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numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, this is al jazeera ah other, i'm kim vanelle. this is the new law firm coming up in the next 60 minutes. fed up cuban vent. they're under the government. some of the largest protest seen in decades. 6 people killed in south africa and more than 200, arrested and violent following the jailing of former president jacob's duma. a
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court in jordan has sentence 2 men, including a member of the wall family for 15 years in prison. over plot against the monarchy and locked downs, are in force again in parts of southeast asia of colona virus infections increase from a more contagious berries. and in for in italy or the new european champion, the baby england at wembley stadium was the trophy for the 1st time since 1968 are g. cuba has seen its biggest to anti government protested decades. thousands of march doesn't economic crisis grips the nation. government handling of the pandemic and us sanctions are being blamed. presidents miguel diaz can accuse as washington as stirring on rest. there is a boat report. we're not a free, candid,
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thousands of people in the streets of havana. root is like this one happened across the country, expressing frustration over ban demik restrictions, and the worsening economic prices on the island nation. he bought a lot of it. we are here for the repression because they are killing us with hunger . the houses are falling and we have no homes. they have the money to build hotels while letting us hungry the past year and a half has been difficult for us economy as it been they may have had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. the country was forced to carry out major economic reform. in the past week, the amount of coven 19 infections rose sharply in the province of my dancers, were hospital so struggling to cope. doctor se they are in desperate need of oxygen and beds to treat patient. president miguel, you can blame the us embargo for the situation and ask government supporters to
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take to the streets law may be gaining or go. so how do you, we are not going to admit that any counter revolutionary motion re sold out to the government of the united states, sold out to the empire, receiving money from the agencies, allowing themselves to be carried away by all these strategies of ideological subversion, to provoke destabilization in our country, there will be a revolutionary response. we call upon all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists, to take to the streets, to any of the places where these provocations are going to take place. today from now on and in the following day, the security forces arrived soon after the protest started. people were arrested and some classes broke out between pro and anti government demonstrators. date security beat me and my daughter mine. they beats us because they were walking down the street protest like this one are uncommon in cuba. this is the biggest one to take place since 1994. doing what is known as the special period right after the
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fall of the soviet union. for many, there were an example of the changing times on the caribbean nation, and how many i no longer afraid to speak up that he said, well, i'll just eat a cuban president. me go to the ask is holding a press conference right now in the capital havana. following those anti government protest sits the question and answer format right now let's, let's listen and lation being cuba and where we are improving in the short time. i think that the minister then can provide all the details. so the question for everything we've gone through in the past month and also the cost is that have led to the devotee and what is to be expected. remember, we do want to thank you. well, 1st of all, morning,
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i will tell you that 22nd of june, the power supply system has the affected. and these have led to power and affected the population lisa being because to say that our flow and the effects in the supply and also their supply network has been affected. and we haven't had enough our resources to supply to the people these if we have, they need to power supply installation. but we have been telling people that there was a big issue there in that power supply installation. so we have to face that. now i put my
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hand these, he's taken quite a bit of time to get this prepared. right now we have faced the hand. we're trying to establish the network supplies. and this should being in the hours of tomorrow morning. you know, i would like to tell them if months or people that we have and their work, you know, they have to keep the proration of electricity and a power supply. the situation is 10 at the moment. so we have to start from keeping president again and then he passed over to his minister, was talking there about power cards that have been affecting the country, their v,
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as we said, big protests against the, the government. they're the biggest, seen and decades. some of turn vide, and people are angry of the covert restrictions, which is exacerbating the economic crisis being felt that it's printed roseland jordan, who's on for us now in washington, d. c. rosalyn. so obviously this press conference is being held. there is canal of responding to some of the concerns of protest. that's right. and what we have heard has been the long standing message from the cuban government. formerly led by the cars, through brothers, that much of the suffering that the cuban people have been and have been dealing with has been because of the us embargo which was imposed in the 1960s. and that embargo has not been relieved, even though the us in cuba now have diplomatic ties. this is a situation where the members of the bind administration have responded via social
