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because of sign a no matter where it takes a police fill in. if you guys were my empower in pasha, we tell your story. we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. the this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news are on al jazeera, fully back to life my world headquarters in bill coming up in the next 60 minutes, facing murder charges, the owner of a factory in bangladesh and 7 others, arrested after 5 kills more than 50 people. the us rejects haiti that deal for troops to help secure the country after the fascination of president of anomaly.
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also, our b. e. u says it's received the goal of delivering enough cove in 1900 shots to vaccinate 70 percent of its adults. but warns the virus is not defeated, and why farmers in argent fina have a beef with their government. he disabled with your thoughts and he limpid protests with gathering tokyo on the track. several gold medal contenders lay down their markets with the games it's said to go into real time. ah, thank you for joining us. we thought this news hour in bangladesh where police have arrested the owner of a factory where at least 52 people died in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the blaze broke out in a building on the outskirts of the capital dock out on thursday. officials say the
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main exit was locked and many workers jumps from windows to escape. the whole minister has warned no one will be spared if signs of negligence are found. algiers tanveer child re, has more from the scene in gunch band, with the home minister announced that at least a person have been arrested, including the owner of the factories. and if for sons the rope on police also filed a murder case. now we know this case a sack long time to resolve and the quoted could even take up 2 years. but the government has been quite robust in recent years, against the owner of the factories or any building owners that have been negligence and safety issues around up accident. things have significantly improve in bangladesh, especially in the garments and textile industry. they've been a signed and called international buyers where fire safety and other worker safety manager. they're strictly enforced and made up to the european stand. but there are
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a lot of informal factors that operates illegally, many times plastic factors, chemical practice within residential areas that are real cause for concern. now this particular industry is a major in the process industry. they have noise skills not to have wire 2nd. safety measures are exit, but there have been negligence. we've been talking to a lot of the relatives of those who have been killed in this factory. they said there have been applied incident a year back despite all those that have not been taken any particular measure against fire safety. many people are still missing according to their relatives. i spoke to the director of operations on this friday. he said that we covered 49 bodies and 52 people have been confirmed that over dozen people injured, 3 people actually fell to that. that from 3rd floor behind me, you can see the devastating factory over there. now we know the salvage operation is pretty much finished. the 5 people told us that couldn't find any more bodies,
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but those still keep looking. now though, that fire was at a food and beverage factory, a series of tragedies in bangladesh focused global attention on work is why, especially in the garment industry, is the world's 2nd biggest clothing exporter after china. in february, 2651 people died in a text factory fire in chitter gong believes have been sponsored by a short circuit in november, 2012. a fire destroyed a 9 story garment factory near darker. 112 workers were killed and manages that the plant were accused of preventing victims from escaping. one of the world's worst industrial tragedies happened a few months later in april 2013. more than 1100 people died. when the 8 story iran applies, a complex collapse in the capital outrage lead to the bangladesh accord on fire and building safety. european retailers like h and m and prime mock signed it,
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as well as unions and bangladesh. she factory workers early i spoke to not care who is the founder and executive director of the a watch foundation for workers rights. she says safety negligence is common in bangladesh. she factories and children especially suffer from a lack of protection. we had the law if there is a young law, got off workers, $5.00 in 5 hours, 3 hours indication, but nothing is doing. they are working as they stand to do a ball or 7 days a week, and they don't follow the rules and regulations because they are not seriously thinking the what is the important and value because they're only greedy and get the rocky because our workers are getting very low, we're just in here. so that is like when the people are getting a treatment and when they have to freedom of expression,
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provable movement. and also the profit sharing very important because they have a union, they have their own list, that they cannot love them. and they can do anything like, hey, now the world news, at least 8 people have been killed and several others injured in a large explosion. in somali as capital mogadishu, a con bomb targeted the police commander colonel font han mohammed aiden, who survived. he attack agent was appointed in april after his predecessor was accused of calling for a cool haiti's interim government has asked the international community to send in true to have satellite the country after the assassination of president of anomaly eas, for the us said it has no plans to offend military assistance. 80 senate has nominated joseph lawn. bass serve as the new entry and president until new elections set for september politicians also back to area. henry to replace code shows as the prime
