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vitamin some in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, the us is always of interest, the people around the world. this is been going on for a number of what's being used to push the price by report. so it's an active perspective to try to explain to your mobile audience and why it's important that could impact their life at the height of the storm. water was too high, it wouldn't be there. but my, hey, this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to what we're going to do is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, a
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they're watching. the news are on al jazeera with me fully by people, reminder of our top stories, u. k. so these are warning against large gatherings, those cases of the covered 1900 delta, various rise, but london, hosting a massive sporting event on sundays. 65000 people are expected when the stadium for the euro 2020 football final in just a few hours. u k. billionaire richard branson will blast off to the edge of space in his company's rocket ship. the trip marked the official side of the race defend paying passengers into orbit for astronomical. and the remains of 1900 victims of the 199570. a massacre being laid to rest on the anniversary of the genocide. the burial in bosnia and herzegovina. march 2016 in the importers. more than a 1000, mostly moving men and boys, the widow haiti's assassinated president has spoken out for the 1st time since
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armed men attacks them in their home, killing her husband and injuring her. driven on wes's widow has accused political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. meanwhile, political instability is intensifying in haiti as particle have reports. a sign of how scared people in haiti are a false rumors, spread on social media that the u. s. we're giving out the says, a massive crowd showed up at the embassy only to be disappointed that it was faced with this reality. the haitian people are left to themselves, they cannot go out. they want to go to safe places. when people heard the rumors saying that the u. s. embassy is giving exiled to the people they came, the patient officials about the us for more than that, a contingent of us troops to help secure the country. we're asking for the vision of the country. we're asking for smart schools and help us the us,
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me to report the troops will not be deployed. instead they will say law enforcement to help with the investigation into the assassination of jovan elmo, eas, his widow also entered in the shooting, sent this message on social media. know, you knew who the president was fighting against these people, hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for roads, electricity, drinking water supply, organisation of the referendum, an election for the final abolition of political transitions. the president has always believed and institutions and stability. it's not clear who paid for the mercenaries who allegedly carried out the attack, many of them former members of the columbia military. but while that investigation continues, so does the political uncertainty. bali, the intern prime minister clod, joseph says he's in charge, but he was set to be replaced before the killing by ariel henry, who now along with politician joseph lead, bear says de will take over the land. bear tweeted that is saturday and your ration
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was postponed. there is a behind the scenes pushing the country and in washington to figure out the way forward. but so far there is no clear solution for a poverty ravage country battered by gang violence. the corona virus. and now political incited particle, hain, l g 0, washington. can i, jerry, and now where dozens of schools have been forced to close because of a series of mass kidnappings of students, incidents have ended the education of many pupils, but sunday came, refused to be scared off and they're taking risks to chase said to have dreams one of the students kidnapped from a boy secondary school in the northwest, spoke to him, just 0 about he is how he is determined to get an education, despite the dangerous my name is alicia, and i school isn't romance. ask. i'm just going to come here to go to us and go to school and find
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a new class. i don't like my new go woman. i was going to school. so i and i own one and security maxima and plus, and then you energy. i mean, that is what i i want to city my manager over this. i know that i'm not there. it's not. like i said that the landing is not. would you tell us that in the line doing is not good is learning is good because mama righty she's learning students who are very young really. and the crease it is nice, nice. when i was
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in the wish me i was can i because i do think the have the new situation where i'm, i'm well that is well i have to run the fight and said that we should move up to anything can happen in the way you said that she would have to go to the women. did that able to through to you? she would to now you're going to school now to him line. well, i speak to peter hawkins about this. he's the unicef representative in nigeria. enjoying this now from a buddha, peter, very good to have you with us on our job here. why are school children in nigeria in particular being targeted was feeling this crisis. there are a number of things that are feeling the crisis and in this crisis, remember,
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has been going on for a number of years, but intensified since december. and one of the key issues here is to try and generate intelligence to understand what is fueling this crisis. so you have the insurgency primarily in the north east, which is fundamentally ideological. you have conflict in different parts of the country, mainly around the settlers and, and the, the nomad think you also have the criminality element, which is a looking at the store should they are a soft targets the schools. many of them are in the rural areas, a lot of them have very little protection around them and actually taking $300.00 girls while logistically, very difficult in terms of security as it is quite easy that they are soft targets with a lot to gain from it. what impact is, is having are these kidnappings and attacks having on, on nigeria education system profound and let's not forget on the children
