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a cross se asia, indonesia has been recording more than 35000 cases a day. and then you survey has found almost half of jakarta population has had coven 19 at some stage, 7 times higher beneficial figures? thailand has gone to long town for 2 weeks with a night curfew in place in bangkok, a slow vaccine roll out a limited testing is only adding to the challenges and south korea, capital and surrounding areas have been moved to the strictest level of social distancing. tubs and churches are being closed and product gatherings and limited from mcbride has moved out from sol while they're really concerned about one has really alarmed them is the speed with which this 4th wave has really surge. that virtually a we've seen, a doubling of new case is being reported in the last few days. it's been consistently well over a 1000 new cases per day, which is very high for south korea. now, part of it is being blamed on the war transmissible delta barrier, but it also combines, i think, with
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a general complacency here and from the government and admission that they've got some of their messaging wrong. what's happened is that as we've had the vaccinations rollout, we've got a round, a 30 percent of the population here of now had at least one jap. and there's a way of encouraging more people to get vaccinated as their numbers come up. the government has been announcing the lifting of restrictions as more people get vaccinated, so if you've had one jab that the government says you won't be required to wear a mask in public. if you're fully vaccinated, you will be able to meet in large numbers. now, all good news, but it has had the effect of creating the illusion that we are emerging from there . so people haven't been taking the kind of precautions that they normally do. take that we've seen a large number of clusters arising in the greater sol area and affecting people in their twenties and thirties, who are still largely unvaccinated. that good news is that compared to previous waves, at least we're not seeing the same type of hospitalizations and deaths that we've
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seen previously. and that's because the people who are more vulnerable, the elderly, etc, are now at by and large, protected by their vaccination. tony chang has more now from bangkok on the restrictions imposed in thailand. well it means that people are being told they have to stay at home unless they work in an essential industry, such as food production or medical services. there is the night time curfew between 9 pm and 4 am. and i think the government is really trying to put a block on the, on the trip data transmissions, which are rising pretty close to about $10000.00 a day. that's what the government minister last week was saying. they expected it to go up to the problem in thailand corporate in iraq, in a hard place. it's trying also to open up. we've seen in the beginning of this month, the opening of the book at handbook, which is an initiative to allow vaccinated tourists to come back into the country. the try and kick stuff the, the part of the economy,
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which is so reliant on tourism. also we can see today in bangkok, people are moving around, they're not staying at home about 50 percent of a normal monday mornings traffic was out on the street today. they also want to get to work they, they feel their lives have been put on hold. i think the opportune, many people feel the opportunity for the government to, to stop this transmission that it tracks. was it back in april. they didn't locked down properly then. and i think many people feel that a low, they say this is only going to be 2 weeks. the situation with those rising infections could stretch on for many months to come. tokyo has now entered another state of emergency 2 weeks ahead of the olympic games. residents are expected to watch events from home, with foreign restaurants on upset alcohol. around 2000 infections being reported daily. the state of emergency, which is the country's 4th and the panoramic. last until august, the 22nd was enough for the weather, his rob. the fire season started early this year in the u. s. west and it's still
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going with the continued drived and high temperatures. they're nasty. this is a huge fire. only about 10 percent contain the biggest in california in the near the nevada border and with the heat still there and country country for the south in california. the risk remains, in fact, temperatures have been really high. we broke record, at least last vegas broke his record and made a new one at 47.2 a few days ago. it's still about that level now on monday, but i think it will start to drop off just a little bit. come tuesday, but there is still from the central valley all the way down to the mexican border that paul read. it's still very hot and where it's not dry heat, it is sort of wet heat temperatures round the high twenty's to low thirty's extends from the southern states up to the northeast. and within this whole area, back to the midwest, there are big charles and they are slow moving to become fewer. i think during tuesday, brother, they're all the same and they've caused some damage from big hail out of correspond
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one or 2 tornadoes. once again, i think we got sar and dust coming across the atlantic to cover the skies over less run till which means the shower full cost. monday is rather lighter. the wildest facing a traumatic increase in the number of people affected by hunger and malnutrition. the united nations has revealed the scale of the crisis in the new report. it says a 111000000 people, a malnourished. that's one and 10 people across the world. wide vall has more 25 year old that you know is a single mom with 3 children. she doesn't have a job and her life in the village of my hobbles in width and with a golf car has become virtually possible, had children a malnourished. but now that se some help, a team from m s f, doctors without borders has arrived. i am really happy. i just like this, as i'm really happy. without this
