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well, i view around the world in south africa, women who are at the forefront as a walk in a race, and he never ever gets hired of developing resistance and ignites of passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm fully back people. this has been use our live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. is football crowds good worse than this? right. of course. 19 in the u. k. for the government says it is pressing ahead with reopening plan. 900 victims of the 70 to massacre are being laid to rest 26 years
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after the genocide. also this our ready for take off british billionaire, richard branson's, just hours away from blasting off on a mission to kick start space storage and wildfire force people to see their homes in the us size. a heat wave springs near record temperatures and sport argentina or the new cobra america champion baby to brazil, one new knell to claim their 1st major trophy since 1993. i will begin this new hour with the corona virus pandemic in the advance of the delta vary into cross numerous countries with the strain fueling a rapid rise in cases in the u. k. british authorities, a warning against the launch gatherings. that's 65000 people are due to fail
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wembley stadium for the euro 2020 football championship final. later today, it will be the biggest crowd at a very stadium since this side of the pandemic. australia is also grappling with the delta vary in cases a continuing to rise in new south wales and they haven't gone down despite the countries biggest city, sidney being and it's 3rd week of locked down the number of people exposed in the community. you have not, i'm anticipating the numbers in new south wells will be greater than a 100 tomorrow. now, that's what i'm anticipating and i'll be shocked if it's less than a 100. this time tomorrow, if additional new cases. so we can't stress enough. the importance of not only following the rules, but also realizing the risk and various south korea, which will impose confir restrictions in the capital after another, $1300.00 infections in the past 24 hours. so in neighboring areas will move to the strict stress level of social distancing for the 1st time from monday. and we hear
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more about the situation in south korea with rob reynolds shortly. but 1st i talked to sonya a ago for more on the situation in the u. k. huge crowds expected later today for the year of finals. sonya not a concern, a lot of concerned about bad. what's the government is saying? while the government seems to be still proceeding on its mission to unlock the legal requirements on the 19th of july. now this is caused a lot of concern from scientists from across the medical community, as well. with more than 120 scientists writing to the medical journal, the law that criticizing government for conducting what it says is an unethical experiment on the health of the people in the u. k. and in england, especially where the legal requirements are due to be lifted out, while the vaccines, minnesota deans, the hall. we have spoken about the fact that people who feel be expected to wear
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masks and crowded indoor situations. the fact that it come down to personal responsibility as the government has been housing really is leaving people and scientists, especially in deep consent, that this is just simply not enough that a lot of people are going to write off the pandemic as being something that is phasing the way it's most certainly is not fading away. over the past few days in england, you've had infections of about $30000.00 plus every single day of people who are coming down with as many of the delta variants as well. of course, the successful vaccine program has weakened the link between getting infected with cobit and resulting in in the hospital or even dying as well. but that's not to say that those cases are non existent, but you've had also other worrying concerns from europe. for example, in belgium, where a 90 year old woman had died recently after being and after it was discovered that she had been infected not with one bearing,
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but with to the alpha and the be to types 1st indicated in u. k. and south africa. not just in belgium as well, but in other countries as well, like brazil and portugal have also noticed that it is absolutely possible to be infected with 2 types of corona, virus variance. and that's causing some real if not alarm among the scientific medical community here. sonya gay ago in london, thank you for that. let's speak to dp good assignee about this. she's a clinical epidemiologist and senior lecture at queen mary university of london. she's joining us via skype from cambridge. thank you very much for being with us. what is also concerning here, i guess is that the case and actually officially opening up until july 19th and we're already seeing the our rates go up the transmission rate. the delta vary and spreading, as you heard that from sonya is the u. k. d restricting too much, too soon, in your opinion. when opening up in the middle of
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a raging fat to make with exponentials rises my cases a doubling every 9 days is completely negligent. i own how the secretary has said that we are going to see more than 100000 daily cases over the summer and lessons, something like that ripped through the population when only 51 percent of our population 40 vaccinated is completely reckless and will have long term impact on people's health, our health care services moving forward, giving that the major groups that are being back to now young adults and children where cases are literally skyrocketing and we know that this isn't an acute, that for many people it's a chronic unless i've used to chronic disability in many and we are creating a generation possibly of children and young adults with chronic illness and disability for the future. yet not everyone is vaccinated yet. and so the variance goes still develop and transmissions would fail happen, of course and was even more concerning as sonya was saying, that is that people could have several variance at the same time. absolutely. and
