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his field of dirt into bartalone, his field of dreams, as the movie said, if you build it, they will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and the good i always see on tv. they are playing cricket, like barbara shadow. mom, mom has i'm on and there are much every clear and i get the idea from the i want to play this game. jonah whole al jazeera, barcelona ah headlines on al jazeera police and bangladesh of arrested the owner for factory where 52 people were killed in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the whole minister has wor, no one will be spared. if signs of negligence are found, country child re has more from the seeing and guns brought up their relatives that later that one of the gate at good gate was locked. supervisor,
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that fact didn't allow them out saying the fire will be doors very quickly and they were trapped inside. that is what they're saying was a main cause of so many that the people approached, jumped out of the building up the street. people died, run the bell to the ground. i talked to the left hand corner of the fire brigade, his operational chip. he said that, so every car about $49.00 char board is and 3 people died because of the fall. haiti's interim government has asked the international community to send in troops to help stabilize the country after the assassination of president jovan m. o. e. z, the usaa. it has no funds to send military assistance. pay to senate has nominated just have lumber to serve as the new interim president until new elections are held in september. at least 8 people had been killed in a large explosion in somalia as capital a car bomb targeted a government prom boy carrying senior police commanders. it was the 2nd major bomb
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attack in the city. this one to confederate statutes in the u. s. city of charlottesville are being taken down. 4 years ago, white nationalists, 7 straight it again, sponsor, removed them. a car was driven into a crowd, killing one processor counterpart, hester. many see the statues as a reminder for america, the history of slavery and racial oppression. russia has reported its highest single daily record of covered 1900 debts. it's recorded more than 25000 new infection down slightly from the previous day. the latest outbreak is being blamed on the delta variance. european union has reached its vaccine delivery target of 70 percent for adults. european commission president of underlines, says the block will have delivered 500000000 doses by sunday. those are the headlines on al jazeera, more news coming up, after people and power about me
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. the since early 2020 the world has been in the grip of a panoramic that has cost millions of lives and affected billions more of us through economic contraction and restrictions on our movements. much of a story is well documented, but the crisis is turned up a question that so far receive little attention have measures taken in the name of defeating covey. 19, also done lasting damage to our civil liberties. we've been in search of ounces.
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ah, the, the corona virus pandemic has fullest governments around the world to take extra ordinary matches. closing cities, planning, travel, and making people stay at home a month at a time, ah, in the race to defeat the disease. they've also had together huge amounts of data about our whereabouts and i'll state of help me digital contact. pressing tools offered the opportunity to try this larger numbers of contacts in a short period of time and to provide real time picture of the spread of the virus
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. but privacy campaign is now asking if all the new laws, technology and data gathering has been strictly essential. the way i like to frame what's been going on since the initial stages of a panoramic husband, 1st government panic and they panics because they recognize that they didn't have the infrastructure being needed. and so what did they do? they use the infrastructure they had, which was intelligence agencies, policing. and in the absence of any capability of testing, they thought, is there a way for technology to solve this problem? what we know is the crisis is the ground on which long tiny raisins of our liberties see that it can feel really difficult making civil liberties arguments in the context of a crisis. you know, whether that is 911, which we've all learned an awful lot from. whether it is dependent because you're
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often painted out, you don't care about public safety or public health. but exactly how about civil liberties been eroded? what's been going on under the cover of cove it and where me. back in march 2020 the high tech city state of singapore was one of the most enthusiastic adopters of using mobile phones for contact tracing. play your part in fighting coban lighting with just 2 simple steps. one, download 3 together and help those around you to set it up to turn on your bluetooth. and it is as simple as that has in many countries. the government said the app was voluntary, worked entirely on anonymized idea, and he's only tracking the virus is not the user. and that's really it know julia cation or other personal data is collected. but digital rights activists like li ting when taking their word for it. when the tech experts examined the code for it,
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they found that it wasn't doing all the things that it would do. so for instance, data would not be shared, would be totally anonymous and so on. they found that the data was shared more widely than we're supposed to do with some government agencies at 1st take up with low until the app was made mandatory to access public areas like shopping mode. now it's used by nearly 80 percent of the population. the but in january 2021, the government admitted the police had access the data for murder investigation. police forces empowered under the criminal procedure court kid any data. and that includes the chose to get a data for criminal investigations, even in normally creation cinnapool that was concern and also brought up the questions for people. so what data has been used in what types of investigations
