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store the last rebel held enclave of italy, bits in desperate need of a permanent long term medical supply system. health care that has been ravaged by the crew of ours pandemic, and an ever deepening humanitarian crisis. and the un agreement to extend the delivery of aid from turkey to northwest syria for only 12 months will do little to ease the fear on uncertainty region, which will set the reports from it live. it lives medical infrastructure is in ruins. and it's making medical care hard to find for some serious, most warrantable people haven't been missed. so, but with facing tremendous difficulties in the hospitals, the city is on the front line, raising targets the medical facilities constantly. our whole treatment relies on the aid we received. the supplies must continue without restrictions because if they stop in the people will only suffer more than others. in the last decade, hundreds of medical facilities have been deliberately targeted by the city and
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government and allied forces. international medical right group physicians for human rights sees it has documented nearly 600 attacks on at least 350 medical facilities and the killing of more than 900 medical personnel. since the start of the conflict, the u. s. found the hospital share their coordinates through a mechanism to prevent attack. but for the city civilians, everything care that government attacks are no longer the main today than just told us to do. the day, my 6 month old daughter is suffering from malnutrition. she was in a very bad condition and almost about to die. the after i brought her to the hospital and she got better. thank god, the medicine is freezer. i'm so good. the cool 1900 demick, has existed beated and already a crew to mediterranean crisis in the country city has northwest has more than 27000 core with 1900 cases and 497 cars on that. so far,
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medical facilities are short on peace, your has to detect the virus, the $3400000.00 population is running out of the nearly $55000.00. so of course 19 waxing, ever seen through bob and in apple fashion to the u. s. cross board, the mechanism may provide some relief to look at health care workers and passion, but it's far from a permanent solution to the health care crisis. in this war tone region, the extension may be a temporary life saver, but the long term fate of millions of these, these people remain on clear press will further al, jazeera it lip, syria, and iraq. people have been protesting since last october, over what human rights groups described as assassinations carried out with impunity . rights groups say nearly 600 protests as have been killed since 2019. now,
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actress and journalists are being ambushed and murdered, but there have been few arrests as natasha name reports from back that bullet holes riddle this s u v. where i met abil summit was murdered in basra in january. the prominent television journalist and father of 3 young children was driving home after covering an anti government protest is photographer was also killed. the lot of the top of our lives are in danger. we could be killed at any 2nd. there is no security, there is no government, just armed grooves and political party. 4 men have been arrested in connection with the murders. no trial date has been set in iraq. i do some ads. case is a rare instance where arrests have been made. the rocky high commission for human rights says since anti government protest began in 201935 journalists and activists have been murdered, and there have been 82 assassination attempt. no one has been convicted.
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armed groups are widely suspected with elections due in october. the commission believes the assassinations will increase a negative non legal, illegal competition. and even we can say it is criminal competition between the traditional parties and the new a newly formed one. so everyone trying to, to say that i am number one and them the most powerful and absence of accountability. absence of any realistic from the government. making the case more complicated. prime minister mustafah o cut me paid a visit to this heartbroken father last august. rehab your crew was killed in her car while stopped at an intersection in bus route. her sister and her friend were also shot and survived. your crew was an outspoken voice during protests and had been threatened on social media. while the softly she influenced many people in our
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society and may be rem, was a role model for iraqi women in basrah. they should have a personality and opinion, a clear vision for the future and goals. thank god, ram achieved so many of hers. your cubes family is still waiting for news of arrest . as anger against the violence grows across iraq. the government is asking people to be patient and promises arrest will be made the families of your coop and abdul . so mad se iraqis must carry on the mission their loved ones began to help build their country into a place where its citizens are no longer murdered. with impunity, natasha good name al jazeera, baghdad for the president would have us is in turkey, where he's been meeting bishop tie up at one. the palestinian authority has proposed a maritime agreement with turkey on the highly contested eastern mediterranean gas
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reserves are estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. they're also expected to discuss the israel palestine issue and plans for elections in the palestinian territories. a heat wave is wreaking havoc in siberia, an area of russia, famous were briefly cold winter's several regions of baffling fast moving forest fires. interior bins. one person has died and dozens of homes have been destroyed. or 600 emergency workers are trying to push out the flames. their eastern russia is experiencing a dry summer in 150 years of the building this morning. we have a little child. we try to get in the car and leave us. we have a 90 year old grandmother. we left quickly to save ourselves, at least to save our lives. we didn't care about the house, which means big have been burned. i had for 2 chickens. this rooster and the chicken had somewhere and survived. russia has reported a single day record of 752 cove at 19 deaths at the country also recording more
