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your cubes, family is still waiting for news of arrest as anger against the violence grows across iraq. the government is asking people to be patient and promises arrest will be made. the families of your coup and abdul. some i'd say. iraqis must carry on the mission their loved ones began to help build their country into a place where its citizens are no longer murdered with impunity. natasha name al jazeera baghdad. ah, i know that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the policy of you to refuse, prime minister i'll be asked net, has one a landslide victory and the june 20 fast elections showing him a 2nd time in office. the vote though was overshadowed by an opposition boy because ethnic violence and the conflict and the northern region. catherine soy is in the capital, addis ababa with this announcement really come as no surprise prime minister
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obvious be amid as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an election really that has been voice portal was boy quoted by on some of the countries, the guest opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition leaders was arrested all for voting. does not take place at all in dozens of constituencies because of security problems. the widow of haiti's assassinated president has accused political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. monte moiz, who was also injured and that attack was speaking for the 1st time since her husband, juvenile, was shot dead at their home. on wednesday, a statue of us confederate general robert e. lee has been removed from the city of charlottesville, virginia, many black lives matter support has gathered to witness the removal of the monument
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. it was a recall at the center of a violent white supremacist radi. 4 years ago. at least 8 people have been killed, an 8 others injured in a large explosion. and somalia is capital mogadishu, a car bomb, targeted police, commander canada, $508.00. and he survived the attack police in bangladesh have arrested the owner of a factory where at least 52 people died in a fire on thursday. he and 7 others have now been charged with murder. officials say the main exit was locked and it since emerged that children as young as 11 had been working there. russia reported its highest single day italy of coven, 1900 deaths on saturday, with 752 people dying. this latest outbreak is being blamed on the delta variance. almost half of those new cases are in moscow. oh, those are the headlines. i'll have more fear here on out there, off the inside story. stay with. ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, the telephone sweeps across afghanistan as foreign troops leave fighters say the group now control 85 percent of the country talks with the can government have made little progress. so is it time to take the tele bonds demand? seriously? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammered. jim john foreign troops are leaving afghan a stand after 20 years of war. us president joe biden surprised many by bringing
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forward the end of operations to august 30. first. the afghan taliban as quickly filling the power vacuum that will be left behind fighters and made swift gains in the past few months. capturing districts and border crossings with iran and truck minister on afghan government forces barely resisted more than $1000.00 soldiers actually fled to g. cust on earlier this week, the taller bond says it now controls 85 percent of the country. it's delegates have been meeting russia's envoy to have tennis down in moscow. they say they have the best interest for their country's future at heart. monday showed up on the time is nomic, emerett of afghanistan has contact with the people and they are asking for us. the situation is changing so fast. this means that it is the people who want us, afghans trust us, more him in us get. we think the outcome of the negotiations will be important, but at the same time we believe and is slammed, state structure will be the most acceptable for african society. the afghan
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government says territory recently captured by the taliban will be retaken. let's take a look at what the map looks like now. in the past week, the taliban says it's taken control of another 36 districts. those areas are shaded in purple and now claims to control more than half of the $400.00 african districts across more than 20 provinces, including border towns, talks between the taliban and the afghan government here and have made little progress. but the taliban says it's still committed to piece the. all right, let's bring in our guess. joining us on skype from couple not not are not every member of the islamic republic of afghanistan's piece negotiating team in washington dc. curt volker, former us ambassador to nato. and also in cobble metro, metro and co founder of the feminine perspectives campaign. a warm welcome to you all. thanks for being with us on inside story today. now there, let me start with you. where do things currently stand with the negotiations between the african government and the taliban?
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and are you concerned that the piece talks are at risk of being used by the taliban as an instrument to legitimize their military victories? but what we see on the table is very slow progress looking into the past 10 months and the amount of progress we've made because of a lack of math in question. on the other side, we do see there's no tangible progress to the war. on the other hand, we do see increases the level of violence and that these are 2 key indicators. that one could say that a per long discussion not very meaningful issues, could be conceived. there's as lack of seriousness in the top process for a political sacrament,
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access across the country. it's monica public. over the leadership of government, the remembers of public negotiation, teens are so much key that has the sense of urgency to end this war as soon as possible and to find a peaceful settlement. and as the expert that behaves responsibility, we kept the door and the window open. and can you reaching that aside to come and sit and talk? we would like to start the talk early morning and go throughout all the day and night and fridays, and to find a solution and discuss meaningful lee. and generally what is required to discuss. banana, not happening. and that's not a good indication. cur tyler bond says that it is now in control of 85 percent of the country. do you find that claim to be credible because the government is come out and said that that is just propaganda. what do you say?