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minister driven i'm wage was killed in his home on wednesday by heavily armed hit squad haitian police say it was made up of mostly for and mercenaries, money, rap hello. has a details for from columbia officials or stepping up assistance to haiti following the assassin asian of haitian president of nell movies. on friday, the colombian government announced that resources and personnel would be sent to aid in the investigation of intelligence officials are also sharing more information about the $26.00 out of $28.00 alleged conspirators identified as colombian citizen. don't up the knitting for you? yes, we have the 1st details about the travel, some of them made dates from where they went. what kind of airline this is not only shared with haiti's interval central office, but with a dominican republic, as the people linked to the incident used as a port of arrival, the dominican republic to travel to haitian territory shuttle. the unrest on the
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streets of haiti's capital has largely subsided. though tensions remain high. outside the u. s embassy in port a prince, a crowd gathered with many, saying they seek to flee. the country in anticipation of a worsening political crisis, is the way to go by norma. you're all here since last night. it's a normal thing to do to try to get out of the country since our president was assassinated. the death of president moiz at the hands of foreign mercenaries left the country in shock on friday evening, the haitian senate named joseph lambert as the country's interim president, the former haitian prime minister, the moth pills, al jazeera, that international cooperation in this investigation is vital regarding the immediate future both concerned because of course, over the fascination of president and its aftermath. but i'm hopeful that the current government is making the right moves into inviting international community to come in,
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opening up the investigation to the international partners. this way we will insure a fair investigative process that would. ready lead us to, to who whoever is paid for this. in the us, the biden administration also pledged to provide resources to uncover exactly who killed the haitian president and wine in response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n d h s officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist the international investigators are also looking into how such a deadly security lapse at hayden's presidential palace could have occurred the head of the general security unit for the police guard demitria rog, now under investigation. manuel up a little al jazeera. and let's bring in andy gallagher, who's covered haiti expensively. he joins us live from washington. andy, haiti requesting foreign military assistance. us troops, un peacekeepers,
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the u. s. has said it's highly unlikely. what about the united nations? while my 1st responds to the request coming from the haitian government was well, who's making this request because no one appears to be in charge. at this moment in time. you mentioned in the run up to monies package the 3 different names of 3 different people, split loyalties among various politicians, backing various other politicians. so it's not surprising to me perhaps of the u. s . doesn't want to get involved. busy at this point in time, the u. n. of course pulled out back in 2017. they were never a force that was like very much in haiti, certainly when i was there when the un, we're also there. so it's not perhaps surprising that the un all the u. s. don't want to get involved in this point in time. meanwhile, on the street support a prince, i'm told that people are heading to suit markets gathering up on provisions because they're scared of what my next of course, we saw there and manage report people at gathering outside the u. s. embassy,
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thinking about leaving the country. that's just how dangerous the situation is. if whoever was behind this assassination wanted to create stability in an already unstable nation, they certainly achieve that goal. a new entry president has been nominated, as well as a new prime minister. will this help at all? ease the political tensions in the country. well, that really depends on who supports those moves because it seems to be one group of politicians, backing one person and another backing someone else. now, according to eighty's constitution, it should be the head of the supreme court in the, at the death of the president that takes over. but he died a few weeks ago from cobit 19. so it really is all over the place at this point in time. but i think for the sake of the security and immediate future of this country, the government really needs to coalesce, they need to get behind one leader that does not appear to be happening. not surprising to me that that is happening at the moment that is fragmented because we
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don't know who is behind this assassination. there are all sorts of investigations going on right now that seem some of which seemed to be focusing on people close to job. now marie, so this is really a mess at the moment, but a mess that has extremely serious consequences for a country of 11000000 people already facing extreme poverty, instability, political instability, and of course has been no. cobit vaccines handed out that since the pandemic began . so if it was teetering on the 24 hours ago, it feels to me like it's even closer to descending into potential chaos. and he thank you very much for that. andy gallagher live there in washington. pretty morehead on this news hour, including legal documents in thailand, injects, got, was about china's vaccine, and it's the activeness against you, colby 19 various. i'm charlie angela. sorry. one of you played largest feed producers is running into trouble with distribution. one of thousands