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than 25000 new infections down slightly on the previous day. relations outbreak has been blamed on the delta variant health officials trying to speed up the countries vaccination program. so far about 20 percent of the population as received at least one dose. fiji is making vaccines compulsory for workers as it struggles to contain a new outbreak. the on a nation had kept infections in check for a year, but after a quarantine breach, it's now reporting was $900.00 cases a day. mostly the delta variant. under the no jobs, no job policy on vaccinated. public sector employees may be fired. and private companies that don't comply could be shut down. the european union has reached its vaccine delivery target of 70 percent for adults. european commission president also on the line, says the blockquote of delivered 500000000 doses by sunday members states. and now
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trying to find a balance between lifting coven restrictions and managing the spread of the more infectious delta variant of vaccination campaign. as accelerated tremendously since the beginning of the year, i joined the approach is a success. because we will only come out of this crisis together. but covet 19 is not yet defeated. we are prepared to deliver more vaccines, including against new variance. now member states must do everything possible to increase vaccinations only then will we be safe. countries across asia reporting records daily cove cases because of the delta variant in thailand which has just announced a new lockdown lead documents suggest doctors are concerned with china's son of act . vaccine is not effective against the new various. the health minister has defended the job, saying the neat memo was only an opinion, but it's,
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are you trying reports from bangkok? public confidence is waning. a small group of pretences tried to march to thailand's health ministry, but the police are determined not to let them through. their protesting both the scarcity of vaccination shot and the vaccines, the government is giving them. go on, ha ha, what i'm worried about the vaccine that the government has ordered for us. many people, including myself, don't want to novak vaccines, but the government keeps ordering more. reassuring was from a senior health official have little impact leaked memo, shows that the government is keen to defend signed a vax effectiveness despite doctors concerns with health officials unwilling to push other vaccines for fear. scenting public confidence. to illustrate their concerns, the protest has put paint on bound, muddle corpse, and attempt to cremate them. security guards quickly, step in sign of the 1st bank seem to be released. and thailand was quickly
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distributed to frontline medical workers, most of whom have now had 2 doses. but it's a new cobit delta varian spread. some found they weren't protected. here, there were 5 medical staff infected with k with 19 and 2 were admitted. i see you. well, there's a concern by a lack of information about side effects results. although test groups show the vaccine works, why the studies have been hard to find the problem about the transparency of the report when it is study in larger group of participants. it seemed like that that information is not getting out of the investigators. that could be a real problem to thailand. domestic production has stalled and delivers the more effective m r n. a vaccines wouldn't arrive till the autumn thailand had a real problem finding enough supply of vaccine to meet demand. the current rates,
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the whole country wouldn't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next year. at a local temple. people have been queueing over night just to get a cobra test, increasingly difficult in china and which now has reco daily infection rates. despite early successes in the fight against cove at 19 times, responses now looking poorly planned an ill prepared. now many a questioning the faith in the government's ability to respond. tony chang how to 0 . bangkok, several countries have pledged aid to tune in years. it battles a record breaking surgeon covered 19 infections, or the $8000.00 cases were registered in the next 24 hour reporting period. putting severe stress on oxygen supplies, katara was already sent a military plane with a field hospital on board, including 200 medics and a 100 respirators. libya, saudi arabia, turkey and others say that also send provisions in neighboring algeria state
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televisions as the new prime minister has code 19 m and ben up durham on any formed government. on wednesday, the president has ordered the government to reimpose social distancing and mosque wearing measures. after surgeon infection. businesses across the u. k. have been hit by an unprecedented shortage of truck drivers. college bosses have appealed to the promise to, to, to be personally, all face empty supermarket shelves and a supply chain collapse. charlie angela report the team at toes a seeds has spent the last 5 years developing a $170.00 different varieties of leak producing seeds that will be resistant to disease. they will eventually account the 15 percent of the leak for g for delays distribution mean they might now miss their window for getting into the ground with the shortage of truck drivers is impacting businesses up and down the country. it's going to cause enormous issues for us,
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or customers obviously need it in time to so and if they miss their sewing windows, that will mean the crops later at the crops or later that may basically cause problems with a supermarket contracts. and ultimately that means that the products that ado to be on the shelf sometime in the future may not be written is short around 800000 heavy good vehicle drivers. according to the road haulage association, the combination of bricks is covered 19 lessons and tell me because of the panoramic and a profession failing to new, a new recruit has created the perfect storm. we've been cooling up my agencies. i mean, our bus is being we called up for at least 5. you have a wait, right? drivers can get a lot of money. as a result, supermarket, the warning is empty, shells. school meals are being delayed, which could 4 schools to close when they just reopened. and rubbish collection being missed. one of britain's biggest food companies has asked the government to
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consider using the army to distribute goods to keep supply chains from collapse. going to switch kate less to started, diamond logistics almost 30 years ago. she says shelves will be empty by christmas and left the government steps in. so even in a warehouse such as this, normally by this time you, you'd expect to say it a lot more filled. and that's because the supply chain challenges, ultimately speaking, if laurie's aren't able to refill fulfillment center, such as this. and then when are able to sell those goods on bound, and that means that a variety of people throughout the supply chain suffer. the e commerce companies often retail businesses of pivoted to e commerce to stay alive during this very tricky time. are unable to replenish their goods, that it just takes industry is urging the government to issue european hgtv drivers with temporary work visas. but the government has refused saying firms mis find domestic drivers instead. but there is no pool of qualified drivers in the u. k. just sitting around in peak delivery season is just around the corner. charlie
