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on and on line. ah yeah. from a biking penalties shooter, it's me when the year 2020 final for the 1st time since 900. 68. ah. there lived none. was coming up the streets of cuba with demonstrators reportedly calling for an end to communist rule. for richard brown and the space beating feller, space tours upon is just as far as rage crossed california as another
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heat waves mothers with us, bringing life threatening temperatures. ah, kind of italy has won the euro 2020 football championship, beating england in a nail biting penalty. shoot out on the scene in rome and the italian goalkeeper saved england final attempt. italy is now secured the 1st european championship trophy in 53 years. the game when b stadium. so $64000.00 spectators in the stands for the 1st time cit dependent. again, glove to fool. brandon, who's outside london's wembley stadium, so terrible disappointment. hush, imagine there is so much expectation. been heaped on the shoulders of such
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a young team to be honest, many of them in the early twenties. but the reality was that many people believed this was england's best chance of stooping a major football tournament for many, many years. they had several advantages that had home advantage. for example, 3 of the group games were here at rambling court. finally went to rome and played ukraine, but then they were back here remedy for the semi final and now it is final had what many people played with the easiest side of the draw to get here for the final on yet? yes. again, england full of the final hurdle, the most coolest of ways through penalties of england. just have this who do when it comes to penalty shoots out the extra time. we're going to step up the way for a 2nd. you can see the phone thrown and just going to party here outside the stadium for hours and hours and hours since way before 2 o'clock this afternoon. many ticket was friends of step back in many tickets. left simply came down to the
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stadium, to smoke up the atmosphere, to drink alcohol, to eat food to chance, and sing those 65000 pounds lucky enough to get tickets and go in with a nail biting through the whole game. there was, i expect that there was hope at the start when the, when england stored shore just after 2 minutes, but then the future lot to lose away. particularly in the 2nd half the re busing. the 2nd half england kind of composing themselves to the final minutes of the 9 case sentence, extra time, no break through penalties. and yet again, england full short, proven, and thank you very much. of course not to adam rainy. there's my 1st in central room, and if you can hear me in, that must be a completely different atmosphere there. after that, when definitely lauren, unbridled joy at total relief that those penalties would stretch here
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uproarious joy, uproarious screams of passion and fear that they were gonna lose it all within 30 seconds. every passion, no magical, and a football match. we've seen this match go back and forth from the beginning when england went up 10, just 2 minute 10. and then there was a long low here of just quiet watch waiting really what they finally did. they saw that it was on the attack and then when it went extra time and went to the middle, the amount of passion enjoy here in the chat room and walking around again. people watching and restaurant bart, everyone. raptors watching. captivated the nation in the wake of the worst day that the pan mimic enabling the country that had suffered cobra. 1900, worse than any other western country. earliest bill was the highest death rate and all of your so there was a lot more happening in here than just football or,
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and there was a 100 hope passes and feeling a freedom of being able to celebrate together something after so many long minds of being employed, which is family in their homes and grabs just going back and forth to work in a lot of joint here on display. people very happy and it was such a 10 final few moments to witness it here. and it happened as we were, we were live with andy and you earlier in the last the look in here more. it talks about the journey that this team have had them and they've had an extra run and there was a while is now $34.00 search tool matches on beach. and this is quite extraordinary, isn't it? it's a huge achievement, considering that happened also in the wake of such a devastating 2018 world cup in which you didn't even qualify for the final. so we call it country battered by the pain, a battered by recent football history in this team. just captivated people and
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under the directorship under the leadership of coach rebecca mancini really, really rallied around and it was larger than life. personality that, that shape this team and made it able to come back like it's such a short time to come in to claim victory. and it's very important tournament i turned that played on the home field of england. their opponent, like history might be playing for them. but it took back the momentum in the 2nd period and then got a lucky break wrapped in the penalties and ok, thanks very much. indeed, data marina, that live in rain. well, it england fans had to chanted footballs coming home, but that, that didn't happen in the end. but there was that the fear also that with his lodge on mosse crowds gathering, to watch the games that might benefit corona virus. the delta variant is fueled
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arise, and infections in the u. k. with more than 30000 cases recorded each of the last 5 days. expectations were to get code 19 tests or the vaccinated on monday promised for johnson is set to confirm whether most of england lockdown rules will end on july 19th. ah, richard branson has flown to the edge of space fulfilling a lifelong dream and making a great leap towards making space tourism a reality flight reached 80 kilometers above the surface of the earth where they experience a few minutes of weightlessness rentals is at the spaceport in new mexico with more billionaire richard branson has earned his astronaut wing lifetime. ah, the flight went off without a hitch. the space plane unity was lifted skyward,
