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that the sky rocket people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines in contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, are in fact poisoning the environment with dia, health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a jazz ah fed up cuban vent, their anger at the government and some of the largest protest seen in decades. but addressing the nation, keep the president claims the us, the direct and all the situation has. people are facing ah, other kids and l d l. their law from coming up 6 people killed in south africa and more than 200 arrested. bothers following just j legal. former president,
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jacob gordon jordan has sentenced to men including a member of the world family to 15 years in prison for public as a monarchy. further lockdown in colona virus restrictions are imposed across parts of southeast asia to try and contain the rapid spread at the delta various ah, cuba has seen its biggest anti government protest in decades. thousands of mashed as an economic crisis grouped for nation, addressing the nation in the past, our cuba, the president, blamed the us for the di, economic situation his people are facing. but the people continue to point the finger at the government handling of pandemic president miguel diaz canal accuses washington. the stirring on rest to reasonable reports were not a free tented. thousands of people in the streets of havana route is like this. one
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happened across the country, expressing frustration over pandemic restrictions, and the worsening economic prices on the island nation. people. we are here for the repression because they are killing us with hunger. the houses are falling and we have no homes. they have the money to build hotels while letting us go hungry. the past year and a half has been difficult for us economy as if and then we have had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. the country was forced to carry out major economic reform. in the past week, the amount of coven 1900 infections rose sharply in the province of my dancers, where hospitals i was struggling to cope. doctor se, during desperate need of oxygen and beds to treat patient. president miguel the blame the us embargo for the situation and ask government reporters to take to the streets law. maybe the burning won't go. so how do you, we are not going to admit that any council revolutionary,
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most and race sold out to the government of the united states, sold out to the empire, receiving money from the agencies, allowing themselves to be carried away by all these strategies of ideological subversion, to provoke destabilization in our country, there will be a revolutionary response. we call upon all the revolutionaries of the country all the communists, to take to the straits, to any of the places where these provocations are going to take place. today from now on and in the following day, the security forces arrived soon after the protest started. people were arrested and some clashes broke out between pro and anti government demonstrators. state security beat me and my daughter a minus they beats us because they were walking down the street protest like this one are uncommon in cuba. this is the biggest one to take place since 1994. doing what is known as the special period right after the fall of the soviet union. for many, there were an example,
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the changing time from the caribbean nation. and how many are no longer afraid to speak up? that he said, well i just eda well them jordan is live for us now in washington d. c rosa and just run through what the cuban president had to say in response to the protest. a 1st, before we talk about what present amiga, the scanner had to say. we're getting a statement at this moment from the white house. it is a statement from president joe by not going to read the entire thing. it's not very long. and i'm quoting here, we stand with the cuban people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic. and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by cuba as authoritarian regime. continuing the quote, the cuban people are bravely asserting fundamental and universal rights. those rights, including the right of peaceful protest and the right to freely determined their
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own future must be respected. the united states calls on the cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at the vital moment rather than enriching themselves. again, that is a statement just released by the white house from president joe biden, talking about the last 36 hours or so. of demonstrations, not just in nevada, but across the cuban nation in which people are saying that they are tired of having nothing to eat. they are tired of the economic deprivation. they're tired of the repression of their human rights and their civil liberties. and that's the government's handling of the cobit 19 pandemic is not meeting the standards that the cuban people expect their government to deliver. now, of course, in the past hour, the cuban president miguel de has gone now has been accusing the united states of basically aggravating the already precarious quality of life in his country. saying
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that the embargo which was imposed back in 1961 has simply made life very, very difficult for the cuban people. and that there's really nothing that his government can do so long as the united states is blocking vital economic. and in the case of the pandemic, vital medical assistance to the cuban people, kind of very much opposing narratives about who's to blame for the situation in cuba right now. i'm wondering if you can give us some context of what president biden's attitude is generally towards cooper and, and how that differs from barbara and later from from former president trump. well, consider that joe biden was barack obama, vice president when the us normalized relations with cuba back in 2015. and certainly he would have gone along with it. but it is worth pointing out that when
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we talk about the embargo, which is 60 years old this year, that if the obama administration had felt that it was politically possible to relieve some of the, impose some of the sanctions on the cuban economy. if it had been possible to lift all sanctions and the trade embargo in full, it would have done so then. and certainly given joe, by a long history of working as a us senator, it is possible that he could have used those relationships and those years of experience to make that possible. but the reality is here in the united states, the trade embargo is a politically difficult thing to overturn the older cuban american community. not just in southern florida, but across the united states has a lot of political allies in washington. and paul, it's largely a republican back does support for the trade embargo. there are a lot of democrats,
