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ah, here when ever you, ah, ah, hello there i missed on your hand or how what the headlines for you here on out of there and anti government protests happening right across cuba demonstrates as they are demanding more action from the government around poverty, the economy, and the corona virus pandemic now reports the government has now mobilized its special forces, known as the black berries to crack down on these demonstration. elliot, present me as yes, can accuse the united states as being responsible for the unrest and augustine has been monitoring development for havana right now in central event. because the
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internet has been, if the all day and hasn't been working for the last hour or so, possibly some exclusions does the process with hundreds and hundreds of people of various points throughout havana and other given cities. so it's one of the underlining, these is the biggest political process and you've got the last 3 decades since 19 nineties. the, all my husband just took away from, from where i can see lori's as young as i'm a good income child. this t shirts getting, getting all my bills and mobilized for this nearby. that vitality and subtle pos is taking place with me here in the background with other people who say government living here in cuba. i know that some of those people with forced to participate because this is the way politics works in cuba,
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but also living here and people, i know that some of the people that were there. so what we think now is, is, is a face. so in some parts of savannah between the people who support the government and the 3 and the people who do not become now if lee has beaten england to win football's european championships for the 1st time since 1968th, the final in london finished and $11.00, draw off the extra time it was, it's lee who then held onto the enough to triumph in the penalties truth out. i mean, he has more from the streets of rome. italian fans here in the center room celebrate the victory the 1st time. italy is one european tucked in 1968. italy has posted 34 st. matches on the beat. it incredible run, especially considering that they weren't even able to qualify for the 2018, rolled up fine on people here been following the payment. it's turned them in, in
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a way that showed it's about much more than football. italy was the 1st western country to be so hard hit by the panoramic and want to turn a got away the how it's how and other supporters mother country rallied around the team because it was an outlet to show their joy coming back together. now that the worst stayed behind at lee, they were coming out here to closet. watch on the screen like this is on joy. and they'll be watching to see what are the teams under the leadership training and what it might mean for the next world or south korea will impose tougher restrictions in the capital. after another, $1300.00 infections were reported in the past 24 hours sold a neighboring areas will move to the strictest level of social distancing for the 1st time during this pandemic. from monday. the new measures include closing schools and balls. thousands of people have gathered in bosnia had gotten us to
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commemorate the 995, several needs and massacre and to bury 900 newly identified victims of the genocide than 8000. most the muslim men and boys were killed around 70 during the boxing and bull. the largest wildfire of the year in california as raging along the border with nevada during brutal heat wave. hot weather are in place for more than 30000000 people across the western united states. california is death valley reached $54.00 degrees celsius on friday. billionaire richard branson has flown to the edge of space full fading, a life long dream and taking a great leap towards making space tourism. a reality. galactic winged rocket reached ac kilometers above the surface of the f. speaking from the space france and it says he can't wait for others to have the experience. while those are the headlines, i'll be back with more of the al jazeera while. ah
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ah, do you. ready barry, a $25.00 is her order, the killing of the pillows 2nd in come in and were they acting a love me i me
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ah, the story begins in 1955 when a small group of palestinians attack to target and the gaza strip close to the border with israel, but the me to have them i want to kind of thought about it and run them and i had a clue. mckennan for yourself with them behind the attack was hurley was ia as a boot. he had, he would go on to become a major figure and the palestinian resistance to israeli occupation respected by his friends, but feared by his enemies. he was one of the 700000 palestinians, forced from their homes in 1948 in what they call the catastrophe. the founding of
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israel is in trouble with the law. the rule model. medina can just let me know a lot of well, i thought of what i thought it well, but then i got a home computer full to the level new home and home. it was the whole less i had to fix up m all hi. follow up with a lot of my high level rather than enjoy minutes or so love for you. i'm going to be full of activity. how long will the one well, my fee for a lopez for food. what free and why had from the television know in your home, i will up to a lot of all the,
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all my love the call was taken like, well, what local shuttle service i found to my drawers for the, for the room. this one is in the middle, was all over the love that they can let him. we have the room the i'm be was in the whole slough for the or i'm stuff. so here alice of the next radical lover uplift motors. in the for self. i'm a little sub was evans around it had the had is hey, i had a little a few minutes. medina, the little covering told me after a college education in egypt, i would, she had moved to coo weight where he worked to the teacher there. he met gsr artifact the start of a relationship which shaped the rest of his life. together they founded the fetter
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palestinian resistance movement in 1959. that at the back of my boss and my can as well my, my, my, my rod, the live cattie him can thumb when was the me when foot joined the palestine liberation organization. in 1967 abu jihad became one of its leading figures. and for the next 2 decades, effectively the deputy to pillow chairman, yes, arafat he set up training camps in l. g area for the power military waiting, a fatter that would later undertake armed operations against israeli forces. and
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institution. while we're going to pilot b a n o l a n a and then having a lot of them are really fun layman with i bet. and with that, even with history and one moment. and that's what's gonna be coming up for me during the 19 seventy's i would you had was behind several operations against israeli target's to many palestinians. he was a hero, a leader of the palestinian resistance movement. but israel, he became an increasing fret. when will my heart will? not your name? michelle was with me. so i
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in june 1982. israel invaded lebanon in a confrontation, led to the pillow being expelled from the country in september and its leadership leaving the capital a route. the not be day, it's new to many and added ok may head. and then head of men had the heart of who are in a bad wood arms for a while, yes sir, arafat and other leading figures regrouped into nicea abu jihad and his followers moved to the jordanian capital. a man and the 1st palestinian intifada,
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or uprising broke out. however van, haven't amanda, nor a man, and he has her her. i let them f mindful of fin when can we do with the help of the new year. fell. had the sharp live in the, in the holding them again and then. okay. that into further ality. chevy ellerby, a jetta had been at a failure. ality started in the digital
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photo. it's shown it nationally bus move them to me. my question to challenge a little bit more from florida because of the nations shall fall over. would you actual division of the news in several months into the 1st intifada, flatter fighters attack to bus close to the israeli nuclear research facility near the city of demona for israelis and 3 palestinians were killed.
