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south africa, it women who are at the forefront of the walk in a race, and he never ever gets hired of developing resistance strategies and ignites of passion, stand up and fight generation chains on al jazeera, ah thousands take to the streets across cuba and red protest against the government humbling of a panoramic. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan. this is out of the or a lie from also coming up locked downs, return to parts of southeast asia as a more contagious, very, and triggers. a rise in corona virus infection. pot break for england off the nail biting penalty shoots out italy when the european football championships. the 1st
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time since 950 wildfires forced people to feed their homes in the western united states as a heat wave brings near record temperatures. ah, anti government protests taking place across cuba, demonstrators are demanding more action from the government and poverty, the economy, and the corona virus pandemic. there are reports. the government has mobilized the special forces. the crackdown on the demonstrators earlier president miguel diaz come across the united states, being responsible for the unrest august him has been monitoring developments from atlanta right now in central event because the internet has been all day and hasn't been working for the last hour or so. school reasons does the process with hundreds and hundreds of people of various points throughout havana,
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about cuban city. so it's what it's underlining. this is the biggest political protest, and i can pick up the last 3 decades since 19 ninety's. all me has been just away from, from where i can see the young and i'm a good income child is on the t shirts getting, getting all my bills and mobilized for this nearby. that pos, if i can finish with my dance here in the background with all the people who say that the government living here in cuba. i know that some of those people with forced to participate because this is the way politics works in cuba. but also living here and people, i know that some of those people will, the further information. so what we're saying now is, is, is a face. so in some parts of savannah, between the people who support the government and the 3 and the people who do not become now the highly contagious delta variant is being blamed for
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a rapid rise in corona virus infections, in se, asia, indonesia is running desperately low on oxygen, it's recording more than $35000.00 cases a day. and a new survey has found almost half of jakarta as population has had coded 19 at some stage. that's 7 times higher than official figures. thailand that's gone into locked down for 2 weeks with a nighttime curfew in place in the capital, bangkok and south korea's capital and surrounding areas have been moved to the strictest level of social distancing. will speak to rob mcbride in the south korean capital sol solved the 1st. let's get more on the situation in thailand. with tony chang in bangkok, tony said a 2 week locked down across the country. what does this mean on the ground? well, it means that people being told they have to stay at home unless they work in an essential industry such as food production or, or medical services. there is
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a night time curfew between 9 pm and 4 am. and i think the government is really trying to put a block on the, on the daily transmissions which arising pretty close to about 10000 a day. that's what the government minister last week was saying, they expected it to go up to the problem. moves thailand's corporate in iraq in a hard place. it's trying also to open up. we've seen in the beginning of this month, the opening of the pocket sandbox, which is an initiative to allow vaccinated tourists to come back into the country. the try and kick stuff the, the, the part of the economy which is so reliant on tourism to accounts for about 20 percent of g d p here in town and people are really suffering. they have that business has been lost for 1516 months. and the government really wants to start up again. the problem is not that many people want to travel, the conditions they're having to go through to get into thailand. a complicated,
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some have even managed to get hit and then found that the plane that they traveled on was carrying somebody in fact to recover it. so they're still having to go into a 14 day quarantine. so it's been sort of play with problems and i think the hope was that program, if successful, could be extended to other results around the country that i think has been put on hold for the moment. i think a lot of people, frankly, also we can see today in bank oh, people are moving around. they're not staying at home about 50 percent of a normal monday mornings traffic was out on the streets today. they also want to get to work they, they feel their lives have been put on hold. i think the opportune, many people feel the opportunity for the government to, to stop this transmission and his tracks was back in april. they didn't locked down properly. then i think many people feel that hello, they say this is only going to be 2 weeks. the situation with those riving infections could stretch on for many months to come. all right, to tony chang in bangkok, tony,
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thank you for that. let's cross 7 out to run the bride. his lie for us in. so rob, so tough restrictions across the capital where you are the authorities. there are clearly worried rob i think what they're really concerned about, what is really alarmed them is the speed with which this 4th wave has really surge . that virtually a we've seen, a doubling of new case has been reported in the last few days. it's been consistently well over a 1000 new cases today, which is very high for south korea. now. part of it is being blamed on the war transmissible delta barrier. but it also combines, i think, with a general complacency here and from the government and admission that they've got some of them messaging wrong. what's happened is that as we've had the vaccinations rollout, we've got a round, a 30 percent of the population here of now had at least one jap. and there's a way of encouraging more people to get vaccinated as their numbers come up. the government has been announcing the listing of restrictions as more people get