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both in the house of representatives and the senate, who would not vote for turning over the bar go because it's politically dangerous for them. they could find themselves voted out of office. that is how influential this particular special interest group is when it comes to us cuba relation. so while washington and how about a have diplomatic ties, trying to give the cuban government what it wants more than anything, simply is not possible in the current political climate here in the us. all right, thank you for that. not that there was in jordan in washington d. c. in south africa at least 6 people have been killed in vine and protest triggered by the j legal, former president, jacob zoom. the military has been deployed to contain days of riots and losing in the provinces of causal. and pell and halting has come. since the countries talk court has an application by zoom to review his 15 month jo sentence to turn himself
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into the lease last week, after being found guilty or failing to appear at a corruption case. let's get the license now from for me to mila for me to. so these protests on risk as turned violent. what's the latest? what's happening there, where you are? well, what we've seen over the last day or so is an extraordinary amount of looting at the number of a hot spots across the 2 provinces. you mentioned halting and put natal and just behind us there's a very small police presence. when we return to this particular area, i asked police if the looting had stopped and that particular police officer responded by saying, what can we do at another place where to where there's looting at a move. that is just a 100 meters away from a local police station. and despite that, there's absolutely no prisons at that particular more. and just to the left of me,
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despite the police officers behind us, there are people walking by with shopping cords fold with goods from them all behind us. really nothing being done to stop what's happening. and we're seeing this kind of looting and also violence and protests that a number of hotspots across those 2 provinces. police are having a difficult time in trying to clamp down on the looting that we're seeing. the government has announced that they are deploying the army to specific hotspots. southern regions appear to be divided on that decision, saying that the army doesn't have the ability to deal with crowd control. specifically. and, you know, referring back to the early days of the south africa lockdown, which was in response to the call that 19 pad demik with the army was deployed to the 3 and a number of people were killed because they didn't abide by some of the regulations that were in place at the time. so mixed reactions to that. but certainly what
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we're seeing police such struggling to take hold of what's happening and struggling to maintain order in a number of places across the country to me, to tension, clearly building on a few different fronts. in south africa, covert tensions around the jailing of, of the former president jacob's duma, not the unrest you've been telling us about. we understand that the president is going to be addressing the nation, is that the presidency has put out a statement saying that president obama post will speak to south africans about the ongoing violence that's being seen. he did touch on this in an address on sunday night, where he was dealing specifically with coven 19 restrictions. in the 3rd wave of the pandemic in south africa and a somewhat luke warm statement from the president saying that those who would not abiding by the law would be arrested and prosecuted. but many sold africans calling
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from a much stronger statement from the president of more decisive leadership. certainly, especially considering the difficulty authorities having and trying to deal with this unrest. 6 people so far have been killed. we've seen protests in metropolitan centers in johannesburg and, and there is a lot of pressure on remote for us to come out strongly against what's happening and perhaps also deal with the incarceration of former presidents jacob zoom up. but that may be difficult for him. given the president of the african national congress, which appears to be split on what's happened to former president jacob zoom is one provincial premier who is off to that former president zoom up be given a presidential, pardon, but very much. the situation is with authorities a trying to maintain the rule of law trying to cement the importance of the
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constitutional court, which is essentially the court that imprisoned jacobs who love assume that on that case is ongoing at the constitutional court, which is really a last ditch attempt to get to the former president fried, at least until until it's a decision from the constitutional court certainly pushing for some sort of relief while they push full review of that judgment. all right, thank you for that. there for me to minute in a way to go ahead on algebra the race to return home in time. many gabby and stuck a broad face, a tough task show their voices heard an upcoming presidential election italy european football champions. after be to england in london, the police are investigating races to view. guess what? a
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beijing's weather was not very good yesterday. that developing area of clarity to a proper low center circulation, which means lorraine, huge amount of cloud funding storms. $700.00 flies delayed in beijing, and it's still going on not so much centered in beijing, just the east and just to the north. but that's taken all the share, the atmosphere for the same for the west in charge of it being flooded on the ground in situations not much flowing out in the sky. it's dry and really quite worn fact described as hot in many cities further saif for example, shanghai not a reco breaker, the record 39, but we're above average 34 to 36. that suddenly dry breeze all the time. so a few shall let in japan, but the real big charles are further south and they're concentrating again, sooner. ways back through borneo and then running up towards probably cambodian southern vietnamese is the biggest rainfall. sumani is looking dry. singer poll
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plasma lazy and most of into the easier to java is look at the dry at the moment the monson know, doing copy of it. doing what you might like to do is write up the western gast, googe rat. and more importantly, it's now broken out in pakistan, the well in an unconventional capital city, ever changing and yet forever defined by its turbulent past. stephanie deck meets the linen and takes you want a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. oh, be the hero world. ah washer. in. ah,
