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mobilize youth around the world in south africa, it's women who are at the forefront, the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of resistance and ignite. the passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello. lauren taylor, this is down there and use i live from london coming up in them get softer, flowing, so to the year 2020 final scoring in the 1st 2 minutes, italy has now equalized into extra time.
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which is really that richard runs to the edge of space, meeting space, tourism is jeff bezos and 5 rate across california as another heat wave of the west of us bringing 1st thing temperatures also in schools. i record a cling 20th friend, some titles of a joke of h. b, b, and crown the king of wimbledon for the 3rd straight time and the victory over italy. bear me with a year or 2020 foot board transit. finally gone into extra time, england and italy, a tide at one all at london's wembley stadium, where $65000.00 spectators have been allowed in the stand. the 1st time since the pandemic began
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this was a seat in london when england scored in the opening minutes of the game. then after 1067 minutes, italy schooled an equalizer. it's the 1st major final for the english team in 55 years, hoping to defeat italy who not lifted the european championship trophy in 1968. earlier a group of fans tried to storm through the barriers outside wemby to get into the stadium. a few managed to get past security, while others were caught and restrained by stewards and police. when of course, one is watching events in london and room to start with that poor red and who's outside london's wendy stadium. so pretty 10 session. imagine there actually, you know, what, what are the fans here? have not been able to see a single piece of video from the, from the matcher. a single bit of action at all so far. the mobile phone signal here, outside. well, it's been so bad that people are running around trying to get people in the neighboring flat to give them some why fi connection or some way of actually
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finding out what's going on inside. phoning friends, for example, to try and find out, keep up to date with the school. not to say there isn't the party going on. i'm going to step briefly out of the way. and you can look over the advent of the steps where the security code was breached. just before kick off. they got to the top of the steps and just over the top where you can see that. and then we're still find a 2nd line of security. but they haven't the security been able to push those, found the members of the public back down. and so they've been partying that essentially for the whole of the game so far, the has the cross been cheering when england scored after 2 minutes. there was a big chair as well in italy school because it was mistakenly thought that that was another england goal. and then it's sunk in that actually with an equalize up by italy. the people. yeah. yeah. well, that parking and they're still hopeful the results will go right after record time . yes. in the, in that extra time, what are the old been in favor of italy or england?
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it's got to a tough situation. bring it, isn't it? it is, i mean yeah, before the game, the number crunches have given england a 53 percent chance of winning so slightly better than 5050. again, ethically that said it's really, i've been bossing the 2nd half growing play really taking control of america picked. yeah. now i don't know whether that means it's been another goal. go in, but certainly it's a control 2nd. huh. what can england do in the period of extra time? wait, and it looked like it was something to recompose themselves in the final minutes of that 2nd half. so hopefully an english point. you guys southgate will have a word in the place is still a young team. don't forget get the get, get them composed. so they go out and they, and in the extra time period i'm doing them prob, because there's an enormous amount of expectation in england on the shoulders of these players. given the advantage,
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given that the draw that they have meant that they have a slight easy game to reach the final. i'm the queen tom cruise, boris johnson. all of them sending messages of hope and pressure you like on the team. so there's a lot of expectation on needs that young showed us. thank you very much indeed. deadpool brandon adam rainy is live in central room. what's the atmosphere where you are? well, born the beginning of the match before that 1st goal for me. you're going rock is here with slowing people have to even before the game started. but from that well, to devin minute when equalize there was almost communal suppression that said and it was very quiet considering that we're in the middle of rome. that's in the chat of the round robin form. we've walked around the area around the fan area and all the restaurants where people are watching. you could hear that in drop is
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so quiet because they're beloved, the blue would not, i would not have a strong showing despite being such a fierce opponent throughout the whole tournament. but then with that 2nd goal, that he, that 1st equalized, that you felt this is joy and then it kept press and pressing crowd here was on fire. you see that it's important to say that also when you walk around, it's not just the county and fans. you see many from neighboring countries in the european union that many of them are saying, of course as europe support italy because they feel betrayed. they say, by great britain, by england because of which they fear, lap in the face to europe. now, of course, at the political $41.00, but it shows you you're finding here in the treatment of social media and mean as well or team. they've had an incredible gotten, haven't they? so i suppose put some in a good position dealership. it's a lot of pressure,
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isn't it? for sure. they've had 30 restraint matches out a lot. i'm defeated people and that to think that makes people victory here. but it also set up an expectation that if they don't need it, we may see that depression i missed earlier spread nationwide. you have the lead up to the match in the day after they won the final in the main boarding daily. here. god, is it how that goes to show you patients that were on their throwing and religion, which of course happens often here in the headquarters of the catholic religion. but what you're seeing is in the wake of the pan demik lauren, so much an energy focus and pressures on the team because the 1st communal moment that england has experience and they've been kind of setting the case with hand.
