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making healthy a world for you. everyone ah, facing murder charges, the owner of a factory, bangladesh and 7 others rested after 5 kills more than 50 people. ah, i'm 40 back people, you're watching how 0 life and also ahead. the u. s. rejects appeal for troops to help secure the country after the assassination of president juvenile. the you says it's reached the goal of delivering enough covered 1900 shawnee to vaccinate 70 percent of if adults warned that virus is not yet defeated. and the us president urges russia to take action against cyber crime warning it will defended.
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ah, police in bangladesh have arrested the owner of a factory where at least 52 people died in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the blaze broke out in a building on the outskirts of the capital dot com on thursday. officials say the main exit was locked and many workers jumped from windows to escape. the whole minister has warned, no one will be spared. if signs of negligence are found out, there is tanveer child re has more from the scene in gunch banner, the show minister announced that at least a person have been arrested, including the owner of the factories and is 4 sons. the rope on file is also filed a monitor case. now we know this case a sack long time to resolve in the quoted could even take up 2 years. but the
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government has been quite robust in recent years, against the owner of the factories or any building owners that have been negligence and safety issue. since around up accident, things have significantly improve in bangladesh, especially in the garments and textile industry. they've been a signed and called international buyers where fire safety and other worker safety manager. they're strictly enforced and made up to the european standard. but there are a lot of informal factors that operate illegally, many times, plus 6 practice chemical factors within residential areas that are real cause for concern. now this particular industry is a major in the process industry. they have noise skills not to have wire 2nd. safety measures or exit, but they have been negligence. we've been talking to a lot of the relatives of those who have been killed in this factory. they said there have been a fire incident a year back, despite all those that have not been taken any particular measure against fire
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safety. many people are still missing. according to the relatives. i spoke to the director of operation partner the guy. he said that about 49 bodies on to 52 people have been confirmed that over dozen people injured, 3 people actually fell to that. that from 3rd floor behind me, you can see the devastating factory over there. now we know the salvage operation is pretty much finished. the 5 people told us that couldn't find any more bodies, but those still keep looking. now though that fire was heavy food and beverage factory, a series of tragedies in bank, the base has focused global attention on workers rights, especially in the garment industry. bangladesh is the world's 2nd biggest clothing export or after china. in february, 2651 people died in a textile factory, fire and cheated gong believe to have been sponsored by a short circuit in november, 2012. a fire destroyed a 9 story garment factory near dhaka. $112.00 workers were killed and manages at
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the plant were accused of preventing victims from escaping. one of the world's worst industrial tragedies happened a few months later in april 2013. more than 1100 people died when the 8 story ran a plaza complex collapsed in the capital. outrage led to the bank the dish accord on fire and building safety. european retailers like h ma'am, and prime ox signed it as well as unions and bangladesh. e factory owners. early i spoke to nash my tear, who is the founder and executive director of the a watch foundation for workers rights. she says safety negligence is common in bangladesh. she factories and children especially suffer from a lack of protections. we had the law if there is a young law, got off workers, $5.00 in payroll for 3 hours indication, but nothing is doing. they are working as they get stand to do a ball or 7 days
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a week, and they don't follow the rules and regulations because they are not seriously thinking the what is the important and value because they're only greedy and get the property because our workers are getting very low, we're just in here. so that is like when the people are getting a trade union right when they have to freedom of expression, approve of movement. and also the profit sharing very important because they have union, they have their own list that they cannot love been billed, and that they can do anything like this. hey, tease interim government has asks the international community to send the ensure to have satellite the country after the assassination of president given on louise. but the u. s. says it has no plans to send military assistance. 80 senate has nominated shows f long bass to serve as a new entering president until new elections are held in september. and nat geo,
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henry was chosen to replace cold shows f as prime minister given on louise was killed in his home on wednesday in a rage by a heavily armed hit squad ation police. it was made up of mostly for and mercenaries. money rapidly has to details, employed some columbia officials or stepping up assistance to haiti following the assassination of haitian president of nell moves. on friday, the colombian government announced that resources and personnel would be sent to aid in the investigation of intelligence officials are also sharing more information about the $26.00 out of $28.00 alleged conspirators identified as colombian citizen don't up the knitting for them. i feel day most yes, we have the 1st details about the travel, some of them made dates from where they went. what kind of airline this is not only shared with haiti's interval central office, but with a dominican republic, as the people linked to the incident used as a port of arrival,