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well, clearly they have made significant gains militarily around the country. the percentage of territory is not really a strong factor to comment on because the afghan has large, desolate areas and mountains. and then it also has population centers. and i think it's rule of the population centers that count in terms of who, who is holding what part of the country there. i think the afghan government is still a strong position. however, the taliban are clearly making games mitra, you know, one of the biggest concerns right now when it comes to the people and i've canister is what will happen when it comes to women's rights. if the taliban continue to gain ground in the international negotiation settings, the taliban have presented themselves as having changed. they say that they are essentially no longer the brutal idealogues that they were in the past. they a promise to respect women's rights. do you believe that?
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thank you, i do not believe that because at least in the places the took the control of the places in the past few months. the things were here is the very bad the ethics or the impact of fall bond control over women in the areas under their control. there's unfortunately very disproportionate. for example, they have limited woman's movement, but they, they have not allowed them to go to work. and then the call i had 3 days ago, and then one of those to read the receive to they say that in but a phone proven, we are a we are, i come from, they burn the houses of my religious minority. she a smiley people and then they, they say your call for the same thing. my neighbor,
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at 13 years old girl and by the sun during this day she was going out and then they beat her badly. so the community went to taliban and was like why you be to this girl? and they were like, she was walking out alone. so they agreed that they would be a woman. but a woman should be in a company off made when she is outside, no matter how young but how old she is. and then freedom of movement differently. when it's limit that means woman cannot access health, health care if they needed, they cannot go to school. they cannot go to work and then this is the mental impact . unfortunately, i want to say again is very disproportionate on women and very negatively affect their freedom and get access to the basic human rights across all honest on the are not changed. and i am very sad that the leaders are enjoying the to sell impunity in luxury hotels in cobble where they are violating basic human rights and on,
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on in every single area they are taking control of. so i don't believe that because i'm not seeing it in the actions or how they are governing the areas they are controlling. now, kurt, i saw you nodding along to some of what metro was saying there. so let me give you the chance to jump in and let me also ask you from your perspective, what does it mean for the african people? if the taliban completely take over the country, especially when it comes to women's rights. and when it comes to anyone who may have worked with us forces or the african government. yeah, no, thank you very much. it's an absolute catastrophe. and i completely agree with our the guess the town that hasn't changed at all. they are saying they've changed in order to try to persuade the us try to persuade the government that it's okay for them to come back into power. but the reality is, is that they do not believe in the afghan government or constitution. they want to
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take over the state and they will impose repressive rule back at all. and they will pay particular attention as are said to women, to girls, education teachers. and anyone who worked with the afghan government, or african security forces are collaborated with us military forces, including translators. they will have a hitler's, and we are in the united states, the debate years. how, how much and how quickly can we help you back with some of those people worked with us forces and knowing that they will be targeted? now they're how in bold and has the taliban been by the withdrawal of us and foreign troops and how concerned are you of a potential outcome that the taller bond would take control of the entire country? well, certainly when you see things that are happening on grounds, that is also slated to the attitude and behavior of those who are sitting on people
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who are supposed to speak piece and talk about it. and that makes that position much more rigid and much more difficult to find a common ground to say about that's a possible shared future. and certainly you could see in the way that the sessions when it happens, which not data regularly and every day. but when it happens, you can see and insist on the one sided positions and that's what reflection of what they can see in the united states and what they can see the as a, making a progress on military grounds. it's very early, but then also to, to be so excited. i hope they have learned fall on his feet, that some of the backs could have back consequences. and that would not result
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into what they would wish for a complete state or reality. the ground suggest in the past couple of days, forces are fighting back and taking places to beat up the consequences of strategy . cultural additional forces where it created a situation like snowballs and some of the districts follow the food and we have sit back, can, horses are and now we consolidating it back. so that would change. but what would happen is that we lose more days to reach them and we lose more life. and that's why we a testing that this needs to move fast, genuinely, and meaningfully issues that meet trying to back to the race. our defense today have a framework for, for the current and for future progress and that has those. ready rights and values
