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particularly these have been hollins to big showers and consumes. ah, the vaccines a promising part out of the san demik. but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as a merge between rich nations and poor ones. when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geo politics to the pure economics, the misinformation, the latest developments, what's going on here is very different for a stop. the vaccine comes in the form of a nasal spray, especially coverage of the colona virus pandemic. on a jazz ina discover a world of difference determination. i'm coming down, we are moving freedom. we saw 16 corruption and compassion,
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the l. just 0 world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. oh, a. again the top stories on the i'll just renew our police and bangladesh of arrest, the owner for factory where 52 people were killed in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the whole minister has wor, no one will be spared, if finds. if negligence are found. a cheese into government has asked the international community to send troops to help stabilize the country following destination president, job anomalies,
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the u. s has no fun to find military assistance. several countries have pledged a 2. as at battles, a record breaking surgeon covered 1900 infection dan, death. more than 8000 cases have been registered in the last 24 hours. car is sent to a military plane with a field hospital on board. police in india are investigating how dozens of muslim women were put up for sale and fake online auctions. photographs of some 80 women taken without their consent were uploaded on an app with the caption. silly deal of the day. that word is a derogatory slang term used for indian muslim women. and the people who created the ap reportedly use fake identities. after the widespread outrage, the website hosting, the caption was taken down. let's be to foster my con, who's a journalist at the digital news platform to print and talk to my you or one of the women targeted by the fake auction. tell me what went through your mind when you
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saw your name and picture up there along with many other muslim women. thank you so much for having me. i saw that least on monday morning that is july. but i believe that website had existed for several days before that and the board of organisms of it on today the evening on sunday and the tags me and a bunch of them were on the list alerting or something like that. when i finally saw those leads and i clicked on the link, i realized that by the time thankfully, it had been taken down by the time, plenty of screen swords off on means and doing the down and the simple oxen that was going to be face all 5, and you know that moment of all, it is horrifying feeling. you feeling stream, you got it. well, what people don't realize is that in that moment in that fraction of that can, when you're seeing that you have a tower, been more scared,
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your thoughts racing through your mind. you start thinking, what else do they have? one me. how do we plan on asking me and that's really in your battery lising field in your body. and you don't want the conference to be caught at all because this is something that has taken place in the past. i don't know something similar with the previous team that was done with a be a much smaller number to remain and it was limited to you do. and then later on. but the legend website was created for the same. so it's clear that the vest becoming only more and more widespread, why, you know, why have you and the other muslim women been targeted in this way and you say that they're becoming more frequent. why is that? because in the last couple of years, and you must have been because she has become a friend in the country in india. and i mean of all the fact that the common stand among all these been mean is that these are slim. the minute the talk about this
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and you have and bigotry and fax very locally on this or media or write about it. the active is all journalists, such as myself, will use the ben to talk about them actively. and the idea is to get the ideas to say that you don't belong in the public domain. you cannot use your voice to say the thing that i would you like to have is i know for a fact that people have been trying to. and we'll try to buy into and all we mean, you know, you don't do any show you which it definitely is. but this is an issue with saadenee copper with lots and lots of this drama, olivia. because let's remember these specifically were slim. the men who are not all women, but most of them the men who use that to me. look the the web platform get hard that hosted that shut it down, following complaints from women like yourselves, of course, and said this in a statement. we suspended user accounts following the investigation of reports of
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such activity, all of which violates our policy. we know that the police are looking into it because complaints obviously have been lodged. what has the police told you if anything, and where does the investigation stand right now? are you, you're confident anything will come out of a police investigation? i'm not to be very honest. do i get that this? in the past at that point to where there was an f i i nothing came out to fit. it's been a couple of months now. this has have been, in fact there are several. you those onto a good, i don't know the big ones, but they've been claiming that they will behind it responsibility. they said that will be, will be to create these have gone so there's no way you want to train. so then the culture of the unity then people who best eventually hit in danger roy. and i believe that the cause behind it in the perpetrators of this thing. ag do i'd be i'm that the unity fatima hungry leave it there. thank you very much for sharing
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your story with us from new delhi ross president joe biden has called on russia. vladimir putin to correct on on cyber criminals. last week, more than a 1000 businesses in the u. s. were effected by around somewhere attack originating from russia. security analyst, sworn. such attacks have become the main focus of groups seeking to extort payments from companies for the white house correspondent, kimberly how kit with more from washington dc. not just concerned at the white house is concern from ordinary americans who have been victimized by these ongoing routes of where attacks the impacts have been felt with the rest were attack on the colonial pipeline. that also occurred recently that resulted in americans not being able to fuel their gas tags in some cases for up to a week. and then we also saw the meat packing industry effective. and that of course, impacted the the supply chain. and what gets food to american tables as well. so there's been increasing pressure on the,