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so what we're seeing is much more the people interested in the sporting read him, but it's one and a whole country feels with behind the right. no, no you thank you very much indeed somewhat. you may have heard to england fans chanting that football is coming home, but some fear that with large unmasked crowns gathering to watch the games. the current of ours is already there at the delta, very in to fuel horizon infections in the u. k. with 30000 cases recorded each of the last 5 days, spectators were urged to get code 19 to vaccinated. on monday from mr. johnson is set to confirm with most of the lockdown rules will end on july 19th. been richard branson has flown to the edge of space fulfilling a lifelong dream and making a great leap towards space tourism. being a reality, the flight reached 80 meters above the surface of the earth where they experienced
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a few minutes of weightlessness. bob reynolds is at the spaceport in new mexico with more millionaire richard branson has earned his astronaut ling lifetime. ah, the light went off without a hitch space plain unity was lifted skyward, attached to a double fuselage. mothership called after branson's mother released release relief at high altitude unity, separated from eve, then fired with powerful rockets blasting branson, 3 virgin galactic executives. and a pair of pilots to a height of 88 kilometers above earth complete. that is not exactly outer space. the international scientific body that decides such thing says space begins at 100 kilometers. but that hardly seem to matter. as the passengers and crew enjoyed the incredible views of the earth below, with the darkness of space above,
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they also experience several minutes of micro gravity allowing them to float nearly waitlist. you can see him now. the 70 year old british entrepreneur, one the billionaire space race beating amazons, jeff bezos and spaces founder you on must to the haven't base those plans to lift off in his blue origin space. companies rocket on july 20th mosques, plans for space travel haven't been announced. after maneuvering for reentry, unity glided to a flawless landing at the virgin galactic spaceport in a remote section of the new mexico desert. as onlookers cheered, the entire flight lasted about an hour. back on earth. branson held a news conference. honestly, nothing could prepare you for the view from space. and if the whole thing is magical, then it was time to celebrate. frances plan is to make space tourism possible
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earthlings. following today's successful flight, there will be several more tests, the grants and spacecraft. the goal is to send tourists into space beginning next year. the price sag $250000.00 each. rob reynolds al jazeera in sierra county, new mexico. tony harrison is a fellow the outer space institute joins as far as skype from washington d. c. thanks very much for being with us. so how big moment is this? do you think for the future of commercial space travel? this is a huge deal. this is the 1st time that we've had a fully crewed flight like this. and the space community in general has really been waiting to see when is virgin galactic actually going to be able to launch a full crew like this. and it's been really amazing to see that the flight appears, have gone off without a hitch today. does it matter that it was subtle, but always to a technicality in your view?
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i think it's mostly a technicality. it's just the fact that they were able to do this successfully, you know, orbital launches will come some day with maybe another provider that wasn't really the goal for virgin galactic. but i think in terms of finally seeing the slight actually happen, it doesn't really matter. very much to the folks in the space industry at the height that they got you for this. what is the advantage you think of, of commercial space travel? is it, is it just a 1000000000 as competition competition or do you will be broader benefits from it? we've already seen a lot of benefits from having companies that are created by these space billionaires. and i think the media tends to portrayed is just this race between, you know, rich men trying to see which one of them will get themselves into space 1st. but there's really been a lot of technological development behind this. we've seen nasa partnering with some of the space companies to work on things like space x, for example, has launched nasa missions into space. things that we used to do, earth observing to monitor things like climate change here on earth. so it's
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becoming more of a partnership between government agencies and commercials based companies working together to do advancement of science and technology. how much is this about getting people to, to realize that kind of the potential for industrialized space in order to protect that was one suggestion. that's one way that, that's, that's the kind of the goal ultimately is to, is to try and start using resources out in space rather than on the earth. there are a lot of resources in space that we could utilize that if we do asteroid mighty or biting on the moon, for example, where we're not creating so many environmental hazards like we have here on earth. and so these are all stepping stones in that direction. they do raise some questions about, you know, should we be doing things on earth that require so many resources that we need to go beyond it to use them. where should we figure out how to more responsibly use what we have here on earth? but it's good to look at all the options that are out there for sure. and in terms of the, the kit itself to tell us about the, the plane and how it works and what was,
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what's special about it. so the 1st gliding set up is a little unusual compared to what you might think of as a typical rocket launch. where usually you've got a rocket, it goes up and a little pod separates from the top of it. and that's where you tend to have your crew for things like the apollo missions or when we send cruces international space station for her ge. and you actually have their spaceship attached to a larger mothership, and that mother ship takes off flies to say now that jude and then actually dropped the vss unity spaceship. and then the engines kick on the spaceship and that took them up into the boundary between earth and space. so it's a quite novel design and no one else has built anything like this before. tiny, harrison, thank you very much indeed for to me just let coming up on the hughes from london. ah, as a powerful gang leader threatens to pitch hating deeper and to kale, salt to the president's assassination. the us says it's sending a team to assess security. there are