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themselves. it's the most intensive. i mean, i go to a correspondent to finding a child who has seen this as a positive thing to come back and the resilience of those children are fantastic. but we cannot underestimate the profound impact on these children and psychosocial care for them is of our 1st priority. but parents themselves, who are saying in different parts of the country, look, look what's happening over that. is it going to happened to my school where my children are at, and not any schools being close, but parents are withdrawing their children from school. so this kind and that's having a profound impact on the morale of education on the learning experience and the continuous learning experience the children require and have a right to, let's not forget. and it builds on the uncertainty that the covered 19 pandemic has brought to the learning experience. so what's been done then peter,
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to secure the schools and make these school children safe? i know that i say school initiative was launch after the she bought the girls kidnapping, but that doesn't cover the northwest of nigeria where these recent kidnappings have happened. how successful has that initiative been and what's being done by the government to make schools more safe? as you rightly points out those initiative in the north, north, east after the gulf that, that continues, that is more into different ways of looking at security around education. not only around the schools themselves, but education within the schools, around conflict, around land mines. and also bringing children into safe areas where they can formally or informally continue their education. and we've seen the success of that in, in my degree where there are thousands of children going to school. and that's so many that traffic jams during the day compared to in 2015, for example,
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where there were no schools in new children's school. but in the northwest we brought together the minister of finance, brought together the security sector, the ministry of education, the governors and the international community to agree on a compact, on understanding what is the underlying problem. so the intelligence of what it is to try and get the state to state and security plans to see where are the problems and what all those problems and trying to secure schools and secure education. but i think the most important part of all of this is the relationship between the schools and their community is trying to enhance that show the community, the value of learning showed, gives the community some sort of incentive that they would protect the, the schools themselves. so many are in many of these attacks. it's the local people
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who have been helping the attacks take place. okay, thank you so much for talking to us about this. peter hawkins, is the same. you said in nigeria, thank you for your time. thank you. thank you. more afghans were taking up arms, enjoying the fight against the taliban as the group continues, its rapid advance north on citizens in afghan security force has battled taliban fighters on the outskirts of conduce on saturday. the goose made gains in recent weeks and claims to be in control of 85 percent of a country by the army commander in conducive his forces of managed to keep them out of can do city itself on what a 100 i wanted to focus on gun forces are ready to defend the homeland during the past few days, the enemy has carried out some massive offensive in the city of condos, but they say strong resistance from our forces and suffered heavy losses as a result that the taliban extends its control across the galveston many women fear
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the gaines have made in the past 20 years, could be lost, had the bar is entering director of the women's rights division, not human rights watch. she says international community has a responsibility to provide safety for afghan women. you know, the taliban is gaining territory rapidly and when they gain control of a new area, they're moving very quickly to implement policies that are pretty much identical to how they treated women pre test. and then one, i can women all across the country, no matter where they are feeling really terrified. some of them are looking for ways to please the country. some of them are, you know, appearing in some of these images that we've seen of women taking up arms and many others are just sort of quietly contemplating what their life will look like if they can no longer study or work, or even leave their home alone. to go out and carry on the daily business. i think
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there's been a big focus on trying to help people who were military interpreters get to safety. and that's very important, but they're not the only ones that risk the international community really encourage and urge african women to step up to play leadership role to be prominent and speak out about women's rights. and in their hurry departure, they don't seem to have thought very much about what the consequences might be for the women who, who took that invitation. so we think that providing visas for women who feel they have no choice, but fleet to flee is, is something urgently important and a responsibility that countries out these women fighting between venezuelan security forces and gangs in the capital, cracka says can be at least $26.00 people including 4 police officers, almost a 1000 armed officers, entered for poor neighborhoods on friday,
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several bystanders. i believe to have been among the dead. the government blamed for violence. tony alleged flawed by the opposition to the sublime president nicholas my duel nearly a century after it was 1st erected in charlottesville, virginia. the statue of robert e. lee has been removed. it come 4 years after a sponsor, a deadly weekend of violence on lookers, including black lives matter support. as ga, as the figure of the confederate general was pulled down from a sped stone and gallagher reports. the campaign is in charlottesville, 4 years to remove the statue of confederate, general and slave. oh no, robert e. lee. on saturday morning, the long battle came to fruition its peaceful crowd watched a controversial figure of this nation's troubled racial. past remove the statue and another of general thomas stonewall. jackson will be kept in a secure location, both se activists symbols of a shameful past were finally ready to be
