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started throwing stones and that's enough. fire or police on horseback moved in to clear the area the news is full crowds. good was in the spread of 19 in the u. k, but the government says it's pressing ahead with reopening plans. ah rahman, you're watching. i was there like my headquarters here and coming up in the next 30 minutes. 19 victims of the threat burning semester being laid to rest 26 years after the genocide. also ready to take off. but is billy and richard branson just hours away from blasting off on a mission to kickstart base tourism and was 5 full people to flee that homes in the us as a heat wave brings near reco temperatures. ah,
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welcome to the program. we begin with the current virus pandemic can the advance of the delta variance across numerous countries with a strange feeling, a rapid rise in cases in the u. k. british authority. the warning against large gatherings that of 65000 people are due to phil wembley stadium for the euro 2020 football championship final. it'll be the biggest crowd in a british stadium since the start of the pandemic. australia is also grappling with the delta variant cases, a continuing to rise in the south wales and they haven't gone down despite the countries biggest cities. sidney being in its 3rd week of locked down the number of people exposed in the community. not anticipating the numbers in the south wells will be greater than a 100 tomorrow. now,
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that's what i'm anticipating and i'll be shocked if it's less than a 100. this time tomorrow, if additional new cases. so we can't stress enough. the importance of not only following the rules, but also realizing the risk. so the south korea, which will impose tougher restrictions in the capital after another $1300.00 infections in the past 24 hours. the sole and neighboring areas will move to the strictest level of social distance thing. and the 1st time on monday, i will hear more about the situation in south korea from robert br. actually the 1st histone in london, the government seems to be still proceeding on its mission to unlock the legal requirements on the 19th of july. now this is caused a lot of concern from scientists from across the medical community, as well. with more than 120 scientists writing the medical journals alongside, criticizing the government, but conducting what it says is an unethical experiment on the health of,
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of the people in the u. k. and in england, especially where the legal requirements are due to be lifted out, while the vaccines minister in the hall, we had spoken about the fact that people will still be expected to wear mosques and crowded indoor situations. the fact that it comes down to personal responsibility as the government has been housing really is leaving people and scientists, especially in deep consent. that said, this is just simply not enough that a lot of people are going to write off the pandemic as being something that is fading away. it's most certainly is not fading away of the past few days. in england, you've had infections of about $30000.00 plus every single day of people who are coming down with as many of the delta variants as well. of course, the successful vaccine program has weakened the link between getting infected with cobit and resulting in hospital or even dying as well. but that's not to say that
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those cases are non existent. that restrictions are being brought back into south career, including the closure of schools and balls. rob bride is in soul with more on the surgeon cases. i think what's really worried, the forty's here is just the speed all the surge that pretty much overnight. we've seen almost a doubling up new cases being recorded in the last few days received over 1300 new cases per day. a lot of this seems to be have to do with the people premise, show the letting down that god imparted partly due to the delta variance, but only small number of those cases. largely, it seems to be people going out more not taking the kind of restrictions that they should do it less in parties because as we roll out the vaccination campaign around 30 percent of the population have now had at least one job. and as we are getting
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people vaccinated, the government has been putting out messages, saying that if i really try to incentivize people, that when that number comes up, they will get at the vaccination. so for example, if you've had one job than ever now you need to be where we go mosque in public. if you're completely vaccinated, you can be meeting in larger groups. and this has had the effect of almost telling people that we are emerging from this. and of course we haven't been people have been going out for the people who've been getting infected in these clusters would have been largely impacting around the sol area. have been younger people, people in the twenties and thirties a while around a 3rd of the population has been vaccinated. they've that sex the population, which is largely unvaccinated and somewhat vulnerable. right, that the private space race is finally here. we've won a 3000000000 our business been ready to lead the way in taking tours into orbit, which it brands in virgin galactic. jeff brussels is blue origin along with a la musk is states x,
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a competing head to head in the emerging space tourism business. now the success of these ventures could pay a way to make space tourism mainstream, at least well or high paying customers. runnels reports on how we went from space, travel to space tourism. in 1961, soviet cosmos. you're a good garden blasted into outer space, and as his was stop rocket blasted off guard and shouted cheerfully. that means let's go. the guards 108 minutes and space was the beginning of the space age and age space heroes. gara was idolized at home and travelled the world, cheered everywhere by jubilant crowds. his american counterparts, alan shepard, followed by john glenn were similarly lauded as courageous adventurers when later became a us senator and ran unsuccessfully for president pasco is go for docking. used to
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go for doc and it's up to you guys. the space race was a cold war era strategic competition between the soviet union and the u. s. with military overtones. but it also had a genuine air of optimism and idealism, seen by many as the next great stage and the human saga, and perhaps a forest for global brotherhood around the world. kids dreamed of growing up to be space men and women, and lift off of discovery. well, things sure have changed from symbols of national greatness and demonstrations of doing ideology based travel today is all about money and ego that russia actually started the rich space tourist trend, offering seats on a so use spacecraft for half the fees. they feel i dream will become a reality. richard branson, never shy of the media spotlight will swoop base ward aboard a version good,