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media indicating that they want to see the demonstrations to be continued without fear of government repression. we have heard from some witnesses on the ground that government chose security has in fact attacked some of the demonstrators that it's not something which officials such as jake sullivan. the national security advisor at the white house have said, should not happen, underscore in what the us believes is the cuban peoples right to demonstrate against the conditions that they want their government to fix. right, thank you very much for that roland jordan. they're a 9 from washington, d. c. let's big now to colon harding who is a latin america analyst. he joins us by scott from manchester. thank you for your time. so we are listening. all this ongoing press conference is happening. but i
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want to ask you these protests that we're seeing, you know, about covert restrictions and the economic crisis. but is this all sort of just exacerbating existing grievances? well, in a way, it's so the last straw other accumulated discontent. tube of course, has been suffering shortages of basic goods and consumer goods. we found for many power as well as the president talking about now ministration, typing the screws on q, already sanctions in place, and many and now on the truck ministration, typing them even war, which force the government to produce them. economic measures, richer made things more difficult just recently. stop to thank you lation of dollars for instance, which is often there any way that i cubans who got relatives in america come comes . i think i got the them. there is a suggestion that the,
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the process began in the town of san antonio. my name is richard havana because suffering 12 la power shortages of summer people. so you say fed up and took to the street was of course the now what they have been there's been a liberalization in social media release thing. spread like wildfire spread around the country. we find people taking the streets and all sorts of different types. but how do you foresee these protests playing out? how do you foresee the president responding? well, we had, we had a reaction, he went on yesterday afternoon and called on revolution. reason of what's the government to take the street and confront these counter revolutionary reasons. and the united states and i am, the police didn't move in with plain clothes and uniform. i'm to clear
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the street pretty quickly because of the 9 o'clock curfew in for us because of the dynamic, the students did pretty shortly. well, they'll be more demonstrations in place to come to help to see, but i, i think some american politicians i used to be and so the communist regime and. ready the us old resending. how to support the protective. i don't think any of that to happen. the only response that they got really is a refreshing because they can't make things better to vehicle. and they quickly, they're trying to roll out the they the back seat bit more quickly. they've been developing their own 2 different directions. i've been pretty slow and i haven't
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got very high production. there's nothing really offer except to leverage calling on people to defend the revolution. we had from our correspond earlier clashes between and he government protest is and pro government support is, i mean, how much support does the government actually have right now? well, are said and regime it's very difficult to judge the levels of a project spectrum and on how many people support people normally, people who may well, if the government keep it to himself and just try to make the best they can the best way to be prepared to do to take the street to express that's going to maintain would be a mistake to imagine that the government is just based on refreshing and nobody really wants them. but the discontent has been growing. people of course, he used to show us township and then yes,
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the pan deputy just made after much more difficult. it is possible to look at the pace the county apartments from the governmental support. and i thank you very much for your analysis. calling harding. they are latin america analyst. we appreciate time in south africa, at least 6 people have been killed in violent protest, triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom. the military has been deployed to contain days of riots and lucy, the provinces. of course lou in the title and scalping this comes, is the country's top court has an application by zoom to review his 15 month job sentence. he turned himself into place last week after being found guilty of failing to appear at a corruption case. let's get the latest now from for me. the miller, for me to so these protests have been turning increasingly violent. what's the latest? well, so far,
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police have said that 6 people have been killed in these protests. and more than 200 others have been arrested. wherein so we're so where we were at a more few moments ago and we have to move from there because of the rocks being thrown, police had to retreat. they just simply don't have enough resources to get a handle on what's happening. thousands of looters at that particular more carrying out anything they could possibly we where we moved to just down the street. there's another more where there is some other looting taking place. we've had police fire rubber bullets. we've also had tear gas fired. it is extremely dangerous situation, it at much of these hot spots in hoping as well as the natal province where the concern really is the extent of the looting that we're seeing that appears to have been from these protests against the imprisonment of former prisoners jacob, duma,
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but we've also heard from analysts and observers that this could be up to mystic crime and that people are taking advantage of some of the protests that we're seeing. but i think what is specifically concerning the difficulty police are having and trying to manage what's happening. and so we've had the deployment of soldiers to various hot spots specifically in those 2 provinces. so me, there are a lot of the anger about the jailing of the former president. meanwhile, he is having another attempt to get that present 10 overturned. what's the latest? do we know in court? well, this is really a last ditch attempt by the former president to have that judgment rescind set aside. now we had heard from his lawyer earlier today in court, putting forth those arguments about why the former president says he puts it was