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the dominican republic to travel to haitian territory shuttle. the unrest on the streets of haiti's capital has largely subsided. though tensions remain high. outside the u. s embassy in port a prince, a crowd gathered with many, saying they seek to flee the country in anticipation of a worsening political crisis. this is the way to go by norma. you're all here since last night. it's a normal thing to do to try to get out of the country since our president was assassinated. the death of president moiz at the hands of foreign mercenaries left the country in shock on friday evening, the haitian senate named joseph lambert as the countries interim president, former haitian prime minister, wrote the moth pills al jazeera, that international cooperation in this investigation is vital regarding the immediate future re, i'm both concerned because of course, over the fascination of our president and its aftermath. but i'm hopeful that the
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current government is making the right moves into inviting international community to come in opening up the investigation to the international partners. this way. we will insure a fair investigative process that would. ready lead us to, to who whoever is paid for this. in the us, the biden administration also pledged to provide resources to uncover exactly who killed the haitian president and wine in response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n t h s officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist the international investigators are also looking into how such a deadly security lapse at hayden's presidential palace could have occurred the head of the general security unit for the police guard demitria rog. now under investigation. multiple al jazeera. that's bringing andy gallagher in washington for his and he has covered haiti extensively. andy, hey,
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t requesting foreign military assistance. us troops, un peacekeepers. washington says it's highly unlikely. what about the united nations? well, i, i don't think it's likely that either of these bodies will respond at the moment because my 1st response. so who is making this request that doesn't appear to be anyone in charge in haiti right now. there at least 3 different names of 3 senior politicians, all claiming to be the new president or at least a new felon president. until there are some elections going on, so it doesn't surprise me that neither the us nor the un is likely to respond at this point in time. remember the united nations, a troops that were brought in that left in 2017, they weren't particularly popular while they were there. but meanwhile, on the streets of puerto prince on, i'm being told that not only all people gathering outside the u. s embassy to try and flee the country, but they're also buying provisions because at the moment, there are all sorts of conspiracy theories swirling around the entire nation about
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what actually happened. some suggesting these columbia informa military alleged assassins were actually hired to protect job. now movies and this may have been quote, unquote, an inside job. so none of that really helps the security situation in this beleaguered nation. what the people of haiti really need right now is some so the defying behind won potential leaders some talk of when the next election is will take place because this is a nation that is really on edge. and as the hours go by and less decisions get made or less people back, the one leader, the more precarious it gets. let's talk about the political situation because it was a very uncertain one even before 7 on lee was, was killed. now you have this new entering president, nominated prime minister as well is going to help ease attentions at all. i mean, i don't think so because it seems to be different factions getting behind different
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potential leaders. remember, the parliament was basically disbanded january last year. the senate is badly operating under haiti's constitution. it should have been the head of the supreme court that should take over from job now, my lease, in the event of his death, he died himself a few weeks ago from colbert 19. so at the moment it's complete chaos, which is not competing news for the 11000000 people that live in haiti and, and now right on edge, they really need the government to coalesce behind one person start making decisions. but what the fear is now is that the place is like we pull the ports and the infrastructure are very vulnerable to attack from, from who knows who at this point in time. that's why there was a request for foreign assistance that foreign assistance doesn't look like it's coming, but this is the last thing the people of haiti need. thank you for that. andy. andy gallagher lived there in washington, haines, somalia, at least 8 people have been killed and several others injured in a large explosion in mogadishu, a car bomb targeted the police commander,
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colonel han mohammed aiden who survived. he attack aiden was appointed in april after his predecessor was accused of calling for a court. still ahead on al jazeera, the world's wealthiest nations are gathering for a summit with concerns that the delta, the very end could jeopardize the world comically coverage. what happened is from london and a racial reckoning in america, the statues that violence in 2017 are being taken down. ah is still reading this in japan, but the majority of the really deep and cogent cat is gone. and you look to the chinese and the next bowels in big down pulls from this season, right. and it seems to be a bit this heading up towards beijing of the next couple of days. which means most
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of southern china is fairly dry, a few showering through hong kong. but it's basing that will get the real down pause, and that's most likely. on monday, there are a few shots in japan and a few in the korean peninsula, but not that many thankfully. and although java and bali now look lassie dry, there's pretty widespread showers or thunderstorms from the philippines crossed with china, sumatra, borneo, and sil away c. this is seasonally correct, but we took a step back from this last week and it's just building up again now in the full cast. and that's consistent with the monsoon and also building one small have you had a load up in the northeast of india back pretty was pretty good. obviously concentrating further west the western gaps and good europe. but they're a shout now running up towards new delhi and la horse. so a good part of northern pakistan seems indecent. right? central pakistan, not and rochester on not is still the pre monsoon heat, but the rest of you nice bit of rain.