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can we trust that this is the only time that this has happened? at the time i was volunteering quite have me with sex logos, 5 organization. and one of my concerns was that the data phone contact raising could be used to identify sex workers and their clients. this has your trace together history. so over the past 25 days, these are the number of times that devices with trace together have been pinged. and given that textbook as from life and singapore, largely, i was, i had some concerns. there is evidence to suggest digital contact rating can be more effective, the manual tracing, but privacy campaign of the these methods of surveillance will out believe their initial years. that's going to be one of the legacies of cobra. the whole idea that you know about the phone and app and the telecommunications infrastructure designed for you to enjoy spending your time communicating with others will be used to
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enforce your own detention in the future. in israel, the government also employed mobile phone contact tracing, but use the method the rage even more privacy concerns. while ordinary people struggled on the heavily police locked downs. the pandemic let prime minister benjamin netanyahu divert public attention from fraud and bribery allegations, but demonstrations against corruption and the government handling of the pandemic erupt. it anyway. the oberon with a regular protest during one of the lock them went outside meetings were permitted . she met with fellow activists. this is what we were doing that night. there was a far as the birthday party of one of my friends then the police just came in. we're starting to recess and just wanted to leave a few days later,
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i got the text message with the date and the hours you were near someone who was tested positive for girl and a virus, you have to immediately start a warranty. and this might seem normal for many countries, but an emergency regulation had allowed the bad israel secret service to run its tracking trade program in the united love. but actually sheet lender feel civilians cannot opt out. they can't even opt it. it's just the secret service tracking all civilians, anybody within israel, they are the only democracy in the world to this day that was using their secret services to do this. the best are often accused of breaching human rights floor in the treatment of palestinians. but the revelation showed that they don't only operate in the west bank and occupied territory. the reason this happened is because the shouldn't bet already is tracing people. instead of waiting for
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something new to be created, they already have a tool within the shit the bed. the 2 was a secret years long program to monitor telecommunications across the israel and palestine. i said really angry because i had a feeling that because we were there, like many people from the process, it happened just about this event. it's an open question whether she was forced into quarantine because the state was targeting protesters or merely protecting citizen from a deadly disease, but civil rights campaign and say that with bad doing both, nobody would know in a democracy, can't be that there's a surveillance state in the sense that a government contracts, certain people, this can lead to a situation where the government knows about your sexual orientation about your political orientation. and what it can do is lead to freezing affect the phenomenon where people don't want to go outside and do certain thing, but they protest because they have a fear of,
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of being trapped off to several legal challenges. the government says the shin bet surveillance has now been scaled back, but the scandal opened at least some israeli eyes to the way palestinians routinely monitored. i think that we finally have to fight against it in all areas. a doesn't matter if it's happened to him, and he's really citizen or to someone in the occupied territories. this is really, really bad. this is a slippery slope towards violating human rights in the early stages of the pandemic. other government also experimented with electronic mass tracking, but with only marginal success. ultimately, it was recognized that this level of master balanced doesn't actually help you with the pandemic. so they decided to resort to what they do often as a next step, which is rely extensively on industry to sell them toys. your system shows that
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your health, maybe i would recommend you to the industry. many governments tend to with biometrics, which uses unique personal traits like a face iris or fingerprint to identify me. but china, which was already openly using facial recognition and it's big cities. the pandemic turbocharged the rollout in smaller towns across the country. the claim, the biometric and contactless transactions, a safer has obvious appeal for airline, keen to get people back into the air, says the ceo of quantum contact, tribal people, now we see the huge new to the years mirrors in the space of a few more we think that is a change that will stay there forever. it's also a change coming to retail. this leading russian supermarket has teamed up with visa, so you can pay for your shopping with your fate. a lot of this is
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a sort of form of tech solutions them, which is the idea that technology because it shawnee because it's new, contains all the control of our problems and many people. so the unquestioningly trust technology or assume that it's going to be the most efficient or the best solution. but critics say biometrics is an industry with a check in the past around pre 911 where the facial recognition was being touted by police, particularly in the united states as the great solution to police and problem without recognizing that their own force was turned off. the tech because it wasn't actually working, then 911 happens just months later, and all of a sudden governments are reaching for facial recognition in fingerprinting. so we deployed them at borders. you put them in passports without ever asking who does it work for? when does it work? when does it fail? what happens to somebody who it fails for today to get detained because something doesn't match. the biometric industry saying says, goes where the areas of opportunity, money, and few questions