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a would have died with been eating plant loads, which gave us permanent stomach ache. as a woman, i personally no longer have enough energy to go and dig up those roof. even the men are unable to do so anymore. families in desperate need for food and medical assistance gathering. doctors without borders has set up made shift centers. some of the families looking for health. how to work long distance. move just a moment. we've come upon a food crisis. yeah. so we launched an urgent deployment. when we choose to do this this way, because health centers and the regions infrastructures cannot deal with the crisis of this magnitude. right now we take charge of children with cases of severe and moderate nutrition, but we also treat other diseases, mostly malaria, intestinal para, c, toes, and diarrhea. but a gasket is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. agencies warned that more than a 1000000 people here are facing severe food shortages. but it's just one of many countries with the same difficulties that you are report reveals. a dramatic
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worsening of the food security situation in 2020. the number of mountain people in the world continues to rise. a 118000000 more people were facing hunger, one and 2019 moderate or severe food insecurity, has been claiming slowly for 6 years and now affects almost a 3rd of the world's population. africa is hardest hit, followed by latin america. report says covey 19 has had an effect, but so to have conflicts around the world. and it says urgent action is needed to avoid an obvious catastrophe. had fun and dizzy felt good. the pair is the head of systems analysis for nutrition. with the wilson program, she joins us by scott from the hague. thanks for your time. was talk to you most in the findings of this report. well, what's your us most as the,
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the increase and there as being a nation, reductions in 2014. but now we are seeing in the increase of the number of hungry world lights up to 811000000 in 2020. and what does that mean for the well food program and it's work it means that we're trying to reach even more people this year, we're able to reach a 138000000 people with immediate food assistance and that we are continuing our work working with government to improve the situation for the longer term. for many, many more people. 123000000000 people who cannot afford a, a healthy nutritious diet. one of the biggest challenges for the world food program right now, is it, you know, access it in conflict areas or is it funding one of the biggest challenges that you're facing? what we're facing, the drivers of the situation, which is,
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as you said, conflict it's economic downturn from coded, new climate change and then admit that yes, we want to provide support. i mean funding for that, which is also constraints. and where covert has also decreased budgets for assistance. so even harder to meet all the needs, especially as they are increasing. sure. i want to pick up some you said about climate change impacting your work. how is climate change making things harder for the world food program, feeding people who desperately need? well, it drives up the, the numbers, but it's also the, the southern southern impacts we try hard to, to predict like droughts, you can kind of predict floods is more difficult and, you know, and another disaster type earthquakes, of course, even even more. well,
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let me just show from other ga scar. it's really the, the drought, the per long drought. that makes it really hard. all right, thank you very much. your time, i'll leave it there. i'll get the pair there from the world food program. sure, thank you. the us to send a delegation to haiti to help the investigation into the assassination of president jovan movies. another suspect has been arrested, described by haitian police as one of the masterminds behind the attack. kimberly how could his line for us in washington d. c. so can leave, the us delegation is in haiti representatives there be busy from what the white house is saying. yeah, we've received a statement from the national security council and in it. and this is something that we were expecting because the white house press secretary had previewed it. there was a delegation that has visited haiti. it was made up of representatives from the department of state department of justice and the department of homeland security.
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it's important to point out, so this was by the invitation of haitian officials who asked for security assistance. now what we know is that the delegation looked at some of the security infrastructure because of course, in light of the assassination of president luis, there are real questions being asked about how this happened, how this was allowed to occur. given the fact that b is, was a high level official who had been highly protected. so this is all being investigated, but of course it is the haitian officials the haitian government that is overseeing and conducting this investigation. now to that end, we know that this delegation met with a number of high level haitian officials, including the acting prime minister, the prime minister designate and also the senate president. and what we know is that the rest of the conversation, in terms of the message from the bible ministration was how can we help you to make sure that there is an open dialogue in order to see free and fair elections?