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of businesses affected by chronic shortage of truck drivers and to be 2 weeks away. but not everyone in tokyo is excited about it. people have a detail in the world wealthiest nations, as sounding the alarm about the spread of the highly contagious covey. 19 delta variant g 20 finance leaders are meeting in italy to discuss the risk to global recovery cases of rising. in $69.00 countries, the international monetary fund has warned that unequal vaccine access is a threat to recovery f, as the european union says, it has delivery enough vaccines to members face to immunize 70 percent of adults by the blogs. leaders says the fight is not over. our vaccination campaign has accelerated tremendously since the beginning of the year. our joint approach is
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a success because we will only come out of this crisis together. but covet 19 is not yet defeated. we are prepared to deliver more vaccines including against new variance. now member states must do everything possible to increase vaccinations. only then will we be safe. and in england where current of ice restrictions are being eased. infection rates back to levels last seen during the winter as bringing for new gay a go lie for us in london, new measures sonia being brought in to try and contain the spread of the virus. well, fully yes. only in autumn you going to start to see certain control measures being put into place to allow not only just the economy token up, but to open up responsibly as well. and the guys being that if he can control back
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and that should hopefully allow for people to open up fully and in a responsible way. now what needs to happen is that you either have to prove that you've had to back scenes, or that you've proven a given a negative test the day before, the area, the way you plan to go to. now a lot of people within the hospitality industry though, all quite concerned about this, saying that this is going to was predominately affect younger people as well. it's going to put really a stamp on the so called spontaneous economy, where you really have to think can plan before going before going out. i don't need that, but it's also, i think, another bird and all the cost to businesses as well as they're going to be the ones that have to sort of put in the infrastructure to, to be able to put in that way of proving that dinos or. busy people who want to go
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at all able to do so in that. but this is just also just one matcher that's being put in place in the face of the supposed opening up of the country on the 19th of july. when now the legal obligations are going to be dropped, including mosque wearing and now it's going to be up to a question of personal responsibility. and common sense has been told by the prime minister and the health secretary. this, despite the fact with a health secretary himself such a job, it has said that infections could rise by as much as a 100000 cases every day in a month's time will say. and some good news in the e. u. sonya, which is its reaches target of vaccinating 70 percent of adults, but it's, it's still not over yet as i still have underly instead certainly not. and i think what they're most concerned about is the impact of the delta variance on the continent as well. they've already seen exactly how it's managing to hit. the u. k
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. is the dominant variance here. but certainly it's quite a, a huge cause, a sort of confused beginning and certainly the spot that was done with astrazeneca providing back scenes on the continent. but the european union has managed to do that by buying up mostly my own tech and flies. and of course, getting all the vaccines, such as the johnson johnson variety as well. now a slip on the line has said that she hopes that the entire continental, those who are legible to get the vaccine will be able to have that done by the end of september. and they should program, but the feeling perhaps quite justified, be quite pleased with themselves. they managed to catch up as it were and have done it the don't say this fall. but of course that warning have yet the pandemic a set over yet. and there is a very contagious delta variance which they are preparing to sweep over the continent. that's why they're charging the member states to really get home and
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really drive their own vaccination programs forward. thank you for that update. sonya g a. a go lie. fair in london. russia meanwhile, has reported its highest single day record of cove in 1900 related death, and it recorded more than 25000 new infections down slightly from the previous day . the lady's outbreak is being blamed on the delta vary and health officials are speeding up the countries vaccination program that speak to fred, we're about this, he's the moscow correspondent for the christian science monitor and he's joining us from russia's capital. thank you very much for being with us. russia is breaking, coven, 1900 records. dana, what's behind all this? it's not just down to the delta variant. is it? know it's, you know, the been the savage irony that russia and it's quite redoubtable scientific. it's her establishment we're able to produce pretty good vaccine and do it early on. but
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they've completely failed to convince the population to take it. vaccination rates here are some, something like an abysmal 16 percent that which is far behind most developed countries. people just will have it. and this is the main problem, even here in moscow where you have a much more cosmopolitan educated population. the rate is, is 20 percent or so. that's not enough. the government is trying, i mean, in the town near where i'm living there, they've taken over the stadium this weekend. and medical teams are practically ushering people into the stadium to get vaccinated. they're doing everything they can. but russians are absolutely reticent, so reluctant to get back to maintain what if any restrictions then are being put in place by the government to try and control the spread of a virus. what's the government doing to try and bring down the numbers?
