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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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$1000.00 for a quick jaunt. there is big money to be made for lab. but somehow it all seems a little less noble than in the early days when the apollo astronauts left behind on the moon, a plaque reading. we came in peace for all mankind. the new space di coons may not have the right stuff, but they've got all the bucks, rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, they're with me. the whole rom reminder of our top stories. if you, if you as prime minister ahmed the ruling party as one of the majority of seats in parliament, insuring him a 2nd terminal 5th. but the vote was overshadowed by the opposition boy caught on the conflict into ice. the remains of 900 victims of the 1995 shepherd eats
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a massacre rubbing later as on the anniversary of the genocide, the burial in bosnia herzegovina, amongst 26 years since serbian forces killed more than 8000, mostly mostly men and boys. the widow of haiti is assassinated, prime ministers of an animal ease as accuse political enemies of organizing his killing to stop the democratic change while team louise who was injured in the attack, is receiving treatment in miami. in less than 24 hours. south korea will impose tougher restrictions in the capital, so after another sharp rise in new infections, sole and neighboring areas will move into the strictest level of social distancing . schools and balance will be closed and restaurants are only allowed. limited seating. robert pride has more from the south korean capital. i think what's really worried, the thirty's here is just the speed all that this surge, that pretty much overnight. we've seen almost a doubling up new cases being recorded in the last few days received over 1300 new
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cases per day. a lot of this seems to be have to do with people. premise show the it's the letting down that god in part, it's partly due to the delta variance, but only a small number of those cases. largely it seems to be people going out more not taking the kind of restrictions that they should do. it will guarantee that i think for a 2nd parliamentary election in 3 months. the only poll was called after aprils election resulted in a hung parliament which failed to form a coalition government the following month. former prime minister boy cobalt step down and handed over power to take the government. argentina have won the 1st major football trophy since 993. they beat defending champions brazil, one mill in the corporate america final. and you follow those stories course on our website that al jazeera dot coms updated throughout the day. more news with folly in half. now. next, it's football rebels to stay with us. ah, the covey 1910. he's threatening one of singapore,
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the most love tradition. it's famous, straight, told the fragile youth on $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on algebra. i guess i'm going to be on a month because i'm interested in watching the bibles to bodies give me the i i
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i in about a in a simple bag and a proton to it would sit up. i'd like 1000. okay. 40 didn't as the last set went in and i saw the
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ah dish. so we can that. oh i sitting shows give a new eliza museum or we can accomplish that. and i don't see that she found it for a trip that couldn't, couldn't contract. we're going to be moved on actually we don't know who got up in the city, something to show he told the geographic and obviously more to choose
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. okay, that's a good thing. the special ed teacher who said, usually when i'm in a say the say from oh, i mean, if i have a genetic premier watching your dad, he got to the point purchasing ship ship. so i'm a batter on recept doesn't be cautious coming to switch. and now she's one charge you up with another committee, sean, judy, protest. i mean camera one can tell ok, he and me a me cause i know hard. don't want an army. committee and tish gentlemen.
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read out loud when we said that none of us. so the middle, i don't pull out or show me professionals who i can mother the who if you know who is your thing, go shop having to monday, you know, also for it to her mom pool. their own value book, who do for me was the elite. i still see the total dollar food city country. she's got she called her phone call. she found she could come in. illuminate it, don't get us. good ball fell. if metal the phone call, the like, you know, the jewish was off. i mean if i wanted to ton cool, depart elementary, nuzzy, a chevron or if you've been interviewed is on us you this button basically what
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this should be in the among the blue homer. but most likely gonna sit there, you know what i have to do now we're going to need much money because most station ducky book or whatever. bernal's last. i mean, yes, no, no, i don't know fancier. and then we can fulfill the answer. the last, the last of funky sessions love to pull those pretty. couple good coaches are key chiral jackie, come talk us all. ok. the room and i need to know me who me until the
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water trash. no, no, no. you don't have banners room or not. who know who the pleasure of getting from florida to help but our national, reddish, i live near yellowstone pianos is somebody's yeah for. and there's really that is getting more of the lead on other campuses, the middle law over here on board one of those middle variational ah, i don't personally be, he's on the be young. he knows i've gone to on it on a hard on the ash was years he would and i still are going to continue concluding
