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valuations raise bubble beers plus lambda, gamey goes electric. county, the cough on al jazeera, the revealing eco friendly solution to combat threat to our planet on al jazeera ah millionaire richard branson, rockets to the edge of space, beating feathers, space tours and pioneers, jeff bezos and musk. ah, this is, i'm just here a life london also coming up 65000 fran stream into london, wembley stadium where the inland italy,
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year 2020 final is kicking off now. rage across california as another heat waves. mama is the western us bringing life threatening temperatures. and is one of haiti's most powerful gang, ada's threatens protest. so the killing of president louise, the u. s. that says it's sending a team to the security that ah, everybody and richard branson has flown to the edge of space fulfilling a lifelong dream and making a great leap towards making space tourism a reality. branson was joined by 5 others aboard. virgin galactic wind rocket called unity. the group reached 80 kilometers above the surface of the earth where they experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. a ship then folded its wings in and glided back to earth before landing on a spaceport runway in new mexico. the mission statement that i wrote inside my
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space to was to turn the dream a space shuttle into a reality for my grandchildren, half your grandchildren. and for many people who are alive today for everybody and having flown to space, i can see even more clearly how virgin is the space line for the way here to make space more accessible to all. and we want to turn the next generation of dreamers into the astronauts of today and tomorrow we will from the stage or just had the most extraordinary experience. we'd love it. it's a number of you can have it to as a major milestone in the effort to usher in a new era of private commercial space travel. the spacecraft didn't go fast enough to omit, we'll go round our planet. instead, passengers spend a few minutes experiencing weightlessness and enjoying
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a view of us from above the vss unity, food and altitude of about 80 kilometers, which, according to some definitions, isn't actually in space. in 9 days a 2nd billionaire jeff bezos, fans to go 100 kilometers above us when his company blew origins, new shepherd craft. both commercial flights are a good way from the international space station which will bits about 400 kilometers above earth in on mosque space. x has already delivered astronauts to the station. his commercial flights are due to launch later this year. reynolds has the latest from the virgin galactic spaceport in sierra county in new mexico. richard branson has earned his astronaut wings and has won the billionaire space race beating out amazons. jeff bezos. and you on mosque of space, x for the honor of the 1st billionaire into outer space. the flight was flawless, his face playing cold unity was lifted aboard. a unique plain
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called eve getting up high enough for the pilots of unity to detach and then fires their rockets, bringing branson and company into near space at 88 approximately 88 kilometers above earth. the actual official designation for space is 100 kilometers above the sea level. but branson probably thought that's close enough. anyway. the inhabitants of the spacecraft were able to view the fantastic picture of earth below and the blackness of space above they were able to experience a few moments of weightlessness during their our long flight. and then the pilot's maneuvered the craft back into the atmosphere and glided in for a perfect touch. down landing on the tarmac, a landing strip which is in the desert behind me. afterwards,
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branson described it as miraculous and the most incredible experience he had ever had. now breadth, his goal is to send tourists into space on his rocket ships. he hopes to start doing that next year and the price tag for a ticket space with richard branson's. virgin galactic company is $250000.00 per person. the who's in england currently facing off and the final of the euro, 2020 football championship at london's, where the stadium in the last couple of minutes. england has just scored is the 1st major final thing and team in 55 years. and i hoping to defeat italy last lifted, the european championship trophy 968. 65 found spectators have been allowed in the stands for the 1st time. and then it began that the u. k. in italy of battle,
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devastating waves of the credit of ours. when for either side will bring a much needed boost in morale. we have correspond to standing by in london and room . and let's 1st read a news outside london, wembley stadium, and pool is quite the thought, isn't it? it is. it's like offering and considering that they are perhaps the more defensive to, to take a little bit of a surprise. the look your, the left rock of england, i put the bowl in the next scene in this match, which is a houston inside the stadium and outside the stadium. i was expecting the prince precinct street outside of friendly stadium to full wire. all the matches on instead what we have is essentially a street party going on those people without tickets decided to hang around here, just the atmosphere regardless of the fact that they can't get in. so i listened to it on the radio or on mobile phones are having trouble getting sickle mobile phone
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. i can also just step out showing an invasion that you can say over that we had a 30000 people running up a great job. so for my vehicle, i kicked off the troll. i thank you very much pool and they've been around and starting early in the day that were mentioned, we'll get to the end of the match. adam rainy is live for us in the past. the popular and central, what's it like where you will wind up when you finally read rapidly year of all over the crowd made it again to me and it was when you really high heard among the crowd
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because now if you build up i heard nothing but carpet ban here, some people think we're gonna, we're gonna go and leave the people. here are rad rainy. thank you very much. indeed. you may have heard anything from shunting that was coming home, but some fear that with large unmasked crowd scattering to watch the games. the career of ours is already there. the delta, very interest fueled arise in infections in the u. k. with more than 30000 cases, recorded each of the last 5 days. a monday from mr. morris, johnson said to confirm whether most of england's locked out rules will end on july 19th. so hot weather alert certain place for more than 30000000
