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a free place to make sure to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians and their families made in france on all disease. ah, if he is willing policy when last month, parliamentary election paving the way the prime minister be on it to serve a 2nd term. ah. around watching out there were like my headquarters here in also coming up. some brother events re in both the gulf and berries. another 19 victims of the 995, sheppard needs a massacre also kidnapped while at school. in my area,
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we meet the student is determined to perceive his education despite the risks involved and ready to take off british billionaire richard brown, who's just hours away from blasting off on a mission to kickstart base tourism. ah welcome to the program. it's an election that was seen as a test for prime minister and results. now show that he set to serve another term, or the army ruling party won a majority of seats in parliament, a vote that he called historic. but it was overshadowed by a boy called by the opposition ethnic violence and conflict in northern p guy is one of 3 regions where voting did not take place conference. so he has more on the results from the capital. this announcement really come as no surprise, a prime minister obvious be amid, as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an election
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really that has been voice quoted, was born quoted by on some of the countries biggest opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition. 7 leaders was arrested also wanting to know, take place tall in dozens of constituencies because of security problem. so some analysts we've been talking to assume they're very worried because now that parliament is dominated. 5 by members of parliament, of prime ministers, prosperity parties could be very hard for the m p. 's to properly hold the prime minister and government to account to ask the tough questions of this thing that what we might see going forward is more opposition from outside parliament. david chin is a professor of international relations at george washington university and also a former us ambassador to ethiopia. he says it's still unclear if the conflict integral will have long term effects on its political future. i think it's
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a little early to judge, you know how it's being viewed both internally and. ready and in the international community, i think it is a success qualified success or prime minister ivy. but with some caviar acts, and that is the fact that about one 5th of the constituencies did not participate in the election for either technical or other reasons. you had a boycott by several key political parties and there have been some 207 complaints about the election. but nevertheless, there was a high voter turnout and it appears as always, totally peaceful. the election, of course, took place before the military defeat and t gray. so we had no impact upon the election. remains to be seen. what people think about the problems that the government now faces and great that may come back to haunt prime minister abbey.
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but in the meantime, he can arrived on his laurels of the electoral victory. i think that his 1st priority has to be. ready what you do about you gray and how do you deal with the military and crisis that exists there? and if he handles that badly, all of this could not go well for him internally. and there are other issues as you suggest that he has to grapple with. he has a very full plate that he's going to have to resolve in the coming months. and if he miss handles that he is going to be on the can some difficulty hills. uneasy without haiti's assassinated president has spoken out for the 1st time since gunman stormed their home and killed her husband. driven ma is a widow, has accused political enemies of organizing is killing to stop democratic change. uncertainty about who will leave the island nation now threatens to deepen the political crisis. party go have has more from washington
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d. c. a sign of how scared people in haiti are a false rumors, spread on social media, that the us we're giving out be says, a massive crowd showed up at the embassy only to be disappointed that it faced with this reality, the haitian people are left to themselves they cannot go out, they want to go to safe places. when people heard the rumors saying that the u. s. embassy is giving exiled to the people. they came, the patient officials about the us for more than that, a contingent of us troops to help secure the country without asking for condition of the country. we're asking for smart schools and help us the us, me to report the troops will not be deployed. instead, they will say law enforcement to help with the investigation into the assassination of job and elmo eas. his widow also injured the shooting, said this message on social media, not call me you knew who the president was fighting against these people,
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hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for roads, electricity drinking water supply, organization of the referendum and elections for the final abolition of political transitions. the president has always believed in institutions and stability. it's not clear who paid for the mercenaries who allegedly carried out the attack, many of them former members of the columbia and military. but while that investigation continues, so does the political uncertainty. bali, the intern prime minister cloud joseph says he's in charge, but he was said to be replaced before the kelly by ariel henry, who now along with politician joseph lam. bear says day we'll take over the land. bear tweeted that is saturday and your ration was postponed. there is a behind the scenes pushing the country and in washington to figure out the way forward. but so far, there is no clear solution for a poverty ravaged country battered by gang violence. corona virus. and now
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political incited patty, call him l g 0. washington. though south korea will impose tough restrictions and the capital after another $1300.00 infections in the last 24 hours. so the neighboring areas will move to the strictest level of social distancing. for the 1st time on monday schools and balance will be closed and restaurants are only allowed, limited seating like a surgery is being blamed on the delta variance with cases of the strain tripling in one week. while brian has more insult, he explains what's behind the latest search. i think what's really worried, the thirty's here is just the speed all the search the pretty much over night. we've seen almost a doubling of new cases being recorded in the last few days received over 1300 new cases per day. a lot of this seems to be have to do with the people premier. surely it seems letting down that god in part it's partly due to the delta variance,