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lactic spacecraft from a base in new mexico, followed by amazon founder jeff bezos, aboard blue origin. a week later, i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i wanted to do all my life. what's really good about the mission? the 3rd space billionaire ilan mosque says he's interested in taking one of his space, ex rockets to the moon one day. and after that may be mar leaders away. most can bases are duelling for contracts to supply the international space station and nasa's luna lander branson wants to create a space tourism industry for well healed travelers willing to pay several $100000.00 for a quick jaunt. there is big money to be made at one lab, but somehow it all seems a little less noble than in the early days when the apollo astronauts left behind
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on the moon, a plaque reading. we came in peace for all mankind. the new space tie coons may not have the right stuff, but they've got all the bucks, rob reynolds al jazeera. let's take it above me as the governor now where the remains of the 19 victims of the 1995 shepherd eats, a massacre being laid to rest on the anniversary of the genocide burial in both the governor's monks. 26 years in serbian forces killed more than 8000 mostly most men and boys. it was the worst mass murder in europe since the 2nd world war. $20000.00 civilians also expelled the area around shepherd headache and to some of it she is covering the burial for us and has more from the memorial friends in shepherd eat. so more than 10000 people are gathered here. that
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is to say that the 1st of all, that the logical situation involves under control in the last couple of months. basically, the panoramic lead global dignitaries couldn't be here in person. they send their video messages that were played on the race. and the congregation is nearing over that, and you can see that you can hear the put on recital and the points on the come on the ration all come to one. genocide, denial is unacceptable. and that is something that has to stop. they mean by most mean on the republic of serbia 10 years ago, it was reluctant to recognize it as a genocide. but the reason we are witnessing a campaign open and blatant genocide, denial doesn't have a problem with recognizing that massacre happened. the people were killed but they
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have a problem with the legal verification of the genocide because because that has heavier, heavier birds. and that's why the people involved and especially evictions are kind of sensitive. when someone uses the term massacre instead of february and genocide like stream heat is building in the western united states with reco breaking temperatures, forecast for california and nevada, that come just weeks after another dangerous he twice as alex here, brian explains me, this is the largest wildfire of the year in california groaning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fire, sparked by lightning, doubled in size between friday and saturday. fires rolling down. here is one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat dome, pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. those are the effects of climate change here it's
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real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists are predicted. with scorching temperatures across penn state's 30000000 americans are facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold delays, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated or others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity, old system. then they just tend to break on hot day. they can take the heat, they over heat their warnings, a dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and historic heat wave estimated to killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperature is baking visitors at california,
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joshua tree, national park thought is place on our site. this is a hot, it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley also in the mojave desert reached $53.00 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday . if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped my aircraft to fight the fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast is say, even if the temperatures don't continue to break records, the widespread, oppressive, and long lasting heat remains the threat alex there brian al jazeera, at least 12 people have been killed after that. many of us crushed an eastern turkey. now the vehicle caught fire after tumbling into a ditch in van province navy iranian border. they were carrying migrants from guns
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on buckets on bangladesh. the end of the bus has been detained, will still had hit on al jazeera, if his ruling policy went last. the parliamentary election paving the way to prime minister ahmed to serve a 2nd term and the silver screen goes green, will tell you what the shares can film festival is doing to help the environment to stay with. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. the seasonal rains got a long way north. they are giving japan a bit of arrest. the moment, the senators car, there are a few shouts. it's nothing significant. now the main bit is running up through china and notice beijing on monday and orange surrounding beijing and everywhere
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else is like to be heavy rain with big hail it and quite possibly a flash flood risk. the bottom end of it might start to reader, develop over the west above the yankee, otherwise it's actually fairly dry for a good part of china. except for this ne, same is true for the korean peninsula. not true for japan caught its southern ground, is always a risk of studying rationally, which doesn't look too serious to me. that further west, the monsoons also bloomed again. it was taking a few days off and now all the way down the west and gets and off into good europe . chances are they will be significant rain that are warnings for go and beyond. out in land in the state, just hang on a warnings of heavy rain. that rains also showing itself up in deli, up in the hole. in fact, a good part of pakistan and in the center where it's been dry, it looks like you can see the 1st proper showers. that is on tuesday. so we could probably say by that time the monsoons got as far last is going to go. now we just wait to the rain to continue sponsored pay cut on
