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on al jazeera, we understand the differences of cultures, the cost to move with the news and current. does that matter to you? i the official results show a landslide for the european prime minister party and not from election, not by an opposition voice and the war in a there on mr. k. this is out of their life and also coming up a confederate monument. that's fucked. a violent white supremacist rowdy and controversial remarks by donald trump has taken down and shot the wife of haiti's
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assassinated president accuses the perpetrators of speaking to kill his ideology in her 1st public statement. i'm charlie angela in, sorry, but one of the u. k. knowledge of the producers is running into trouble with distribution. one of thousands of businesses affected by chronic shortage, a truck driver. ah, now the party of, if you appears prime is to be off. ned has won a landslide victory in the june 21st elections. he's held it as a historically inclusive election. his prefers the party won 410 out of 436 parliament receipts, assuring him a 2nd time in office. the vote though was overshadowed by an opposition boycott, ethnic violence on the conflict and the northern region to go. i was one of 3 of if you abuse 10 regions by a voting doesn't take place, catherine sawyer,
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in the capital. 4th addis ababa. this announcement really come as no surprise prime minister abe's post be amid, as far as the party has been leading from the very start. and it's also an election really that has been voice quoted, was boy quoted by on some of the countries biggest opposition parties in the lead up to the election. some opposition leaders was arrested also voting does not take place at all in dozens of constituencies because of security problems. still some on a list of been talking to us saying they're very worried because now that parliament is dominated by members of parliament, of prime ministers, prosperity parties, good very hard for the m p. 's to properly hold the prime minister and the government to account to ask the tough question. this thing that what we might see going forward is more opposition from outside parliament. that's not bring in david
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sion. he is a professor of international relations at george washington university, and also a former us ambassador to ethiopia. he joins us now from washington. d. c. professor, this is hardly a surprise. how is the 3rd actually being viewed? i think it's a little early to john jr. how it's being viewed both internally and. ready and in the international community, i think it is a success qualifying success for prime minister ivy. but with some caviar auction, that is the fact that one of the constituencies did not participate in the election for either technical or other reasons. you had a boy caught by several people, little parties, and there have been some 207 complaints about the election. but nevertheless, there was a high voter turnout and that appears his level a peaceful. well, the 1st mister sion, of course,
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to place before the rather embarrassing military defeat, that these forces suffered at the hands of the t, b, l. s. and t guy. how much legitimacy does he have now within not only his policy, but within the country? you know, that's an interesting question and it's, it's the election, of course, took place before the military defeat and t grey. so we have no impact upon the election remains to be seen. what people think about the problems that the government now faces and great that may come back to haunt or prime minister abbey . but in the meantime, you can are right on his laurels of electoral victory. well, i'm curious about that because a number of areas where they have been security concerns as well as you say, haven't voted yet. the numbers here mean nothing's gonna change. still the facing armed movements and the number of parts of the country as well as international attention as monetary and situation deteriorates even further in t y. so what is top of his agenda right now in terms of his priorities?