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but only small number of those cases, largely it seems to be people going out more not taking the kind of restrictions that they should do and then in parties because as we roll out the vaccination campaign around 30 percent of the population have now had at least one job. and as we are getting people vaccinated, the government has been putting out messages, saying that if i really try to incentivize people, that when that number comes up, they will get the vaccination. so for example, if you've had one job than that, but now you need to be where we go masking public. if you're completely vaccinated, you can be meeting in larger groups. and this has had the effect of almost telling people that we are emerging from this. and of course we haven't been people have been going out for and the people who've been getting infected in these clusters would have been largely impacting around the sol area. have been younger people, people in the twenties and thirties a while around a 3rd of the population has been fascinated. they've that sex the population,
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which is largely unvaccinated, somewhat vulnerable, well as the 28 years without a trophy in a major football tournament, thousands of arch in time fans celebrating their teams, one mill victory over brazil in the copper america. the final, the 1st go by angled, the maria was enough to clinch a hard full game in brazil. daniel shrine la reports from the argentine capital. within minutes of the final whistle blowing an american stadium in rio de janeiro auto found the gang gathering in the center when osiris and towns and cities across the country to celebrate winning a trophy, they captured 993. before many of them were born. i'm already gone, then we are very happy. the truth is with these difficult times we are living through. this has made us very happy. we are going to celebrate with the children. i think that's really i'm happy. i'm happy. i've been waiting for this moment for my whole life. it makes me very happy about it. thank you. message for being arjun time. oh,
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my heart is bursting with happiness. not winning the couple america or the wolf top is simply not good enough rugs in time football fan who consider their team one of the best in the world left with the best player in the world in leonor messy. yeah, he's been beaten finally several times and the 34 years old, many will wondering what will lift a major international trophy. now he has that many fans is happy for him. they are for odds and tina. it was a difficult told about off the contain of brazil, both suffering very high infection and death rate with the cobra. 19 pandemic. this a moment of the fraction of light relief. what has been a very difficult time. other people across south america was to tournament and never happened to tune they did in the midst of the corona, virus pandemic, and political turmoil container and columbia being forced to withdraw his co host
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weeks before it started a brazil offering to host at the last minute despite the controversy, despite the code at 19 restriction, the football went ahead and attend tina little messy emerge, victorious. the celebrations are likely to continue this some time to come and show their alger 0. what osiris will look at yet again in rio de janeiro with reaction from brazilian bent to south american science and his dora will rival playing with sitting here in this bar next to the iconic monarch enough stadium didn't even know that the national team would be facing argentina today, the reason was the last minute hosting brazil president j wilson, i accepted to host the tournament after colombian argentina were forced to step jones because they were facing protest. and the surgeon covert 19 infection of
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brazil was on the verge of reaching the tragic landmark of half a 1000000 deaths by colbert 19, which he did in the midst of the copper america in both. so now was criticized for holding the championship when the country should be in morning. so what was meant to be a sports event became a political debate. and one more reason to criticize the government handling of the damage. but as the tournament was reaching offend, many gathered in bars to watch and suffer his arch and tina scored his 1st goal. and his brazil was enabled to strike back when the game here ended. many years shouted. but others say they were sad. but what really count for them is the result of next year's world will still ahead hill now, there are pockets and get hills and extreme heat emergency western us the science
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range in several states. the confederate statutes, both a deadly white supremacist rally in the us becomes a thing of the past. as it's removed from charlottesville. ah well the went seasons rather active at the moment for a good part of indonesia. the exception being java, marlene all places to the east, but if you go north threat bony and silhouette, his daily, they are covered in shouting stones, which the concentration appears to be quite a long way. so the philippines are involved to most of the china as well, yet, and i was getting very wet once more. and of course, sou marcher, although rather less se well tommy, to tuesday. the seas nor change in australia is now taken place is very obvious,
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is very cold at night. there are frequent areas of low pressure is one, the new zealand, one on its way to tasmania, one coming into purse, making the daily change. whether not a big surprise pers, west windy day is monday, showers following the rain itself and after fairly cold start the day we get up to 15 in melbourne overcast. probably that breaks of rain new zealand. surprisingly, it's quite quiet for most the sapphire bitter rain in the south, but it's now of course in the high ground but issue that all funds you see what's coming your way for oakland and gets been in particular that is persistent, windy wet weather. quite a strong wind as well. my jeffy city and christ church. just smile and enjoy the sunshine. the who's with a bag energy and say to every part of our universe. or
