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to think it's called taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france coming soon unnoticed. oh . hello there in the south today, and how is an update for you here on out of there and thousands have joined red anti government protests in cuba, demonstrators and bonding more action from the government around poverty, the economy, and the corona virus pandemic president miguel diaz canal has same, so united states to be unrest and augustine is in havana with does the process with hundreds and hundreds of people, a various points throughout havana and other different cities. so what underlining
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these are the biggest political protests, and i can pick up the last 3 decades since 19 ninety's. all me has been just away from, from where i can see the young and i'm a good income child. this got to getting all my bills and mobilized for this. italy have been in england to win football european championships for the 1st time since 1968. the final in london finished in a $11.00 draw off the extra time. it was in italy who held onto the enough to triumph in the penalty shoot. south korea will impose tougher restrictions in the capital of the another. 1300 curve at 900 infections were recorded in the past 24 hours. sol and neighboring areas will now move to the strictest level of social distances the 1st time from monday, while meanwhile astray. leah is also grappling with a delta variant with its 1st corona virus death this year. so far it's fed much
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better than many of the developed countries and keeping infections low, but has been criticized for vaccine rollout. thousands of people have gathered in bosnia herzegovina to commemorate the 1995 super neat massacre and to bury 900 newly identified victims of the genocide. more than $8000.00 mostly muslim men and boys were killed around $72.00. during the bosnian war, the largest wildfire the year in california as raging along the border with nevada during a brutal heat wave hot weather allowed in place for more than 30000000 people across the western united states. billionaire richard branson had flown to the edge of space, so filling a life long dream and taking a great lead towards making space tourism a reality. but we got a winged rock at which ac kilometers above the surface of the well, there is the headlines now. it's back to out 0. well i
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do. ready was one of the founders of the palestine liberation organization, the pillow, and the right hand man of its chairman. yes. he was shot dead by israeli agency junior in april 1988 for nearly 25 years. israel refused to acknowledge its role and the operation. but in 2012, it admitted carrying out the assassination a rare admission of responsibility for an extra judicial killing. me, family, friends and supporters were just dropped
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on data. lucille i have not heard you can i but who done nice. i had job a lot of cell one which was in unless it isn't in your social and i, italy, me in the 100 was, had this. i lived little knows also had this fear of other homes of the call or at the thought on governor called the one ah, the truth eventually came out in a nice railey newspaper interview by the soldier who said he killed
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the publication in israel, of the details of the killing of a major palestinian figure offered a rare glimpse into his railey covert operation. what had been an open secret was now in the public domain. over in charlotte corporation, we should, we must look at the records in smith long to get that. i'm not sure what she does. she's welcome to. she knew charlottesville, we don't even don't be reading them. and then we will ask a couple of on the sooner the better to try and get my monitor to know when to see both to know about the new meal. when she brought
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up, they all know the shuttle or doors them unless you start. i mean for the 1st time, the exact details of the operation were out in the open. the israeli hit squad had apparently travelled to chin easier by sea. well, what was the last go to need to go to see what it took to not do him. she wanted him to go home to call him and she thought she would get in touch with them in room last month should come of the machine voice
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or the court and she will eventually she will see the motion. we should be good to go with will change a love. so the the home is it shall never shift commando. i mean for service on saturday, the han show here to to get an if i go to the shop. it's supposed to, charlotte. you know,
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she lives in the time she had a little some of the other consumer mystic will give no she would have to i having arrived outside the house and killed the security guard. the schools next priority was to establish that abu you had was inside the israelis had put together an elaborate plan designed to confirm the palestinians presence, without alerting him. ah ready. when we okay. this was
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a high risk operation. and destination team was operating on foreign soil with a mission to kill a high profile, arab figure, and escape undetected. the stakes could not have been higher. oh, it's hello, come on to the phone and know that the phase of the dumpster mode are 5. 60 it will start at least wrapped up 5. my son in law is on because i was one of them about the heck of my phone. so how come i thought, you know, my over my limit, my toner light of the fact that even if marshals i know hello fabrice, paula, how have you been to 11 and then and i should go to the and