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vaccinated. so if you've had one job that the government says you won't be required to wear a mask in public if you're fully vaccinated, you'll be able to meet in large numbers. that old good news. but it has had the effect of creating the illusion that we are emerging from there. so people haven't been taking the kind of precautions that they normally do. take that we've seen a large number of clusters arising in the greater sol area and affecting people in their twenties and thirties, who are still largely vaccinated. that good news is that compared to previous waves, at least we're not seeing the same type of hospitalizations and deaths that we've seen previously. and that's because the people who are more vulnerable, the elderly, et cetera, are now at by and large, protected by their vaccinations. alright robert bride live for stay in. so rob, thank the who's now italy have beaten england to win
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football is european championship for the 1st time since 900. 68. the final in london finishing a $11.00 roll off the extra time, but it was italy who then held in to triumph in the penalty shoot out the richest ripples. the ending and team, backed by impassioned home support at london's wembley stadium and italian side on a mission to take the european championship trophy back to rome. ah, england couldn't have dreamt of making a better start from new york, putting his country ahead. just the 2nd minutes went to talk to him to school his 1st international go the fastest ever in a you are a final and beaten in the last 33 games. italy wrestle by way back into contention. federico keep going
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close to me. tell you the 2nd began with raheem sterling taking it's humble in the italian books, the referee deciding to wave england away, rather than point to the penalty spots accused of don't you know very tonight italy then began to take control of the game. lean auto renew, she converting that pressure into a desert. equalizer. ok with england struggling to escape the rest of their opponents. the match headed into extra time the impact of an energy stopping night and tournaments was becoming evidence. his final would be decided in a penalty shootout. neither team looked assured from the spot, the but it was english teenagers. ok 2nd miss,
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the decisive kick. it meant italy could celebrate beth 1st european sidle since 1968 i had seen that didn't qualify for the last will, will soon be turning their focus to a similar success. next year's finals in cat ah, andy richardson, al jazeera, autumn rainy has more than the streets of the italian capital. italian fan here in the center room celebrate the victory the 1st time. italy is one european tucked in 1968. italy has posted 34 straight matches on the beaded incredible run, especially considering that they weren't even able to qualify for the 3800 world cup final people here been following the tournament in a way that showed gets about much more than football. italy was the 1st western country to be so hard hit by the hand and want to turn a got into
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a way you could be out. and other supporters, mother country rallied around the team because it was, it was an outlet there. joy coming back together now that the worst aid of the panoramic behind they were coming out here to watch on the screen like this is sharon is on lloyd, and they'll be watching to see what the team under the leadership, rebecca, my trainee. and what it might mean for the next world look more so to come here. now they are including one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders threatens protests of the killing of president shawn elmore. brilliant richard branson's rocket pilot plane reaches the edge of space and takes a step towards commercial space stores more than ah
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ah hello there, let's start in north america and it's all about the persistent heat. once again, we've got excessive heat warnings across many western states in the us, particularly in california, and that dangerous heat wave extending all the way from western canada down to the mexico us border. and these hot and dry condition fuel the forest fires. we've already had one in northern california and in oregon as well. those hot and dry conditions expected to continue and there stretching more centrally as well. but to the east to this, there's some very wet weather on the way we've got severe storms rolling all the way from the deep south, up to the great lakes. so some flooding, rains, damaging winds, and the possibility of tornadoes. new york still seeing some of that wet weather on monday is scenarios of canada seen some severe storms as well. but as it go into choose day, it does ease up the cloud cover. we'll keep that humidity there though. and as we
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move to central america, there's also quite a bit of humidity on the cards for the yucatan peninsula. can coon sitting at 30 degrees celsius wet weather for beliefs and particularly heavy storms. for guatemala and the rain continues across costa rica. and edging down into panama, that sure weather update. the a football from spain trading, battling opponents on the pick up fighting fascism at home and abroad. quint bowling legend edit canton introduces stuff in the loan. the battle a wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. can i what mo rebels on al jazeera? ah,
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ah, ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here, this alex fountains at joint read government protests in cuba, demonstrators demonte more actions in the government of poverty economy and the corona violence. president miguel diaz canal has blamed the united states before the unrest. highly contagious. delta vary interest being blamed for a rapid rise in corona virus infections, in se, asia, indonesia is recording more than $35000.00 case. the day was thailand, him south korea and hos tougher restrictions. and italy has won the euro. 2020 football championships meet in england in a nail biting penalty should count it with your championship trophy in 53 years.