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well i think that his 1st priority has to be. ready what do you do about his grade and how do you deal with the amount of crisis that exists there? and if he handles that badly, all of this could not go well for him internally. and there are other issues, as you suggest, that he has to grapple with, against a very full weight that he's going to have to resolve in the coming months. and if he knows handles that he is going to be difficult. on the other hand, if he plays his cards, well, songs a lot of these problems, he will be well received by the people. but i'm curious also professor modern ethiopia. and it's electro system is really based on this very carefully crafted foundation of federalism and, and since i've been in power,
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we've seen an increasingly centralized state. how is he now being viewed abroad by other countries, especially after he was a nobel peace story back in 2019 already has been some concern internationally, particularly in terms of how the whole t gray situation has been handled. read the whole question of ethnic federalism. those. ready very common blacks and we're much involved in internal ethiopian concerns on how they see the future of the country. that's going to be a quick resolution to that problem or that issue. i think that there will be elements of federalism that remain no matter why. but it may not be the same kind of federalism that you saw under the previous government revolutionary democratic products. interesting times indeed for if you're, if you're davidson, that professor of international relations at george washington university and also former us ambassador, ethiopia,
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always great to get your thoughts out there. thank you for joining us again. professor now moving on and the widow of haiti is assassinated, president has accused political enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. she was speaking for the 1st time since driven waves was shot dead at his home on wednesday, leaving the country reeling. martine moiz was seriously injured in the attack and was flown to the u. s. for treatments in an order your message released on twitter, she urged the country not to lose its way from action, can be the mercenaries entered my house and killed my husband. that murder made me and my children cry, and i know it made you cry to. what happened has no name. a criminal has to have the courage to murder a president. as governor myself, they send to the mercenaries to kill the president in his home with his family, over issues of water, electricity referendum, and the approaching election,
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so that there is no transition in the country. there are other mercenaries who want to assassinate the ideals of the president who went to assassinate the vision of the president. they killed him in my arms in front of my eyes. we cannot let the president die a 2nd time. i am crying, it is true, but we cannot let the country lose its way home, patrick l, a. n, as in washington, d. c. and says, have he will get help from the us, but not what's been asked for sending in the us military was always going to be a tough ass. keeping in mind president joe biden's bringing troops home from afghanistan, the telling the american public he was going to do a costly deployment to haiti, not something the public would likely support. so that seems like that's off the table. us says that they're going to send millions and a they're going to allow refugees from haiti to stay here program. the former president wanted to get rid of, they're going to send people to help with the investigation from the federal bureau of investigation, the department of homeland security. but definitely sending the message to the
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military is not an option. what the us wants to see is some sort of political stability they've been pushing for the elections to continue to happen. is as early as september, opposition leaders on the ground. so it's not possible to do that because there's so much chaos on the ground with gangs ready wild and this investigation continuing . and they're important to point out, we still don't know who was behind the murder of the haitian president. not least 8 people have been killed, an 8 others injured in a large explosion and small is capital. now. get issue a car bomb target at the police commander, colonel far mohammed aden, who survived that attack. also, bob says it was behind the blast. aiden was appointed back in april after his predecessor was curious to calling for a true while supporters of south africa as former president jacob's rumor protesting against his imprisonment and was ill in a towel, overnight demonstrations that and violence after court dismissed him as bid to suspend his prison senses, you can see vehicles with that
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a light and some nearby shops looted. the 79 year old, a former president has just begun serving a 15 month term for failing to appear before a corruption inquiry nearly a century after it was fast, erected an almost 4 years after i spoke a deadly weekend of violence in the u. s. city of charlottesville, virginia, the statue of robert e. lee, has now been removed on lookers, including black lives matter, support his chin. as the figure of the confederate general was pulled down from its pedestal and galico reports, the campaign is in charlottesville, 4 years to remove the statue of confederate, general and slave. oh no. robert e. lee. on saturday morning, the long battle came to fruition its peaceful crowd walked a controversial figure of this nation's troubled racial. past remove the statue, and another of general thomas stonewall. jackson will be kept in a secure location both se activists symbols of