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the coated 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private ownership and the profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is depend demo back because of so much of the suffering. explosives, protect the people or the profit episode, one of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0. why? oh, a
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watching al jazeera ally from the recap of our top stories, police in bangladesh have arrested the owner of a factory where 52 people were killed in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder and the whole minister has warned no one will be spared if signs of negligence. the haiti's entering government has the international community to send in, chokes, help satellite. the country falling in fascination of president of anomaly usa has no funds to send military assistance. and at least 8 people have been killed in a large explosion in somali as capital a car bomb targeted a government convoy carrying senior police command and the world's wealthiest nation for sounding the alarm about the sprite of the highly contagious coal. with 1900, delta vary and g 20 finance leaders, a meeting in italy to discuss the risk to global recovery. cases arising in $69.00
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countries, the international monetary fund has one that unequal vaccine axis is a threat to recovery efforts. the european union says it has delivered enough vaccines to members fades to immunize 70 percent of a dose. but the block cedar says the fight is not over. of execution campaign has accelerated tremendously since the beginning of the year. our joint approach is a success. because we will only come out of this crisis together, but covet 19 is not yet defeated. we are prepared to deliver more vaccines, including against new variance. now, member states must do everything possible to increase vaccinations. only then will we be safe. and in england, where corona virus restrictions are being eased, infection rates are back to levels last seen during the winter. let's get the
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latest from sonya guy, a guy who joins us live from london. new measures are going to be introduced. reintroduce sonya to try and contain these new cases. yes, they all going to be focusing on having so called coven passports, a certificate which really would affect the more leisure part of society that therefore, if you want to go out for a meal, or if you plan to go to notorious in, in or autumn on woods, you're going to have to prove that you have to you by the had both jobs done, or that you've tested negative the day before. now this is aimed from the government's point of view. we're trying to get younger people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible because because it is younger people who are really falling el, to code to these delta variant infections. and that has been a reduction in the uptake of the vaccine program among those particular age groups
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. as well, so there was a serious concern that if they don't get those vaccines is as soon as they're readily available, it could cause a problem later on in the year when there was a collision with the possible new flu variance as well. that will a pair and to have that will really put the national health service under a lot of pressure is already facing a lot of pressure in itself with those slightly rising hospitalizations that we're already seeing, despite the fact that the vaccine has kind of really reduced certainly the effect between infection and serious illness or even hospitalizations and some good news in the e. u. sonya it was a slow start, but now it says that it's 3 chips to get a vaccinating 70 percent of adult. well, that's right. i mean, after a really rather tricky start, the head of the commissioner live on the line where she came on to quite
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a little criticism from member states, but really not being able to deliver the vaccines that were promise. now it seems to be sort of going quite part of the way forward as well, with 500000000 doses set to be, have been given by this coming sunday as well. now what the commission, long term goal is for that to be almost everyone who's eligible to get the vaccine to be a to have already done. so by the end of september, it's quite an ambitious order, but one that the head of the commission feels that they're capable of doing. now this comes from the time that at the start of the year when that was all the issue with guessing the astrazeneca vaccines that they had managed to get. they want, they, they now focused on getting fired by own tech, but they're also getting it from other vaccine manufacturers such as johnson and johnson. this by hope will actually be able to try and get the rest of the
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continent. vaccinations as quickly as possible. of course is up to the individual member states as well. but really the concern is the fact that they've seen what's happening in the u. k. they've seen how the delta variance has taken hold here. and they don't want that happening. that and quite the same way, even though the delta variant is already present, that what they do want is to try and break that transmission as much as possible. and they say that the faxing program really is the only way for to do that. thank you. sonia, when you go in london, russia has reported its highest single day record of coal, with 19 related dest send. it recorded more than 25000, hugh infections down slightly from the previous day, late his outbreak is being blamed on. the delta vary in almost half a new cases are in moscow. health officials are speeding up the countries vaccination program. by us present, joe biden has called on russia's leader vladimir putin to crack down on 5 criminals last weekend. more than
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a 1000 businesses worldwide were affected by ransomware attack cyber security. go say it originated from russia. our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. lots of concern at the white house is concern from ordinary americans who have been victimized by these ongoing routes and were attack so the impacts have been felt with the rest were attack on the colonial pipeline. that also occurred recently that resulted in americans not being able to fuel their gas tags in some cases for up to a week. and then we also saw the meat packing industry effective. and that of course, impacted the the supply chain. and what gets food to american tables as well? so there's been increasing pressure on the, by the ministration to hold the russian liter vladimir putin to account. they have to remember all these comes from the context of the fact that just less than a month ago, the 2 were sitting down side by side where the u. s. president promised and very