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now, a former police officer turned a tourist gang leaders asking his supporters to join mass protests in haiti. jimmy traverse. yeah, better known as barbecue, says the president's assassination is an outrage. is accusing opposition. parties of plotting 70000000 murder. he's also lost support if they use their weapons in self defense. if the police crack down on that gathering when he know what was his, you know, many people from the opposition and thinking posey joined together to betray the president. it is a national and international conspiracy against the haitian i. our school, the groups to mobilize, take to the street, not like amanda exclamations about us estimation of the president. we had a problem with the president, but we have never said that foreigners can enter our theresa, kill the president. meanwhile, the us to send a delegation to haiti to assist in the investigation into president more use. the
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fascination nation government initially requested troops from the u. s. to protect the port airport and other key infrastructure. the pentagon press secretary says officials will assess the security risk in the country. we are aware of their request by the haitian government, we're analyzing it just like we would any other request for assistance here at the pentagon. it's going through a review. i'm not going to get ahead of that process and today in interagency team largely from the department of homeland security and the f b, i are headed down to haiti right now to see what we can do to help them any investigative process. and i think that's really where our energies are best applied right now in helping them get their arms around investigating this incident and figuring out who's culpable, who's responsible and, and how best to hold them accountable going forward. that's where our focus is right now. and gallagher has more now from washington dc. well, this is what the us is calling a technical team, made up of department of homeland security and f b i. agents. and essentially, what they may do, or at least i think they will try and do, is add some legitimacy to any of the findings in the investigation into who
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assassinated job know movies in the early hours of wednesday morning. that's as much as they can do at the moment because the conspiracy theories now surrounding the death of job know movies are really taking hold in haiti. wally security situation is worsening all the time because of course, in this nation at the moment there are now political arguments about who will be the new president when the next elections will be held and haven't been in the elections in a t since 2017. so this is a very precarious moment in which most patients are hiding in the homes. listening to the radio, watching tv, waiting for some kind of news about what will happen next. i'm in the situation is so bad that some gang members are holding their own press conferences saying they will fight on behalf of the haitian people. so this technical team from the us, if they can get to the bottom of this investigation, find out who funded these people who was behind it and why that may help in the short term. but i think also in the short term,
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most patients are simply worried about their own security. a 50 truck convoy carrying vital food and health supplies is on its way to ethiopia water and to gray region. if your government said this week that it was allowing humanitarian flight entity, dr, but they must go by the capital to be searched. the us food shortage is integral. i have worse and dramatically despite a c spy that some 400000 people are estimated to be in famine with another 1800000 on the brink. i because for my political rivals have united to publicly challenge president allison what tara to form a presidential or bank bo and already gone on. betty had joined the opposition in saying what tara was reelection is unconstitutional. bag were returned to be shot last month after the international criminal court acquitted him of war crimes relating to violence. falling the 2011 election. miss susan, if we have a constitution, that means we have a collection of techs to guide us,
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and one must fight to be on the right side of the constitution, so that the constitution is on your side. but if you're fighting against the constitution, then trudy, we others can help you. while garrison's of voted in the 2nd parliamentary election in just 3 months, no clear winner has emerged. exit polls show the center right party of former prime minister breaker boris of narrowly ahead. but the bus comes to me growing and good, widespread corruption in the country of san diego force for the 2nd time this year, the lining up to cast their ballots somewhat. this polling station in the capital, sophia, a change from the old order count, come soon enough. nathan, as a pro maxima, i will vote for real changes and for our children to have a better future that you've got 2 twins. i believe this is all for good. the ball gary and people will receive the outcome they desire. course, it's a tight race. the right wing populist deb party of the full prime minister boy
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called body soap has dominated bulgaria in the past 10 years. but there are signs that the country has been growing weary of his leadership, and the allegations of corruption that swelled around him. they thought they would scare me off that they would put me down lambda most dangerous, but i'm scared. nothing at his heels. there are other contenders, including the anti establishment and party headed by singer and tv host, sloppy people. all the people of himself is not standing. his party had been neck and neck in the pulse with bodies of scarab. there is also, he still ivana, a lawyer and co leader of the democratic bulgaria coalition, who spoke to series of anti corruption protest in the country, one of the poorest in the european union. but itself has come increasingly on the fire of accusations of corruption, which he denies. allegations of embezzlement, intimidation and voter fraud have cost him support if he has continued to double down by accusing opposition. parties of electoral interference,
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such as the situation is turbulent and unpredictable. what will come after the vote appears clearer. that is, the will to form a government that's coming from society itself. not so much from certain politicians, but this time it will be hard to bypass the people to live. even if bodies off does managed to win the most vote, he may still be unable to form a coalition government which could trigger yet another snap election later this year. if the public haven't already decided otherwise. sen, yeah, go out. there are thousands of people have gathered in bosnia governor to commemorate the 995 revenue and massacre. barre 19 newly identified victims of genocide 26 years after they were murdered. 16 men, 2 teenage boys and a woman were laid to rest. joining more than 6600 other victims. more than $8000.00 mostly, mostly men and boys were killed around shrub anita during the bosnian war but carried them a shave, which has more now from shanita. 26 years later,