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people across the western united states. reco, breaking temperatures, a forecast for nevada and california. my death valley reached $54.00 degrees celsius on friday, comes less than 2 weeks after another dangerous heat wave hit, the northwest, us and canada, and pfizer already raging next year. brian reports this is the largest wild fire of the year in california, burning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires, sparked by lightning, doubled in size between friday and saturday, fires rolling down here. it's one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat dome, pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. those are the effects of climate change. here it's real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even
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the scientists are predicted. with scorching temperatures across 10 states, 30000000 americans facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold delays, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated or others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity. then they just tend to break on hot days, they can take the heat, they over heat, they're wanting so dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and has star a kate wave estimated to killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperatures, baking visitors at california, joshua tree national park thought is place hires like this is a hot,
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it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley also in the mojave desert reached $53.00 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday, if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped my aircraft to fight the fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast is say, even if temperatures don't continue to break records, the widespread oppressive and long lasting heat remains the threat alex here brian al jazeera. still to come this off our the purchase and looting over the trailing of former president, jacob's human spread to johannesburg. and deforestation. of brazil's amazon rain
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forest rises for a record full month, with environmentalist warning the worst is yet to come. i the hello there. the scorching heat is still the story in europe, not just in the south, but in the northeast. and this was seen in moscow as temperatures continue to climb, people having to cool off in the rivers. and it's not just in this area, it's also more centrally, poland, austria, seen those temperatures continuing to climb. and for the north, the heat persist. we've got an excessive heat wave across finan, and that brings with it the wild fi. a warnings. latvia is also declared heat wave and estonia and when you're continuing to see those hot and dry conditions. but to the west, we have got that wet and windy weather brought in by those weather systems. the
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storms and showers continue for the british isles as well as for areas of france and brisk winds blowing into the west coast there. and by the time we get into choose day, it'll be switzerland and northern areas of if you that see those severe storms, but for the south, the barian peninsula, seeing a lot of sunshine coming through temperature is continuing to rise. this was a heat wave in seville, people enjoying that sunny weather. and we are expecting temperatures to continue to climb, particularly across valencia and alex guntee. mercy has seen the temperature hit up into 45 degrees. and as we move over to north africa, the hot dry conditions continue that weather, the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all
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around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah, what top stories are under 0, billionaire richard branson has flown to the edge of space filling a lifelong dream, taking a great leap towards making space tourism a reality. virgin galactic spring rocket reached 80 kilometers about the status of the end of school. the minutes of the final of the year 2020 football championship against italy,
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wembley stadium. the 1st major final england came in 55 years and the largest wildfire of the year in california is raging along the border with nevada. during a brutal heat wave, hot weather alerts are in place for more than 30000000 people across the western united states. a former police officer turned notorious gang lead. it is asking his supporters to join mass protest and haiti. jimmy, sure, he's better known as barbecue, says the assassination of president drove an animal used on wednesday, was an outrage. he's accusing opposition party. the plotting louise is murderous. it also his supporters to use their weapons in self defense. if the police cracked down on their gathering opium wound, keynote was issue. many people from the opposition and thinking bush was he joined together to betray the president. it is a national and international conspiracy against the haitian. here i our school, the groups to mobilize take to the street, not with demand explanations about us estimation of the president. they had
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a problem with the president, but we have never set our phones can enter our theresa, kill the president. you know, us intelligence agents are headed to haiti to assist the investigation into the presence assassination. authentic and press secretary says they'll assess the security risk in the country. haitian government initially requested us troops be sent. we are aware of their request by the haitian government. we're analyzing it just like we would any other request for assistance here at the pentagon. it's going through a review, i'm not going to get ahead of that process. and today, in interagency team largely from the department of homeland security and the f b, i are heading down to haiti right now to see what we can do to help them any investigative process. and i think that's really where our energies are best applied right now. in helping them get their arms around investigating this incident and figuring out who's culpable, who's responsible and, and how best to hold them accountable going forward. that's where our focus is right now. and together, her jones is live from washington dc. that is surprised that they're sending any
