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valuations, res, bubble fears plus lambda gaming goes electric county. the call on al jazeera the this is al jazeera. ah. hi there. i'm kim vanelle. this is the new law firm. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the billionaire richard branson and 5 other people from new mexico on a mission kicked face tourism. i sold the anniversary in bosnia herzegovina and now the 19 victim of the trip to massacre of buried as the country marks 26 years since the genocide
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wildfire $43.00. the homes in the west and usa is a heat waves bring from their record temperatures. also this our kid that while at school in the area, we need this student who is determined to pursue rather his education despite the risks involved and his for england on italy, accounting down to the bottom of football european championship funds gathering at london's wembley stadium with a hunting name, it's a win the title for the very 1st time. so ah, the billionaire race to expand space tourism is underway with richard branson and 5 others taking off aboard his company, birch and galactic rocketship. france in space plane is being carried aloft, hunton 8th, a twin fuselage aircraft. it is to be detached from the mother ship at an altitude
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of about 13 kilometers. it will then fire its rocket engine and then pass the edge of space off for a few minutes of weightlessness for the crew. the space plane is supposed to glide to a runway landing branson's virgin galactic space tourism business plan to start taking, paying customers next year. now one of the was you're going to hear a lot from now on is sub orbital. that basically means the spacecraft won't be going fast enough to all but our planet. instead, passengers will spend a few minutes experiencing weightlessness and enjoy a view of the from above. the vss unity will fly when overshoot of about 80 kilometers, which, according to some definitions, isn't actually in space. the world governing body the f i a puts out a space and about 100 kilometers above the earth. on july, the 20th a 2nd billionaire jeff bezos could also be up there on board,
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a craft owned by his company blue origin. but both fines will be far below the international space station, which all but it's about 400 kilometers above the earth space x. the company owned by a 3rd 1000000000 a mosque has already delivered estimates to the station his commercial science due to launch later this year. well, alan boyle is a contributing editor geek why he joins us from seattle by scott. so we've just seen this take off happened. how exciting is this for you? well, it's pretty exciting. this has been done before the, the spaceship to craft known as vs. s. unity has taken test, pilots and crew to space a couple of times before, but it's a big deal when the boss gets on board. and so no doubt this is a milestone for space tourism. how much work is it to get to this point? i mean, the branson formed the space flight companies in the, in 2004 and said he wanted to be doing space tourism, but 2007. i was reading,
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i mean mostly a lot of work to to get to this point. that's right. this is rocket science and, and richard and virgin galactic have had some setbacks along the way. the biggest one was an accident in 2014 and which one of the test pilots was killed. and so it's taken much longer than anyone thought to to get to this point. but it's interesting that multiple people in all richard branson and jeff face also have been working on this for 20 years or both at the same point at almost precisely. ready at the same time. yeah, i mean the speaking of phase also how, what do you think that relationship is like? i swore that branson's company tweeted before the slide. no, sorry, sorry, competitive company, competitive company was tweeting saying, well, you know, it's no actually space because it's not reaching that 100 kilometer mark 30. what.
