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on al jazeera, ah, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter why you call. i'll just bring you the news and current affairs. the algebra me. i'm iran calling and how the top stories are out there. the party of if you have, he has prime minister ahmed has won a landslide victory in the june 21st elections, assuring him a 2nd term in office. the vote was overshadowed by an opposition void caught ethnic violence on the complet in northern te region. catherine. so it is in the capital, i just have of this announcement really come as no surprise prime minister obvious be amid as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an
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election really that has been, boy quoted, was boy quoted by on some of the countries biggest opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition leaders was arrested also voting does not take place at all in dozens of constituencies because of security problems. so some on a list we've been talking to assume they're very worried because now that the parliament is dominated. 5 by members of parliament, of prime ministers, prosperity parties could be very hard for the m p. 's to properly hold the prime minister and government to account to ask the tough question. they're saying that what we might see going forward is more opposition from outside parliament. wanda has started deploying a 1000 soldiers to move on big to help combat violence, and then gas rates no than cargo delgado province. they'll be joined by forces from the 16 nation southern african development community in tackling
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a nearly 4 year old conflict. around 3000 people have been killed at least 800000 others displace half of them children. the widow of haiti's assassinated president as accuse political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. martine lois was injured in the attack. she was speaking for the 1st time since her husband was shot dead at his home. on wednesday would be the mercenaries entered my house and killed my husband. that murder made me and my children cry. and i know it made you cry to what happened has no name. a criminal has to have the courage to murder a president. as governor myself, they send to the mercenaries to kill the president in his home with his family, over issues of water, electricity referendum, and the approaching elections so that there is no transition in the country. there are other mercenaries who want to assassinate the ideals of the president who went
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to assassinate the vision of the president. they killed him in my arms in front of my eyes. we cannot let the president die a 2nd time. i am crying, it is true, but we cannot let the country lose its way. perfect. okay. and is in washington d. c and says hey, t, we'll get help from the us. but not what's been awful. sending in the us military was always going to be a tough ass. keeping in mind president jo biden's, bringing troops home from afghanistan, the telling the american public he was going to do a costly deployment to haiti, not something the public would likely support. so that seems like that's off the table. us says that they're going to send millions and a they're going to allow refugees from haiti to stay here. program the former president wanted to get rid of. they're going to send people to help with the investigation from the federal bureau of investigation, the department of homeland security, but definitely sending the message to the military is not an option. what the us wants to see is some sort of political stability. they've been pushing for the elections to continue to happen. is early september,
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opposition leaders on the ground. so it's not possible to do that because there's so much chaos on the ground, gangs ready wild in this investigation continuing and they're important to point out. we still don't know who was behind the murder of the haitian president, a statue of us confederate general robert e lee has been removed from the city of charlotte fil virginia. and the black lives matter support has gathered to witness the removal of the monument. it was at the center of the violent white supremacists raleigh, 4 years ago. argentina have won the 1st major football trophy since 993. they beat in defending champions, brazil, one mill, and the corporate america final. when means line or messy, has finally won an international title with his country. brazil was criticized for a larger stage the month long event because of its current of virus number bows. the headlines and use continues on, which is era after made in france. me
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the ah ah ah, ah, ah ah ah. in 2018. and god confrontation between the israeli forces and palestinian youth is ever present. the march of return protests on friday. oh no, a ritual. it's
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a crew face to face today to get you got to have a washer and saw you know, not doing documents, human rights violations for the palestinian. and you are miss the more than 10 years. he's been witnessing the wounded in the dead in the gaza strip. under constant violation of the law for the object of the house in missouri instead of his medical division of the season model comes when you get this
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off labeled as well. no. all right, well i got the information collected in the field is used to wage a legal battle over the last decade. the n g o his file 244 complaints in israel, involving more than 500 civilians killed or injured by israeli forces in the gaza strip. so far, all of the complaints fell through the
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me. ah ah, the the on my new ventures and justice responsible for the crimes committed with those weapons. the now the arms industry is trading with impunity and 2018 unprecedented legal proceedings were initiated against a friend jones manufacturer. it took 3 victims out of oblivion. afternoon she had and what seemed she bought 3 children killed in garza, in 2014, during operation active edge launched by the state of israel to destroy the mass
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tunnels, which threatened its security. that someone was out the crime scene the the well as well as the mentor, but that one. again, that's what i kind of like me to put me in for the better the heck.