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angela out to 0. sorry. so i had to use our new queen at wimbledon australia actually bought a winter maiden title at the wilmington club, plus welcome to fossil owners, field of dreams. i'm joe hall with the story of how the cricket is catching on in catalonia. ah, challenging the way mainstream media report, the news stories like these should be easy pickings for political reporters out to hold power to account how it is in journalism is breaking the destruction of civilian property. this is all evidence for what firm tries and the re, a speaking out. we've been getting stories all john taken from the houses in the middle of the night and tortured the listening post covers the way the news is covered. phone is area code 19 is
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a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private ownership and profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is depend, demons that causes. so much of the suffering exclusive protect the people or the profit ever did one of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0. 0, i bought his gemma. thank you. lauren for the 1st time in 41 years australia has a women's wimbledon singles, champion off to ashley bossy, be carrying
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a plesk about 22nd grand tom title. it was a solid start from the world. number 11. the 1st 14 points of the match, as she wrapped up the 1st that 28 minute is it like it might be mission impossible . first off of that, but she took the 2nd on a tirade, and for the 1st time, it's in 2012. the women's final would go the distance bossy, bright sadie, and the 3rd, which pre decisive as she became the 1st number one seed be found champion sabrina williams in 2016. and fittingly if they see it that it will show i'm mental as on google and call it one her maiden. when put in 5 to talk it through that match point, i can't remember it. it took me a long time to verbalize the fact that i wanted to, to dead a dream it. and so i want to win this incredible tournament and being able to live out my dream right now with everyone. he made it better than better than i ever
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could have imagined i had. it was just, i mean i didn't sleep a lot last night. i was, i was thinking of all the water, but i think when, when i was i was coming out on this court, i felt at home in a way. and i think being able to share that with everyone to share that with my team is incredible. on sunday is the mens pam novak joke of it chasing a record equaling 20 grand slam title. while opponent mate pay very teeny, the 1st italian to reach a single decide at wimbledon is playing in his maiden major final. the take your lympics and may go down as a huge mistake or the most resilient sporting event ever with less than 2 weeks to go before they begin. many in japan, still calling for the games to be cancelled, including these protests in tokyo on saturday. who are outside the hotel, what i see present on the back is thing it comes on the same day. the casino followed the host city bombing found from the venue, which was set to host softball and baseball game. that's good. more now on the major sporting tournament that almost never was the copper america,
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as you've been hearing the final between present argentina, it kicks off in just a couple of hours. daniel sharla is in cyrus. oh, they got there in the end. the corporate america kicked off in june and ends with a final between brazil and argentina in rio de janeiro, iconic mac enough stadium, brazil the hosts and holders argentina which has won this tournament since 993. which doesn't one, anything with legal, messy, arguably the best there in the world. a classic copper america. but a couple america like no other. it's a very different fella coast. all of the companies that come before because we have fans in the spans as being very quiet, very unusual regional co host columbia, an argentine and we're forced to pull out just weeks before the kick off because it's political arrest across colombia and the spiking corona virus. infections in argentina,
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the brazilian president job olsen are stepped into host at the last minute, despite his own country's poor record on dealing with the pandemic. and growing political opposition with some general vision of the genocide going on across indigenous lands, while thousands destined for vaccines for indigenous people is being spent on this cup. the cup of death, la copa america without the color and excitement of previous tore them. and the big screens in plows is in the packs bars. norman a, the football dominate, especially when knowledge and team reaches the final, especially when not finals against brazil. that this time the pandemic is the greater concern with the foot of the distraction, some relief and otherwise difficult time. brazil has lifted 5 world cups to argentine as to when all container has 114 copper america to brazil's 9. it's a rivalry that spills out of the football stadium. this is gina. i
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especially want to tell argentine as president that the only rivalry between us will take place at the mechanic. and i will tell you the result beforehand 5 no, i say 5. no, it's been itself tournament played in difficult circumstances, but the football as enough, as it always does, goes on $10.00 to 0. what osiris, who's the english football association has been fined $35000.00 after a laser, was shown in the face if they knew danish goalkeeper accomplish. michael during england 02020 semi final when the punishment is also for disturbances during the national anthems on the setting off fireworks inside the stadium. gasket seem have been busy preparing for that 1st major final since 1966. the whole squad trained on saturday except to feel fight and who's a doubt with