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what is that relationship we'd like to think. right? that was a tweet from jeff bases, blue origin center and, and it's, it's interesting there, there are some big egos involved in so much can. and richard branson and jeff bezos are considered billionaire space space entrepreneurs who are in competition. but the interesting thing is that new on mosque actually attended today's light and, and reportedly is buying and tickets on virgin lactic. so there are some interesting alliances and competitions here, but certainly jeff pays us is facing a lot of competition and has have a long road. and so he probably wishing that the spotlight with him today, but that's not to be all right. hey, thank you very much. for your time i should be speaking to you as this one
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continues allen boil there, contributing editor, a geek wire. ok, thank you. well richard branson is one of 3 building their business. then as we said, promising to thank tourists into orbit branson and 5 crew members are expected to take 19 minutes to complete the flight surgeon. galactic 1st for commercial life isn't until next year and will cost you a quarter of a $1000000.00 for a seat. that being said, $600.00 tickets are already reserved. and in just a few days, blew origins, new shepherd rocket will head to space with its owner. and to amazon found jeff based off his brother and an 82 year old female pilot. while they funk that font pilot was trained as an astronaut, but denied the chance in the 60s to go into space because of her agenda. she'll soon get a chance on a flight that will last 10 minutes. and while in mosques space x has already taken astronauts to the international space station, it plans to take
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a crew made up entirely of private citizens for the 1st time into orbit lakes. this year that has found the says charges it's private flights will go toward moon and mars missions inspiration for will take 4 days to return to rob reynolds, his life for us at the virgin galactic space. fort in sierra county, new mexico. rob, what has the atmosphere been like bid today? well, i think there's a lot of, you know, figured al, biting, hoping that everything is going to work out well. there were some problems with the live stream the, the internet stream that virgina galactic wanted to put up there. they had some issues there that may have disappointed some people who are watching from home. but so far as we know, at this moment everything is going well. last we heard the mother plain eve that is carrying the unity space plane had reached about 40000 kilometers,
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40000 feet. that's a 4040, but yeah, 40000 kilometers. so it will be shortly in the zone where it can break free from eve and go and try to reach that near space area that, that you described. volley is interesting is one of your guests was saying that although these are new and these are very expensive, multi 1000000000 dollar ventures, but a lot of technology involved, there's nothing particularly new involved in the actual business of getting up into space. planes used to vary the space shuttle into orbit in its early days in the 19 seventy's and eighty's, the blue origin rocket that jeff bezos is going to fly in on the 20th of july. again, it's similar technology to that, that was used decades ago by,
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by nasa and by russian rockets, russia, it's still uses the so use, which is turned out to be the reliable workforce of space and it is decades old technology. so, you know, we haven't had the kind of breakthroughs that we might have thought we would at this point in terms of hyper drives or some kind of really science fiction type of inspired propulsion in space. but still this is a very, very exciting moment. certainly for all the people here who've been working on it, the toilet away in the middle of this very hot desert for, for many years and for richard branson. and it will certainly be as well for for work. jeff phase of musk is the 3rd person in the 1000000000 aerospace rate is actually here as a guest of brands. and so he has wished branson, you know,
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god speed and good luck as has blue origin. jeff phase of this company. i know you referred to some sniping and friction between the 2. i talk about, well, they're not really going into space, but today, blue origin and bases tweeted, well wishes and you know good luck wishes to to branson. so everybody is just hoping that this all goes very smoothly and that he'll come back and tell us an amazing tale of getting a look at, at this part of earth from space and of course, experiencing at least a few minutes of near weightlessness. yeah, up in that near near space zone that he's going to. yeah. so oh, it's nice to say billionaires patting each other on the back on the back. this is one of the final test missions before brown dot commercial flights roll. can you tell me what they'll actually be testing or evaluating on board,
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or is it just more? what is the experience like as a passenger, how good at a view that sort of i think that that's part of it. they also want to, you know, fine tune as with every launch, with every flight they get more information. so want to find any issues that may come up even minor issues. so they'll, they'll just be conducting more and more test to get the engineering down. pat, of course, practice makes perfect. so the pilots want to do this as often as they possibly can in order to get their routines down completely path in reference to the billionaire space rate. so i guess there probably be a lot of people here on this planet who say that one less billionaire on earth even temporarily might be a good thing. but nevertheless, the, the rivalry between the 3 big billionaires goes on and it's probably going to be