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the ah. what's your algebra? romando top choice this on campus president. again, canal has blamed the united states stirring up on rest of the biggest anti government protests and decades. he says, washington is responsible for cuban economic world. president joe biden says the us of cubans and their island, south africa. the military has been deployed to protest, triggered by the jailing of former president jacobs over the 6 people have been killed during the rise provinces. of course, on helping according jordan, has sentence to form a minister and a member of the royal family to 15 years in prison on charges of attempting to
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destabilize the monarchy. the cases shocked jordan and the ruling hashemite family that's been seen as a beacon of stability in a volatile region for years jamal, a shell verbal sentences, and the case came after almost 3 months of secret hearings. at ro, danial state security court, a one and been this been in general? well, regarding the 1st criminal bus him, our dollar, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. with regard to the 2nd criminal sharif hassan bins aid, the court has sent it seemed to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. the 2 men found guilty of plotting to sole discord and ultimately undermined the draw. damian monarchy by some are the law and show you how some bins, aid are the allies. a former minister who rose to become the head of jordan's royal court. but he was not a popular figure among many jordanians who for long accused him of corruption and financial embezzlement. i will,
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the le is also said to be very close to saudi arabia, chrome principal from been said man and has been described as being an advisor to the saudi royal. his co defendant should he hasn't been said, is a member of jordan's hash. my family, which has ruled the country for a 100 years, the case against the 2 men began in april when they were arrested by security forces. the following day, a video message from prince comes up, a former air to the throne and half brother of the current king was a leak to the media. he said he'd been placed on the house arrest. skeptics say the case against our the latin, bons aid as a smokescreen, and the, the government is using them escape goats to tarnish prince from sir who has been a scathing critic of how jordan has been run in recent years. but the current can lead none for saying, and his supporters say jordan's been the target of a foreign plot by regional powers to destabilize the monarchy. especially after jordans rejection of former us president donald trump's deal of the country. and
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the kings objection to gulf countries normalizing of relations with israel. of course, the political ramifications of this are many the most important one. it's a message to the external actors, as well as the intended actors who may have intentions to destabilize. jordan again that the state is very strong. jordan has been struggling economically for several years, a grown great of unemployment. and this consent has led to sporadic protest, during which prince holmes, his name was sometimes taunted by demonstrators who saw him as a symbol of reform. and although the prince has not been put on trial, some believe monday sentencing is a clear message to governments. critics. it's obvious that they were trying to convince, even so it's a trial by fcc even. so i think this is to be in game one just to me out of the picture. there's so many, many demons forces. what time is it to be the region?
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but now i think it's even next to 0. this has arguably been the most controversial case. enjoy them for decades, and although a verdict has been issued, the defendants can still appeal. and the other court that's of public opinion is still to give its verdict dramatic shea yal jazeera. with the highly contagious delta variance is likely causing a rapid rise in corona virus. infections across se, asia, indonesia have been recording more than 35000 cases a day. and you said a sound almost half of to call us population. has had coven 19 at some stage? 7 times higher than official figures? thailand has gone into long down for 2 weeks with a night curfew in place in bangkok, i saw that scene roll out and limited testing is only adding to the challenges. and
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south korea's capital and surrounding areas have been moved to district. this level of social distancing, clubs and churches sub being closed and private gatherings are limited. public broad has more now from sol. while they're really concerned about one has really alarmed them is the speed with which this 4th wave has really surge. that virtually a we've seen, a doubling of new case has been reported in the last few days. it's been consistently well over a 1000 new cases per day, which is very high for south korea. now. part of it is being blamed on the war transmissible delta variant. but it also combines, i think, with a general complacency here and from the government and admission that they've got some of them messaging wrong. what's happened is that as we've had the vaccination rollout, we've got a round, a 30 percent of the population here of now had at least one jap. and there's a way of encouraging more people to get vaccinated as their numbers come up. the government has been announcing the lifting of restrictions as more people get vaccinated,
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so if you've had one jab that the government says you won't be required to wear a mask in public if you're fully vaccinated, you will be able to meet in large numbers. now, all good news, but it has had the effect of creating the illusion that we are emerging from there . so people haven't been taking the kind of precautions that they normally do. take that we've seen a large number of clusters arising in the greater sol area and affecting people in their twenties and thirties, who are still largely unvaccinated. the good news is that compared to previous waves, at least we're not seeing the same type of hospitalizations and deaths that we've seen previously. and that's because the people who are more vulnerable, the elderly, etc, are now at by and large, protected by their vaccination gabby. and to avoid will vote for the for a new president in december, there's renewed interest in the election 4 years after formally the yo yo job left out for the cut off to register to vote was sunday. and the deadline left many