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a community that doesn't telegraph to our public arts that we are pretty fine with wait from 4 years ago, plans to remove lisa, you became a flash point to white nationalist descended on charlottesville in scenes that shocked the world. august 2017. 32 year old has a he was killed with a neo nazi rammed his car into a crowd of anti racism. protestors who kill it was late a sentence to life in prison, where the people are one step closer to the tranquillity promised by the writers of the constitution to form a more perfect union. we are so far from the perfect union, yet one step closer today. as these 2 statues come down in the years that followed memorials to the pro slavery confederacy were taken down
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across the us even more following the death of george floyd at the hands of a white police officer for the young people out there. i hope that this empower you to speak up on the issues that matter. is it take part in your own cities and communities? no platform for white supremacy. no platform rates for racism and no platform for critics or the start use a part of the heritage of the u. s. it's southern states, others, reminders of racial discrimination and oppression that's never gone away. according to the southern poverty law center, hundreds of symbols of the confederacy remain in place across the us, even as the fight continues to remove them. states like alabama, mississippi and tennessee or inactive policies to protect them. the gala caroll da 0, washington. any minute now has left, he is really prime, is his official residence nearly a month after being ousted from office. his departure from the homeless part of
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a deadline agreed with a new leader enough. tiny bennet protesters have gathered outside the residents every week for much of the past year, demanding, now resign over corruption allegations. he was seated last month after failing to form a government. po francis has appeared in public for the 1st time since undergoing colon for jury. a week ago. he led sunday praise from the balcony of his hospital in rome, doctor se the 84 year old pontiff is recovering well. it was the 1st time he's been in hospital since becoming the head of the roman catholic church in 2013. at his, his can film festival has gone green. the long overdue commitment includes several measures to offset its carbon footprint. it also launched a new standalone section focusing on climate change. a tasha butler met one of its ambassadors. frank saw my uncle tia who produced one of the 7 films selected documentary bigger than off, follows environmental campaigner malati visa. and as she travels the world to meet
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other young activists for injectors, mario katia produced the film. she says the young people in it give her hope because they have a lot to teach us. they have a lot to say. and just because they're aware of the situation more than older generations and, and because they act, they do things bigger than all these one of a number of films about climate change. the film festival, when organizes if given a quality top billing for the 1st time visit, the can have to pay a green tags. it is money that is used to offset the festivals. carbon footprint is an example of how the movie industry is increasingly trying to tackle. it's put new practices with for the sake of knowledge, cruise, transportation, and travel. film productions can be big, polluted, but pulse of the industry are changing. profiles, studios, near mouth, se offers
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a more sustainable way to make films. solar panels provide power for recycled and light. so no energy marshall. there's only this i want to leave a better planet for my children. and sustainability is also important in terms of marketing, because many movie companies want to film in clean green studios. so this gives us an advantage on the power set of historic drama to furnish presidents this consultancy sustainable filmmaking, which uses waste and cost to this dummy the heavier we can easily lower a films, carbon footprint, but not using gen sizes for example. but we also try a whole system for everyone, including suppliers to think differently, katia, it's essential that the industry adapt. i'm really thankful that they're taking this you know this turn because because it's, it's, you must face an act. a film festival that attracts tens of thousands of
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people from around the world isn't an obvious standard bearer for the climate emergency fight. but when it comes to raising awareness, what happens in can gets noticed. natasha butler. i'll just sarah can still ahead on the news. our celebration breakout, argentine after they become the cobra america champions. more mass coming up, racial in full say with ah, when freedom of the press is under threat, you know, you just cause thought genuinely about your thoughts toward the bacon government step outside the mainstream. the has been a implement here, some of access port shift, the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be
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a handy little prefect, the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on our award winning programming from international. so make one quick. so it's straight on the back of the global discussion. what guarantee the right to take the life giving voice. the voice here in california is almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well today, this is what the picture looks like. the, the world from a different perspective on houses here like the ah
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time before his fire, fully thank you so much. after 20 years without a trophy and a major football tournament, thousands of virgin tinian fans are celebrating their victory over brazil in the copa america final. a 1st half goal was enough to clench a hard fought game in brazil. daniel swine miller reports from point affairs. within minutes of the final whistle blowing an american stadium in rio de janeiro auto time fans, the gang gathering in the center went osiris and towns and cities across the country to celebrate winning a trophy that not captured 993. before many of them were born, i'm already gone, then we are very happy. the truth is with these difficult times we are living through. this has made us very happy. we're going to celebrate with the children. i really, really, i'm happy. i'm happy. i've been waiting for this moment for my whole life. it makes me very happy. thank you. messy for being arjun time. oh,