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the la exceeded my food. but as for my food muscles isn't to show me the israeli arrest of the palestinian lawyer fires of rock ma was deployed to ensure that he would you would be on the phone which mar side. and the commander force had already poked. abernathy had had fallen into the tramp outside the house. the commandos would give him the confirmation. they needed to move in the extra judicial killing, raised several questions, did israeli intelligence and the military act alone or did they get local
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assistance from influential figures inside gene? easier man, now you model my something. well then what i can have them between is from 11. i will see of the tone, the kind of one of them i was so i was clear the calling for my going to have been number hello. i would you had house was in city bu said a residential area where diplomats and politicians live. i could have written the shade. is that the whole bit laughable mention all region for mcafee a bit and i mean, i'm sub shadley libby going to be sufficient, eliminating from the men the jettas, john kenton,
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mac. and i'm going to you yet my name and the monotony. i'm going to mississippi damage to look at the register for you to the a lot of the monotony within the year. so for that new model for interested was it or fi, i'm in municipal, this effort would 11. so for huge turns or not. and i, we're going to see that even though it's a month to month, i was had another place for them to handle 10. i'm the best. how elena? this one for me to pre has are my have fear one of our be you min told us will. melissa, my son, her nurse, and i for the minutes my head on a school fee because it's in the month of it, i'm the year the women want to have done. what about the see the was hate.
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will be a 60 minute for cars voted. yeah, unlimited. method must be in the the is really operation had taken months of planning with the hit squad training and a replica of abu jihad villa built in haifa. the mockup was so similar that the distance from the beach to the house was exactly the same. ah, my little i know a lot of the do you have denise young,
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a really nice n l for the family with many with many. i live with the service. i'm really isn't an a p ed. i was hoping that the time i maybe if you can they will pass me send every yeah. me spend my time sheets see the was a bit. can we shackleton left at the been as you may have some sheet. miller. yeah . i mean work work. i know them the time, but it could be that they have to do with the short the time where lynette the g, d. c. the had a few very can, you know, really massage totally been jeremy and then with it in a few years. i hated it was a be any old we never used in the ivr not to to head the mother to us. he was a,
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be, do me any sort of told me and my mother and myself that was war can feed how to the 20 on the about danica why had little, why had abuse them? why had mister norfolk or country so yada. i'm going to see your philosophy. i thought i took a little month to allow for fresh charlotte when i go to less and what phone let's say i'm the mom of a 1000000 foot off. well listen, how does it don't to have it? as elected me,
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there were other questions to over the deployment of security guards and an interruption to the power supply as it did in july had to do, you can better. yes. i mean, usually you know, with the, how are the geron mental enough yet and of the will, can, i mean this will tell you, can i can, how your, how does amendment engine, how does, when by the stuff and how does the mean amendments? i started, how does that, do you mean? doesn't at sunset on the day of the raid, there was a power failure. well look at my lemon. another bit has 5th to pull
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that up to mother baton. is much in the toners heckman law. so what up to them and dorian, i a french family, living next door, raise the alarm decor, he's 70 and i'm enough. what? because the short but no fear. and it was not thought a bit understanding if i don't see him relevant, having us minutes left here. what telephone my credit score. so the telephone close to, i'm going to left the artificial telephone for so how do we turn in under the snow 200 and the all kind of gotten him out of the head for ms. kennedy. and i will probably send them
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a quote for you. that's mckenzie. i'm glad for that level of on the glad to left on my vehicle with him out there. but i'm, i'm can i 3 my this out of hours. she had a nice of custody forms of yes. yes. so the thought i want to have that i cannot sort of throw those mama had easy how they apply that telephone will be under had the easy to fill the form for the ho. oh, well that was the case. the hello my had the
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share form lives with the it well hello enough. yeah, i never don't my why had get sick and i'm, i can me, me and you can please you have enough will fill in the vomit need and the mom she was in the see if he had any cut them. a lot of little was you were the middle of flip at the moment, you know what him and disseminate to see. i but it's get what comes in j, lima. she were bashirdi in oma d and older just g. and what was a feel of me on the phone a g than and now with them at the feet. we had the more sad that we just yes,