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that is, the goal of this administration. it had been policy prior to the assassination of president movies and it remains so. the other big message that was conveyed was one of support. the united states has been for more than a decade since that very well known earthquake that occurred more than a decade ago, 11 years ago. i believe the united states has been one of the top financial donors in terms of humanitarian assistance and also reconstruction efforts that will continue and will even be bolstered. so that was the other message that was sent as the delegation travel to haiti at the invitation of haitian officials. i thank you for that. kimberly. how could there for us in washington? d. c. british prime minister boss johnson has condemned the online racist abuse against england's black football. it's marcus rash, fit jayden sancho sako, were targeted of the missing panel. the kicks and sundays. you're a 2020 final against italy. the metropolitan police says it opened an investigation
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. english football association issued a statement saying the f. i strongly condemns all forms of discrimination as a pulled by the online racism that has been aimed at some of our england players on social media. we could not be any clara that anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome. following the team, we will do all we can to support the players affected while urging the toughest punishments possible. for anyone responsible. when a day barber joins may now live from chicago square in central london than it is quite rightly round condemnation of this racist abuse against england play. that's right, that has been a wide spreads, a condemnation of what we've seen those plays. you mentioned the young black players involved independent shootout, who miss came in for racial abuse on social media platforms like twitter,
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but not just that platform. twitter saying over 24 hours, it renews more than a 1000 posts and permanent suspended some accounts. now in the recent past, some of the, the written press, the tabloid press, has been criticized by england players, but double standards allegedly rates his double standards accusing people like writing sterling the england strike of condemning them or criticizing them for things which white players weren't such as buying houses for their mothers now, but written price today. this is one example is actually uniformly sympathetic to those players and to the performance of the england team. but online, as he said, there has been abuse and has been condemnation across the board arsenal. because of suckers club have said that they'll do everything to ensure his mental and physical well being. we've heard from football authorities, we've also heard from bar johnson the prime minister and put people tell the home
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secretary that they condemn the abuse and backing you authorities in any action they need to take. well, is that enough? some people are saying, no, i saying the 1st 3 social media companies need to do more to get rid of people who do put up races post. but secondly, that angry at the messaging that's come from government in the last few weeks. for example, gary novel, the former england defend said, but he wasn't surprised to see such abuse given. but boris johnson himself refused to criticize the england to criticizing good funds. who were booing the team when they took beneath that anti racist gesture. and also remind people that pretty patel had actually criticized, taking the need full stop saying that it was a political gesture. some people say that that has actually given a green light to people to express racist views. the debate continues hit,
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but certainly there recalls people to take tough for action, not just to say nice words, but really to get tough on cracking down on racist abuse in the light. not just of what those players have gone through in the last 24 hours. but in the way that the england, he have actually stretched this anti racist attitude throughout the tournament of actually one around a lot of people. and i've seen other teams take solidarity action if you like, over the last few weeks. all right, thank you for that. didn't bother there in london. want to come here on algebra. we will have all the sport with foreign a the
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news news with me. ah. ah
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ah, on the back of course here for him. thank you so much. italy had beaten england when footballs european championship for the 1st time since 900. 68. the final in london finished and they draw after extra time. it was italy who held their nerve to triumph in the panel. the shoot out and the richardson reports the beginning and team, backed by impassioned home support at london's when the stadium and italian side on a mission to take the european championship trophy back to rome. ah, england couldn't have dreams of making a better sure. putting his
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country ahead just the 2nd minutes went to talk to him to school his 1st international goals, the fastest ever in a you are a final unbeaten in the last 33 games. italy wrestle by way back into contention. federico keep going close to me. tell you the 2nd began with rahim sterling, taking its humble in the italian books, the referee deciding to wave england away rather than point to the penalty spots to if acute could have done. you know very tonight italy then began to take control of the game. lean on the new cheek, converting the pressure into a deserved equalizer pinocchio with england struggling to escape the rest of their opponents. the match headed into extra time
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the impact of an energy stopping night and tournaments was becoming evidence is final would be decided in a penalty shootout. neither team looked assured from the spot but it was english teenagers. ok 2nd miss the decisive kick. it means italy could celebrate beth 1st european title since 1968 i had seen that didn't qualify for the last will, will soon be turning their focus to a similar success at next year's finals. incatel ah, andy richardson, al jazeera adam rainy is live for us in rome. adam, it's been a tough year for everyone in italy, particularly hit hard by the pandemic. what does this when mean for the italian people? well, exactly. we've been speaking to people last night after the when and even
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throughout the day. and they seem to see this in much larger terms than soccer and football. they. they actually said this isn't just a football victory to victory for the whole country. one man told us it's because we've been through such an awful time with the panoramic and he said he hopes this is some kind of rebirth for italy like many countries that suffered a huge economic low. but we have times that italy with a recovery fund is on the way back up economically, and also people feel certain buoyancy. now, with the month of this tournament now and taking the trophy back to rome and be everyone we speak to see to talk about this in terms you don't hear often of course everyone who supports for national team see that some kind of emblem of their nationality. from patriotic expression of joy, of hope, of loss, of all these things, these emotions that are wrapped up for the sport. so during the past 16 months, italy with the highest dep full in europe and the 1st country outside of asia to feel the full brunt of the hand. demick people here where that pain in a raw,