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a few years ago by industry is looking for a new market and a then decide to go for the next great domain of policy making, where we don't care what happens to people and that was in the migration sector and refugees in refugee camps. so refugee agencies and, and governments were sponsoring refugee agencies and the deploy fingerprinting iris scan facial recognition. and again, i got a close up view of some of these in the, in refugee camps. the only people who didn't realize that the technology didn't work where the policymakers, everybody else knew the technology wasn't working, but it didn't stop to fail the reliance and the shaping of people's lives based around yes. now did the system say you're allowed and or do the system denied because it failed campaign to say these systems are often 1st tried out away from critic allied in the west like biometric voting, which has been trialed in afghanistan, uganda in here in iraq with a panoramic,
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maybe we can use facial recognition with people's faces covered. maybe we can use cameras to attract people across cities to do contact tracing. and in a post pandemic your we can use facial recognition at borders. we can use facial recognition shops, we can use facial recognition everywhere. and then we've forgotten why we deployed it with biometrics and bias to say that there is a real risk that i'll kind of personal identity faces our fingerprints. the irises, we can't change those, they will be locked into a system forever. they can be exposed to by hackers. they can be forced biometric because governments and then when it was stock has no way of resetting your face. it's not like a pamphlet. this is a kind of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. the, the temporary becoming permanent is just one of the consent campaign of have around the chest data. still a joint computer system fail using the personal data held by britain national
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health service. where do you live and have yourself? as many i mentioned before, we know the personal information on over 60000000 people often going back decades has, has one of the biggest stores of patient records going back through time globally. it says standouts in terms of the day 3 has, and it's worth billions of pounds and they serve as the new oil, as we know, dates or is money. no, really, any test data can only be used by those treating a patient. but when the pandemic struck, the rules were loosened. in march 2020, then a chest announced that they were setting up something called the cove at 19 date. and that they'd end into 5 contracts with different tech companies. and that, that data store was going to be the kind of single source of truth about the pandemic. for the m h f. the data store pulls together information from across the fast in a test, including confidential details given to the 111 helpline. and even tech company,
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location data. this would supposedly help ministers allocate resources by providing them with a real time dashboard of all aspects of the pandemic. but from the outset, almost every element of a worried privacy campaign as it was extremely vague. we didn't know what dates was going into it. we didn't know how it was being used, and it was very secretive and emerge that the contract had gone to the parents who built the backbone. this for just one pound, which sounds out trisic to foundry. as a software that allows organizations to bring that ages together and then enables they use to conduct sophisticated analytics and operations on top of the unified data. currently have been criticized for providing its data mining capability to the cia and the us border force division eyes responsible for detaining and expelling migrants. they are not particularly well known for health. they are much
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more well known in relation to their defense contracts by tech b. u. s. police forces, they are not the company that certainly we would immediately think would be appropriate. and indeed, we don't think are appropriate for an h. s. contract. but the british government didn't seem that concerned when asked by a technology journalist, what talented might hope to get from a one pound contract. secretary of state for health replied. the honest truth is, there is no way we would have been able to cope this pandemic. and deal with in the way that we have been able to without the support of the tech companies. they've been absolutely brilliant at putting together the platforms that we need. and lots of them gave over their time and their capability for public benefits. pride by 9 rosa curling organization. foxglove, a u. k. law firm set up to challenge big tech, took legal proceedings which both the government to reveal the contract,
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which was for a pilot or trial project. the contract also detailed the types of data being used. what we did say was that the coven 19 data store, was collecting data on political affiliation, religious beliefs. it was correcting information about criminal convictions and ethnic data. employment data. there is no understanding of why elliptical religious data was need, is the coven 19 data store? and much of this information is relevant to scientists. battling the pandemic. dr. pullman k works on britain faxing program. we have no interest in walking by or affiliated or any of that type of thing. we're just interested in the virus. how many cases are being picked up in a certain place, and then using the data to try and target interventions. it may need the genome
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sequencing is guiding what we do privacy campaign and also worried about mission creek. the one set up this huge system would continue in operation off to the pandemic and expand into other areas. the government promised it was temporary, and then pounding to assigned a new deal for 23000000 pounds. rosa went back to call and was allowed to see the new contract. paper was made clear that the mission crate, the so the contract itself set out and confirmed that part of the day to the door was going to be increased and widens. and the other issues began to also be looked at. so the exit business monitoring, as usual, whatever that may mean, relevant pandemic, the flu, the government decline to respond to us directly. but as the story was unfolding, the jeff said, strict state rules apply to everyone involved in helping in this critical task.