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airways. frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the, by the ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much more embraced as iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their politics then their life has been shaped by vitamin, the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera. ah, ah, the me. what's in there with me? so he'll run the reminder of all top stories you can afford. he's
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a warning against large gatherings of cases of the cove in 1900 delta, very, and dr. but london is hosting a massive sporting event on sunday. $65000.00 people are expected at wembley stadium for the euro, 2020 football fun in just a few hours. a 1000000000 richard brands and will blast off to the edge of space and his company rocket ship. the trip marks the official stars of the race to send pain passengers into orbit for astronomical price. and remains of 1900 victims of the 995 shepherds. the massacre are being laid to rest. on the anniversary of the genocide, the burial in bosnia and herzegovina, monks 26 years in the 4th of killed, more than 8000 mostly muslim men and boys. it's an election that was seen as a test for its prime minister and results show that he said to serve another term of the arm as ruling party won a majority of seats in parliament votes that he calls historic. now the landslide
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victory in the june election, the prosperity party and should be all met a 2nd time in office, but it was overshadowed by boycott of the opposition ethnic violence and conflict in northern t cry. now the widow of haiti's assassinated president has spoken of the 1st time since armed men attacked them in the home juvenile employees as widow who was injured in the attack as accuse political enemies of organizing his killing just stop the democratic change. meanwhile, political instability is intensify. patty calhoun reports the washington d. c. a sign of how scared people in haiti are a false rumors, spread on social media that the u. s. was giving out the says, a massive crowd showed up at the embassy only to be disappointed that it faced with this reality, the haitian people are left to themselves. they cannot go out. they want to go to safe places. when people heard the rumors saying that the u. s. embassy is giving
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exiled to the people they came, the patient officials about the us for more than that, a contingent of us troops to help secure the country without asking for the condition of the question. we are asking for more troops to proceed and head us the us, me to report the troops will not be deployed. instead they will send law enforcement to help with the investigation into the assassination of job and elmo eas. his widow also injured the shooting, said this message on social media, not call me when you knew who the president was fighting against these people, hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for roads, electricity drinking water supply, organization of the referendum and elections for the final abolition of political transitions. the president has always believed, and institutions and stability. it's not clear who paid for the mercenaries who allegedly carried out the attack,
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many of them former members of the columbia military. but while that investigation continues, so does the political uncertainty. the valley, the intern prime minister clod, joseph says he's in charge, but he was said to be replaced before the killing by ariel henry, who now along with politician joseph lim, bear says day will take over. land bear tweeted that is saturday and your ration was postponed. there is a behind the scenes pushing the country and in washington to figure out the way forward. but so far there is no clear solution for a poverty ravaged country battered by gang violence. the corona virus and now political incited, particle haine al jazeera washington. the more guns take your poems and joining the fight against the taliban as the group continues, is rapid events north citizens and dance going security forces battle telephone scientists on the outskirts of couldn't do on
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saturday. the groups made gains in recent weeks and claims to be in control of 85 percent of the country. but the army commander in conducive forces of managed to keep them out of the city itself on what they had no idea for us and african forces are ready to defend their homeland. and during the past few days, the enemy has carried out a massive offensive in the city of condos, but they say strong resistance from our forces and suffered heavy losses. as a result of fighting between venezuelan security forces and gangs in the capital crackers have killed at least $26.00 people, including 4 police officers. almost a 1000 armed offices entered for poor neighborhoods. on friday, several bystanders believes to be amongst the dead because the claims of violence on an alleged plot by the opposition to destabilize president nicholas madeira. now, the rate of deforestation in brazil's amazon rain forest rose to the 4th consecutive month in june. and the major concerns that it'll only get worse with more drought and forest fires expected. so highlight possible new dangerous,
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showing the world's largest tropical rain forests is shrinking fast scientists. a few years been warning that the amazon is disappearing. it's an alarming rates, especially in brazil. it's the last refuge from any endangered wildlife and home to millions of species. some of them still on identified. and there's that shows that the deforestation of the brazilian amazon rose for the 4th consecutive month in june, hitting a record high in the 1st 6 months of this year alone. it went up by 17 percent. more than 3500 square kilometers of amazon. have been cleared already, that's almost 3 times the size of the city of rio de janeiro. many blame the government. phil is committed to smiles. this continues to happen because of the government's environmental policy. encouraged by the national congress. i think for climate change summit hosted by us president joe biden,
