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region of wonder, joy, tragedy, and yes of violence, but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to the human condition away. no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why. oh, i official results show a landslide when the prime minister's poppy and last one selection mod or by opposition boycott and the war in te gray. ah, i remember on calling there a life from health coming up. the wife of haiti's assassinated president accuses political opponents of organizing his killing and her 1st public statement. a confederate monument that sparks and violent white supremacy is riley and
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controversial remarks by donald trump is taken down in charlotte. so this july, dream will become a reality. richard brown, sally certified to the final front in a bid to b. 2000000000 arrivals and the rates the space ah the party of e. c o p as prime minister lead has won a landslide victory in the june 21st elections. he's held it as a historically inclusive election. his prosperity party 1410, a 436 parliamentary seats, assuring him a 2nd term in office. the vote was overshadowed by the physician boycott, ethnic violence, and the conflict and northern te gray region. he gro was one of if you use 10 regions where the voting didn't take place. catherine,
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so is in the capital addis ababa. this announcement really comes as no surprise prime minister abe's post. be amid, as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an election really that has been voice quoted, was boy quoted by on some of the countries biggest opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition leaders was arrested also voting does not take place at all in dozens of constituencies because of security problems. still some on a list of been talking to us saying they're very worried because now that parliament is dominated. 5 by members of parliament, of prime ministers, prosperity parties, good very hard for the m p. 's to properly hold the prime minister and the government to account to ask the tough questions. this thing that what we might see going forward is more opposition from outside parliament. david chin is
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a professor of international relations at george washington university, and also a former us ambassador to if your appeal, he says it remains to be seen. if the conflict in te grey will come back to her. ahmed, i think it's a little early to judge, you know how it's being viewed both internally and. ready and in the international community, i think it is a success qualified success or prime minister ivy, but with some caviar x. and that is the fact that about one 5th of the constituencies did not participate in the election for either technical or other reasons. you had a boycott by several key political parties and there have been some 207 complaints about the election. but nevertheless, there was a high voter turnout and it appears as always, totally peaceful. the election, of course, took place before the military defeat and t gray. so we had no impact upon the
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election. remains to be seen. what people think about the problems that the government now faces and t grades. that may come back to haunt prime minister abbey . but in the meantime, he can arrived on his laurels with an electoral victory. i think that his 1st priority has to be. ready what you do about the grade and how do you deal with the manner, terry, and crisis that exists there? and if he handles that badly, all of this could not go well for him internally. and there are other issues as you suggest that he has to grapple with. he has a very full plate that he's going to have to resolve in the coming months. and if he knows handles that he is going to be difficult. wanda has started deploying a 1000 soldiers to mos on being to help combat the violence and the guests rich
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northern cobbler delgado province. they'll be joined by forces from the 16 nation, a sudden african development community in tackling a nearly 4 year old conflict. around 3000 people have been killed at least 800000 others displace half of them. children there are continued questions about who is going to lead haiti after the assassination of president jovan lois. his widow is accused political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change all the while. the pits of political instability is intensifying as practical hind reports from washington. d. c. a sign of how scared people in haiti are a false rumors, spread on social media that the u. s. we're giving out the says, a massive crowd showed up at the embassy only to be disappointed that it was faced with this reality. the haitian people are left to themselves. they cannot go out. they want to go to safe places. when people heard the rumors saying that the u. s.
