gain some ground late on saturday. the flames prom to the closing of a small town in less than county. there are fears, some remote properties are still in danger. ah, updating your top stories here on al jazeera south africa's military has been deployed to protest, triggered by the jailing of the former president jacob's duma, at least 6 people have been killed during days of riots. cuba president miguel diaz canal has blamed the us for staring up on.


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