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actually studies some units you can, but show that the best condition for creating ratings that escape vaccines is essentially to allow transmission among young people in a partially vaccinated population where only now she was rebel and older groups of vaccinations. and that creates the perfect conditions for escape. and if we what, you know, going to spawn radiance that escapes vaccines even more than the current one. do that could undo all the games we've made in the last 6 to 7 months, not just in the u. k. but in many other parts of the globe, and it's completely records to be taking that gamble at this point in time. what effect is all this having on the, in a trust in the u. k. so it's having a considerable impact. we need to remember this is not cross sectional. we haven't and it has been massively impacted by 2 huge waves which has led to millions of people waiting for routine care. and now we have about $560.00 hospitalizations daily and increasing day to day. and just trust that having to cancel routine care
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and care for cancer patients routine operations which is, which was from that backlog at a point in time. we urgency need to catch up with that. we also have a health care force that's completely exhausted, traumatized, well, being subjected to you know, the shadow of yes another, you know, surge of hospitalisation in the future. also at a point in time, do you think a lot of people would know who it in clinics, you know, we know we have 1000000 people right now the, you know, with a home 400000 have some to some more than one year. so that's not trivial, and the end it says is having to cope with that as well, without letting much additional resourcing and funding and with an exhausted workforce. we cannot do this to them again. thank you so much for talking to us and sharing your views. d, p, go to fanny joining us from cambridge now, as we mentioned earlier, restrictions are also being brought back in south korea, including the closure of schools and boss rob mcbride is in. so with more on the surgeon get new cases there. i think what's really worried here is just the speed
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all that this search the pretty much over night. we've seen almost a doubling of new cases being recorded in the last few days received over 1300 new cases per day. a lot of this seems to be have to do with people premier surely it seems letting down at that god, in part it's partly due to the delta variance, but only a small number of those cases. largely it seems to be people going out more not taking the kind of restrictions that they should do it in parties because as we roll out the vaccination campaign around 30 percent of the population have now had at least one jap. and as we are getting people vaccinated, the government has been putting got messages saying that if i really try to incentivize people, when that number comes up, they will get at the vaccination. so for example, if you've had one job than ever now, you need to be wary, go mask in public. if you'll complete the vaccinated, you can be meeting in larger groups. and this is had the effect of almost telling
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people that we are emerging from this. and of course we haven't been people have been going out for the people who've been getting infected in these clusters would have been largely impacting around the soul area. have been younger people, people in the twenties and thirties, while around the photo, the population has been vaccinated, they've that sex population, which is largely unvaccinated and somewhat vulnerable. the billionaire space raises you'd have blasts off within the next few hours with entrepreneurs. sir richard branson set to join his company, virgin galactic voice for a fully called flight to the edge of space. it's a milestone in the effort to assure in a new era private commercial space travel. and one of the words you're going to hear a lot from now on is sub orbital. that basically means the spacecraft won't be going fast enough to obeyed or go around our planet. instead, passengers will spend a few minutes experiencing weightlessness and enjoying
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a view of earth from above the vss unity, we'll try to an altitude of about 80 kilometers, which according to some definition, isn't actually space that will governing body v f. i a put our space at about 100 kilometers above earth on july 20th a 2nd, billionaire jeff bays. us could also be up there on board his company, a blue origins, new shepherd craft. but both commercial flights will still be a good way from the international space station, which will be about 400 kilometers above earth. and travelling at 27000 kilometers an hour space. sexy company owned by a 3rd billionaire, ellen mosque has already delivered astronaut to the station. he's commercial fights are due to launch later this year. august here is rob rob reynolds reports on how we went from space travel to space tourism. in 1961, soviet cosmos. you're good gar, and blasted into outer space, and as his was stop,
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rocket blasted off guard shouted cheerfully. that means let's go. guard 108 minutes and space was the beginning of the space, age and age of space, heroes, gar, and was idolized at home and travel the world cheered everywhere by jubilant crowds, his american counterparts. allen shepherd, followed by john glenn were similarly lauded as courageous adventurers when later became a us senator and random successfully for president pasco is go for docking. houston is go for docking. it's up to you guys. the space race was a cold war era strategic competition between the soviet union and the us with military overtones. but it also had a genuine air of optimism and idealism, seen by many as the next great stage in the human saga, and perhaps
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a forest for global brotherhood around the world. kids dreamed of growing up to be space men and women, and left off of discovery. well, things sure have changed from symbols of national greatness and demonstrations of dueling ideology. based travel today is all about money and ego that russia actually started the rich space tourist trend, offering seats on a. so you spacecraft for half the fees, they feel i dream will become a reality. richard branson, never shy of the media. spotlight will swoop base ward aboard of virgin galactic spacecraft from a base in new mexico, followed by amazon founder jeff bezos, aboard blue origin. a week later, i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i want to do all my life. what's really significant about the mission, the 3rd space billionaire ilan mosque says he's interested in taking one of his