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something we'll see for, for several years. it's not just space tourism either. it's servicing the international space station. it's working with nasa, which base those is doing together with, with, with l on must, and their companies to try and come up with a lunar land or for a projected new mission to the moon. so this is all working kind of hand enhance with some government efforts, which will of course require a lot of financial support and technical expertise. but the, but that's part of the, the, the business of space is supporting government in space, not just varying rich people up to, to, to, to have views. although that is going to be part of it. apparently probably don't. thank you very much for that. we'll be checking back with you as the flight continues. for now. thank you. want to come on and you don't including
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warnings that the world's largest tropical rainforest is shrinking. false claims, endangered wildlife will going in for the painful life of the world's most famous mixed martial offers details later in the program. ah, thousands of people in both near and hertz vina has poles. 2 on the victims of the 1995 stripper needs a massacre as part of the memorial to mark the 26th anniversary of the genocide. the remains of 19 newly identified victims were buried with the worst mass, more murder in europe. since the 2nd world war, sevien forces killed more than 8000 people. mostly most men and boys. $20000.00 civilians were also expelled from the area around stripper need, so tonic them savage has more from the memorial interpreter. 26
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years later, 19 victims of the 7th genocide have found their it'll be the youngest. among them was just 16 years old when he was killed in the oldest had 63 years after the memorial. there is still a community that lives in severance and some of the challenges they face. one of the challenges they face and they emphasize on is the genocide denial. and that was the theme of the collaboration. the genocide denial has the sub, the genocide, denial is the lay of the latest or the last stage of genocide and it can indicate on other future suffering. that is why this issue is really important for the victims. bosnia and herzegovina doesn't have a law that forbids genocide denial because the bosnian serbs have the power of you know, in the parliament and they are using that power to block block, bringing that law into power. on the other hand,
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the international community has tools in the office of the high representative to bring that law into power regardless of the parliament and veto in the parliament. there are some indications that the current high representative will end in school who is leaving office at the end of this month might in the next days or weeks bring the flow into power. and in a way to bring a legacy to his tenure as the, as the high representative of international community in bosnia, the widow of haiti's, assassination president has spoken out for the 1st time since gunman storm accompanied home and killed her husband. jovan l. no wasted widow has accused political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. uncertainty about who will lead the island nation now threatens to deepen its political crisis . pinnacle hang reports from washington dc. the a sign of how scared people in haiti are a false rumors,
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spread on social media that the u. s. was giving out the says, a massive crowd showed up at the embassy only to be disappointed that it was faced with this reality. the haitian people are left to themselves, they cannot go out, they want to go to safe places. when people heard the rumors saying that the u. s. embassy is giving exile to the people. they came, the patient officials that us the us for more than that, a contingent of us troops to help secure the country without asking for the condition of the country. we're asking for smart schools and help us the us, me to report the troops will not be deployed. instead, they will say law enforcement to help with the investigation into the assassination of jovan elmo, eas, his widow, also injured in the shooting of this message on social media. no one knew who the president was fighting against these people, hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for
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roads, electricity drinking water supply, organization of the referendum an election for the final abolition of political transitions. the president has always believed in institutions and stability. it's not clear who paid for the mercenaries who allegedly carried out the attack, many of them former members of the columbia military. but while that investigation continues, so does the political uncertainty. the valley, the intern prime minister club joseph says he's in charge, but he was set to be replaced before the kill by ariel henry, who now along with politician joseph lam. bear says day we'll take over the land. bear tweeted that is saturday and your ration was postponed. there is behind the scenes pushing the country and in washington to figure out the way forward. but so far there is no clear solution for a poverty ravage country battered by gang violence, the corona virus. and now political incited, particle, hain, l g, 0, washington,