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a shameful past. they were finally ready to be a community that doesn't telegraph to our public arts that we are pretty fine with white privacy. 4 years ago, plans to move lease to became a flashpoint to white nationalist, descended on charlottesville in scenes that shocked the world. august 2017, 32 year old. his head was killed with a neo nazi rammed his car into a crowd of anti racism. protesters who kill it was later sentenced to life in prison, where the people are one step closer to the tranquillity promised by the writers of the constitution to form a more perfect union. we are so far from the perfect union, yet one step closer today. as these 2 statues come down
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in the years that followed memorials to the pro slavery confederacy were taken down across the us even more following the death of george floyd at the hands of a white police officer for the young people out there. i hope that this empowered you to speak up on the issues that matter is they take charge in your own cities and communities. no platform for white supremacy, no platform rates for racism and no platform for critically the start use a part of the heritage of the u. s. is southern states, others, reminders of racial discrimination and oppression that's never gone away. according to the southern poverty law center. hundreds of symbols of the confederacy remain in place across the us, even as the fight continues to remove them. states like alabama, mississippi and tennessee are an acting policies to protect them as a gala corral to 0, washington hospital ahead here on algebra, arab countries pledge aid as soon as they want it. health system is collapsing due
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to a code, the 1900. and it's the football tournament that nearly never was where i live in brazil ahead of the american final ah ah, where we say good bye to elson i. it was a very long track, went over the eastern seaboard experience the canadian mary times leaving bit of surface flooding behind. so next scene to look at his while temperatures rise, 34 in d. c. and the sugar massive, big thunder stones and the blue ridge mountains down towards the gulf coast and wrapped around the southern great lakes. that means the plains actually largely fine and dry and increasingly hot. in fact, the feather wishy you are the hotter guest says he showers show themselves in the
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humidity of new york. for example. it dries up and down the southwest, in particular, charities are really high. back down the coast. you got that breeze keeping his coolness san francisco. seattle's back down about 26 degrees, but you come down to the central valley of california. run across that vegas, nevada. the records 48. we forecasting $46.00 that he's close enough to be touching the record. it's very hot and is a driving is part of the us worse than last year or the year before. in the caribbean, things are peppy up. again, having had a pool of what so her desk go ahead to suppress the shares. that's gone now, and they're a big shower, likely in the next round. these even the great twenty's and in cuba during sunday. but heavy stuff is still in costa rica from panama, the weather bag energy and changes to every part of our universe.
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more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah, hello again, i'm just talking to a home that's remind you about top stories here. this our, the policy of ethiopia as prime minister, has won a landslide victory in june 20 fast elections assuring him a 2nd time and office vote though, was overshadowed by an opposition boy called ethnic violence and the conflict in
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the northern region. the widow of haiti's assassinated president has a curious political enemies of organizing his killing to stop the democratic change . 19 wave who was injured in the attack, was speaking for the 1st time since the vantage of all the shot dead at a time. on wednesday, the statue of us confederate general robert e. lee has been removed from the city of charlottesville, virginia, many black lives matter. the board has gathered to witness the removal of the monuments. as you recall at the center of a violent white supremacist radi 4 years ago now hosts brazil take on our drivers argentina and the 47 corporate america final in just on the an hour. and that is being played in front of just $7800.00 fans of 10 percent of the mark on the stadiums. capacity because of curve at 19 restrictions. there was widespread
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criticism of the decision to allow brazil to even stage the month from events. the country has the 2nd highest curve in 1900 death toll after the united states. well, let's speak tomorrow. keiana kept your joins us live from outside the american stadium in mir janera, monica. the fact that this is taking place at all has obviously been controversial, but it does look like the fans you manage to get there are kind of getting into the mood well, sort of yes, there are very few since it was a very last minute decision to allow even some public, it was going to be 0 public until just a couple of days. one or 2 days ago. so people were scrambling to get tickets. there are few people here that are standing behind me. they were scrambling to get right now the tickets, right? now, and they were waiting in line. so this is everybody's here, it wasn't