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before he'd harassed. i didn't the luck bundled done countries on 53. he's under 927. he kissed it. they're nice but you know, they're like spun, you know, let me tell you can do met those. he was by now it there are him in nasty bush, alimony, but i won't die. spun young gander. the neither storage manually get a on a year or last or a lot, a lot of our i last ashley gumble. all your search by the, the bang in the bang. you know, the hook in nor b s by nearly full of data. this one is bernoulli's son, not on this bond on his plan. you know,
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he's going to leave those or they want to do about the reason she but anyway, you know, i just really kind of pushing the young will actually come up. i believe that better is pushing and fema last shape this plan you ah my knowledge model or did i pretty manage fees? jewish by your god, charlie k portal jala would be almost you know be emotional centers by now they won't get up and he thought it russell. hello only what you'll see on this hello. allow me, nita in have one name was my name
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is russell. she your company gave mrs. rosaline with any legal, kinsey. ha knows, i'm going to be here in the philadelphia. so we know it's not, you know you yet. i dusky limit. no, it'd give her the status of douglas if you will not let us his feet, us in the amount i see must those should be good enough for you to walk over in the live or the little side that i will just she took the on
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a 1000 total road. daniel got on the oh. yeah. go look, i'm a good time. she taught me to call pretty sure 2 o'clock it be up to the new mill. he asked her if in a hurry to get our printer began, dumped it, but there's a revival races. she will die in 3 days or 10 days. no, i don't know about. so are the single piece of this. and you know, without the spine don't come out. those energy central have been just like alto down into cost have shown you dr. manion police,
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but you're not talking to you if you're but at the doctor, but it isn't women in but i think i'm in a new medium. is that here? a muslim says in the synthesis and they think about that on your list, but my phone isn't moving on in your, on your record and you know, but i but i'm busy. $100.00 me away. she will be a that are, there are couple, couple recovery issues. you have to go home, not the error. he made that i made the board and for my field. and actually she go here, not be a part of the a couple already changed it. but if you pick a warranty,
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jimmy jack being called me who i sales call her stock, or i can move on nor you know or not, or rather abuse. she goes to look a fresh fellow down there in this, in the chin. this is a scholar new eli. yeah. my love left alone spaniel is no good, but i think i'm into for goes 3. that broad brush by me. oh yeah. oh wow. she will get up. yeah, it isn't a good day to say as a refund, but beginning to so can you repeat the on the last the probably you know like yeah, yeah, yeah, there shall you keith osborne? yeah. he said you have been worked with lucy and why should i
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oh, i my yes kid me to ship, you call the children my 1000, the euro. stay on the risk of it. but you did. i did talk to the count down calendar if he still did nice, michelle, because the procedure of a pure show multi does the puzzle for seal or do you encourage something for sewing cost to check on when you need it back? my yeah, that's my at dinner last because a company down there for me to come on down to push it. i went to the the pit or the little yellow visto, you know, get and don't forget about i got a lot of what i thought you were not putting it. no use. have you here quickly?
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you know, you have you still madeira da battelle lewis bliss. oh, because i don't know in the thought of some sort of middle school we don't know how to use a parking lot. she dolly honestly, you don't know that how you know they didn't know what to do. look, could you do what i'm going to the next part of my know and i know the condition you almost new the quantity quantity going to say more i know
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like oh oh in oh, in the most to do the search over here, but i see the little did did the full years, so this is to make up for the, for the, on the, to the blue. give it to, if you, the structural a, b auto, auto group buying the special a, put a concert if you need to. a said the hallmark, sr, who said usually when i'm but my outdoor is whole but i can hush a whole lot off on your display. quinta porky spoken in a get on a feature. another food skita research by your if you're going to ask why you're can perfect relish. he, he,
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i know surely people in but i use, ah, come around lucky. i'm sure you must have control over. you look with i only much my silly li, remotely. is you very minding haley in the you need from the they needed to give you a still amazon too much in the know i'm produce city to trip on it. the food, the remains and to need to do well, he's going to the boys at home
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now also shoot out. he can galico know us or we can move this additional. it was meant they don't a temporary survey. they think at the end of it will save us around need to the shows the little natalie in the machine, not until the system to do to pay machine. they could do it. people sick, i'm sorry, i could push it to this just comes up with i just wanna make sure i'll put it in if you double. yeah. so what i know in new teachers is not sure that he said that popular culture fuzzy on that that was on the the,