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italy and england will face off in the final of the euro, 2020 football championship at london's wembley stadium in just a few hours. this is the 1st final for the england men's team in europe. stop football tournament hoping to defeat lee her last lifted the trophy in 968th. adam rainy is standing by for us in a row, and we'll so have pull brennan, who is at wembley stadium where the final is going to be held. paul, i mean this must be a very exciting day for england fans. how's it going? man? liana said, already bouncing down here at wembley. the kick off is not until 8 pm local time from even before 2 pm at the whole, 6 hours before kicked off. found had already started to arrive at the fest, mastering of costumes george's outfits. for example, almost everybody i can say is growing in england. shots, not that many italian friends arriving at its early stage. there's been smoke class
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has been plaza, oregon, footballs flying around, and the being kicked high into the sky and landing randomly. i want to crowd and i may kick back up. i'm open to somebody else. the dates are open. yes. a couple of hours before they're allowed into the stadium itself over my shoulder, or enjoying milling around speaking to each other, predicting what the school might be, drinking lots and lots of alcohol. i have to say, i'm generally getting ready for what is a massive game for england tonight on a game. but certainly everybody here in the u. k. is extremely excited about. it's kind of transcendent sports. it's become a real national focus from politicians to school start to pop dogs and everybody is going to be glued to that television tonight here in the u. k. watching the game me included. hey, thank you for that pool pool. brandon, at wembley, they speak now to adam rainy, who is standing by in rome. very rome backdrop that adam,
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just tell us how fan's a feeling. they are people excited? yeah, very excited. i've just a couple 100 meters from where i'm standing is one of a few huge big screen fan areas where they're congregating and they're letting fans in. but you must have a ticket. the one and pets it puts a few kilometers from here. has a space for some 2500 fans who must have tickets to get in. likewise here around the corner from the coliseum, we've been walking around the center and seeing just heaving crowds because they're excited because they think this is there is to win that italy is on an upward trajectory. that's what you hear people saying, and many are, are seeing it in the larger context of the pandemic. i've heard many people coming to see this is redemption and they don't just mean for being shut out of the 2018 world cup. final turn meant, but they also mean since italy with the 1st western nation to be so hit hard by
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curb in 1900, that this is a moment for the country to shine and come together. now this is all happening also as the 1st attacking tennis player has made it into a single final at wimbledon. so although it's, it's not so loud right here where you see me all the bars and cafes have people glued to the television, watching my tail there, a teeny square off against joe cabbage, the number when tennis playing the world. many say days, don't think he has much of a chance, but it's part of this large excited moment happening here in italy, where on one day they see the 1st person man or woman ever to face off in a single final wimbledon and their team, the blues lea at drury facing of off against england, and they see themselves the people we're talking to as a favorite so far. all right, thank you very much for that. they've been and i'm rainy in rome, and you may have heard to england fans repeat that. the euro tournament is coming home. but sound fair with crowds that size and not many mosques on show. the only thing that's going home is corona vars. the delta variance behind arrives and
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infections with more than 30000 cases recorded over the past 4 days. spectators have been to get coven one, probably 900 tests or vaccine on monday, prime minister, lawrence johnson, and fit to confirm where the most of england lockdown rules will end. on july, the 19th, sunny gay has moved from london. the government seems to be still proceeding on its mission to unlock the legal requirements on the 19th of july. now this is caused a lot of concern from scientists from across the medical community, as well. with more than 120 scientists writing the medical journals alongside, criticizing the government, but conducting what it says is an unethical experiment on the health of, of the people in the u. k. and in england, especially where the legal requirements are due to be lifted out, while the vaccines minister, the hall, we had spoken about the fact that people will still be expected to wear mosques and
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crowded indoor situations. the fact that it comes down to personal responsibility as the government has been housing really is leaving people and scientists, especially in deep consent. that said, this is just simply not enough that a lot of people are going to write off the pandemic as being something that is fading away. it's most certainly is not fading away. over the past few days. in england, you've had infections of about $30000.00 plus every single day of people who are coming down with as many of the delta various as well. of course, the successful vaccine program has weakened the link between getting infected with cobit and resulting in hospital or even dying as well. but that's not to say that those cases are non existent. they've to go to san a is a clinical epidemiologist in thing electra at queen mary university of london. she says, plans to ease restrictions could undo hard one progress. opening up in the middle