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embassy is giving exiled to the people they came, the patient officials about the us for more than that, a contingent of us troops to help secure the country. we're asking for vision of the country. we're asking for smart schools to proceed and head us the us, me to report the troops will not be deployed. instead, they will send law enforcement to help with the investigation into the assassination of job and elmo eas, his widow, also injured in the shooting from said this message on social media, not call me you knew who the president was fighting against these people, hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for roads, electricity drinking water supply, organization of the referendum and elections for the final abolition of political transitions. the president has always believed, and institutions and stability. it's not clear who paid for the mercenaries who allegedly carried out the attack,
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many of them former members of the columbia military. but while that investigation continues, so does the political uncertainty. the valley, the intern prime minister clod, joseph says he's in charge, but he was set to be replaced before the killing by ariel henry, who now along with politician joseph lambert or so they will take over the lam bear tweeted that is saturday and your ration was postponed, there is a behind the scenes pushing the country and in washington to figure out the way forward. but so far, there is no clear solution for a poverty ravage country battered by gang violence, the corona virus, and now political incited particle hain, l g 0, washington. but his weight and security forces have moved and days of violence between gangs and police in the capital, caracas, almost a 1000 armed officers entered for poor neighborhoods on saturday. at least 12 people have been killed during fighting the past 2 days. several bystanders by son
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is believed to be among those killed. the government blames the violence on an alleged plots by the opposition to destabilize present nicholas madeira. nearly a century after it was 1st erected and almost 4 years after sparked a deadly weekend of violence in the us. if you have charlottesville, virginia, the statue of robert ellie has been removed on lucas, including black lives matter. support has cheered, as the figure of the confederate general was pulled down from his pedestal and he gulker poles. the campaign is in charlottesville, 4 years to remove the statue of confederate, general and slave. oh no, robert e. lee. on saturday morning, the long battle came to fruition its peaceful crowd walked a controversial figure of this nation's troubled racial. past remove the statue, and another of general thomas stonewall. jackson will be kept in a secure location both se activists symbols of
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a shameful past. they were finally ready to be a community that doesn't telegraph to our public arts that we are pretty fine with wait from 4 years ago, plans to remove lisa, you became a flashpoint to white nationalists descended on charlottesville in scenes that shocked the world. august 2017, 32 year old. his head was killed with a neo nazi rammed his car into a crowd of anti racism. protestors who kill it was late assented to life in prison, where the people are one step closer to the tranquillity promised by the writers of the constitution to form a more perfect union. we are so far from the perfect union, yet one step closer today. as these 2 statues come down
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in the years that followed memorials to the pro slavery confederacy were taken down across the us even more following the death of george floyd at the hands of a white police officer for the young people out there. i hope that this empower you to speak up on the issues that matter if they take part in your own cities and communities, no platform for white supremacy, no platform rates for racism and no platform for critically the start use a part of the heritage of the u. s. his southern states, others, reminders of racial discrimination and oppression that's never gone away. according to the southern poverty law center. hundreds, the symbols of the confederacy remain in place across the us even as the fight continues to remove them. states like alabama, mississippi and tennessee, or an acting policies to protect them. the gala corral to 0, washington. the world's wealth here stations is sounding the alarm about the spread
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of the highly contagious delta variance of the current of virus. g 20 finance lady's meeting in italy to discuss the risk to global recovery. cases arising and $69.00 countries international monetary fund as well and unequal vaccine access is a threat to recovery efforts. meanwhile, the european union says it's delivered and the fact seems to member states to immunize 70 percent of adults. but the blocks lead it says, the fight isn't over. our vaccination campaign, as accelerated tremendously since the beginning of the year. our joint approach is a success. because we will only come out of this crisis together, but covet 19, has not yet defeated. we are prepared to deliver more vaccines including against due variance. now, member states must do everything possible to increase vaccinations. only
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then will we be safe in england, where current of ours restrictions of being east infection rates of back to levels last seen during the winter. funny, giga has more from london only in autumn. are you going to start to see certain control measures being put into place to allow not only just the economy to open up, but to open up responsibly as well. and the guys being that if you can control that and that should hopefully allow for people to open up fully and in a responsible way. now what needs to happen is that you either have to prove that you've had to vaccines or that you've proven, given a negative test the day before, the area, the way you plan to go to. but it's also, i think, another bird and all the cost to businesses as well as they're going to be the ones that have to sort of put in the infrastructure to,
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to be able to put in that way of proving that dinos or people who want to go out all able to do so in that, but this is just also just one match that's being put in place in the face of the supposed opening up of the country on the 19th of july. when now the legal obligations are going to be dropped, including mosque wearing and now it's going to be up to a question of personal responsibility. and common sense has been sort of told by the prime minister and the health secretary. this, despite the fact that the health secretary himself such a job, it has said that infections could rise by as much as a 100000 cases every day in a month's time will say. so heard? oh no, to 0. $55.00 to this i very, i struggled to contain hundreds, a wall, 5 as the area experiences, it's dry a summer and a $150.00 is the weight is what emotional victory of the corporate