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by an administration to hold the russian leader vladimir putin to account. they have to remember all these comes from the context of the fact that just less than a month ago, the 2 were sitting down side by side where the u. s. president promised and a very strongly articulated to vladimir putin that there would be consequences if these rats were attacked continued even though they're not state sponsored in the eyes of the united states. the fact that they're happening on russian soil matters . here's what the u. s. president joe biden had to say about his telephone call at his latest conversation with latimer when we're already coming from historically not, not sponsored by mistake, expect them to actually give them enough information to actually do that. now you remember perhaps back in geneva that job wide and put together
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a list of 16 critical infrastructure areas. good. cannot be targeted. many people kind of criticize that and said a why did you tell them what was so critical and be really shouldn't anything be off limits. and so that's the argument now that there's been another cyber attack is that joe biden meeting seems to have gone to waste, has fallen on deaf ears. and they're looking in the united states for hopper action from joe. by that, what the white house press secretary said in the last couple of hours is look joe biden pledge that he would engage with lead me or put new diplomatically. that's what this call was about. and the united states will retaliate if necessary at the time in place of its choosing. in iraq. protests have been held since last october over what human rights groups describe as assassinations carried out with impunity? rights groups say nearly 600 protesters have been killed since 2019. now active a san journalists are being ambushed and murdered. but there have been fewer
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arrests. it's also the name reports from baghdad. the bullet holes riddle this s u v. where mate abdul summit was murdered in basra in january. the prominent television journalist and father of 3 young children was driving home after covering an anti government protest. his photographer was also killed. the lot of the top of our lives are in danger. we could be killed at any 2nd. there is no security. there is no government. just armed grooves and political parties for men have been arrested in connection with the murders. no trial date has been set in iraq. abdul some ads case is a rare instance where arrests have been made. the rocky high commission for human rights says since anti government protest began in 201935 journalists and activists have been murdered. and there have been 82 assassination attempts. no one
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has been convicted. armed groups are widely suspected with elections due in october. the commission believes the assassinations will increase a negative non legal, illegal competition. and even we can see it as criminal competition between the traditional parties and the new a newly formed one. so everyone trying to, to say that i am number one and them the most powerful and the absence of accountability. absence of any real estate from the government, making the case more complicated. the prime minister mustafah academy paid a visit to this heartbroken father last august rehab your crew was killed in her car while stopped at an intersection in bus route. her sister and her friend were also shot and survived. your crew was an outspoken voice during protests and had been threatened on social media a threat while the softly up very much not
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a lot of. she influenced many people in our society and may be ram, was a role model for iraqi women in basrah. they should have a personality and opinion, a clear vision for the future and goals. thank god, ram achieved so many of hers. your cubes family is still waiting for news of arrest . as anger against the violence grows across iraq. the government is asking people to be patient and promises arrest will be made. the families of your coup and abdul . some i'd say. iraqis must carry on the mission. their loved ones began to help build their country into a place where its citizens are no longer murdered. with impunity, natasha name al jazeera baghdad. wildfires are burning and eastern. russia which are suffering. unusually high temperature is and it's dry is summer and a 150 years firefighters are battling hundreds of separate blazes in the future region. it's mostly covered by forest and it's particularly vulnerable to wildfires
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. official say their monitoring smoke levels near populated areas, but so far there is no threat to human life. businesses across britain are being effected by an unprecedented shortage of truck drivers, haulage bosses to appeal to the prime minister to personally intervene or face empty supermarket shelves and a supply chain collapse. charlie angela report the team at toes a seeds has spent the last 5 years developing a $170.00 different varieties of leak producing seeds that will be resistant to disease. they will eventually account the 15 percent of leak for g for delays distribution mean they might now miss their windows for getting into the ground. the shortage of truck drivers is impacting businesses up and down the country. it's going to cause enormous issues for us. our customers obviously need it in time to
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so and if they miss the sewing windows, that will mean the crops later at the crops or later that may basically cause problems with a supermarket contracts. and alternately, that means that the products that ado to be on the shelf sometime in the future may not be written is short around 800000 heavy good to vehicle drivers. according to the road haulage association, the combination of bricks, it covered 19 lessons and test missed because of the pandemic and a profession. failing to new, a new recruit has created the perfect storm. we've been cooling up. my. i do see, i mean our bus is being, we called up at least 5. you have a wait, right, divers, congress for love money. as a result, supermarket, the warning of empty shelf school meals are being delayed, which could 4 schools to close when they just reopened. and rubbish collection being miss. one of britain's biggest food companies has asked the government to consider using the army to distribute goods to keep supply chains from collapse.