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a bare people were very cheerful. they were, if there wasn't much mood for this, people had to get p c r test at the last minute. and it also, there was also problem with fake p c. ours because some of them were people are the authorities at the door thought that people had fixed them. so these people were turned out. that's a very unusual cup of medical right now. mechanic has that just outside the market stadium in rio for us. thank you so much, monica. while speaking of carbon, 19 the wilds and wealthiest nations are sounding the alarm about the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. of the current of virus g 20 finance lead is amazing and is lead to discuss the risk to global recovery cases. and now on the rise in $69.00 countries, the international monetary fund has warned that unequal vaccine access is a threat to recovery efforts. meanwhile, though, the european union says it's delivered enough that seems to member states to immunize 70 percent of adults,
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but the block leader says the fight is definitely not over. our vaccination campaign has accelerated tremendously since the beginning of the year. our joint approach is a success because we will only come out of this crisis together. but covet 19 is not yet defeated. we are prepared to deliver more vaccines including against new variance. now, member states must do everything possible to increase vaccinations. only then will we be safe on the wall in england where current of iris restrictions are being east infection rates back to levels last seen during the winter from gay g, or has one out from london oney in autumn. are you going to start to see certain control measures being put into place to allow not only just the economy to open up, but open up responsibly as well. and the guys being that if you can control that
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and that should hopefully allow for people to open up fully and in a responsible way. now, what needs to happen is that you either have to prove that you've had to vaccines or that you've proven, given a negative test the day before, the area, the way you planned to go to. but it's also adding another burden of cost to businesses as well. as they're going to be the ones that have to sort of put in the infrastructure to, to be able to put in that way of proving that diners or people who want to go out all able to do so in that. but this is just also just one measure that's being put in place in the face of the supposed opening up of the country on the 19th of july . well, now the legal obligations are going to be dropped, including mosque wearing and now it's going to be up to
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a question of personal responsibility. and common sense has been sort of told by the prime minister and the health secretary. this, despite the fact that the health secretary himself such a job, it has said that infections could rise by as much as a 100000 cases every day in a month's time will say, russia has now reported its highest a single day italy of coven 19 death. on saturday, with 752 people dying, and those are recorded more than 25000 new infections. that's just down slightly from the previous day. this late this outbreak is being blamed on the delta variance in which half of the new cases are in the capital moscow for it. where is the moscow corresponding for the christian science monitor? and he says, health authorities are struggling to convince people to get back from a if you know, the, been the savage irony that russia and it's quite redoubtable scientific. it's
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her establishment. we're able to produce a pretty good vaccine and do it early on. but they've completely failed to convince the population to take it. vaccination rates here are some, something like an abysmal 16 percent. that which is far behind the most developed countries. the government is trying, i mean, the, in the town near where i'm living there, they've taken over the stadium this weekend. and medical teams are practically ushering people into the stadium to get vaccinated. they're doing everything they can. but russians are absolutely reticent. think there are different reasons young people and i think this is probably universal. they. they just don't get it. and i think a lot of young people, when i go out and i see them partying, and so on. i think they, they feel that this has nothing to do with them. the real problem here in russia is older people, soviet era, generations who, i think, refuse of some habit of mistrusting their state. they just don't believe that
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anything good can come out of their state. they're very, very resistant to being instructions in orders. and so that's the majority of the elderly population, or i repeat, who are the most vulnerable, of course, are, are refusing to do it home in while several countries are pledged to, to nivia as it battles a record breaking surgeon, coven, 1900 infections and death more than 8000 cases have been registered in the last 24 hours. putting severe stress on oxygen supplies council has sent a military plane with a field hospital on board, including 200 medics and 100 respirators. libya, saudi arabia, turkey, and others also say they will send provisions by dr. mohammed sophia, and cathy is the head of general surgery and in l. jobs hospital and he explains what pines this recent surge, don,
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love the nation. good. getting back to me. we have a lack of vaccine that is, maybe not a very hard look down on the population menu menu from social problem, economic problems. nation situation need be very hard right now. your official said, that's the last thing we are here. we are doing our medical plan the, the nurses are the drivers and everybody the we like and i love the. ready people that we love the raiders, we need to be looked down for at least 2 or more, maybe 3 weeks. it could be a month that we are hurt just in front of a very,