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small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your ah the ah, welcome back. you're watching with me. so he'll run the reminder of our top stories . the tip is prime minister ahmed the ruling party. as one of the majority of seats in parliament, insuring him a 2nd sermon officer, for the vote was overshadowed by
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a boy post by the opposition. i think violence and conflict in try. also, the with haiti's is as needed president of an animal is, has accused political enemies of organizing is killing to stop democratic change. much more ease with injured in the attack is receiving treatment in miami. allows you to have one 1st, a major football trophy, the 1993. they beat defending champions present, walk mill in the corporate america. the bible that was widespread criticism of the decision to allow brazil to stage the monthly event because of its corona virus numbers. now the remains of 19 victims of the 1995. shred bernice and massacre are being laid to rest on the anniversary of the genocide. the burial in bosnia herzegovina box, 26 years since serbian forces killed more than 8000 mostly muslim men and boys. it was the worst mass murder in europe since the 2nd world war. $20000.00 civilians
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were also expelled from the area around shepherds. kotik had though michel, which her joins me now from the memorial center in shebra meets. i mean, how difficult was it to go ahead with this collaboration and burial, considering there's been a global pandemic. the sorry. can you hear me in shepherd isa? it seems we have perhaps a little technical problem that of trying to hear us. we're trying to get back to him. every shepherd pizza in this program, living on an extreme heat, is building in the western united states with reco breaking temperatures forecast the california and nevada becomes 2 weeks after another dangerous he twice as alex
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here, bryan reports me. this is the largest wild fire of the year in california, burning along the border with nevada. a combination of 2 fires, sparked by lightning, are doubled in size between friday and saturday, fires rolling down air. it's one of several fires, straightening homes across the wasted united states, blamed on so called heat dome, pockets of high pressure which push warm air down, forcing temperatures up this job. those are the effects of climate change. here it's real human induced impacts. acute impacts are happening decades before even the scientists i predicted with scorching temperatures across 10 states, 30000000 americans of facing extreme heat. this wildfire and oregon doubled in size on saturday, pushed by strong winds. officials with cold, ablaze, unpredictable and erratic. some areas have been evacuated, others have been told to pack up and be ready to leave at any moment. the heat and
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the fires, putting pressure on the power grid, people are being urged to conserve water and electricity, old system then they just tend to break on hot day. they can take the heat, they over heat their warnings. the dangerous conditions could cause heat related illnesses. this latest surge follows the hottest june on record for the us, and historic heat wave estimated to kill nearly 200 people. the searing temperature is baking visitors at california, joshua tree, national park, satisfies hires like this is hot. it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in and out in the nearby death valley. also in the mojave desert reached 53 degrees celsius on saturday. 54 on friday. if confirmed it would be the highest recorded and more than a century and close to the highest ever measured on earth. the conditions of so
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extreme and the air so dry that some of the water dropped my aircraft to fight the fires, evaporates before it reaches the ground. forecast is say, even if temperatures don't continue to break records, the widespread, oppressive and long lasting heat remains the threat alex there brian al jazeera moran scans are taking the palms and joining the fight against the taliban. the group continues his rapid advance north citizens. enough can security forces battle, telephone fighters on the outskirts of conduce on saturday. the groups made huge gains in recent weeks and claim to be now in control of at least 85 percent of the country. what do i do for us on african forces are ready to defend their homeland during the past few days, the enemy has carried out a massive offensive in the city of condos, but they say strong resistance from our forces and suffered heavy losses as a result. bulgarians are voting in the 2nd parliamentary election in 3 months. the
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pole was called on to april election, resulted in a hung parliament, but found for mac relation government. the following month, former prime minister boy colbert stepped down and 100 pounds to take a government. since then, there would be 9 nations of corruption linked to the governing church party. dozens of schools in the jury have been forced to close after a series of mass kidnappings of students. but some youngsters refused to be scared off undertaking risks to ensure that education continues. all of the students, abducted from a secondary school in the north west of the country, spoke to out there. my name is linda, she to my school is romance. i'm going to going to come here, i want to go to us and going to school and find a no glass. i don't like my new go woman. i was going to school so i and i own one. and
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the maximum i was in the area energy. i mean that is what i i want to city my manager over the body. i know that i'm not there. it's not like i said that the landing i doing is not would. the thought that was like, doing is not good is learning is good because mama righty she's learning students who are very young lady greece did is this when i was in the wish me i was can i because i do think the have
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the new situation when i'm when that will i have to rhonda and the fight and said that we should move up to i don't. anything can help in any way. you said the allusion. i wasn't able to through to you she would to now use new school now to him. line, let's take you straight back to buffy hertz, the governor and the funeral. all 19 of the victims of the 1995 shepherd pizza mascot. joining me now is terica done with some of which he's covering the event for us from shut bernice said, tolerate, unfortunately, couldn't speak to you before we can. now, how difficult was it for the authorities to actually be able to hold us commemoration, considering that's been a global pandemic?