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going to switch kate less than started diamond logistics almost 30 years ago. she says shelves will be empty by christmas and left the government steps in. so even in a warehouse such as this, normally by this time you'd expect to say it a lot more filled. and that's because the supply chain challenges, ultimately speaking, if laurie's aren't able to refill fulfillment center, such as this. and then when are able to sell those goods on bound. and that means that a variety of people throughout the supply chain suffer. the e commerce companies often retail businesses of pivoted to e commerce to stay alive during this very tricky time, are unable to replenish the goods that it just takes. industry is urging the government to issue european hgtv drivers with temporary work visas. but the government has refused saying firms mis find domestic drivers instead. but there is no pool of qualified drivers in the u. k. just sitting around and peak delivery season is just around the corner. charlie angela audi 0,
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sorry. of football is by far spain's most popular sport when the city burse alone or residence to vote on what new facilities should be built. the answer came as a surprise. the winner was a campaign led by a cricket team, joe and a whole explain 5 years alive. and my brother also playing cookies and he's with me a lot. i wanted events and nothing got to be but i'm feeling very excited left because those also the already more they want to learn that things. actually i'm feeling probably this is the unlikely story of how a women's cricket team in a country not known for cricket. one public support to have a ground built for them to play on and get the mildred's up. but in 2013 we started the young cricket barcelona project. when i became clear,
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there were large pakistani indian and bundle the she communities in barcelona playing cricket on the streets. it was a sport being played by students, of course, a loaner, but with nor to play it. and i get got, the woman's team has spearheaded the project in recent years, especially because it has allowed us to work not only on social creation, but also gender empowerment when barcelona city council asked the public to vote on a range of new facilities to be built using municipal funds, the young women launched a campaign for the city's 1st cricket ground and one the most votes. and this is it, a disused football pitch to be transformed into an astro turf oval at a cost of nearly $2000000.00. part of a project promoting community relations through sport. an unusual use of the city's budget. as more established immigrant cricket is in the amateur capital and lee will tell you. i know what people think about 34 teams over here,
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but it's not overly popular with the spaniards. you can imagine they will thing that it goes on for days and days and it's the sort of baseball with a funny stick and yeah, i don't really guess it's soon the sound of leather own willow will ring out from the barcelona international cricket club. the plan is to turn this field of dirt into barcelona. the field of dreams, as the movie said, if you build it, they will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and i always see on tv. they are playing crooked, like barbara shadow in my mom has done one, and there are months every clear and i get the idea. i want to play this game. jonah whole al jazeera, barcelona more sports though. still ahead on the news our. there's a new queen at wimbledon, australian ashby bardy me when her maiden title at the all england club coming up
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i reported from the u. k. indoctrinated by somali as how can a young man disillusion by violence? we build as light. okay. i'm going to make a mistake and re unite. it's common africa. no, not for me. also, my last warrior, a witness documentary on a coated 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private ownership in the state of profit, 3rd world and a ton of capitalism is the pandemic that causes so much of the suffering.
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explosives protect the people or the profit episode, one of all hail the locked down, announces era o a level on top of the sports interest, peter 30. thank you very much. was nimble and ashley body is the 2021 wimbledon champion. extraneous defeated, former world member, one catalina plesk of a in 3 sets. this is both the 2nd grand slam title of to winning the french open in 2019. she is the 1st straight in woman in 41 years. when the cross court slam. fukushima has followed tokyo in banning fans from its olympic venues which was sit
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host 7 softball and baseball games. but clearly, many in japan would prefer they were no events at all with a serge, interest of ours cases, these protest is in tokyo. on saturday, we're calling for the games to be cancelled. they were outside the hotel with the international olympic committee. president, thomas buck is staying with just 2 weeks to go. now some of the biggest names in athletics seem to be hitting form at just the right time. several gold metal containers impressed at the monaco diamond league one of the last major needs before the games begin. david stokes reports 8 days after breaking the world record constant for home when again in the 400 metre hurdles this time setting a new meeting record in monaco. the norwegian all set for tokyo show down with america's right benjamin who is also beaten this year. no shopped there, but there was an upset in the mens 100 meters go. metal favorite treyvon per male was beaten for the 1st time this season. upstaged by fellow american running baker
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. you may, can legend shelly and praise a price, went in the women's 200 metres, but could only manage stood with the hey me and shawn, a miller. we bow powering through to take the wind by the smallest margins. the mens $800.00 featured most of the olympic favorites and it resulted in for the 5, fastest times in the world this year. but swan is not july most coming out on top in this one. and then the women's race, the podium finishes all ran personal best with britain's lower your taking her 1st diamond league when at this distance, since 2018 over the 1500 the note belong to kenya will champion timothy cherry up took the wind in a very quick men's rice, which produced the 6 pass this time of the year. and it was fight kip. yea gone. he took the women's race also in a world leading time. and a new canyon record in the field events,