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very difficult situation. you know that the reason separate from the law, the industry also and all the to do the credit rating to now from 19 me we look down in 23 months from march and the population going to stand it of fiji is now making vaccines compulsory for all workers as it struggles to contain in new outbreak, the island nation had kept infections for in check for a year, but then after a quarantine breach, it's now reporting almost 900 cases a day, mostly the delta, very end, under the no job, no job policy unvaccinated public sector employees may not be fired. private companies that don't complain could also be shut down. me while a u. s. donation of 1400000 doses of the johnson and johnson cove. in 1900 vaccine
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has arrived and i scanned the stones capital couple. the delivery is part of the co back global sharing program. the you and children's agency. unicef says, this is a fast of 2 shipments this month. the aim is to get the vaccine distributed across the country, including and hard to reach areas of kennestone is now experiencing a 3rd wave of infections. less than 4 percent of the population has received a job so far well, moving on and police and bangladesh have arrested the owner of a factory where at least $52.00 people died in a fire. he and 7 others had been charged with murder. the blaze broke out in a building on the outskirts of the capital deca on thursday. official say the main exit was locked and many workers jumped from windows to escape. venezuelan security forces have moved to end days of violence between gangs and police in the capital, caracas. almost a 1000 armed officers entered for poor neighborhoods and saturday. 12 people have
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been killed during the fighting over the past 2 days. several bystanders are also believe to be among those killed. the government blames the violence on the ledge plots by the opposition to destabilize president nicholas madura. at least one person has reported even killed an 18 others injured and wildfires burning across eastern russia. the state news agencies has thousands of homes have been destroyed and 55 as a battling hundreds of separate places in the tier region. the area is suffering unusually high temperatures and it's dry summer and a 150 years. businesses across britain are being affected by an unprecedented shortage of truck drivers. haulage bosses have appealed to the prime minister to personally intervene or face empty supermarket shelves and a supply chain collapse. charlie answer reports now from sorry in england. the team it toes, the seeds has spent the last 5 years developing
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a 170 different varieties of leak producing seeds. it will be resistant to disease . they will eventually account the 15 percent of leak for g. for delays distribution mean they might now miss their windows for getting into the ground. a shortage of truck drivers is impacting businesses up and down the country. it's going to cause enormous issues. for us. our customers obviously need it in time to so. and if they miss the sewing windows, that will mean the crops a later if the crops later that may basically cause problems with a supermarket contracts. and you know, alternately that means that the products that ado to be on the shelf sometime in the future may not be written short around 800000 heavy good vehicle drivers. according to the road haulage association, the combination of brick set cove at 19 lessons and test missed because of the pandemic and a profession. failing to new,
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a new recruit has created the perfect storm. we've been cooling up my agency. i mean up, but it's been, we code up for at least 5. you have a wait, right? drivers, congress for a lot of money. as a result, supermarket the warning of empty shells. school meals are being delayed, which could 4 schools to close when they just reopened. and rubbish collection being missed. one of britain's biggest food companies has asked the government to consider using the army to distribute goods to keep supply chains from collapse. switch kate, less than started, diamond logistics almost 30 years ago. she says shelves will be empty by christmas and left the government steps in. so even in a warehouse such as this, normally by this time you, you'd expect to say it a lot more filled. and that's because the supply chain challenges, ultimately speaking, if laurie's aren't able to refill fulfillment center, such as this, and then when are able to sell those goods on bound. and that means that a variety of people throughout the supply chain suffer. the
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e commerce companies often retail businesses of pivoted to e commerce to stay alive during this very tricky time, are unable to replenish their goods. that it just takes industry is urging the government to issue european hgtv drivers with temporary work visas. but the government has refused saying firms mis find domestic drivers instead, but there is no pool of qualified drivers in the u. k. just sitting around in peak delivery season is just around the corner. charlie angela out there. sorry. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the party of ethiopia prime minister of young man has won a landslide victory in the june 21st election, assuring him a 2nd time in office. the vote though is overshadowed by an opposition boy cost ethnic violence and the conflict in the northern region.


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