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what the family about the management the and the mellow you are from to be here. you want the numbers of the children that you have killed them during this event and injured and injured children. okay. can you take my phone number okay, and send to me your email and reply to that we follow up with everything that
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i special purpose from. i was just gonna tell little about myself when ready to pick, but i will put that on the mail for that amount that they have until friday, which i'm the shoot family still lives in the building where the children were killed. they
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live in a working class neighborhood in northern garza. the palestine in enclave is overcrowded . it's one of the most densely populated territories in the world. nearly 2000000 people are crammed in an area that is barely 41 kilometers long, and 6 to 12 kilometers wide. i love yes. give her a 2nd in the middle of the channels, so send me them and, and i'm looking into what finance. so
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a hand book get in nebraska booth when her that is millman the dresser. lemme do nation or the havoc offend. can attila the new method date in me. now let me tell and beacon hill that day. on the 17th of july 2014. besides raves israeli troops entered garza to allow people to prepare for the breaking of the ramadan fast. the truce had been declared. the missile was fired shortly after the end of the truth. in the building there were no fighters. only 23 members of the sri, about family who were about to eat dinner. and then i thought it was,
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they hit me and i can give them a lot of money. my them. i had 10 a month . all love with the
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windows i was the cinema for me
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so we have to look at the found on the should balance rule was made in france. all the details of the investigation were passed on by the n g o amazon to a parisian law firm. joseph brim filed a complaint in from on the ball family behalf the years he's been working on these international crimes involving states and manufacturers. in february 2018. the french course took up the complaint and examining magistrate was assigned to the case. that's actually an issue for you, you know, there was some settling putting on several forms
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for the criminal lawyer. the metal part found on the show balance roof is the piece of evidence that makes all the difference. it will help to define the role of the french company in the crime for the calling chest mission calls. sure. sure. i knew to kinda get an office so so i get off the little show me trick. don't you follow father? a crazy look what was what she says to see on it because i kept a do reserve is limited. so you can play. i'm going to get the presentation sheet over 400. so shelton, i sondra, they're all going to call somebody member, i think also if you them up by the mamma, se, sandy missouri interest, you alone should we put it in to profess then and then i shall
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see. cedric was she didn't home with a coupon extra missile looks one of the they don't she should get the twisty, wimpy kid, the doctor should get it back when they call when you don't to shoot and she have a just for point. interesting, salazar, her casino, said to slam, he lives or whatever he wants to play nowadays up. i'm not one of his really not showing up for 2 years old. don't pitch attack completely me . some of you have him on this unit that they, you know, if one that i don't know which one either call hopefully from school district, i know what's going on cuz i don't know. i don't even turn the key for d, e v which will be, i guess,
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it'll turn mood or an issue on the, you know, i tell the kind of the non exposing want to kelly. i was want to play for somebody to come off formally. you don't question. she didn't, she says you, linda. she created or does she say crew to listen to chemo? it electric slide is all over. the guys are seen patchy. do ginger found it out? who you thought a fossil jeff and co dash wanted to share with a guest speaker her says de la bondo, guess? are you able to go pick and choose any short talk to me? how much the majority police union don't go? so do either for architect. okay. should the order on the, you know, to saw, just listen to cream shop less equal, lose, you know, showing you back so you can get it. ok. don't exactly
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know. jessica said she said as to what usually they could possibly in april, april 4th in the morning. the 4th misunderstanding does helpless it all comes off. don't know so much. i don't want to touch chickens out for the machine is daniel reynosa himself. so that's a totally different process. it will preset on what the process is, the term on the promotion to come for settlement for the same way the suits them under control yet. so she g o, o o
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i i believe me i, i know how much control of the gaza strip since 2007, and the subsequent israeli blockade suffocating garz's population at any hope for change. thousands of miles separate from from this territory. neither the judge and his investigators nor the family lawyer can get access to the palestinian in
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gaza. hear me now. my doone carries out the investigation alone. we are asked what's the phone? the phone so in case you're a button. so that's the new come now. but this could be so kind of kept to possibility the caps are you way know where the messiah precisely. ok, possibly this kept are the most the highest probability cancer. so late little wing,
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that's on the beside. you know at the end of the messiah or wait, wait, wait, that i, yes, like. kept up. would you grade precisely the wing full with the messiah. the lad. right. okay. and what is important when without discounts or the messiah? no. the child has already requested for so many confirms that accept it coming from europe. all right, and that's funny. the one i'm trying to make sure that everyone does the same we'll see what the company was. what new things do this, what will happen in the future?
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about this case, well on the very beginning. so 1st project will hear the company and we will the judge to oblige the company to disclose all of the contract with us for the survey so that we can assess whether they are letting me. oh i i welcome to portal your gateway to the very best to volunteer. there is online content that you may have met a new program that the for our platforms makes a connection and presents a digestible scene, each the award winning online content on their audience. portal with me founder gotten on to 0. me
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going to read the conservation of bringing nature and people together to work with what like my passion, my job is linking between the content and what do you need in the epic and you need to find them or do we have to teach the community living with one lives, it's excellent elliott limbo, riding with elliot, my son bob way on out there. welcome for iran, a president elect in his home town of masha. at the image of the shrine, crowd had gathered to hear what their newly elected leader abraham, right. you see, have to say on the issues that affect them, job pick, shut all, many in domestic politics, domestic policy and foreign policy. the focus should be on the dignity of this nation. and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large keeping promises including fighting corruption,
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improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations. but it's not clear yet. if you will be able to deliver on his promises. ah, i didn't come into the top stories out there. the party of if you, if he has prime minister man has won a landslide victory in the june 21st elections, assuring him a 2nd term in office. the vote was overshadowed by an opposition boy called ethnic violence and the conflict in northern t. grove region. katherine saw in the capital addis ababa with all this announcement really come as no surprise prime minister. abe's post i'll be amid as far as the party has been leading.


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