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attached to a double fuselage, mothership called after branson's mother released release, really at high altitude unity, separated from eve. then fired with powerful rockets blasting branson, 3 virgin galactic executives, and a pair of pilots to a height of 88 kilometers above earth. complete that is not exactly outer space. the international scientific body that decides such thing says space begins at 100 kilometers. but that hardly seem to matter as the passengers and crew enjoyed the incredible views of the earth below. with the darkness of space above, they also experienced several minutes of micro gravity allowing them to float, nearly weightless lea you can. now the 70 year old british entrepreneur won the billionaire space race beating amazons, jeff bezos and space ex founder you on must to the haven't you base those plans to
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lift off in his blue origin space companies rocket on july 20th mosques, plans for space travel haven't been announced after maneuvering for re entry, unity glided to a flawless landing at the virgin galactic spaceport in a remote section of the new mexico desert. as onlookers cheered, the entire flight lasted about an hour back on earth. branson held a news conference. honestly, nothing could prepare you for the view from space and if the whole thing has magical, then it was time to celebrate france. his plan is to make space tourism possible earthlings. following today's successful flight, there will be several more tests the branson spacecraft. the goal is to send tourists into space beginning next year. the price sag $250000.00 each. rob reynolds al jazeera in sierra county,
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new mexico. reports of big protests in cuba, capital, havana, and other cities with people demanding an end to the countries. 62 year communist rule and august in georgia on the phone from havana at tennis, the latest on those purchase. so i just got back from driving through about how much because part of the city changes, depending on what your go on. i was driving up and i saw some people getting arrested. at least i saw the army, some in the army, out of it in other parts of the city. i still people, government organize to come out for the think keeping blocks for a mix of both. i'm just reaching can just look. you can recall that things that keep
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one place drive. it's very tranquil books. there's more people. what i can confirm today and have hundreds of people out in the city calling for an end to that. they say about hundreds of people out in support of the government . and how unusual is it to have this level of, for all the scale of protests in cuba? it's very unusual. i've been reporting. this is the biggest part says either. yeah . did they expect the spot? this wasn't the 9th, it's a chain special period in cuba, when the economy passed out that it's creating a lapse and stops anything when tens of thousands people came out. so we want to that with the people across the country. i think we can in terms of understanding, i think this one is the ministration
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hit 100 when 100 want to get to ministration? has them on the state legal speaker spending. oh, isn't that a huge amount of frustration on the invoice and to boston. thank you very much. indeed. i got in there with the latest news. the read protests in cuba and parties for the quality of the line, the hot weather or not. so in place for more than $30000000.00 people across the western united states, reco, breaking temperatures, a full cost from nevada and california, where death valley reached $54.00 degrees celsius on friday, it comes less than 2 weeks after another dangerous heat wave hit the northwest us and canada and fox are already raging, and ex your brian report. me. this is the largest wild fire of the year in
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california. burning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires, sparked by lightning, are doubled in size between friday and saturday. fires rolling down here, it's one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states blamed on so called heat dome, pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. those are the effects of climate change here it's real. human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists i predicted, with scorching temperatures across 10 states, 30000000 americans of facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold delays, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated, or others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat
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and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity, old system. then they just tend to break on hot day. they can take the heat, they over heat, they're wanting so dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and historic heat wave estimated to have killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperatures baking visitors at california, joshua tree, national park, thought is place hires like this is a hot, it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley. also in the mojave desert reached 53 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday. if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped by aircraft to fight the
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fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast is say, even if temperatures don't continue to break records, the widespread oppressive and long lasting heat remains the threat alex there brian al jazeera still to come was how far? one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders threatens protests of the killing of president luis. the u. s says it's sending a team to assess security and deforestation of brazil and rain forest rises for record for the month. environmentalist warning the west is yet to ah hello there. let's start in australia and there's more width and windy weather on
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the way for the west. we've got weather systems moving in, bringing the storms and showers to pass, and some shock winds as well. and the weather is expected to last well into the weekend for southern possible trailer. those things are feeling a little chilly. we've got a cold front bringing some foggy and frosty starts to the mornings here and to victoria and parts of tasmania. as we go into tuesday, it will be wet weather on the cards with some sharp storms and showers. we have got a coastal wind warning for this area, but for new south wales we've got a hazardous sus warning. as those seas are rather choppy but elsewhere things are looking fine and dry with plenty of sunshine coming through. and is the hope across the tasman? see things looking fine and why up in the north island for monday before the wet weather kicks in. but for the south, we've got a wintry mix edging in from the south as we go into tuesday, a storm system bringing a lot of that width and windy weather to the north. but the south starts to dry up and as we move to east asia, it's a much dryer picture along china's east and southern coast uh,