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constitution and people want to see their leaders being elected, which is entirely different. so the idea that the part about pursuing those are difficult conversation that requires a lot of time to sit and talk. and that could be done much better if that was not a rush and decision about the withdrawal. the time allowed us to find a solution that could be used as a leverage to press the top of the countries in the beach and meet the taller bond has said that it is still seeking a negotiated settlement, but many say that based on what they're seeing right now that it's pretty obvious that the taliban really just want to have a complete military takeover of the country. do you think that they're more
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interested at this point in just a full military victory? or do you believe it when they say that they are still seeking some kind of negotiated settlement going forward? honestly, it is very difficult to, to say what they want because their actions are into total contradiction of what they see. especially the leaders say something, but then when you see the says in the ground doing an opposite thing. and then if we see the history in 1996, they came to a sort of hack them and. and then when they took cobbler literally did to, to lee never lifted that. and, and they said the same thing that they were do an inclusive government or an acronym and something. and there was a research article lose in one of the websites to day to about that, how they violated in 1996 diagram. and they had with the,
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with the parties involved back then to not me literally take the government and, and come to an acronym and to have an inclusive government. but they didn't. so if we see history, the light back then in the fear is they do it now. my heart told b, b c, the bit that they have an acronym. and with the united states that they want to attack the big cities. but the lead those rejected that yesterday saying that that's not true. we don't have an agreement with that. and then we are able to take over take big cities too and we don't have any ackerman. but at the same time, if we see more realistically told, one knows that they don't have the capacity to run a proper government even in the district. now they are controlling that they are not providing any services, for example, last night. and in my village, they called my uncle and they will like prepare food for 20 people because we are,
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you want to get to night the, the night before one of the we do, they do entered her house in around 10 p. m. and it will bring us something to eat so, so they, they know that they cannot run a proper government. they don't have all the structures needed. the f one is on, is not ready for, for such, for such a group to come and govern them. people are we want accountability from, from their leaders. and so i think and also if we consider the recent announcements that they had, they would make sure the diplomatic missions are safe in kabul and they want international community to continue the development aids. i think they have to seek a political settlement to would they be able to be part of the government because i think alone, they cannot do anything except violations and,
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and not allowing people to have the proper life current can a power sharing agreement at this stage actually be reached or is it essentially inevitable that the taliban vision wins out in the end? well, it is back to the previous question. you asked. does the taliban have any desire to take part in a power sharing? or do they want to go over the country militarily and impose the rules and all of the evidence points to the fact that they are seeking to take over militarily? it could be possible to have some kind of power sharing if you had the will to do so on the side, i'm sure the government would be willing to and franchise some people from the calvin, but i don't think, etc, as intention at all i, i think the jim to pursue the, the military option while pretending to pursue negotiation. neither from your
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vantage point, what is the best case scenario going forward when it comes to a peace accord? do you believe that a power sharing agreement can actually be reached at this stage? and if so, what does that power sharing agreement look like? well, up the people coming to that up, it's very certain that the, the vision of the, or their object would not when at the end, and these are, they are so many cases on the ground. the suggest against that they're not. but a scenario, if a political problem is reached not peaceful and this violence, then there's 2 potential scenarios, a prolonged war that the defense and security forces will continue defending lord park centers of population in this country. and the taliban will continue
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inflicting our people and then by increasing involvement of the proxies and a space that's going to be open for parents, activities, and innovations, strengthening back their, their, their strength and power. then it will be further along, even in some sort of a civil blog who's taking people communities taking our games, i guess about groups. so that's one of the 2nd center you will be a peaceful settlement where the pilot would be we to be part of a structure that is defining the shared future. and that would include how that would look like will be that there are prime eaters that will be sacrificed so much for those or including actually to see elite is not to be alive 5,
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but the need to be elected by the people that democratic systems of checks and balances separation of power to be respected and that's going to provide for the long term stability. busy and lastly, what's, what's much more important that would look. busy like, and i would accept that it's the bill of rights for the constitution, but that's the risk could be work. and the way that that, that work at the present time and again suggested that i would leave the office the day that they would agree to some of these issues and an election could happen tomorrow. if they do that, that transition for you need to be defined, defined based on the acceptance and we'd like people to be friends or to, to traditional gender major. i saw you nodding along to some of what now there was