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space, ex rockets to the moon one day. perfect. and after that maybe mar meters away, musk and base. those are duelling for contracts to supply the international space station and masses, lunar lander rants, and wants to create a space tourism industry for well healed travelers willing to pay several $100000.00 for a quick jaunt. there is big money to be made at one lab, but somehow it all seems a little less noble than in the early days when the apollo astronauts left behind on the moon, a plaque reading. we came in peace for all mankind. the new space tie coons may not have the right stuff, but they've got all the bucks, rob reynolds al jazeera. while i speak to sarah web about this, she's an astronomer at swinburne university of technology in australia,
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and she's joining us from melbourne. thank you very much. for being with us. so how exciting is this space flight launch today in the wider history of space exploration is the high justified i think so, because we were starting to see that not only do we have dedicated space agencies, being able to send people to that and then do some over experimentation, but the idea that we now have a commercial, like a very viable commercial space industry. i think it's very exciting. so what, what is the experience going to be like exactly what is richard brands i'm going to see for from the window. i mean, because it's a bit of controversy of whether this is actually in space or out of space. right. definitely the controversy lives between money plummeted up. he's going to be stories are high out that they will get a beautiful view, all of the blue marble and then out of space beyond. so definitely high enough to be able to tell that we are around
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a beautiful blue planet. what is amazing about the virgin galactic space flight is that it's going to be very different to traditional fe spots that we see. so we are used to seeing rocket take off with the people now captions at the very top where this is going to be taken off just like a plane being, being held onto and then let go, like shuttlecock. so it's a very different approach, but i think it's going to be one that's very interesting. now, we can't wait to see it. of course. now, rob reynolds mentioned, of course, 3 competition between base or send branson. do you think the race and this composition is it is healthy or is this is sort of a dangerous path, perhaps towards the commercial commercialization of space, and perhaps even the colonization of space by humans on pan, or it is a great question. so i think, i think it is really valuable to have profit and being able to develop and test
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print technologies and implementation of different machineries and, and rocket. the idea of being able to basically, if you're, i think it's the rental of a private industry that has them ready to go. i think it's a brilliant idea and i think the space tourism is very interesting and inspiring. i'm sure many of love just got one glimpse of the beautiful blue from from above where we are right now. do you sort of face, try and picking up after this? yeah, i think, i think absolutely, i think within our lifetimes in the next couple decades, it's not going to be out of the realm of possibility that we will know people who have been on a space for years. and it's a little bit disappointing is hopefully we're, we're not heading towards the idea of the colonized to pull it out for the wrong reasons rather than society. thank you. sorry for talking to us about this an exciting day. no doubt fire a web. joining us there from now been thank you for your time. thank spent in
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morehead on this news hour, including venezuela enforces grant down on armed gangs. but civilians are caught up in the fire that we do have fascinated president speaks for the 1st time accusing enemies. use killing to stop democratic change in sort a painful night for the world's most famous mixed martial artists with ah, extreme heat is building in the western united states with reca breaking temperatures forecast for california and nevada. it comes just weeks after another dangerous heat wave alexia bryan has more me. this is the largest wild fire of the year, and california groaning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires, sparked by lightning, are doubled in size between friday and saturday, fires rolling downhill air. it's one of several fires,
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straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat dome, pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. and those are the effects of climate change. here it's real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists i predicted with scorching temperatures across penn state's 30000000 americans are facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold, ablaze, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated, others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity, old system. then they just tend to break on hot day. they can take the heat,
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they over heat their warnings. the dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us and historic heat wave estimated to have killed nearly 200 people. the searing temperatures baking visitors at california, joshua tree, national park, satisfies hires like this is a hot, it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley. also in the mojave desert reached 53 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday. if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped by aircraft to fight the fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast as say, even if temperature is don't continue to break records. the widespread,
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oppressive and long lasting heat remains the threat elixir brian al jazeera the remains of 19 victims of the 1995 sir. beneath the massacre are being laid to rest on the anniversary of the genocide. the burial in bosnia and herzegovina marks 26 years in the city in forces kills more than 8000 muslims, men and boys. it was the worst mass matter in europe since the 2nd world war. $20000.00 civilians were also expounds from the area around beneath that speak to tied to a massive h who's covering the barrier for cindy is joining us now. live from the memorial center in 70. terry talk us through how the event is unfolding today. so many families that will finally have kosher well, more than 10000 people are gathered here. that is to say that the 1st of all of them in logical situation and both under control in the last couple of months. basically, the pandemic says that mobile dignitaries couldn't be here in person.