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i love the way i live in the leather letter to the amount of food here to show that we had what could the milliner but put them in and one of them a day for us. and he was jacqueline, not buckler for minimal, couldn't let, that hasn't had the academic living with hadn't been a little really any. and me, and i believe my daughter bother me about it. and also in the, in the muscle in if you much, and when i come inside on, when she went on with our do not toners latoya, you touched when the sheriff delivered the docket, that he can happily back the whole of any air can on that. let it be a little by my can see when the see and the lamp up our for little
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can you see why? why alam? so let me know if you can let me double check that it was the one. what going on and good luck tomorrow. i'd love to learn how this and i'll probably not let me own unless you are the unfair of the ones you can put on there or not fit it in or she just started having no relax a lot of me under allan pollen. as i get this year of his massage packet packet and we're have this was a long national as far away. and i had to say, massage me
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ah, said the by this i was and know how the gun who will for the other if i have some in missouri, if i had was i love the i am hell. oh, hello, mr. hutton, what was the salon, one of the fall about kind of told him i had one kid called free. normally it's a whole lot and they hated the food. let's michelle. yes, i let he cannot see us. he was, he had an at that moment a, that was, you know, while the hello my said, give myself the legs, are the model and i lack in a fetal mileage. it was, you had come to the rita had them. and let me consider getting on the hold of the
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other. my school. i'll go go to mitchell. i would had you read and you live my life, c. s e and your family ask any of you? oh, you had uncompromising politics. clearly cost him his life. but it's never really been clear why the israeli government chose to wait 25 years before admitting responsibility for his killing. perhaps the passage of time was enough. or israel wanted to send a message to the pillow in 2012 about the scale of its military reach. on june easy as involvement. there's no shortage of allegations. but precious little hard evidence. me. the extra judicial killing of holly was the abode she had was controversial. and even with the revelations in the israeli
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newspaper interview, still remains shrouded in mystery. do i? how does the world unpaid, the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated through intermediaries on behalf of us and israel. a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by meteors and players from both sides of a prisoner exchange. on out his ear news, news, news, news, news,
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news. hello there. let's start in north america and it's all about the persistent heat. once again, we've got excessive heat warnings across many western states in the us, particularly in california. and that dangerous heat wave extending all the way from western canada down to the mexico us border. and these hot and dry condition fuel the forest fires. we've already had one in northern california and in oregon as well. those hot and dry conditions expected to continue and they're stretching more centrally as well. but to the east of this, there's some very wet weather on the way we've got severe storms rolling all the way from the deep south, up to the great lake. so some flooding rains, damaging winds and the possibility of tornadoes. new york still seeing some of that wet weather on monday, is scenarios of canada. see some severe storms as well. but as it go into tuesday,
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it does ease up the cloud cover. we'll keep that humidity there though, and as we move to central america, there's also quite a bit of humidity on the card for the you can peninsula can cool sitting at 30 degrees celsius. wet weather for believe some particularly heavy storms for guatemala and the rain continues across costa rica, and edging down into panama. that should weather update. the football from spain trading, battling opponents on the biking, fascism at home and abroad. the footballing legend edit canton introduces stuff. the nino in the battle are wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. i football rebels on al jazeera
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there is no tunnel cover in world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. it's something well we want to know, how does these things affect people? we revisit places day, even when they're no international headlines. they're really invest in that. and that's a privilege as a journalist. me ah, ah. okay. ah
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. okay. ah, o i o r g. oh ah ah ah ah oh
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i okay in reason so he shows venable disease 15 to 10 children. the action by any chance it education read the
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me. ah ah, the thousands moths through the streets in havana and other cuban cities and rad protests against the government handling of the pandemic. ah, hello again, i'm this tells you, hey, this is al jazeera life and also coming up locked downs returns about the south east asia as a more contagious, very, and triggers a rise in corona virus infection.


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