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kind of team in their yeah, but i guess the best we can hope for in this very precarious situation is that us investigators could add some legitimacy to any findings that they make. because we still don't know who is behind this assassination, why it was done all who even funded it. so this is a very difficult situation in which department of homeland security and f b. i. agents may be able to get some solid answers. that of course, doesn't help the current very precarious situation in haiti where you've got in fighting over who is the prime minister at the moment. there are no plans for elections that are supposed to take place in september. the haven't been any election since 2017. and then you have people like gang leaders like barbecue holding his own press conferences. so this is a very potentially dangerous situation in a nation that is already a tinderbox, even before this assassination. and most patients are hunkering down in the homes
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buying provisions. some are trying to leave the country, the border with the dominican republic is still closed. so the u. s. have turned down that request for troops going in, i think for probably very good reasons because who in the haitian government is in charge, who would they be answering to if they do go there? and many haitians don't want foreign interference at this point in time, but it continues to be an extremely fragile situation in which there are no immediate plans for any democratic elections. no obvious leaders at this point, and most patients just waiting to see what may happen next. you mentioned that the potential for violence and as we had the show is you bob, a huge, he's known, suggesting that is supporters bring that their weapons if and use them in self defense. how heavily armed is haiti? haiti is extremely heavily armed. not, not so much in the sense of, of high grade weapons, but people with machetes and knives. i mean, some of the social media videos that have been circulating of the men. the colombian men that were captured by ordinary haitians are pretty graphic. but these
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gangs have been really running right over the past year. kidnapping preaches during sermons, kidnapping, children, it's really a volatile situation in which you don't know, or if you're an ordinary haitian, you don't know who you can trust or who is in charge. i mean, even some of those close to job now my lisa now being called into question as a questioning over his assassination in the early as of wednesday morning. so, i mean, this is a nation. i've been to more than 20 times. it's always the tend to box things can change the drop of a hat and they may very well change at the job i've had over the next few days. unless there is some sort of coalescing around one leader and haitians. a given one message in how this nation will move forward. if that doesn't happen, i fear the worst. and again, i thank you very much. indeed. sporadic protests in support of jail. south africa,
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former president jacob's movement have spread to the country's biggest city johannesburg. major roads were closed after incidence of looting in some areas. several trucks were set on fire in the cause natal province on friday night. 2 days after zoom was jailed for refusing to appear at a corruption inquiry. at least 62 people have been arrested since friday. the south african president 0 poser, has condemned violence to the restful, further damage. the pandemic case economy. i'm hi, good. right now i'm on my way to knock off when i go. so when i go back to yesterday, today, 1 o'clock, the roads were killed. i couldn't even get home. i was good leave, it's an opportunity to think other people, it cannot be depressed. and there are some other things that are heating. that why they're being looted. why they taking stuff from the shop? that's the question why the building got. so they motivate 50 truck convoy
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carrying vital food and how supplies is on its way. here is water and northern to dry region. if you government said this week that it was allowing humanitarian flights into to cry, but they must stovall the capital to be surged. un says food shortages and to do i have worked and dramatically in the last couple of weeks despite to cease farther from 400000 people are estimated to be in famine. when 1800000 on the brink, thousands of people gathered earlier to commemorate the 995 stubborn to massacre and buried 19 newly identified victims of genocide. 26 years after they were murdered, 16 men, 2 teenage boys and one woman laid to rest. joining more than $6600.00 of the victims of the massacre. $8000.00, mostly, mostly men and boys were killed around ship bernita during the bosnian war. it was the worst mass murder in europe since the 2nd world war. or there is derrick to me, savage as more from the memorial instrument 26 years later,
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19 victims of the 7th genocide have found. there it is. the youngest, among them, was just 16 years old when he was killed in the oldest, who had 63 years after the memorial. there is still a community that live in severance and some of the challenges they face. one of the challenges they face and they emphasize on is the genocide denial. and that was the theme of the collaboration. the genocide denial has the genocide, denial is the lay of the latest or the last stage of genocide and it can indicate on other future suffering. that is why this issue is really important for the victims. bosnia and herzegovina doesn't have a law that forbids genocide denial because the bosnian serbs have the power of you know, in the parliament. and they are using that power to block block,
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bringing that law into power on the other handling. traditional community has tools in the office of the high representative to bring that law into power regardless of the parliament and veto in the parliament. there are some indications that the current high representative, valentin info who is leaving office at the end of this month might in the next days or weeks bring the flow into power. and in a way to bring a legacy to his tenure as the, as the high representative of international community in bosnia, in bulgaria, exit polls show from mr. boy code for his off narry winning countries. second national election in a year. but once again, he could struggle to form a coalition to secure a 4th term or source g e r b party is projected to win between 20 to 23 percent of the vote. fully short of a majority. the anti lead party led by tv host sly retrieval of looks that set to finish just behind with around 21 percent. but tree for now says he opposes any