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they send their video messages that way, that the collaboration, the cooperation is nearing towards it. and you can see, you can hear the put on recital points on the ration all come to one. genocide, denial is unacceptable. and that is something that has to stop. they mean by most a mean on the republic of serbia. so as you said, 19 victim will find their final 26 years later, the genocide of 70 said tech is recognized by international and domestic course. but how do people in bosnia view it, especially the elite i was playing live, was recognized as a fact, especially by the bonding service. 10 years ago,
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serbia was reluctant to recognize a genocide. but the reason being can say open and blatant genocide than i allow doesn't have a problem with recognizing that massacre happened. the people were killed, but they have a problem with this legal qualification, often genocide because that has have you have your burden. that's why the people involved, especially evictions, are kind of sensitive when someone uses the term a massacre instead of separating genocide. 2 doesn't have also a law that forbids genocide denial. the serbian, the serbs are veto is in the parliament. and there is a push in the recent years, over the international community and the office of the high representative to bring the best law into power because he has those are all going to and also there are some indications in the last month that valentin in school who is the high
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representative who will be leaving off is at the end of this month, will indeed bring the law into power as sort of a legacy for his, for his term as a high representative tied to massive in 70. so thank you very much for that. it's an election that was seen as a test for a few p as prime minister and results show his set to serve another term. i, b, ahmed swilling party won a majority of seats in parliament, a vote. he calls historic, but it was overshadowed by a boy caught by the opposition ethnic violence and conflict in northern to try is one of 3 regions where voting didn't take place. catherine's story has more on the results from the capital. i some about this announcement really comes as no surprise prime minister obvious be amid, as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an election really that has been boy quoted or was born quoted by on some of the countries be
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guessed opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition. 7 leaders was arrested all for voting does not take place at all in dozens of constituencies because of security problem. so some on a list we've been talking to assume they're very worried because now that the parliament is dominated. 5 by members of parliament, of prime ministers, prosperity parties could be very hard for the m p. 's to properly hold the prime minister and government to account to ask the tough questions. they're saying that what we might see going forward is more opposition from outside parliament. david shane is a professor of international relations at george washington university and also a former us ambassador to ethiopia. he says it's still unclear if the conflict in try will come back to hurt ibm it. i think it's a little early to judge. you know how it's being viewed both internally and. ready
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and in the international community, i think it is a success qualified success or prime minister ivy. but with some caviar acts, and that is the fact that about one 5th of the constituencies did not participate in the election for either technical or other reasons. you had a boycott by several key political parties and there have been some 207 complaints about the election. but nevertheless, there was a high voter turnout and it appears as always, totally peaceful. the election, of course, took place before the military defeat and t gray. so we had no impact upon the election remains to be seen. what people think about the problems that the government now faces and great that may come back to haunt prime minister ivy. but in the meantime, he can arrived on his laurels of the electoral victory. i think that his 1st
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priority has to be. ready what you do about you gray and how do you deal with the military and crisis that exists there? and if he handles that badly, all of this could not go well for him internally. and there are other issues as you suggest that he has to grapple with. he has a very full plate that he's going to have to resolve in the coming months. and if he knows handles that he is going to be on the can some difficulty feel ahead on al jazeera, the confederate statue, that sponsor deadly. why the premises riley has been taken off at the feel. the screen goes green. well, how you, what this is? can from fastenal is going to help the environment enforces the new queen at wimbledon. these australian play a winter maiden. i think all in the
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me the story is summer continues a summer disappointment after safe is british charles and for france, these 2 countries they pick out because i think they've had the least summary, whether another lows on its way into was british. charles is one that's just gone up through scandinavia, is on his way north, which once will it means that this general area of europe is experienced. temps is below no lawful, lot more writing clad. you might expect all round the edges warmer. there's in fact in lamphier, and he's wanting out at the moment. that's true for western parts of russia when this says he's all way down to south eastern pass off your southern europe, including spain, madrid's $41.00, for example. so if i colorize it, that's what it looks like. this is the disappointing bit compared with the average and compared with expectations really for a summer. the real hot weather though,
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has been not so much in madrid, but it, and the lucy, the southwestern part of spain now here is always in the forty's. this is the hardest part of the country. so to see 44 isn't this, or that surprising. and of course, it requires shelter or the same, but it may be madrid whether interest lies because of the record of 42, you are very close to day. it just cool down the residue speaking over the next day or say the frank assessments eastern argument for suggesting that by the ministrations i've just been a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions. schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shipped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days
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global headlines inside story. on our jazeera, the us is always of interest. the people around the world, this is been going on for a number of what's being used to push the price by report 30 minutes and perspective to try to explain your global audience and why it's important that could impact the light at the height of the storm. water was too high, it would have been about my head. this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to what you have to do is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, a.


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