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brazil's present able scenario pledged to eliminate the illegal logging of the amazon in the next few years that they make. you know, i'm determined that we will achieve our climate neutrality by 205010 years ahead of our previous target. but satellite imagery suggests otherwise, an environmental is say, sensible scenario, took office in 2019. the destruction has been happening at a rapid rate as institutions and legislations to protect the rain forest and its indigenous people are increasingly marginalized. earlier this month and after weeks of protest, brazil supreme court sustained a ruling bikes by the farming sector. the would limit recognition of indigenous land. he didn't approve our lease is an attempt to pass laws in the national congress will both for 19 that takes away the territorial rights of indigenous people. it's a signal to log an illegal form on the rain forest grounds that are willing to commit crimes from the invasion of indigenous territories. deforestation,
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and section fires. scientists say the protection of the amazon is vital to curbing climate change because of the vast amounts of greenhouse gas is that the forest absorbs june. however, had the biggest number of forest fires since 2007, and that's only a fraction of those seen annually during the peak of drought season in august and september. and now their phase, the worst is yet to come. so to hide it, al jazeera lily his century after with 1st directions in charlottesville, virginia, the statue of robert e. lee has been removed. it comes 4 years after the deadly weekend of violence on look as including black lives matter supporters. chit, as the figure of the confederate general was pulled down from the pedestal and the galler has the story. the campaign is in charlottesville, 4 years to remove the statue of confederate, general and slave. oh no, robert e. lee. on saturday morning,
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the long battle came to fruition its peaceful crowd walked a controversial figure of this nation's troubled racial. past remove the statue, and another of general thomas stonewall. jackson will be kept in a secure location both se activists symbols of a shameful past. they were finally ready to be a community that doesn't telegraph to our public arts that we are pretty fine with white privacy. 4 years ago, plans to remove lease, to became a flashpoint white nationalist. descended on charlottesville in scenes that shocked the world. august 2017. 32 year old has a he was killed with a neo nazi rammed his car into a crowd of anti racism. protestors who kill it was late a sentence to life in prison, where the people are one step closer to the tranquillity promised by
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the writers of the constitution to form a more perfect union. we are so far from the perfect union, yet one step closer today. as these 2 statues come down in the years that followed memorials to the pro slavery confederacy would taken down across the us even more following the death of george floyd at the hands of a white police officer for the young people out there. i hope that this empowered you to speak up on the issues that matter if they take part in your own cities and communities, no platform for white supremacy, no platform rates for racism and no platform for critically to start use a part of the heritage of the u. s. a southern states. others, reminders of racial discrimination and oppression that's never gone away. according to the southern poverty law center, hundreds of symbols of the confederacy remain in place across the us. even as the
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fight continues to remove them. states like alabama, mississippi and tennessee or inactive policies to protect them. the gala corral to 0, washington proves right wing presidential candidate cake for murray is demanding the element of 200000 votes from last month selection. which maureen has made repeated claims of supporters of her political rival hazard castillo sole votes in rural areas. the theme has the lead of some $44000.00 votes, though the final result has yet to be officially confirmed militia. the cannes film festival has gone green. the long over due commitment include several measures to offset its carbon footprint. it also lost a new standalone sections focusing on climate change. that's actually butler meant one of it. some basset is french star by the end quota, who produced one of these 7 film selected. you document tree bigger than off follows environmental campaigner malott. visa actually travels the world to meet
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other young activists for injectors mario coffee. our produce the film. she says the young people in it give her hope because they have a lot to teach us. they have a lot to say, and just because they're aware of the situation more than older generations and, and because they act, they do things because he's one of a number of films about climate change. the film festival, when organizes if given ecology, top billing for the 1st time visit, the can have to pay a green tags. it is money that is used to all set for festivals. carbon footprint is an example of how the movie industry is increasingly trying to tackle it's put loosing practices with for the sake of knowledge, cruise, transportation, and travel. film productions can be big, polluted. but paul, to the industry are changing. profile studios near my se offers
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a more sustainable way to make films. solar panels provide power for recycled and light. so no energy motional. there's only this. i want to leave a better planet for my children. and sustainability is also important in terms of marketing, because many movie companies wants to film in clean green studios. so this gives us an advantage on the power set of historic drama to furnish president this consultancy sustainable filmmaking, which uses waste and cost to this autonomy the heavier we can easily lower films, carbon footprint, but not using generators for example. but we also try a whole system for everyone, including suppliers to think differently. because yeah, it's essential that the industry adapt. i'm really thankful that they're taking this you know, the turn because because it's, it must face an act. a film festival that attracts tens of
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thousands of people from around the world isn't an obvious standard bearer for the climate emergency fight. but when it comes to raising awareness, what happens and can gets noticed? natasha butler, i'll just, sarah can ah, you know, there with me to hell rom, the reminder of all top stories you can forward. he's a warning against large gatherings in cases of the cave in 1900 delta variant rise, but london hosting a massive sporting event on sunday. 65000 people are expected at wembley stadium for the euro. 2020 football final. south korea will impose tough a restrictions in the capital so after another sharp rise in.


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