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companies do not control the data and are not committed to use or share it for their own purposes. at the end of the health emergency, their work will either be deleted or returned to be in a chat. in april 2021 talented became an official u. k. government supplier. they've also signed contract with other european governments, including greece and the netherlands to help ministries of the world are just, you know, there's such prime targets for this industry. that is, they're sitting on a lot of data. don't know what to do with it. and then suddenly a sales person is knocking on the door saying, hey, we have experience from building and policing systems, border systems, immigration systems on taking mounds of data mining and finding something interesting. why don't use us and we will help you. but it's our most sensitive and personal in our health data, and it's being used to essentially build the next generation of profiling
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technology. but it's not just government that are accused of monitoring people under the cover of coded. good afternoon, you for me to brian who can assist you today as millions around the world. and now working from home, like brian unions raising concerns about the new forms of surveillance. he's going to get the billing. we'll see what we can find. brian's employer requires him to account for every 2nd of his day. so when i go to click into what's called a code, it's basically notify them where i am and i think there's about going to the bathroom for me. i'm going to ask. so when i get back as a few messages going, where are you? when's your time get back on calls. so good, absolutely. being monitored in real time, cool, send to work has long been heavily monitored, but it's intensified with the mood of working from home with all a metal saying that all the gangs were times it on a list of status. monetary reasons, i don't want people, i've never met to see my,
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my hedge much. i think it's reasonable. the social agenda element. i don't know if i was a woman, i wouldn't necessarily want some man. i've never met being able to just randomly view my webcam. and in a university, strathclyde survey, 45 percent of old people working from home in the u. k. and said they are remotely watched in the face of the prospect union. andrew pay is worried. what we've seen in the last year is that hand reach out from traditional industries where micromanagement is more common into all walks of life and whether it's office workers working at home, whether it's other phones professionals that's study by digital rights organization . top 10 vpn showed us sales of surveillance software increased by 51 percent during the pandemic. you've got software now that can measure your key strikes, how fast you're typing on your laptop or what word you're typing. it is easy now for employees to check your e mails for key words,
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whether you're chatting to different workers and sponsoring to brian gives us a flavor of what this feels like. we have, i guess, an employee for him when the web. and that was one of the few times people were angry and there was a said that disappears. so that just vanished suddenly. and there was then a 2nd fed, under people with enough fed saying i've been told i should call the pitch is the analytics allow companies to improve staff productivity, thus increasing profit. but brian thinks employees benefit in other ways. it's also a sort of repressive measure. i think workers are much less likely to organize are much less likely to get industrialized and you can speak to each other. this tracking is a global phenomena and amazon closed up roll when announced the roll out of a i enabled cameras in the usa, the monitor neighborhood, and their drivers pressing and holding the driver alert button for 5 seconds. we'll
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turn the driver facing camera off. so you can have privacy while taking a break turn of ours has been the opportunity for businesses and to governments to massively increase their power to increase that surveillance to increase their kind of control of every kind of minute area of our lives. and to roll that back is going to be very difficult on these things orange juice for the greater good fry and safety for our health in the guise of public health. civil rights advocates the this surveillance will be extended by the same measures. many countries hope will allow travel to review health passports. many leaders see them as a key to normality. the almost empty results of southern europe have helped convince the european union. with this digital certificate, we aim to help member states reinstate the freedom of movement in a safe,
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responsible and trusted manner. israel has reopened gyms and hotels with its green pulse. currently a q r code showing vaccination status. mm. many including vaccine scientists think they are inevitable elsewhere. i don't personally like the idea of faxing passport, but obviously of another country and that we show that we have been but they did want to go to their trade. we would have to have boxes obviously for local us. i think it's a terrible, i get. it would discriminate against people. but for civil rights campaign is the dangerous go much deeper than discrimination wouldn't be a side effect of this discrimination is the whole point of the whole point to the co. the hospital would be to crate it to tier societies where the wealthy with that shiny kind of passes can go to the special lax unaided. only hotels like say sony
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restaurants in the air. planes are never kind of continued privilege life. all those who are unable to show the right digital paths are locked out society permanently. in fact, critic fair all of the intrusive new technology that a paid during the pandemic is here to say. you don't build all that tech to then just easily shut it down. the moment that the w h o says it's no longer a pandemic. 911 allowed for the use of identification at borders and for transport in a way that we've never had. and what governments have never had the capacity to do before with the add the next desirable layer, which is health, medical and personal detailed personal information answer will have built the infrastructure for all of that. and all of a sudden you have the perfect identity system involving biometrics, modern software, smartphones, all the fight, a pen demick, that one would hope that if you deploy the vaccine sufficiently, you don't need
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a passport anymore. but you will have an identity system as the end result of this entire initiative the a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, profitable, with global demand that the skyrocket. people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a jazz ah
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ah, there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. on audi 0, government shut off access to social media. ah, facing murder charges, the owner of a factory and bangladesh on 7 others are arrested after a fire killed more than 50 people. ah, this is all of their life from headquarters and i'm getting obligated also had a confederate monument that sparks of violence. white supremacist rally and controversial remarks by donald trump is taken down in charlottesville.


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