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looting over the jailing of because we're present jacobs due to johanna oftentimes welcome back there, victoria football team for victoria. the fisher rival brazil in the america ah. whether in a certain place for more than 30000000 people across the western united states. record breaking temperatures are forecasts for nevada and california, where death valley reached 54.4 degrees celsius on friday. comes less than 2 weeks after another dangerous heat wave hit the northwest, us and canada, and fires already raging next year. bryan reports me, this is the largest wild fire of the year in california, burning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires,
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sparked by lightning, doubled in size between friday and saturday, fires rolling down here. it's one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat, dove pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. those are the effects of climate change. here it's real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists are predicted with scorching temperatures across 10 states. 30000000 americans are facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold, ablaze, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated or others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity,
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old system. then they just tend to break on hot day. they can take the heat, they over heat, they're wanting so dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and historic heat waves estimated to have killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperatures, baking visitors, california joshua tree national park, satisfies hires like this is a hot, it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley. also in the mojave desert reached 53 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday. if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped my aircraft to fight the fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast say,
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even if temperature is don't continue to break records. the widespread, oppressive, and long lasting heat remains a threat elixir brian al jazeera. i think i'll hang jones as live from washington dc party. what's the full cost looking like? well, it looks like they're in for a couple more days of this intense heat. they are breaking records all up and down the western united states. las vegas, the city well known it reached a high, a recorded high that is only seen 4 times in its history, 47 degrees celsius. and that's really we're seeing the story all over, all of these records being broken. and it doesn't look like there's going to be any relief until wednesday. keep in mind, this is the 3rd. he waved like this to hit the country and just the last couple of weeks the, there was one in the south west and then there was one in washington state and oregon. these are places that never get heat waves where we saw dozens of people
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die. hundreds of people die, and now they're seeing the cost from that he wave in oregon and washington state. marine biologist are saying that hundreds of millions of brain animals died because it was simply so hot that in many places they were boiled death. so again, this is continuing its climate change obviously, and it's expected that it will be tuesday or wednesday on the west coast are good, couple more days. but then after that, colorado looks like it's going to get another kind of heat wave. so this just goes to show you climate change is real, it is happening, and june in the united states was the hottest, it has ever been since records have been kept. so it's a continuing problem. people are really struggling with it on the west coast. power grids are struggling to canada is also having this problem as well. so much so that they're worried about what wildfires that they're limiting. a reducing train service because that can spark wildfire, so fires intense heat. they're having problems finding the firefighters. it is just
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the beginning of what is expected to be a record breaking wildfire season. the heat is not helping patty high, and thank you very much. indeed. a former police officer turn notorious gang leader is asking his supporters to join mass protests in haiti. jimmy shows you better known as barbecue, says the assassination of president, driven in marie's on wednesday, was an outrage. he's accusing opposition. parties of plotting movies is murder. is also to supporters to use their weapons in self defense. if the police cracked down on that gathering open wound, he knew what was this, you know, many people from the opposition and thinking bush was he joined together to betray the president. it is a national and international conspiracy against the haitian i our school groups to mobilize take to the street. not like amanda exclamations about us estimation of the president. what they had a problem with the president. but we have never set our phone can enter our theresa, kill the president. meanwhile,
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us intelligence agents are heading to haiti to assist the investigation into the president's assassination. the pentagon press secretary says l, assess the security risk in the country. the haitian government initially requested us troops be sent we are aware of their request by the haitian government, we're analyzing it just like we would any other request for assistance or the pentagon. it's going through a review. i'm not going to get ahead of that process and today in interagency team largely from the department of homeland security and the f b. i are heading down to haiti right now to see what we can do to help them any investigative process. and i think that's really where our energies are best applied right now in helping them get their arms around investigating this incident and figuring out who's culpable, who's responsible and, and how best to hold them accountable going forward. that's where our focus is right now. when it class goes a haitian journalist and member of the commission to find the haitian solution to crisis in haiti, she joins us from footprints. thank you very much for being with us. i wonder if you could tell us what it's been like and haiti in the last few days since the