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saying there, did you want, do you have a reaction? do you want to jump in? i don't have much to add, but then i think the political settlement is maybe the best option for, for the sake of an honest on jim $1.03. if, if we want something and i want to somebody the democratic development prospect, that's the way because continuation of violence just destroy everything in the past few weeks. we are seeing a lot of places that we've built along the way, like railroads or buildings off for the provide services. all of them were destroyed in the, in a lot of places we call a bug, the control it burned it down or even in the process of fight between, between different parties that gets destroyed. a lot of progress we made. and in
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areas of civil society, political courts, patient women, empowerment in the tea and all that, that sense of respecting everyone in this country, regardless of who they are and we have, they come from, we are losing that day by day in the physical violence. and i think that is important, we make sure the parties get together if, if it needs the national pressure, if it needs a pressure from insight and to go to the table and talk and agree on a political system. and we had everyone how have a voice in people should have a savior to if it's one thing still controlling it, 1st percent off of honest on why they are not agreeing on election so they can get the route from the people and legally and it, they can leave in more in a morally right way. take the kurt,
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you know this week more than a 1000 afghan troops fled into tajikistan after the taliban offensive in the north of the country. i want to ask you 1st, what does that say to you about the overall state of play and f canister right now . secondly, have the u. s. a. nato been surprised at how rapidly the taliban has been making advances? i mean, did they expect this? well 1st off, i think there you do have to differentiate between the afghan security forces that are defending the populated areas and those are better and more remote areas. and in smaller numbers, i think those in the more remote areas are more vulnerable and you can very well imagine how some people will be defeated. there is a, there's a k 22 special forces who are massacre just just yesterday or to leave the country and the taliban assault. i do believe that us and nato may have been a bit overly optimistic about the ability of the atkins security forces to
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continue to maintain a secure environment throughout the country without the strong support of the us and other nato forces. it has been a more rapid deterioration and people anticipated, and it is causing a great deal of consternation in washington now, as president biden is very clearly determined to proceed with the withdraw even as their indicators that it is not going well. now that we only have about one minute left, someone asks you to please keep your answer short as you can. why is the african military struggling to this extent? i mean, after 20 years of international support, why are they struggling to fight against the tale on like this? why not? they're not struggling. they are a lot of time for the country that they are briefly agreed to be fighting on every moment into those asians. but they were remote where they were limited number of
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our horses and we were supplying them mostly and we needed to pull them out. and then the time was far because we lost that enable. there's that and that's why they are overwhelmed those locality. and then if you prefer calling itself and that's why some of the were left without, without those i think because the, all of them were intimidating. the community. either you can best be forced to leave, or we are glad you are going to face the consequences. and that also contributed to this. all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thank you so much to all of our guest now. they're not ready. curt volcker and metro met run and thank you to for watching. you can see this and all of our previous programs. again, anytime by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at
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audience portal with me founder gotten on to 0 me on counting the costs out, salvador legalizes, bitcoin, what it proved to be an economic bonanza for the latin american country, but when it become a guy paradigm, europe, i watering tech valuations raised bubble fears. plus lambda gainey go to electric county, the cough on al jazeera when a war crime is committed, is it kind of just a follows a garden human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. i says it every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring it's context taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. we
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i'll just ah, hello there. i mistyped the attainder. how the headlines for you here are now to 0 . the policy of, if you would pay as prime minister, osman has won a landslide victory in june 21st elections. he's held it as a historically inclusive election. his 1st policy, 1410 out of 436 parliamentary seats shows him a 2nd time in office. but the vote was overshadowed by an opposition boy called ethnic violence and the conflict in the northern region. and guy was one of 3 of easier p as 10 regions were voting didn't take place. catherine soy is in the
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capital, addis ababa. this announcement really come as no surprise prime minister.


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