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we do need. ready to know how all of them do, you actually need to be able to ship the most listen to me, they all do need me to abandon him in order on us, mumbled the land. lakin and comma, mclaren, norma. to ben. see, see about a bed. a bed a bed and i mean,
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are you open up out for throw out tonight, ballard, math to ballad csc ballard, the malware in min minutes. alum lavelli kana. yes, i am in the process of the law to the 20th for toronto. do that. oh, i see it on me . meanwhile, in cyprus, a car bomb killed 3 close associates of our boot. she heard palestinians accused israeli intelligence ma side of the murdered corporal. actual fire near 100. according to him i was. and in iraq,
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a plot against g hut was uncovered about missed one shot. now. can we cut out from oscar? yeah, near to lot of the i love but by level i'm the lucky. we're a little friend and somebody can for you. i'm in the model of dela fee but by the it and i have a lot of the assess to follow and move the bit of the, the kind of the back room. i'm the and technically i in early april 1988. i believe she had travelled from baghdad to she, nidia there he received a call from a close friend, a moroccan living in france,
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called mohammed del battery. he said he had an important security message for the fact of leadership, liberty. we had the or hello for and for. i was able to send them the bustling little hannah. i want to learn of us voters as well that i live at le implementers. so bad. i had to look well. we'll have a listen jeopardy fella. let me love with him when i'm her mother was a liberal fia and re howell elected. sophia, well look at them. he thought we had a liquid one from this number because he could contribute him of tyra. phil, it's about by the time you could talk as a tough one of the last,
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how would you heard of like why? because you had had a job. so you had an initial of somebody showing me and it doesn't have a bip or turn to job. hold on. the 1st one is there you go. oh well no, that should be a q. do the id for listing. well, man august 100 command, you found them out in the mesa view all of our money, but it was wouldn't have dollars than that. ricardo and, and i thought offered to know what the heck was try for me on the for
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the later. but i don't know that i live represent fee can do. and did you did not look up on the boat up the belly. well, i'm the live and let me check all of a fit. lemon is still gonna do come in for my number minutes last month. well, listen to that, ally. well, no, no. i set of hove low. gotta fit, and i have to contest to our total time. have you ever listened, dick? let them in here, but i said the look, i'm not on. it's after an interview this, i forgot to look for lamar lesson comply mental health and
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for security reasons. but she had rarely stayed in. she knew for more than a few days at a time. but on this visit he was delayed, so the days turned into weeks ah, i kind of hung up in the car just lot of tele credit card that was not included. and i well karen calling for patrick that knock this to who kinda thought you had said when when it was open to put up on sundays dinner. mckenna, sure did you, can you tell us about the january 11th wisdom on saturday, or how well it was one out of some of that here was a general omi, anyone and then 77, i didn't know that jed 7 j the
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i i i i
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i i let over the rest of the i who was the 1st or the know the low dumber than that has a 1000 or record the 4th and 4th, 5th about it and i believe of all over them for them. but what do i owe? i want
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to know pre my mother of leave me for now would i have to buy and i love my name by saying that but nobody who i love them come. i love you because and a bizarre area who will have them will probably do the work that has left left pacifica is a little left to another kind of what kind of
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what kind of, what was about in high fanny here. what's the order for that is that assess, have assessed or is it not just what's left and love? come on, man. general health rather o'clock on the high. that's not that's the fellow did the out of all the local for to know when to if you will not recall little order come on the
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service and one of the reasons not every kind of because even i am the mother will not. and some of them number one number this is and her color has it had that the landlord for what is your let them that i love little model come subbed sites. i'm a member of the mcveigh tell us not so much for i'm 55 when i was i haven't been to hannon who is it for the subtle
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fujita. let's see madison what the cost to say. yeah. come on. how many in russia when i said home, but the look official food level has little to come and get the mic lot. everybody rocket. ah ah. i bought a store and thought by the name mister ship.
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what are the command of the 2nd baton rouge? i will have him completed by sir philip and how does that will hoard is just about this? i wish i had left a message for oh, when the cisco i don't fuck him can i do. ready me, i
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was did immediately question, sprang up me order the killing me carry the town or in they received clear after one of the world's most famous film festivals is back with love, mandatory and doors, the social distance thing and place in some countries unable to attend and like 2 or 3 pieces, recreate the magic y coverage of the council festival. now there was a bang, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your escaping a wall, finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted. al jazeera, tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time and punch bowl on al jazeera, when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of, how does it follows that garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court? i says, every place to make sure that that ought to bring its taking on the
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arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in france coming soon unnoticed. oh, hello there, mr. had a and how is an update for you here? on out of there and thousands have joined red anti government protests in cuba, demonstrators, and dividing more action from the government around poverty, the economy and the corona virus pandemic president miguel diaz canal has same. so united states to be unrest at august in is in havana with does the process with hundreds and hundreds of people a various points throughout havana and other given cities. so it's one of.


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