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coalition with mainstream parties, raising the possibility of a deadlock to parliament. traditional main opposition socialist party is expected to finish 3rd on 15 percent. and the democratic bulgaria party, which is boosted by last year's purchase, is projected to wind around 13 percent. so we're going to go force for the 2nd time this year, the lining up to cast their ballots, and the summit, this polling station in the capital, sophia, a change from the old order count come soon enough. nathan, as a pro maxima, i will vote for real changes and for our children to have a better future. better ways. i believe this is all for good. the bulgarian people will receive the outcome they desire. of course, it's a tight race the right wing populace deb party of the 4 prime minister bicycle bodies of has dominated bulgaria in the past 10 years. but there are signs that the country has been growing weary of his leadership,
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and the allegations of corruption that of swelled around him was told that would scare me off that they would put me down lambda most dangerous, but i'm scared. nothing is heal. there are other contenders, including the anti establishment and party headed by singer and tv host, sloppy people. know the bookkeeper of himself is not standing. his party had been neck and neck in the pulse with bodies of got up. there is also, he still yvonne of a lawyer and co leader of the democratic bulgaria coalition, who spoke to series of anti corruption protest in the country, one of the poorest and the european union. but itself has come increasingly under fire of accusations of corruption, which he denies. allegations of embezzlement, intimidation and vote. fraud have cost him support if he has continued to double down by accusing opposition. parties of electoral interference, touch the nipple. the situation is turbulent and unpredictable. what will come
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after the vote appears clearer, that is, the will to form the governments that's coming from society itself, not so much from certain politicians, but this time it will be hard to bypass the people. even if bodies off does managed to win the most vote, he may still be unable to form a coalition government which could trigger yet another snap election later this year if the public haven't already decided otherwise. sen, yeah, go al jazeera corruption is also a hot topic in mal davis snap parliamentary elections pro west president. my us under his party has been sharing power with lawmakers aligned to her pro russia predecessor ego don't be blocking her reform efforts. she called the election hoping to win a majority, and promising to fight corruption if she does. one of europe's poorest nations, while davis critical landscape, is split between those who are pro europe and others, a pro russia results for expected within our us. the rate of deforestation in brazil's amazon rain forest rose for the 4th consecutive months in june. and there
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are major concerns. it will get worse with more drought and for as far as expected, far higher as this report. new director is showing the world's largest tropical rain forest is shrinking fast scientists. a few years been warning that the amazon is disappearing. it's an alarming rates, especially in brazil. it's last refuge for many endangered wildlife and home to millions of species. some of them still on identified and now that shows that the deforestation of the brazilian amazon rose for the 4th consecutive month in june, hitting a record high. in the 1st 6 months of this year alone. it went up by 17 percent. more than 3500 square kilometers of amazon have been cleared already. that's almost 3 times the size of the city of rio de janeiro. many blame the government and the commission to smiles. this continues to happen because of the government's environmental policy. encouraged by the national congress,
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i think for climate change summit hosted by us president joe biden, results present, able scenarios, pledged to eliminate the illegal logging of the amazon in the next few years that they make, you know, federal. i'm determined that we will achieve our climate neutrality by 205010 years ahead of our previous talk. but satellite imagery suggests otherwise, an environmental is say, sensible scenario, took office in 2019. the destruction has been happening at a rapid rate as institutions and legislations to protect the rain forest and its indigenous people are increasingly marginalized. earlier this month and after weeks of protest, brazil supreme court explained a ruling bikes by the farming sex that would limit recognition of indigenous land. he didn't approve our lease is an attempt to pass laws in the national congress with both or 19. but that takes away the territorial rights of indigenous people.
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it's a signal to lago, an illegal form on the rain forest grounds that are willing to commit crimes from the invasion of indigenous territories. deforestation, and setting fire scientists say the protection of the amazon is vital to curbing climate change because of the vast amounts of greenhouse gas is that the forest absorbs june. however, had the biggest number of forest fires since 2007, and that's only a fraction of those seen annually during the peak of drought season in august and september. and now there are phase, the worst is yet to come. so to hide it, al jazeera francis has appeared in public for the 1st time since undergoing code on surgery a week ago. it had sunday pres from the balcony of his hospital in rome, doctor se the 84 year old pontiff is recovering well as the 1st time he's been in hospital since becoming head of the roman catholic church in 2013 benjamin netanyahu has left. he is ready, prime ministers, official residence,
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nearly a month after he was ousted from office is departure from home was part of a deadline, agreed with a new lead enough tele bennett addresses have gathered outside the residence every week for much of the past year, demanding that need to know who resign nova corruption allegations. he was seated last month after failing to form a government. quick monday and catch up any time on our website. serra dot com ah . top stories on how to 0 billionaire richard branson has flown to the edge of space for funding and lifelong dream and taking a great leap towards making space tourism. a reality for me was joined by 5 others . aboard virgin galactic winged rocket, cold unity, a group reached 80 meters above the surface of the earth where they experienced a few minutes of weightlessness ship that unfold.


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