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a foot injury. england need to have a common italian side have not lost in 33 games. that they will get plenty of support from the $65000.00 funds at wembley, the majority of which will be sharing them on fantastic to have and obviously a letter from the queen, a message from the prime minister toward of the team. and the recognition that the players and all the staff have gone about this in the right way. we had a fabulous reception accent georgie's, all the local villages that come out and lining the route and people pulled over in lay buyers. and so you got more of a sense of what's going on outside the bubble. we've been in 55 years since england want to major torment, but the white hasn't been nearly as long faithfully. he's lost trophy with the 2006 cut. after flying in from florence, the italians arrived at putnam's training grounds, whether based on saturday afternoon as it with grease. if i some italian fans living in the u. k. who was singing it,
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coming rhyme of piracy is the england john is coming home. you know, we hope we can hear our fans at the end of the game during the match. we'll have to think about other things that we'll have to think about performing. creating chances, score and goals defending well, so many things we have to think about during the match. so i hope i can hear them at the end when the but i won't be much rest for those players involved in the or is they'll get just a short break before returning to training with a club sides of the new domestic season in august. and that welfare concerns fif pros, general secretary, over years the calendar has been stacked up to a degree that it's over congested. and at the same time, the intensity of the game play as increased dramatically. if you look at the distances rented during the game. if you look at the impact of the commissions on the field of just more intense than one of the past, like many boards, right, we just, it bounces, advancing athletically to, to a next generation of asked me. and it's been very disappointing that the
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competition organizers will, of course, have interest in their own products be placed in the best possible broadcasting and in the calendar. and have so far failed to really implement proper protection that we've been being for what we've studied. and what we've lined out is that with very reasonable minimum protection, such as a minimum duration of eventually a month of an off season break. $10.00 to $12.00 days of a mis season break and meaningful regulations to limit the the frequency you're back to back matches. meaning when you play weekend mid week and then get on the weekend. if we limit that in a reasonable amount, you automatically get to a number that is around what both scientists and players believe is feasible, which is somewhere between $50.60 a year. and that lauren is the fort from me, but i guess you've got a little bit of support coming up with either. thank you very much. thanks jim or football is without doubt spain's most popular sports. so in the city, barcelona,
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aust locals to vote on what new facilities should be built. and they also came as a surprise when there was the result of a campaign led by a cricket team made up of young women of pakistani heritage turned holly's plains 5 years old. and my brother also planted and i went to the nursing grievances, got me. well, if i'm feeling very excited left because there's also the already more kids, they want to learn that thing actually i'm putting this is the unlikely story of how a women's cricket team in a country not known for cricket. one public support to have a ground built for them to play on and get and beat those mildred's up. but in 2013 we started the young cricket barcelona project. when i became clear, there were a large pakistani indian unbundled the she communities in barcelona playing cricket
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on the streets. it was a sport being played by stevens, aboard lorna, but would know or to play it. and i could guess the woman's team has spearheaded the project in recent years, especially because it has allowed us to work not only on social creation alone, but also gender empowerment when barcelona city council asked the public to vote on a range of new facilities to be built using municipal funds, the young women launched a campaign for the city's 1st cricket ground and won the most boats. and this is it, a disused football pitch to be transformed into an astro turf oval at a cost of nearly $2000000.00. part of a project promoting community relations through sport and unusual use of the city's budget. as more established immigrant cricket is in the amator capital and lee will tell you, i know what people think about. some people seems over here, but it's not overly popular with the spaniards. you can imagine they will thing
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that goes on for days and days and it's the sort of baseball with a funny stick and i don't really get it soon. the sound of leather own willow will ring out from the boss elona international cricket club. the plan is to turn this field of debt into barcelona as field of dreams, as the movie said, if you build it, they will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and the good i always see on tv, they are playing cricket like shadow. my mom has, i'm on and there are much every player and i get the idea from the i want to play this game. i went to jonah a whole al jazeera barcelona, and a quick wondering catch up with our sport and the news on our website address that is out there, dot com. and you can watch, live, are clicking on the orange line icon for me and tell me if this news or i'll be in a moment with another full run of today's news. thanks for watching bye,
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for now. ah . me. a football from spain traded, battling opponents on the fighting fascism at home and abroad. footballing legend edit canton introduces stuff the nino in the battle a wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of
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a natural concentration. i was more rebels on al jazeera with energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your new generation of young people are more politically engaged than the one that came before. welcome to generation change a global feeling that attempts to challenge and understand the ideas that mobilize youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront, the walk in a ration never ever get tired of developing resistance and ignite. the passions
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stand up in flight generation change on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that multi in the news. we do have, hey, jesus fascinated president accuses his enemies of organizing his killing to stop democratic change. ah, taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london. also coming up to confederate statues that help spock a violent point. supremacist rally removed in charlottesville, virginia, 8 people.


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