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erroneous. lee jailed. and he's also said that the constitutional court that issued that order that the former president spend 15 months and joe, for contempt of court, he says, the constitutional court may have overstepped its constitutional bounds. he's putting forward a number of arguments, including that. jacob zoom. i a z z, these health condition, his age making vulnerable, especially as south africa, is now in the middle of a 3rd wave of the close at 19 pandemic. they've also argued that while they both argue, according to some of the papers filed, if that to be they caught necessarily appeal that constitutional court judgement. it's the highest court in the land. and so can't be appealed. so they are asking for a review based on court procedure. and one of the issues they have is that the judgement was made in the absence of the former president. but what is important to know
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check is that for president jacobs numa was given a number of opportunities to present himself to the court. also to present an affidavit investigation of the sentence which he refused to do. basing that on him, waiting for a high court judgment for the refusal of the chairperson of the commission that he's exploring and investigating state corruption. it may be a number of days before there's a judgement in this particular application. and i think as people wait for that, there certainly concern around how violence might possibly increase and also what the response might be to the constitutional court ruling whenever that happens. all right, for now. thank you so much for that. i made a miller there and so wait according jordan has sentenced a former minister and a member of the world family to 15 years in prison on challenges of attempting to destabilize the monarchy. the cases shocks jordan and the ruling hash. my family that's been seen as a beacon of stability and a volatile region for years. jamal
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a shell reports sentences and the case came after almost 3 months of secret hearings at the door, damien, state, security court, a one and this bit, and we'll get him as well regarding the 1st criminal bus him our dollar. the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. with regard to the 2nd criminal sharif hassan been zayed, the court has sentenced him to temporary imprisonment for a period of 15 years. the 2 men found guilty of plotting to sole discord and ultimately undermined the jordanian monarchy by some are the law and show you how some bins aid our lives. a former minister who rose to become the head of jordan's royal courts, but he was not a popular figure among many jordanians who for long accused him of corruption and financial embezzlement. are the le is also said to be very close to saudi arabia, chrome, prince from a been sad man, and has been described as being an advisor to the saudi royal. his co defendant
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should he hasn't been said, is a member of jordan's hash. my family, which has ruled the country for a 100 years, the case against the 2 men began in april when they were arrested by security forces. the following day, a video message from prince kanza, a former air to the throne and half brother of the current king was leaked to the media. he said he'd been placed on the house arrest skeptic. see the case against our the latin bins. aid is a smoke screen and the government is using them escape goats to tarnish prince funder, who has been a scathing critic of how jordan has been run in recent years. but the current can lead not for saying, and his supporters say jordan's been the target of a foreign plot by regional powers to the stabilize the monarchy. especially after jordans rejection of former us president donald trump's deal of the country. and the kings objection to gulf countries normalizing of relations with israel. of course, the political ramifications of this are many the most important one. it's
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a message to the external actors, as well as the internal actors who may have intentions to destabilize. jordan again that the state is very strong. jordan has been struggling economically for several years. a grown grace of unemployment and discontent has led to sporadic protest, during which prince hunter's name was sometimes taunted by demonstrators who saw him as a symbol of reform. and although the prince has not been put on trial, some believe monday sentencing is a clear message to government critics. it's obvious that they were trying to convince even so it's a child by fcc even. so i think this is to be in game. they want to be out of the picture. there was so many, many unions, for instance, what times it to be the region. but now i think i can even next to 0. this has arguably been the most controversial case in jordan for decades. and although
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a verdict has been issued, the defendants can still appeal. and the other court that's of public opinion is still to give its verdict, dramatic se ya, jesse era. back now to havana, where the cuban president miguel the i can end is speaking, holding a press conference for listening to the power supplies efficiently. and we are also making a new investment. we're going that we'll get to finish this in a few days in a few days. i don't want to even set a date. this is my plan but this takes some time. so. busy it may be delayed to something may happen last minute, the thing the sample. so don't want to say today, but we have tried to do our best. we are doing
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a capital investment in one of the power supply plans. it's almost 20, but we are also investing it off a. it was there for me to help the russian federation in their money. and for me during the counter, we have to be a little colby. i don't feel also we are also repairing the van plane by lighting, but it's yawning. and despite the breaking down or they get a plant, they come to has continued. we've tried to find a new source of energy to supply the population have got bought up. we are turning a wide range for over of energy supply,