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assassination. well, i think we 1st started with the climate, the total shock, disbelief. and also just trying to figure out what is going on. but other than due date that the really they were trying to capture, just suppose marson, they use the colombians, it has been fairly quiet. and the 3 days after the assassination of the president of things really picked up a traffic jams, normal traffic jams, etc. so that's pretty much the situation now. things have gone back to normal. and what, what did you make of the leaf, the gang lead to jimmy? sure, easier. and his comments about this and asking his supporters to use their weapons in self defense is, is their degree of anxiety about those kind of comments. i think there is a certain degree of things i and i must say when i said things of going back to
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normal, more or less normal because the gangs have been occupying certain areas of the country. and i believe human rights organizations have said that they occupy about 40 percent of do haitian territories. they afford departments in the south that are just not in communication with the north. no cause can pass by because gang members have been a occupying and this is a legacy off the unless you're more use because he use the games almost as pluck. see almost as his own martin, they are so the gangs of kelly that crimes, etc. so yes, now you think this is a moment where the president has been killed and this is a moment where 1st of all find out in terms of the investigation. secondly,
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to ask for justice for him as we are asking for justice for all the massacres that have been held to last massacre was out last week. 20 people who died. one was assassinated with 7 bull that holds 33, your political leader of one that you claim in former journalist. so, yes, there, we think this is a time for haitians to come to get to find. so lucian, not a time to quote for violence to come out with guns, machine guns, m m 30 am 16 collage. because no, we totally reject that. this is not the time. so we had that the u. s. has turned down a request that came from a t to send in troops, but it is sending an investigation team in what you make of that. well, i think it's, you know, any help we can get in terms of an investigation team is excellent,
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but we certainly do not need the team a boot us boots on the ground and i'm very glad that they have said no. and i hope that they will continue to say, but there is another element, the people who are there, it's the same whether it is close, joseph, whether it is the new guy who was there, it is a continuation of the same thing. alliances, we do, we do gangs doing corruption and it is the same ones and they have no legitimacy to ask for any true from any way or to come. 2 furthermore, the history of the us troops in haiti is a busy mode. they came and they said $34.00 you and it was an occupation that left a washed off than it was before. do you, when the same thing, do you have so many missions so many millions of dollars that could have been used
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differently? and i, you know, and i said this with a lot of sympathy and understanding for us because i'm a form, the un official, i work for the you when for close to 25 years. but the record in haiti has been awful. so we do not want that. if anything, perhaps kirby com, but we must be clear on the way forward and the ways forward must be haitian civil society and politicians coming together. and the commission that i'm proud to your member off is commission put together by civil society and. busy we have met all sectors of patients, society and we are proposing that we all get together and sign an agreement with really consensus agenda to take things forward. because the people
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who are in power now and the one fighting in power of fighting for power in some money, fighting for my will be, or the well being of my children, they are fighting for power. and that's what it's all about when the class can. thank you very much. indeed for talking to us from haiti. thank you. thank you. is pleasure. it was a pleasure. thank you. that's more still to come at this hour, surviving school kidnapping nigeria. we hear from one boy determined to be back in the classroom despite the risk for me, i had to go to a mark 26 years, be shipping it to the massacre lane to rest. another 19 victims which win wimbledon the 3rd time recorded. pulling the 20th ah
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hello there. the scorching heat is still the story in europe, not just in the south, but in the northeast. and this was the scene in moscow as temperatures continue to climb, people having to cool off in the rivers. and it's not just in this area often with sensually, poland, austria, seen those temperatures continuing to climb and further north of the heat persist. we've got an excessive heat wave across finn and then that brings with it the wild fire warnings. latvia is also declared a heat wave, and estonia analyst when you're continuing to see those hot and dry conditions. but to the west, we have got that wet and windy weather brought in by those weather systems. the storms and showers continue for the british isles as well as for areas of france and brisco wind blowing into the west coast there. and by the time we get into tuesday, it'll be switzerland and northern areas of you that see those severe storms. but for the south, the iberian peninsula, seeing a lot of sunshine coming through temperatures, continuing to rise. this was
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a heat wave in seville, people enjoying that sunny weather. and we are expecting temperatures to continue to climb, particularly across valencia and alex guntee. mercy has seen the temperature hit up into 45 degrees and as we move over to north africa, the hot dry conditions continue. that whether the cut one of the buffet, growing nations in the world, ah, the contract needed to open and develop the whole entire national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough for trade and money skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up from it the connecting the world connecting the future. got cut to gateway to whoa trade of football from spain traded,
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battling opponents on the pick up fighting fascism at home and abroad. the footballing legend edit canton introduces stuff known the battle a warning and use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a natural concentration. i was more rebels on al jazeera. ah ah ah, top stories to 002020 football championship. funnel into extra time england and italy a tide at one all.


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