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the chip republics to tom olympic champion. barbara spots a cova when the women's javelin, an american katy nash came out on top in the women's po volt, clearing a height of 4.9 meters. the athletes which it on by 8000 spectators in monaco. the things will be a little quieter in 2 weeks time at the olympics with friends bend from all tokyo venues. david stokes, out his era. now to the major sporting tournament that almost never was the copper america host, brazil taken argentina and the final later on saturday. daniel schriner reports from when cyrus oh, they got there in the end. the corporate america kicked off in june and ends with a final between brazil and argentina in rio de janeiro, iconic medic, enough stadium brazil the host and holders argentina which has won this tournament since 993. which doesn't one, anything with legal, messy,
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arguably the best lawyer in the world. a classic copper america. but a couple america like no other. it's a very different fella coast. all of the companies that come before because we have fans in the spans as being very quiet, very unusual. we can no clue, host columbia or an argentine and we're forced to pull out just weeks before the kick off because of political rest across colombia. and the spike in corona virus infections in argentina. the brazilian president job all scenarios stepped into host at the last minute, despite his own country's pul record on dealing with the pandemic. and growing political opposition with some general vision of the genocide going on across indigenous lands, while thousands destined for vaccines for indigenous people is being spent on this cup, the cup of death. look at the present, then the players start getting infected me. it is very difficult what i'm going
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through because i don't know what is going to happen to me if i'd be able to play football again normally. or if i'd be able to be, as i was before, it's been a corporate america without the color and excitement of previous tournaments. the big screens in plows is in the pac bars. normally the football dominate, especially when alex and tina reaches the final, especially when not finals against brazil, that this time the pandemic is the greater concern with the football for destruction. some light relief and otherwise difficult time. brazil has lifted 5 world cups to argentine as to where i can see, nor has 114 copper america to brazil's 9. it's a rivalry that spills out of the football stadium. this is gina. i especially want to tell argentine as president that the only rivalry between us will take place at the mechanic. and i will tell you the result beforehand 5 know, i say 5 know these more pragmatic young arch in time. fans disagree.
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the resume reading with brazil is a tough rival for sure. but if i try to get it together, that can win and be champions. if we clear, well, we can really do new. so i'm very nervous and totally obsessed. i guess we'll win it to one, but it'll be a tough game. it's been a tough tournament played in difficult circumstances, but the football as enough, as it was, those goes on the road to 0. what osiris? they were more fireworks as u. s. c. store economy, greg wade in for his trilogy. fight against destiny. korea mcgregor when they 1st fight in 2014 but lost a 2nd meeting earlier this year. unlike the day before, mcgregor did not throw any kicks period during the face off, but he did have some strong woods joe,
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in 16 hours time. this man is going to learn that if you disrespect a person's kindness and take it as a weakness, you must pay. what do these words. 2 mean to you and what does tomorrow? i mean, you mean nothing. if noise tomorrow i tune in, i want to take you off the chair, the booze. i love you all and find me, let's show you yet another home run for major league baseball. stall show, hey, oh tony, and one of the biggest yes. all got got it. 0 one. where did that when go? i tony really connected to that one becoming i need to 6 player to reach the upper dick at seattle's t mobile park. it took him to $33.00 homeless for the season, which is the joined most by a foreign born player before the all star break. but he's l. angel. themes still lost the game, so the mariners 73, that's all the sports needs more coming up later. they're in. thank you so much,
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peter. and thanks for watching the news. our algebra. we're back and just a moment to a much more of the days. news. see that? a news. news. news. news. news. a football from spain traded, battling opponents on the biking, fascism at home and abroad. footballing legend edit hanson introduces stuff the nino in the battle a wanting to use the beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of
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a natural concentration. i was born rebels on al jazeera, a new generation of young people are more politically engaged than the one that came before. welcome to generation, change a global feelings and attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront the walk in a ration you must never ever get tired of developing resistance strategies and ignite the passions stand up in flight generation. change on al jazeera, welcome for iran, 80 president elect in his hometown of mesh. at the image of the shrine, crowd had gathered to hear what their newly elected leader abraham, right. you have to say on the issues that affect the job, shut off in domestic politics, domestic policy, and foreign policy. the focus should be on the dignity of this nation. and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiation,
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the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large with promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining iran best interest in negotiations . but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises. oh, i facing murder charges, the owner of a factory and bengal dash 7 others are arrested after a fire kills more than 50 people. ah, they're alive from headquarters in ohio, obligate also ahead a confederate monument and sparks of violent white supremacist rally. and controversial remarked by donald trump is taken down in charlottesville.


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