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well, they have instituted various controls in moscow, particularly you have to have a q r code that has proof of vaccination or antibody test in order to go into a restaurant or a metro ah. but basically they've declined to shut down the economy as they did before. russia has come through the all this crisis over the past year, fairly well economically and they don't want to jeopardize that. but that too is feeds and the lack of real tough locked down, which is called for in this situation, feeds into this high guest call and, and interaction. right? you mentioned the vaccinate vaccine, reluctant. fred, why, why exactly? i mean, the russians were the 1st ones to manufacture the cove in 1900 vaccine, the spot need vaccine. is it because of that, or is it, you know,
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what else is that? what's the reason? one of the reasons behind the reluctance to get vaccinate. think there are different reasons young people and i think this is probably universal. they. they just don't get it. i have a 20 year old sonny strong as the horse is now recovering his typical russian boy in many ways. he's now recovering from the delta variant because he absolutely refused to come with the family and get vaccinated a few months ago. he just thought he was invulnerable. and i think a lot of young people, when i go out and i see them partying, and so on. i think they, they feel that this has nothing to do with them. the real problem here in russia is older people, soviet era, generations who, i think, refuse of some habit of mistrusting their state. they just don't believe that anything good can come out of their state. they're very, very high resistant to oh,
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being instructions and orders. and so that's the majority of the elderly population . are i repeat? who are the most vulnerable, of course, or are refusing to do it. thank you so much for talking to us about this. very good to hear your thoughts in this, in your experience. christian from fred, we're from the christian science monitor, joining us there from moscow. thank you very much for your time. thank you. thank you. 9. thailand's recently legal documents suggest doctors are concerned china senior voc vaccine is not effective against nicole. the 1900 variance. the health minister has defended the job saying that leaks memo was only an opinion, but as tony chang re for some bangkok, public confidences waiting. a small group of protesters tried to march to thailand's help ministry, but the police are determined not to let them through. their protesting both the scarcity of vaccination shot and the vaccines. the government is giving them some
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on a whole lot. i'm worried about the vaccine that the government has ordered for us with many people, including myself don't want to novak vaccine, but the government keeps ordering more. reassuring was from a senior health official have little impact. that leaked memo shows that the government is keen to defend signed a vax effectiveness. despite the doctor's concerns with health officials unwilling to push other vaccines for fear of denting public confidence. to illustrate their concerns, the protest, his poor paint on bound, muddle corpses and attempt to cremate them. security guards quickly step in sign a vac was the 1st bank seemed to be released and thailand was quickly distributed to frontline medical workers, most of whom have now had 2 doses. but as the new cobit delta varian spread, some found they weren't protected. here there were 5 medical staff infected with k with 19 and 2 were admitted to the i see you. others a concern by
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a lack of information about sign of x results. although test groups show the vaccine works. why the studies have been hard to find the problem about the transparency of the report when it is study in larger group of participants. it seemed like that that information is not getting out of their investigators had that could be a real problem to thailand. domestic production has stalled and delivers the more effective m r n. a vaccines wouldn't arrive till the autumn thailand had a real problem finding enough supply of vaccine to meet demand. the current rates, the whole country won't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next year. at a local temple, people have been queueing over night just to get a cobra test. increasingly difficult in thailand, which now has reco daily infection rates,