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19 victims of the 7th genocide have found there it is. the youngest, among them was just 16 years old when he was killed in the oldest had 63 years after the memorial. there is still a community that lives in reverence and some of the challenges they face. one of the challenges they face and they emphasize on is the genocide denial. and that was the theme of the collaboration. the genocide denial has the sub, the genocide, denial is the lay of the latest or the last stage of genocide and it can indicate on other future suffering. that is why this issue is really important for the victims buzzing and has to go mean that doesn't have a law that forbids genocide denial because the bosnian serbs have the power of you know, in the parliament and they are using that power to block block,
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bringing that law into power on the other handling traditional community has tools in the office of the high representative to bring that law into power regardless of the parliament and veto in the parliament. there are some indications that the current high representative, valentin in school who is leaving office at the end of this month might in the next days or weeks bring the flow into power. and in a way to bring a legacy to his tenure as the as the high representative of international community in bosnia while fires are raging in the west of the united states with record breaking temperatures, forecast for california and nevada. it comes just weeks after another dangerous heat wave hit north america, in which hundreds of sudden death recorded alexia bryan reports me. this is the largest wild fire of the year, and california burning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires, sparked by lightning, doubled in size between friday and saturday,
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fires rolling down here. it's one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat, dove pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. drop. those are the effects of climate change here it's real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists are predicted with scorching temperatures across 10 states. 30000000 americans are facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold, ablaze, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated or others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity. old system then they just
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tend to break on hot day, they can take the heat, they overheat their warnings. the dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and historic heat wave estimated to killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperatures baking visitors at california, joshua tree, national park, satisfies hires like this is a hot, it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley. also in the mojave desert reached 53 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday. if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped by aircraft to fight the fires evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecasters say,
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even if temperatures don't continue to break records, the widespread oppressive and long lasting heat remains the threat elixir brian al jazeera and canada has imposed restrictions on rail transport areas. there are at high risk of wildfire. they've been days of record breaking heat with temperatures . just under 50 degrees celsius, while father been threatening towns in the west of the country, and investigators are looking into where the freight trains are partly to blame. well, simon donna is that professor climate ology at the university of british columbia. he says, world leaders must accept the climate change is no longer a future threat. it's already here. well this, this event, these he waved are clearly due to climate change. we've already had kind of forensic analysis sort of like the c s i team coming in after the crime scene looking for fingerprints. and then that analysis shows that the heat waves that we experienced in canada last week, we're more than 99 percent attributable to climate change. or another way to think
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about that, is there a $150.00 times or more, more likely to happen because of the human impact on the climate system. these are rare events that are becoming and incredibly more common because of climate change . and so there's really, there's really no doubt in the scientific community about that. you know, we're really getting to the key question. i mean we, what we're learning is that we cannot live with easily with climate change. the core of the problem is that the climate is changing faster than we can adapt right in the climate is changing because of human activity. so means we need to reduce emissions to sort to reduce the warming and reduce the suffering. but it also means because we've delayed action for so long that we need to take measures to adapt to the changes that have happened already. billionaire richard branson has flown to the edge of space fulfilling a life long dream, making space tourism a reality. the flight reached 80 kilometers above the surface of the earth where they experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. reynolds and space bought new mexico with more
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julian air. richard branson has earned his astronaut wing lifetime. ah, the flight went off without a hitch. the space plain unity was lifted skyward attached to a double fuselage, mothership called. busy after branson's mother release, release relief at high altitude unity, separated from eve, then fired, powerful rockets blasting branson, 3 virgin galactic executives and a pair of pilots to a height of 88 kilometers above earth. that is not exactly outer space, the international scientific body that decides such thing says space begins at 100 kilometers. but that hardly seem to matter as the passengers and crew enjoyed the incredible views of the earth below. with the darkness of space above, they also experienced several minutes of micro gravity allowing them to float,
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nearly weightless. you can now the 70 year old british entrepreneur won the billionaire space race beating amazons, jeff bezos and space ex founder you on must to the haven't you base those plans to lift off in his blue origin space companies rocket on july, 20th mosques, plans for space travel haven't been announced. after maneuvering for re entry, unity glided to a flawless landing at the virgin galactic spaceport in a remote section of the new mexico desert. as onlookers cheered, the entire flight lasted about an hour back on earth. branson held a news conference. honestly, nothing could prepare you for the view from space and if the whole magical ship then it was time to celebrate france's plan is to make space tourism possible earthlings. following today's successful flight,
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there will be several more tests the branson spacecraft. the goal is to send tourists into space beginning next year. the price sag $250000.00 each. rob reynolds al jazeera in sierra county, new mexico. ah . type of contract at the headlines here on out to 01000. i've joined ran, i'm to government protest in cuba, demonstrators demanding more actions and the government of poverty, the economy, and the corona virus done demick. president miguel kennedy has been the united states for the rest at august in, in half an hour with more. does the process with hundreds and hundreds of people a various points throughout havana and other.


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