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the much i'll call 20. not sure you're really only why me the chick area you know, you know, sure. push evening and you know, looks at the, the, a, the, the shop your mom did up with the district of middle georgia. i'll probably do this . thank you very much on a got a call when to book it shortly. my lord from our up bottles or do god to sky dive under should to share i portrayed be or she'd guess or some think he's reported you didn't bud you too much and he can see the numbers completely. so i think i see people last at you, so i me, you are. she said there we got. you are good to who is in for from stony shadow marshall time knowledge, money, help bull. hard digit worship general. but are you that it are you? you put it took and took up again in about the bustle field. don't
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see the talk that it was the color container book. those he's done on the was less than one deal phone idea. it was all 0. well, there will be literally to nail film in if you see a southern low looking odd on the all the details you john long, but he will not shoot him. he'll con hamilton as yet. i meant to copper law law. got part, you know you on the 1000 ship do go with the go
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and do the kiss. kiss bus. and i was, you know, i'm going to go even the, even the british film as an equal british will say 15 of you to say that don't know, the new new complaint bucket kill. can they just want to fall back? come so i made a pretty good keep my mom, the book is that you feel a lot of good. i go to, you know, she needs them if awesome. all of our she said it if you got i mean you've only good to have them at. no, you have to wait to put it here. but you know, so the need for mama that never 0 give you the giving, repeating the left beneath you in the middle or more a d,
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d. so regulatory pos, i mean, yeah, back, you know, you're going to show it to a girl is all totally present. yes. a hall tree and it's kennedy existed. you could argue secchia asunder on my, in the city most, most of the day. don't measure console booking, especially anchor hospital. sure. this will allow emergency to renew weekly check for kids of the level hockey and they can go to the for yeah, but it isn't quite indeed there's going to be a lot of dentists continental or a home in 3 years to ministry at least decimal. so in his dollars it will go based on this, one of my one are studying. can us get us going to say there most of nothing alice but i gate or phone book goals? i think between yes, a ship for the committee, inter, mathematics blunder, steel, the other company you have any can, community can study shop, horner, shabby,
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a employee, halimon you what she was out in the world. lord have been in demons. you heather, who she brought careful about rack and what are some other things with one that i should say shish shimaya, somebody got done. campbell, i felt bad, left and i got shot lashlin died. he push in motion spaniel isn't the fastest, as long as it's by your name. by the way. i know they clearly that went on a gumble and david nationally that is relevant when game dealers, pinellas and under get roughly all about today. lucas lea, a gone drug plan this
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d no, no the done on your listing on the car play tomorrow. so so was he any spicy? no luck while who's in the new e on the, on the monday you do, it was our focus on diary whenever i give a call for scott or what but i will battles and i've been in and i was you lateral police, the nano asian you know, was really the compare the she don't pass you we, we single washington will be just your it will when of an ocean really good. she pillaged over to a he images grove, almost eric was given away to to come to her, but you would almost awesome. fresh to good, more than one common girl committees, new or more st into i was sent into do this when i could do more fish, city bush,
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he perceived that dawn at the fels to, to in them or lead gay. you don't get to going into the race. what look are minos are built her economies. america was eliminated by people still wrong in the near county to benjamin rouge. national and actually she saw markham. i do not see she could she see on call you on the call as you see a call, see the concern, give you a phone call about the job and i'm an employee. oh, so be done in a budget again. so don't you know that you would have in the office on that much? oh i
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i even don't strike the top with probably in the what the voted to the working class with hometown and it's footballing legend at a canton introduce his beyond. no. one of the time suits us. no dog buys fun. 3 social values as his many goes against italy's footballing league, football rebel on algae 0. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel, whether it be still west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not
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just on their offering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story. people trust just to tell them what's happening in their communities in clear and unbiased. and that's an african . i couldn't be more proud to be part of the discover, a world of difference determination. i'm coming down, we are moving the freedom plan. so 16 people, corruption and compassion, the al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. and you, declaration of young people are more politically engaged than the one that came before. welcome to generation change a global feeling that attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize
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youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront, the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of developing resistance and ignite the passion stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm fully bad people. this has been use our live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minute. is football crowds good worse than this, right. of course. 19 in the u. k. for the government says it is pressing ahead with reopening plan. 19 victims of the 70 massacre of being laid to rest 26 years.


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