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heat coming through for shanghai, the temperature edging up into the high thirty's. but for beijing it's a wet story. the new generation of young people are more, gave them the one that came before. welcome to generation change a global feelings and attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront as a walk in a race and never ever gets hired of developing resistance and ignite the passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera. oh
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the me from one story era. italy has one new year 2020 football championship teaching england 32 in the near washing penalty. she's out of the extra try and finished one all the said in room when they try to go keep a safe engines on the purchase. the key was capital, havana and other cities when people are reported to be demanding an end. the 6 to 2 year coming is rule and 1000000000. richard branson instead of space fulfilling and lifelong dream, to have a great leap towards making space tourism a reality. galactic winged rocket reached 80 kilometer above the surface of the form. a police officer turned notorious gang leader is asking his supporters to
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join mass protest and haiti. jimmy shows you better known as barbecue, says the assassination of president, driven any more ease on wednesday, was an outrage. he's accusing opposition parties of plotting louise's murder as usual to support or to use their weapons in self defense. if the police cracked down on that gathering up in the moon, he knows what was this, you know, many people from the opposition and thinking bush was, he joined together to betray the president. it is a national and international conspiracy against the haitian. here i, our school, the groups to mobilize, take to the street, not with demand, exclamations about us estimation of the president. they had a problem with the president, but we have never set our phone. us can enter our theresa, kill the president. while us intelligence agents headed to haiti to assist the investigation into the president's assassination, the pentagon, the press secretary says l. assess the security risk in the country. the haitian government initially requested us troops be sent. we are aware of their request by
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the haitian government, we're analyzing it just like we would any other request for assistance or the pentagon. it's going through a review. i'm not going to get ahead of that process. and today, in our agency team, largely from the department, homeland security and f. b, i are headed down to haiti right now to see what we can do to help them any investigative process. and i think that's really where our energies are best applied right now. in helping them get their arms around investigating this incident and figuring out who's culpable, who's responsible and, and how best to hold them accountable going forward. and that's where our focus is right now. south korea is imposing tougher current of ours restrictions in the capital from monday. after recording another, $1300.00 infections in the last 24 hours. so in neighboring areas will move to the strictest level of social distancing the 1st time from monday. schools and bars
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will be closed and restaurants are only allowed limited seating. alicia, so to be blamed on the delta variant with cases of strain tripling in one week robot brian has more from so on the surgeon cases. i think what's really worried, the authorities here is just the speed all the search the pretty much over night. we've seen almost a doubling of new cases being recorded in the last few days received over 1300 new cases per day. a lot of this seems to be have to do with people premier surely it seems letting down at that god, in part it's partly due to the delta variance, but only small number of those cases, largely it seems to be a people going out more not taking the kind of restrictions that they should do and then in parties, because as we roll out the vaccination campaign around 30 percent of the population have now had at least one job. and as we are getting people vaccinated, the government has been putting out messages,
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saying that if we really try to incentivize people, that when that number comes up, they will get the vaccination. so for example, if you've had one job than ever now you need to be where we go masking public. if you'll complete the vaccinated, you can be meeting in larger groups. and this has had the effect of almost telling people that we are emerging from this. and of course we haven't been people have been going out for and the people who've been getting infected in these clusters would have been largely impacting around the sol area. have been younger people, people in the twenties and thirties a while around a 3rd of the population has been fascinated. they've that sex population, which is largely unvaccinated and somewhat vulnerable. australia has reported its 1st growing virus death of the year and a 2021 record of 77 new cases in the state of new south wales. a states is battling an outbreak of a highly infectious delta variant countries. biggest cities. sydney has already been under lockdown for 3 weeks. despite the restrictions, states,
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premier expecting cases to rise and the locked down to be extended further spread a protest and support of jail. south africa, former president jacob zoom that have spread to the country's biggest city johannesburg. major roads were closed daughter incidents of looting in some areas. several trucks were set on fire in the union, a child province on friday night. 2 days after zoom was jailed for refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. at least 62 people have been arrested since friday. the south african presidency has condemned violence. this is the on restful, further damage the pandemic here economy. i'm hi, good. right now i'm on my way to knock off when i go. so when i go back to yesterday today, 1 o'clock, there also killed. i couldn't even get home. i was good leave. it's an opportunistic for other people. it can not be the printer itself. they are some other thing that i, he didn't why the show being looted,