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america final. and it's been 20 years in the making. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to with the sponsored by capital airways right where we still got 50 on the map as a forecast. this is for q weight, but anywhere in eastern iraq western side of iran is going to be huffing around, $48.00 to $50.00 degrees. still this is what 2nd week of it. it's not quite reco breaking, but it does get close if you now the good and that deep red shows the extent to the really high temperatures. you can also see the mountains in iran, which means actually still quite as hot because you just higher up. now by dives, forecast of 50 is to off the record, but the average is $44.00, so you stay at least forty's of ours. and in this part,
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the world 4 degrees above average is quite significant. luckily, it is dry heat, not everywhere. it's like that around the coast of yemen in particular. oh man, it is occasionally cloudy, even wet. in fact, these are pictures taken to the wind screen fairly obviously, of somebody driving through the la. this is the middle east, but this is what happens a 3 months a year when the mom soon when catches that part of a man. and that mom soon wind is also running all the way up through the coast tons of the kenya and somalia. and he just much the same on the coast here as well. cloudy and just the right. every now and again. whereas inland, of course, particularly the sci fi hardens to big showers, and consumes. sponsor cut on airways. joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are motor needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how in array of different stories. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic
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discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah the ah, you're watching out, is there a reminder about top stories? the positive if you have kids prime minister, be it has what a landslide victory and the june 21st election, assuring him a 2nd term in office, the voice was overshadowed by an opposition boycott. i think violence and the conflict in northern region, so we don't have
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a suspected present as accuse political enemies of organizing is killing to stop and democratic change. martine moiz, who was injured in the attack, was speaking for the 1st time since our husband was shot dead at his home on wednesday. it's not sure of us confederate general robert e lee has been removed from the city of charlottesville, virginia, many black lives matter support has gathered to witness the removal of the monument . it was at the center of a violent wife's premises riley, 4 years ago in iraq is growing concerned about ac service, and journalists that are being murdered with impunity since anti government protests in 2019 right groups have documented dozens of cases about arrests and attacks have become more brazen with plans for elections in october. that's how soon a reports from baghdad. bullet holes riddle this s u. v. where i made a bill summit was murdered in basra in january. the prominent television journalist
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and father of 3 young children was driving home after covering an anti government protest. his photographer was also killed. the lot of the top of our lives are in danger. we could be killed at any 2nd. there is no security, there is no government just on grooves and political parties for men have been arrested in connection with the murders. no trial date has been set in iraq. abdul some ads case is a rare instance where arrests have been made. the rocky high commission for human rights says since anti government protest began in 201935 journalists and activists have been murdered, and there have been 82 assassination attempts. no one has been convicted. armed groups are widely suspected with elections due in october. the commission believes the assassinations will increase a negative non legal,
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illegal competition. and if we can say it is criminal competition between the traditional parties and the new a newly formed one. so everyone trying to, to say that i am number one and them the most powerful and absence of accountability. absence of any real estate from the government, making the case more complicated. the prime minister mustafah academy paid a visit to this heartbroken father last august. rehab jo cool was killed in her car while stopped at an intersection in bus route. her sister and her friend were also shot and survived. your crew was an outspoken voice during protests and had been threatened on social media, a set of wireless shuffling, very much. not a lot of. she influenced many people in our society and may be rem, was a role model for iraqi women in basrah. they should have a personality and opinion, a clear vision for the future and goals. thank god,
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ram achieved so many of hers. your cubes family is still waiting for news of arrest as anger against the violence grows across iraq. the government is asking people to be patient and promises arrest will be made. the families of your coup and abdul. some i'd say. iraqis must carry on the mission. their loved ones began to help build their country into a place where its citizens are no longer murdered. with impunity, natasha name al jazeera baghdad. iran says is experience a major cyber attack on its transport ministry. the 2nd in 2 days, its website was taken offline on saturday and trained services were disrupted when a hack has interfered with station notices and boards. officials have not said who is behind the attack poles have opened in bulgaria for a 2nd parliamentary election in 3 months. an early vote was called off to april
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election resulted and hung parliament following month for the following month. former prime minister boycott ourself sat down and handed over power to a caretaker government. since then, that have been several accusations of corruption linked to the governing gerber party emergency services, about 100, while fi across russia. at least one person was reportedly killed in 18 others injured in the western region of chela been sc saturday. the state news agency says dozens of homes have been destroyed, firefighters are battling hundreds of separate blazes and the queue to region. the area suffering unusually high temperatures and it's dry a summer and 5th year climate change and especially as well as stephens as the 5 highlight. the urgent need to prioritize and climate policies within the region. you know, 1st of all, we can talk about the climate change trends. in fact, the northern high latitude siberia, northern canada,
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are warming at twice at least twice the global average. so we're seeing extraordinarily high temperatures, temperatures in the thirty's and forty's above the arctic circle, which we've never seen. but of course, these forests aren't used to conditions like this, extreme drought high temperatures and they are prone to burning. so once you cross that threshold, a high temperature and very dry conditions, forest fires just take or well and basically uncontrollable through already seeing some permafrost melt. there's growing concerned about what scientists call abrupt permafrost melt. that means very rapid deterioration of this frozen soil. so basically this frozen soil, mainly inside the area, contains twice as much carbon as the total amount in the atmosphere. so this could have been on the climate. permafrost melt really does take or is a growing concerned, and it would be a big problem if it does take off. if we want to even have