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but sadly we've gone through these situations. so knowing that these 2, i mean she doesn't need to satisfaction anything better condition points out any concerns that relation may have, we can analyze said we can talk about it because we have all these met where we never wanted to affect our people don't talk, they were okayed, lee have led to the situation. they want to lead to misunderstanding the social ref? i thought you are looking for that. people go into the street. we have to use the communication channel on respect in order to keep the citizens have to keep going. going,
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we cannot alter the clothes that we have to behave in a civilized manner. we have to show solidarity. this is the way we have to work on. guess i'll put a big deal. they condo that are song, expectation of getting these may save time. we have to say the following, 5, just to wind. what about, what about on that game to connected 1st. so to save as much as we can go in and just away. if you recall fully and the se sector to the institutional responsibility for the flesh. and on the other hand, to lead as efficient as possible, as effective as possible and are quantified,
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staff going month to be able to provide every maintenance for the power supply plan. so please, and i think that clear explanation have been provided to the 2nd question be their measure we rudy valuable on when i say ok, that was the cuban presidents miguel canal speaking in the wake of violent protests in cuba. the biggest protest against the, the government there in decades, some protest is the complaint of being beaten by security forces. the president, they're basically saying that easing the pain of the economic crisis will take some time. but that he's willing to listen to the concerns of protest is let's bring him muslim jordan, who is live for us in washington dc. rosalyn. one of the biggest takeaways from
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what human president has had to say so far. well, it is certainly interesting that president scott would say that he is willing to listen and to engage with protesters to talk about of their concerns. we did see video of him in debt as a bose of reporting earlier this hour where he went out to one of the demonstrations outside of honor to basically be in the thick of it. and to have people basically yell at him about the suffering that they have been enduring. the long running economic problems of facing cuba, as well as the additional strain placed on the health care system and on the economy as a result, because of the lack of adequate medical supplies to treat people with cobit as well
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as the lack of adequate vaccination stores, to basically vaccinate people so that they don't get sick. it's perhaps not surprising that people would take to the streets, but certainly from the united states, the point of view. let people protest let people voice their concerns. do not try to stifle their commentary. while there has not been any contemporaneous reaction in the past few moments or so to de escalate remarks, certainly the call from the bite administration to let people take to the streets and exercise their right to free speech is certainly welcomed and certainly would be encouraged. rather than in the past few moments we've heard from the mexican leadership, encouraging the us to lifted economic embargo on, on cuba. i mean, what are the chances of that happening?
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politically, it's not going to happen. the cuban lobby in the united states political body is very, very strong. it has a very robust lobbying effort here in washington. and even though the obama administration normalize relations with havana, you are not going to see anything more in the way of economic relief, as it were because of the idea because of the belief of those who are in the older cuban american community. that the government in havana is a repressive dictatorship and that it should not be rewarded with what the united states can bring to bear in foreign relations, which is legitimacy, which is economic growth and development of the view of the cuban american community. and it's supporters largely in the republican party,
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but also significantly in the democratic party is that it would be rewarding bad behavior. and so, but by now ministration will have to move very, very carefully on how to try to intervene. if that is the, the right word, certainly because it does have a diplomatic ties with about a, there are direct ways of communication, but anything more than that, especially given the u. s. is history in the caribbean and enlighten america writ large is problematic. the us can only do so much without being perceived as an intervening or interfering colonial power. all right, thank you very much for that. roland jordan, in washington dc. with the highly contagious delta variance is likely causing a rapid rise in corona virus infections across se, asia,
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indonesia has been recording more than 35000 cases a day. and then you said they had found almost half of decanters population has had coven 19 at some stage? 7 times higher beneficial figures? thailand has gone a long time for 2 weeks with a night curfew in place in bangkok. a slow vaccine roll out and limited testing is only adding to the challenges and south korea's capital and surrounding areas have been moved to the strictest level of social distancing. tubs and churches are being closed product gatherings and limited from mcbride has more now from sol. while they're really concerned about what is brady alarmed them is the speed with which this 4th wave has really surge. that virtually a we've seen a doubling of new cases being reported in the last few days. it's been consistently well over a 1000 new cases per day. which is very high for south korean. now, part of it is being blamed on the war transmissible delta of area. but it.


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