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why they taking stuff from the shop? that's the question. why the pending cart? so they motivate in bulgaria, exit pose, show promises to boys. oh boy, self. natalie winning the country's 2nd national election in the year. once again, he could struggle to form a coalition to secure a 4th term or so the g. e. b party is projected to in between 22 and 23 percent of the vote. falling short of a majority, the anti party led by tv, host savvy tree for off looks set to finish, just behind, with around 21 percent cheaper. no, says he opposes any coalition with mainstream parties, raising the possibility of a deadlocked parliament, their traditional main opposition. socialist party is expected to finish 3rd on 15 percent and the democratic bulgaria party, which was boosted by last year's purchase, is subject to when around 13 percent. so you're going to have a report for the 2nd time this year, the lining up to cost the balance,
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and the summit. this polling station in the capital, sophia, a change from the old order count come soon enough. nathan, as a pro maxima, i will vote for real changes and for our children to have a better future batch of you. i believe this is all for good. the bulgarian people will receive the outcome they desire. course it's a tight race, the right wing populist deb party of the full prime minister boy called body self has dominated bulgaria in the past 10 years. but there are signs that the country has been growing weary of his leadership, and the allegations of corruption that of swelled around him was told that would scare me off that they would put me down lambda most dangerous, but i'm scared. nothing is heal. there are other contenders, including the anti establishment and party headed by singer and tv host, sloppy people. know the people of himself is not standing. his party had been neck and neck in the poles with bodies of got up. there is also, he still yvonne of
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a lawyer and co leader of the democratic bulgaria coalition, who spoke to a series of anti corruption protest in the country, one of the poorest and the european union. but itself has come increasingly under fire of accusations of corruption which he denies. allegations of embezzlement, intimidation and voter fraud have cost him support that he has continued to double down by accusing opposition. parties of electoral interference, touch it to the nipple. the situation is turbulence and unpredictable. what will come after the vote appears clearer. that is, the will to form a government that's coming from society itself. not so much from certain politicians, but this time it will be hard to bypass the people to even if bodies off does managed to win the most vote. he may still be unable to form a coalition government which could trigger yet another snap election later this year if the public haven't already decided otherwise. sen, yeah,
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go al jazeera corruption was also a hot topic in mulder's snack parliamentary elections on sunday. preliminary results indicate the president's party has secured just over 42 percent of the vote . my ass, under his pro west party, had been sharing power with lawmakers aligned to her pro russia, predecessor. ego don't personally manage 33 percent. some new accuses don't of blocking her anti corruption efforts. she called the election hoping to win a majority overs political landscape is split between the pro european and pro ration the rate of deforestation in brazil's amazon rain forest rose for the 4th consecutive month in june. under major concerns, it will only get worse with more drought and forest fires expected. sorry, higher ups reports, new, dangerous, showing the world's largest tropical rain forest is shrinking fast scientists. a few years been warning that the amazon is disappearing. it's an alarming rates, especially in brazil. it's the last refuge for many endangered wildlife and home to
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millions of species. some of them still on identified. and now that shows that the deforestation of the brazilian amazon rose for the 4th consecutive months in june, hitting a record high. in the 1st 6 months of this year alone. it went up by 17 percent. more than 3500 square kilometers of amazon have been cleared already. that's almost 3 times the size of the city of rio de janeiro. many blame the government. phil is making misery to smile. this continues to happen because of the government's environmental policy. encouraged by the national congress, i think for climate change summit hosted by us president joe biden, results present, able scenarios, pledged to eliminate the illegal logging of the amazon in the next few years. that they make, you know, determined that we will achieve our climate neutrality by 205010 years ahead of our previous target. but satellite imagery suggests otherwise, an environmental is say,
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says false. nora took office in 2019, the destruction has been happening at a rapid rate as institutions and legislation to protect the rain forest and its indigenous people are increasingly marginalized. earlier this month and after weeks of protest, brazil supreme court explained a ruling bikes by the farming sex that would limit recognition of indigenous land. he didn't approve a lisa. this is an attempt to pass laws in the national congress with both for 19. but that takes away the territorial rights of indigenous people. it's a signal to lago, an illegal form on the rain forest grounds that are willing to commit crimes from the invasion of indigenous territories. it deforestation, and setting fire scientists say the protection of the amazon is vital to curbing climate change because of the vast amounts of greenhouse gas is that the forest absorbs june. however, had the biggest number of forest fire since 2007,
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and that's only a fraction of those seen annually during the peak of drought season in august and september. and now there are phase, the worst is yet to come. so to hide it, al jazeera, the amount of the top stories going out to 0, italy has won the euro 2020 football championship, beating england dr. nail biting penalty. shootout ended. 32. on this was seen in rome when italian goalkeeper saved england's final attempt. it leaves unsecured, its 1st european championship trophy in 53 years. the game when they said.


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