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guardians, living abroad racing to get home. i'm had interest reports from angels like thousands of gambia. and so now leave us why i believe money went on to make sure he would be registered to vote. he didn't think he'd have to fly back to the gambia to make that happen. we were expecting to use the dashboard to use the abroad. but unfortunately, the last minute they changed everything that we can't we just, you know, outside the country. so we have the only option we have is to come back home can be living abroad like a gleiss and money home regularly to support families and invest in that country. those remittances amount to our 5th of the gambia, g d p. many field. they have a right to vote. why ever than now live? but the election commission says that's a decision for parliament and the laws are currently not in place. in tim's going
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to, going to set him do what the law has to be amended to the the out of wood area and would, and also represented parliament, which means hundreds of gambia have met what can be a very expensive trip whole to get that voters cards after $44.00 days of this registration exercise, it looks like the target for new registrations may have been met. the election commission says he wants to raise voter registration to 1000000 names. it's targeting tens of thousands of ambience reluctant to vote under the previous administration. this is a 1st major overhaul of douglas since he left power in 2017 young can be in so distrustful of the government and officials half turned up in numbers. then up. sonny was under age when the last voted. nice was updated. now she's qualified to vote. i am happy to register to vote for the 1st time because
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i want to see my generation transformed signing with a new found freedom of choice in expression. many can be a say they want to take charge of their lives. they want change and accountability . something unheard of when yeah, jamie was in power for 22 years until 2017 degrees algae 0. but jewel, british prime minister bras, johnson has condemned the online racist abuse against england. black football is marcus rash, its jayden santo book o soccer were targeted of the missing penalty kicks and sundays. you are 2020 final against italy. the metropolitan police says it's open then investigation. the english football association issued a statement saying the f a strongly condemns all forms of discrimination and is appalled by the online racism that has been aimed at some of our inventory lawyers on social media. we cannot be any clara that anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome and following the team. we will do all we can to support the players
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affected while urging the toughest punishment possible for anyone responsible. i will hear from the dean barbara in london shortly, but 1st adam rainy has more from rome. when some of the black england players were on the screen, there were particular booze directed toward them and racist comments. now that was a minor affair, and a large part most of times were focused on their side. the, the town team itself took a knee along with the english side. but there are reports that in italy is no stranger to racism on the pitch. there's been that over the years with black italian players, people from bananas on the field, people making races comment to really awful, awful sentiment that is express here. it's not as expressed as often perhaps because it's just not as diverse of a team and none of the teams are quite diverse is the one and the premier division in england. what we are seeing here, of course, is much more celebration. that's the story here in italy, the national team returned this morning, bearing its trophy. there been crowds of people out,
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some of the crowds that were all night never went home, was the 1st kind of communal celebration here in italy. since the pandemic started to wayne, at least a little here, of course, they're suffering picks in some parts with the delta v like other countries. but it is this pivotal moment where people rallied around the team, the celebrations in the streets. they went on all through the night. we saw roam, explode with tens of thousands of revellers in the piazza. we were up here to the next year. what are our tell reports to deem is seeing in london is a little different and he can tell us what's the story there and he owns the clear disappointment to england. didn't actually win a tournament for the 1st time since $900.00. 66, there has been a reaction by some people calling themselves funds of being good football team, particularly in the social media on, on platforms like twitter and so on. racially abusing certain members of the team,
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particularly the 3 black players who missed penalties on sunday night. the youngest of them because sucker is just 19 years old. now in the last hour or so, garrett, south, south gate, the in good manager has commented on the abuse saying, i think we've been a beacon of light and bringing people together in people being able to relate to the national team. and the national team stands for everybody that together as must continue without togetherness, included from the start of the tournament, even before all of the players taking the need, the anti racism gesture. it was criticized by some politicians here in britain, pretty patel. the home secretary criticized it saying it shouldn't be happening because it was a political gesture, gesture, politics. the prime minister boris johnson, did not criticize funds to boot the taking of any he defended the right to do that
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just before games. now on monday, those 2 politicians have come out and issued statements condemning the racial abuse that we're seeing of those black players. many commentators suggesting that they're being rather hypocritical social media companies have repeatedly being asked to do more to bond racist people who post racist abuse. and the government has been called on to do more to regulate those companies. i think that is gaining traction now, and there are greater kohls for the, for the abuse to be taken seriously. but also for the whole discussion around how to get racism out of football and out of society to be taken most seriously. the largest wildfire of the year in the us state of california is partly contained firefighter's working in temperatures nearing 40 degrees have been able to gain some growled late saturday. flames prompted the closing of
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a small town and less than county their affairs. some remote properties are still in danger, and i forget you can always find much more on our website address the bass. is there a dot com? ah, watching reminder now of the top stories cubis president mckenzie, i can add, has blamed the united states the stirring off on rift after the biggest anti government protests and decades for president joe biden says the us then with cubans, and they are all, it's going to says washington is solely responsible for keeping economic was low feeder and see, i mean, took your full you will receive the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and.


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