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a chance of getting climate change under control, by that i mean say limiting temperature rise to 2 degrees. we have to cut our emissions at least and half by 2030. that's 9 years from now. that means we need to come out of the panoramic with a very different policy. a group of policies settings on climate change, the rate of deforestation in brazil, of amazon rain forest increased for the 4th consecutive month in june. according to preliminary government data. the national space research institute has more than $3600.00 square. come along and says were destroyed in the 1st 6 months of this year. and there's been concerned that the destruction and a drought will trigger the worst thing for his 5 and the dry season. i had argentine one 1st major football trophy since 1993. they've beaten, defending champions, brazil one know in the corporate america final little messy. justina
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. got a good job for the 50 side. the way to over angel demario school the only goal of the game project, tina in the 22nd minute. that was widespread criticism of the decision to allow brazil to stage the month long events because of its current of iris numbers. daniel shrine la has more from boy ferris john. many of the people celebrating here tonight in the center of one authoress won't even fall in the last time, i'll say the one, the couple america in 993 where they did it this time. and i'm going to say them in rio de janeiro against their old enemy. brazil with a gulf has been merrier in the 1st hall. then they had to put together a resolute defence that lead into the 2nd hall. and just about held on it was probably the last phone for that super. so they all met the had so when a major international tournaments 30 years old, losing finalist in a couple of medical countenance occasions last year we'll help final in 2000
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a day. but the team captain managed to lift that trophy and many will be happy with him because of that, it was a difficult total often contain of brazil, both suffering very high infection and death rate with the cobra. 19 pandemic. this a most of the fraction of light relief, what has been a very difficult time of the people across south america. they managed to play the football just like the regular population. and the celebration likely to carry on was sometimes ago, monkey and a kid has reaction in rio de janeiro. i'm standing in a bar. all right, next to the i cannot stadium. some people here didn't even know that this saw the final game would be played today. this is because, well, brazilians were very interested in this scott america to begin with. what made it worse was that it was a sports event that turn into
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a political discussion. because when president wilson decided to accept a whole tournament here, just as brazil was nearing one half a 1000000 dead by coven 19, and that brazil reached that landmark in the midst of the pen damage. so there was widespread criticism, and even a year there were people that were cheering for messy, but brazilian say that a couple america isn't that important for them? they're really worried about what's going to happen in the world top next year. and basically that said here at the end of the game in this bar, that's right behind me. when the game ended, there's some people shouted ok, it's a defeat for you both. so nato out there is 63 percent of resilience. now think he's been capable of governing. so this mixture of politics and ford did play a part in dampening the enthusiasm for the cup america here in brazil,
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the private space races finally hit as one of 3000000000 businessmen is closer to his. out of this well, dream of taking tourists and all of it, the success of these ventures could pave the way to make space tourism mainstream, at least for high paying customers. runnels reports in 1961, soviet cosmos. you're a good gar, and blasted into outer space, and as his was stop rocket blasted off! guard shouted cheerfully. that means let's go! gardens, 108 minutes in space was the big meaning of the space age and age of space, heroes, gar, and was idolized at home and travel the world cheered everywhere by jubilant crowds . his american counterparts, alan shepard, followed by john glenn were similarly lauded as courageous adventurers. glenn later
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became a us senator and ran on successfully for president pasco is go for docking. houston is go for dock and it's up to you guys. the space race was a cold war era strategic competition between the soviet union and the u. s. with military overtones. but it also had a genuine air of optimism and idealism, seen by many as the next great stage in the human saga, and perhaps a forest for global brotherhood around the world. kids dreamed of growing up to be space men and women, and left off of discovery. well, things sure have changed from symbols of national greatness and demonstrations of dueling ideology. base travel today is all about money and ego that russia actually started the rich space tourist trend, offering seats on a. so you spacecraft for half the fees, they feel i dream will become a reality. richard branson,
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never shy of the media. spotlight will swoop base ward aboard a version good, lactic spacecraft from a base in new mexico, followed by amazon founder jeff bezos, aboard blue origin. a week later, i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i want to do all my life. what's really significant about the mission, the 3rd space billionaire ilan mosque says he's interested in taking one of his space. x rockets to the moon one day. and after that, maybe mar meters away must can be. those are duelling for contracts to supply the national space station and masses. lunar lander. branson wants to create a space tourism industry for well healed travelers willing to pay several $100000.00. for a quick jaunt, there is big money to be made for lab. but
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somehow it all seems a little less noble than in the early days when the apollo astronauts left behind on the moon, a plaque reading. we came in peace for all mankind. the new space tycoon may not have the right stuff, but they've got all the bucks, rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, there are these the top stories. the party of his prime minister ahmed, has won a landslide victory in the june 21st elections, assuring him a 2nd term in office. the vote was overshadowed by an opposition boycotts at think violence. on the conflict in northern te gray region, he gro was one of 3 of his 10 regions where voting didn't take place. catherine's always in the capital, i decided, but with more.


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