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strongly articulated to vladimir putin that there would be consequences if these rats work has continued, even though they're not state sponsored in the eyes of the united states. the fact that they're happening on russian soil matters. here's what the u. s. president joe biden had to say about his telephone call and his latest conversation with latimer . whereas we're already coming from historically, even though it's not sponsor expected enough information to do that. now you remember perhaps back in geneva that job lied and put together a list of 16 critical infrastructure areas. good. he said cannot be targeted. many people kind of criticize that and to a why did you tell them what was so critical and be really shouldn't anything be off limits. and so that's the argument now that there's been another cyber attack
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is that joe biden meeting seems to have gone to waste, has fallen on deaf ears. and they're looking in the united states for tougher action from joe by. that's what the white house press secretary is said in the last couple of hours is look joe biden pledge that he would engage with, lead me, or put me diplomatically. that's what this call was about. and the united states will retaliate if necessary at the time in place of its choosing to iraq. now, our protests have been health since last october over what human rights school described as a fascination is carried out with impunity. rice could say nearly 600 protesters have been killed since 2019. narrative is found. journalists are being ambushed and melted. latasha named very for some back that bullet holes. riddle this s u v. where i had a bill summit was murdered in basra in january. the prominent television journalist and father of 3 young children was driving home after covering an anti government
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protest. his photographer was also killed. the lot of the top of our lives are in danger. we could be killed at any 2nd. there is no security, there is no government, just all grooves and political parties for men have been arrested in connection with the murders. no trial date has been set in iraq. abdul some ads case is a rare instance where arrests have been made. the rocky high commission for human rights says since anti government protest began in 201935 journalists and activists have been murdered, and there have been 82 assassination attempt. no one has been convicted. armed groups are widely suspected with elections due in october. the commission believes the assassinations will increase a negative non legal, illegal competition. and even we can say it is criminal competition between the traditional parties and the new
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a newly formed one. so everyone trying to, to say that i am number one and them the most powerful and absence of accountability. absence of any real estate from the government, making the case more complicated. the prime minister mustafah academy paid a visit to this heartbroken father last august. rehab cooper was killed in her car while stopped at an intersection in bus route. her sister and her friend were also shot and survived. your crew was an outspoken voice during protests and had been threatened on social media, a set of wireless shuffling, very much. not a lot of. she influenced many people in our society and maybe ram was a role model for iraqi women in basrah. they should have a personality and opinion, a clear vision for the future and goals. thank god, ram achieved so many of hers. your cubes family is still waiting for news of arrest as anger against the violence grows across iraq. the government is asking people to
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be patient and promises arrest will be made. the families of your coup and abdul. some i'd say. iraqis must carry on the mission. their loved ones began to help build their country into a place where its citizens are no longer murdered. with impunity, natasha name al jazeera, baghdad, to confederate statues in the u. s. cda. charlotte vale are being taken down for years after white nationalists protested against very moville this one of robert e. lee was at the center of the 2017 unite rights rally, which turned violent, a lead to counter protest to remove hundreds of confederate statues across the united states. the object was only important because of the race of the man who sat upon the horse. his grade of honor was his whiteness and the treason that he committed in the attempt to preserve the great american
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tradition of being able to enslaved rape, pillage and murder, our black people for economic gain. what was growing in the mind, the man who commissioned this statue my guess would be the desire to continue to perpetuate the erroneous theory. that whiteness is supreme. laughable is by far spain's most popular sports, but when the city of barcelona asks residents to vote on what new facilities should be built, the answer came as a surprise during the whole experience of 5 years or lifetime. and my brother also playing cookies and he's with me a lot. i wanted to graduate a baby, but i'm feeling very excited. blessed because girls also the already more they want
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to learn that thing. actually, i'm putting this is the unlikely story of how a women's cricket team in a country not known for cricket. one public support to have a ground built for them to play on. get some deep mildred's up, but in 2013 we started the young cricket barcelona project. when i became clear, there were a large pakistani indian and bundle the chic communities in barcelona playing cricket on the streets. it was a sport being played westerns, of course, lorna, but with no where to play it. and i get got. the woman's team has spearheaded the project in recent years, especially because it has allowed us to work not only on social creation, but also gender empowerment when barcelona city council asked the public to vote on a range of new facilities to be built using municipal funds. the young women launched a campaign for the city's 1st cricket ground and one the most votes. and this is it,
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a disused football pitch to be transformed into an astro turf oval at a cost of nearly $2000000.00. part of a project promoting community relations through sport and unusual use of the city's budget. as more established immigrant cricket is in the amateur capital and lee will tell you, i know what people think about 34 teams over here, but it's not overly popular with the spaniards. you can imagine they will think that it goes on for days and days and it's the sort of baseball with a funny stick and i don't really guess it's soon the sound of leather own willow will ring out from the barcelona international cricket club. the plan is to turn this field of dirt into barcelona. the field of dreams, as the movie said, if you build it, they will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and the good i always see on tv, they are playing crooked,
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like barbara shadow in my house. i'm going there are months every player and i get the idea from the i want to play this game. i want to jonah whole al jazeera, barcelona ah headlines on al jazeera police in bangladesh. i've arrested the owner of a factory where 52 people were killed in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the whole minister has warned no one will be spared, is signs of negligence for found. tanveer chandry has more from the scene in rope. conch bought up the relative dab laid that one of the gate exit gate was locked.


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