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well, the put them eligible situation, bargaining the recent several months has been unstable and there were no official measures taken place in regards of the number of attendees. so we can see a large crowd much larger, significantly larger than the one we saw last year. the collaboration has started 15 minutes ago, the organizational committee said that there will be some dignitary speaking, there will be some video messages of the dignitaries that will be played, but the focus this year they wanted to have on the victim this. as you said, 19 of them will find their eternal peace today 26 years later to give you a wider picture, i will put out there are some numbers. a 1372 are the is the official limber number of the victims of the 70 to genocide up to this day, around 6700, have been buried here in the cemetery. another 1000 remains partial remains. i have
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sense of size have been identified, but since it is or if there remains or partial at that. and that can mean that there is only a bone or 2. the families of the victims are reluctant to very and they're hoping that they will find more of the remains and another 1000 or yet to be find another 1000. first, the persons are still regarded as missing up to this day, the genocide itself, tara, is internationally recognized as a massacre. how is it, or how does it sits now, in bosnia, when people talk about it in 2021? well one might think that since it was recognized as a genocide has that has this legal qualification of genocide that would be unanimously recognized fact. but plainly, it's not specifically, it's not recognized as a fact by the bosnian serbs but also by the neighboring serbia. 10 years ago,
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serbia was reluctant to recognize that everyone says genocide. but today, several in the recent several years were witnessing a, an open and blatant campaign of genocide. denial was doesn't have a law that forbids genocide denial. but there are some indications that that can take, that can happen by the prerogative of international community. and it's high representative in bosnia, in the next several weeks and a very somebody that for many families in shepherding the topic don't mess of joining us from us to channel al jazeera bulk and now to confederate statues in the us, city of charlottesville have been taken down for years after white supremacists rallied against their removal. this one robert e lee was at the center of the 2017, unite the right rally, which turned violent and anti racism, protested died,
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and several of us were injured. the violence spot, the national debate on racism, which was southern flamed by then present, double trans claim that they would blame on both sides. the billionaire space race is about to blast off with hon. richard brands and set to join his company, veteran galactic for it says fully creased face light. it's a major milestone in the effort to us. we're in a new era of private commercial space travel, bernal's reports on how we went from space travel to space tourism in 1961, soviet cosmos, your good gar and blasted into outer space. and as his last stop rocket blasted off guard shouted cheerfully. that means let's go. the guards 108 minutes and space was the beginning of the space age and age of space, heroes, gar, and was idolized at home and travel the world. cheered everywhere by jubilant crowds,
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his american counterparts, allen shepherd, followed by john glenn, were similarly lauded as courageous adventurers. glenn later became a us senator and ran on successfully for president pasco is go for docking is going to go for doc and it's up to you guys. the space race was a cold war era strategic competition between the soviet union and the us with military overtones. but it also had a genuine air of optimism and idealism, seen by many as the next great stage in the human saga, and perhaps a forest for global brotherhood around the world. kids dreamed of growing up to be space men and women, and left off of discovery. well, things sure have changed from symbols of national greatness and demonstrations of dueling ideology. based travel today is all about money and ego that russia actually started the rich space tourist trend, offering seats on
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a so use spacecraft for half the fees. they feel i dream will become a reality. richard branson, never shy of the media. spotlight will swoop base ward aboard a version good, lactic spacecraft from a base in new mexico, followed by amazon founder jeff bezos, aboard blue origin. a week later, i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i want to to all my life. what's really significant about the mission, the 3rd space billionaire ilan mosque says he's interested in taking one of his space. x rockets to the moon one day. perfect. and after that it may be more meters away. most can be those are duelling for contracts to supply the international space station and nasa's lunar lander rants and wants to create a space tourism industry for well healed travelers willing to pay several $100000.00 for
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a quick jaunt. there is big money to be made at one lab somehow it all seems a little less noble than in the early days when the apollo astronauts left behind on the moon, a plaque reading. we came in peace for all mankind. the new space tie coons may not have the right stuff, but they've got all the bucks, rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, they're with me. the whole rom, the reminder of all top stories, ethiopians prime minister ahmed, the ruling party, as one of the majority of seats in parliament, insuring him a 2nd term in office. but the vote was overshadowed by the opposition boy caught on the conflict into ice. the remains of 1900 victim.


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