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of a raging pandemic with exponentials rises my cases a doubling every 9 days is completely negligent. i own how the secretary has said that we are going to see more than 100000 daily cases over the summer. and lessons, something like that ripped through the population when only 51 percent of our population fully vaccinated is completely reckless and will have long term impact on people's how our health care services moving forward. giving that the major groups that are being impacted. now, young adults and children where cases are literally skyrocketing and we know that this isn't an acute net for many people as a chronic unless i need to chronic. we're coming in to go live now to these pictures. of course that much anticipated flight virgin galactic flight subaltern sub whole flight with richard branson on board. these live pictures you can see that now the space claim, the white night aircraft,
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the miss eve dropping off to carry the rocket powered space. be assess unity. continuing on that rocket power, you can see it there are taking off, it's going up exceeding 3 g's or, or 3 times a force on earth, gravity. i'm going to continue climbing to some orbital space. ah, they'll be about 3 to 4 minutes of weightlessness at that point. of course richard branson, virgin galactic pilot chief launch is on board making this very important moment for space tourism. for space travel i guess can reach a max altitude of 88 kilometers above the earth. this is one of the final test missions before it aims. before virgin galactic aims to start commercial space tourism next year, one release,
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release relief. clean release. ignition good rocket motor burn. there's mock one trimming. now. the pilots are now unlocking the feather and as soon as they do that, it's going to initiate a back flip or spaceship unity. this is normal. we want those windows pointed down towards the earth to maximize that incredible view. so feather is coming up now and the pilots are also enabling the r c s or reaction control system, which is what they'll use to control the attitude of the vehicle while we're outside the atmosphere. alright, feather is all the way up. we're out about 250000 feet now in climbing. as soon as we cross the boundary to space. we'll hear a word from our founder sir richard branson.
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welcome to face unity 22. so he's just joining us that tears. virgin galactic sub or whistle flight with founder richard branson on board. they are exceeding 3 times the force of earth's gravity to rockets above the atmosphere. reach your max altitude of 88 kilometers is above the let's go to a lot of cameras. listen in things today and we'll be sure to capture his magical words and share them with the world when they're available. we reached apogee, 282000 feet. remember the day, remember where you are, and remember who you shared this with. and remember the name verging galactic because today a space is virgin territory. the culmination of
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a life's work more than half a century since the world rejoiced in and was transformed by humans leaving planet earth. sir richard branson fulfilled his long held dream of experiencing space with his crew. congratulations again, richard and congratulations also to sir risa in calling unbecoming astronauts today . and welcome back to speak to dave mike and beth. oh, you can see him now. so we're on the re entry portion of our flight now and that the mission specialists are heading back to their seats. our training team has worked really hard on this portion of the flight to make it very natural and intuitive for passengers. now when we talk about space travel, a lot of people no unexpected booth portion of the flight to be loud and thrilling . but what's interesting is re entry is also very similar. as supersonic air is
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flowing over the vehicle in the feathered configuration, shock waveform on top of the cabin, which are audible to those inside. and for those of you on site watching on the ground, you should be able to hear a double sonic boom as the ship. unity once again breaks the sound barrier. ok, some incredible live pictures. they're coming from virgin galactic feed of that sub orbital flight above the earth with the virgin galactic richard branson on board. one of the final test missions before brands and hopes to start commercial space tourism next year. let's speak to alan boyle, who is a contributing editor at geek wire, who is joining us from seattle by scott. so just run through what we've just been hearing there. so we're, we're now on the re entry portion of this flight. that's correct. that they
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did have the engine burn for full duration and so you can the on flight in flight video even shows folks floating in general g. and so this is the highlight of the ride is to get a view of the curving earth and to spend a few minutes in weightlessness. get out of your seats and, and do do a role, which apparently they're doing. so this is the big, this is the big moment. this is in. yeah, kind of, i'm frustrating the images. i mean, as would be expected the images from inside the cabin a little yeah. going and then that far above above the earth you would expect as much. i mean just really wanted to go images what, what are these guys going to be experiencing up there? i mean, you would imagine the views would be incredible. the speed must fail quite unusual if you're not used to going up on a rocket ship. right. so it's a.


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