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despite early successes in the fight against cove at 19 times responses now looking poorly planned and ill prepared. now many a questioning the faith in the government's ability to respond. tony chang al jazeera, bank of fiji is making vaccines compulsory for all workers. as it struggled to contain a new outbreak. the island nation had kept infections in check for a year, but after a quarantine breach is now reporting almost $900.00 cases a day. mostly the delta vary and under the no jobs, no job policy and vaccinated public sector employees may be fired. private companies that don't apply could also be shut down. a u. s. donation of 1400000 doses of the johnson and johnson coven. 1900 vaccine has arrived. and i've got some capital capital. the u. n. children's agency unit says, says it's the 1st of 2 shipments this month, and part of the kovacs global sharing program. the aim is to get the vaccine distributed across the country,
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including in hard to reach areas of dentist that is experiencing a 3rd wave of infections and less than 4 percent of the population has received a vaccine time. now, for a test on the world, whether his rob, where we say good bye to elson, i was a very long track, went over at least and see boys despairing to the canadian maritime, leaving bitter surface flooding behind. so next seemed to look at his watch temperatures rise, 34 in d. c. and he still got massive big thunderstorms and the blue ridge mountains down towards the gulf coast and wrapped around the southern great lakes. that means the plains actually largely fine and dry and increasing the heart of the feather wishy you are the hotter he gets says he's shower, show themselves in the humidity over new york, for example. it dries up and down the southwest. in particular, charities are really high that down the coast. you got that breeze keeping his coolness san francisco. seattle's back down to 26 degrees. but you come down to the central valley of california. run across the last vegas, nevada,
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the records $48.00. we forecasting $46.00 at he's close enough to be touching the record. it's very hot and it's driving this part of the us worse than last year or the year before the caribbean. things are pepe again, having had a poll of what so her desk go ahead to suppress the shares. that's gone now. and they're a big shower. likely in this round, these even the great twenty's and in cuba during sunday. heavy stuff is still in costa rica from panama. thank you very much. still ahead on the news, our congo interest ration bosky rod as a number of activists in journalists med. it continues to ride ahead of election. welcome to fossil notice field of dreams. joe hall with the story of how cricket he's catching on the catalonia and u. s. c saw economy gregor ways in for his latest flight in las vegas be don't have a
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when a war crime is committed. who is it coming to the, how does it follows that goes in human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court? i says it every place to make sure that the information to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in france on all disease cut. one of the fastest growing nations in the, the, on the car needed to open and develop it for international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade in money skillfully enough. 3 key areas up to about filling up front of connecting the, connecting the future. got cut to gateway to whoa trade.
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oh, a welcome back to watching the news our on our yeah, with me for the back people. a reminder of our main stories police in bangladesh have a rest of the owner of a factory where 52 people were killed in a fire. he and 7 others have been charged with murder. the whole minister has warned no one will be spared. a sign of negligence to tease in term government has asked the international community to send interests to have satellite country following the fascination of present, given the u. s. says it has no plans to send military assistance. and the world's
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wealthiest nations are warning about the spread of the highly pages over $900.00. delta very and g. 20 finance leaders are meeting in italy to discuss the risks to global recovery. to address the equal access to back seat have a un security council has approved a 12 month extension to keep the last remaining voter crossing between turkey and syria open, making it possible to continue delivering aid. they were for border crossing 7 years ago, but russia veto to have 3 of them shot and had threatened to do the same with bob, bye, how a coughing at once a to go through damascus instead. under the syrian government control agency say this would be catastrophic and have consequences for the humanitarian situation in the north. will trucks from turkey, delivery essential, 8 to more than 3000000 syrian basic medical supply.


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