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my heart is bursting with happiness. not winning the copper america or the wolf top is simply not good enough rugs in time football fans to consider their team. one of the best in the world left with the best player in the world. in leonor messy. yeah, he's been beaten finally several times in the 34 years old. many will wondering what he will lift a major international trophy. now he has many fans is happy for him. they are for odds and tina. it was a difficult told about off the container, brazil both self ring a very high infection and death rate with the cobra. 19 pandemic. this moment of the fracture of light relief, what has been a very difficult time. other people across south america. it was almost a tournament and never happened to tune they did. in the midst of the corona, virus pandemic and political turmoil container and columbia being forced to
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withdraw his co host this weeks before it started, and brazil offering the host at the last minute. despite the controversy, despite the cobra 19 restriction, the football went ahead and tina little messy emerge, victorious. the celebrations are likely to continue for some time to come and show the router 0. what osiris i use? england will be playing in their biggest match in 55 years later this sunday as they take on italy and the european championship final. this will be garris southgate sides 1st major final since 1966 english need to overcome an italian team has not lost in 33 games, but they'll get plenty of support from the 65000 fans at wembley,
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the majority of which will be sharing them on fantastic to have and obviously a letter from the queen message from the prime minister to all of the team. and the recognition that the players and all the staff have gone about this in the right way. we had a fabulous reception when we left saint georges, all the local villages that come out and lining the route, and people pulled over in lay buyers. and so you got more of a sense of what's going on outside the bubble. we've been in 55 years sensing lends want to major tournaments about the way it hasn't been nearly as long for italy as last trophy was the 2006 world cup. after flying in from florence on saturday, the italians arrived at tottenham training ground where their base and they were agreed by some italian fans living in the u. k. who were singing is coming rome parody of the england champs. it's coming home
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that ella fina, we hope we can hear our fans at the end of the game during the match. we'll have to think about other things that we'll have to think about performing, creating chances, scoring goals, defending well, so many things we have to think about during the match. so i hope i can hear them at the end when the there was a disappointing and cronner mcgregor as late as u. f. c finds the irishman left leg collapse beneath him towards the end of the 1st round. as he took on dustin for a in las vegas, he was unable to continue with 40 or winning by a technical knockout. or gregory has been been twice and the last year by the american who's now set for a lightweight title shot. it sucks. it's brutal, it's, you know, it's not the way you want to see fights and so you know, dust employee a fight for the title and connor's healed and ready to go. you do the rematch, i guess. i don't know for the 1st time in 41 years, australia has
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a women's wimbledon singles champion after ashley bardy beat, kara lina plesk about when her 2nd grand slam title after soul is start from bardy . the world number one held off a come back to be seated plesk about in profess party and this title victory from the 2019 frank children the most incredible feeling i think i've ever experienced on a tennis court. and there was certainly disbelief. i think of work so hard my whole career with, with my team and with people that made the most to me to try to ease my, my goals in my dreams and to be able to do that. so i was, was incredible. later on sunday, it will be the man is final world number one, know that job which will take on italian, the tale bearer teenie for a 6 wimbledon title. the 3rd is also able to equal roger federer and rough enough record of 20 grand slam. ok. that is all your support for now. back to you fully farrah. thank you very much for that. that's it for this. these are on al jazeera
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but to stay with us. so rahman is with you next with more all the days. thank you for watching. ah, news, news, news, news, news, an extra digital killing and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into a house. i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair were showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure
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kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somali as how can a young man disillusion by 5 and we build as light is going to make a mistake and re unite its famine. africa. no, not. for me. also, my last warrior, a witness documentary on a jet broker, started cheerfully in front of the next museum in amsterdam. hundreds of protest will scatter to demand. the government is locked down restrictions and lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protest us who are not following social distances rules or repeatedly ordered to disperse by police. police are
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trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting and sitting across the latter, after some protest started throwing stones. and that's why you were police on horseback moved in to clear the area the. ready civil crowns, good worse than the spread of 19 in the u. k. but the government says it's pressing ahead with reopening plans. ah rahman, you're watching. i was there like my headquarters here and how coming up in the next 30 minutes. $900.00 victims of the front burning semester being laid to rest 26 years after the genocide also ready to take off. but it's been.


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