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an open way. and this whole tournament was the 1st time as the society that could come together often in public to celebrate. and what we thought prior to the victory was sometimes this taking place to be these rigid phone fan approved areas where no more than 2000 people, 2500 gathered. but once this victory happened last night, everything changed. there was explosions of jubilation. enjoy. we saw thousands of people at different points and places in the capital. and we also saw that on coverage across the country, taking place all across italy, up and down the peninsula. you're right, if there's something a little different in italy and also for the whole world. many europeans we spoke to in the city, expressed that same solidarity with italy and large part because of the pen. and now the team are back in italy. now what's next for them? they are back, they arrived just a few hours ago, a few matina airport rooms,
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major international airport trophy in hand. $200.00 fans were allowed to go and receive them. it would have been more but again, for code research and that's with them out there. they immediately went to a hotel in the hill overlooking room and there shortly. going to be meeting with the president and the prime minister. that's kind of rare. usually for these types of events, the players, the coach, they would just meet with the prime minister who plays the functionary role. but in this tournament, the president has been an avid fan despite many in italy, thinking that surgery, even a football fan, even academic, quite intellectual man, who usually that doesn't fit the profile in italy. but he's made a point of supporting the team from the beginning, traveled to london, and he's soon to be receiving the team as is the prime minister, my dear, that i get a full day for them. they'll be other celebrations to come and be announced. but right now they have a full play, and that's what's on on the table for the team. if they fell back into life here in
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italy. ok, great stuff. adam rainy speaking to his live from rome. thanks for now. england measure, garrett south gate has lashed out those responsible for the racism directed at 3 of his players. southgate has called the abuse unforgivable markets rash for jaden sancho and 19 year old because he was all mister penalties and faced the racial taunts on social media. u. k. prime minister boris johnson, the english f a and english primarily clubs have condemned the abuse. first, some of them to be abused is unforgivable really. i know a lot of that has come from abroad. you know, the people that track those things have been able to explain that but not all of it and it's just not what we stand for. we, we, i think have been a beacon of light in bringing people together. earlier we spoke to daily mirror assistant editor darren louis. he says he wasn't at all surprised by the view
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suffered by 3 players. we are black and brown. people have come to be used to the abuse that we suffer in situations like this in situations out of this, we go out in circles. i can't sit here and say the social companies need to be more because you know, that viewers know that i know that they know that. and yet here we are. the players will continue to take in the the players will continue to do what they feel they should have an issue of race is to be se, but we on our media platforms, in our big media companies, in our newspapers, in our radio stations. we must be alongside them, their problems are our problems and unless you support them, we will continue to have this kind of conversation and there is a lot of work to be done to change the perception of england destination. they have a wonderful football team with terrific players. they have a sizable section of their support, which is well, meaning,
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good natured, fun willing to engage open minded. but there is a core, there was an element of in england support as embarrassing. the shameful online and offline continues to heat. shame on this country, milwaukee box had caught again back in their n b a finals, and the phoenix suns yanna sent to compose score 41 points and 13 rebounds believe the box 22200. when taking 3, they fill the trail. the sun, 2 games to one in the best of 7 series to meet em, milwaukee. again for game for on wednesday. we know we know what kind of games this was, you know, going to be, ah, we know that if we lose the game, you are in the, in the whole, you know, 30 or whatever the case might be renewed. well, come here and play. great, best wish i knew that know that john rich has become the 1st player to qualify for
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this years atp finals after drawing level with roger federer and rafa in tao on 20 grand slam titles. well, number one came from a sat down to be to tell you mchale for a teeny, and when his 3rd street, wimbledon title has 6 been total, only 4 men in the history tennis won the opening 3 majors of the year. when i broke into the top 10 for the 1st time i last for 34 years, most of the big matches that i played against these 2 guys and you know, something shifted end of 2010 beginning of 2011. and the last 10 years has been an incredible journey that is not stopping here. okay. and that is all your support for now back to you bar. well that's it for me, kim vanelle for this. you don't want to go away though. i'll be back in just
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a moment. plenty more on the day. you send all the bases from you shortly. ah. on march 15, 2019 zealand sense of security would shatter. with 51 people was shot dead into christ church. another 40 wounded. when a gunman began shooting at a christ church, moth, with tech, with worship, and attending the friday service, for those who lost loved ones finding ways to deal with the trauma. crucial. she came in, she asked me, what was mom? i told her mom was with me 4 months later, i feel much quiet and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life. let us
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love one love doesn't cause once it makes your heart happier. my heart happy. he doesn't bring any loss for the new symbol. let us practice this all just a world unpacks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by media players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchange owners is here and then are central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting this dangerous profitable with global demand set the skyrocket.
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people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a jazz ah fed up cuban vent, their anger, the government, and some of the largest protest seen in decades. but addressing the nation, keep the president claims the us, the direct and all the situation. his people are facing ah, other l l, there are law from coming up 6 people killed in south africa and more than 200 arrested.


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