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the pipeline, giving voice to the voice here in california, almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that open your eyes to turn it if you well today, this is what the picture looks like. see the world from a different perspective on houses. there's the news haiti appeals to the un and us to send troops to secure the country after the president's assassination. but washington says it will not provide military help. ah, rom, and you're watching out there like my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes. the you and votes to extend the delivery of humanitarian aid from turkey to syria, providing much needed assistance to millions of people. the us president just
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russia to take action against cyber crime warning, but it will defend its people. and what i found was an argentine i have a beef with the government, the controversial decision that's left and fuming. ah, welcome to the program haiti's into the government has asked the international community to send in troops to help stabilize the country after the assassination of president governor louise. but the us says it has no plans to send military assistance. haiti's senate has nominated joseph lumber, said as the new into him president until new elections are set. september politicians also back alone leave to replace closure cease as the prime minister while mommy's was killed in his home on wednesday by and heavily armed hit squad haitian police say it was made up of mostly forward mess and rates. as manuel
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repair reports belong to columbia officials or stepping up assistance to haiti following the assassination of haitian president of nell movies. on friday, the colombian government announced that resources and personnel would be sent to aid in the investigation. intelligence officials are also sharing more information about the 26 out of 28 alleged conspirators identified as colombian citizen. don't up the knitting for them. i feel. yeah, we have the 1st details about the travel, some of them made dates from where they went. what kind of airline this is not only shared with haiti's interval central office, but with a dominican republic, as the people linked to the incident used as a port of arrival, the dominican republic to travel to haitian territory shuttle. the unrest on the streets of haiti's capital has largely subsided. though tensions remain high. outside the u. s embassy in port a prince, a crowd gathered with many saying they seek to flee the country in anticipation of
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a worsening political crisis. if it was the way to go by norma, you're all here since last night. it's a normal thing to do to try to get out of the country since our president was assassinated. the death of president moiz at the hands of foreign mercenaries left the country in shock on friday evening, the haitian senate named joseph lambert as the countries interim president, former haitian prime minister, the moth pills, al jazeera, that international cooperation in this investigation is vital regarding the immediate future, both concerned because of course, over the fascination of president and its aftermath. but i'm hopeful that the current government is making the right moves into inviting international community to come in, opening up the investigation to the international partners. this way, we will insure a fair investigative process that would lead us to, to who,
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whoever paid for this in the us. the biden administration also pledged to provide resources to uncover exactly who killed the haitian president and wine in response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n t h officials to port a prince. as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist the international investigators or also looking into how such a deadly security lapse at he's presidential palace could have occurred. the head of the general security unit for the police guard demitria. rog, now under investigation, manuel up a little al jazeera surgical have has moran have his request for international troops? the haitians have asked the united nations is an peacekeepers. they've asked the u . s. department of defense to send us troops. i was able to confirm that with the pentagon today, the department of defense said that they have received the request and it
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redirected me to the state department for further questions. it seems highly unlikely that the u. s. is going to want to put troops in haiti 1st of all because of the violence there, it would take a very large, true presence. it would be expensive and keep in mind, president joe biden has just pulled us troops out of afghanistan. haiti is not a country that has a huge constituency in the united states that would push the president politically to take stronger steps and the u. s. has in the past, got involved with troops in haiti. important point out after the horrible earthquake in 2000 and tell us military really brushed tons of assets and much different situation though we're talking about peace keeping nation building, and that's something that doesn't go over well, politically in the united states. so the un security council has approved a 12 month extension to keep the last remaining border crossing between turkey and syria, open, making it possible to continue delivering aid that were for border crossing 7 years ago. but russia vetoed to have 3 of them shot and threatened to do the same with
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baba hollow crossing, but it was a to go through damascus instead. under the syrian government control. agencies say this would have catastrophic consequences for the humanitarian situation in the nor now trucks from turkey deliver a central aid to more than 3000000 syrians. basic medical supplies will continue to reach labor. the last rebel held enclave. but it's still not enough. the un says that with the continued government as strikes on the pandemic, long term solutions need to be found. russell, so the reports now from eclip eclipse medical infrastructure is in ruins. and it's making medical care hard to find for some of syria's most warrantable people haven't been saw, but with facing tremendous difficulties in the hospitals. the city is on the front line, the racing targets, the medical facilities constantly. our whole treatment relies on the aid we received. the supplies must continue without restrictions because if they stop and
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the people will only suffer more than others. in the last decade, hundreds of medical facilities have been deliberately targeted by the city and government and allied forces. international medical right group positions for human rights sees it has documented nearly 600 attacks on at least 350 medical facilities and the killing of more than 900 medical personnel. since the start of the conflict, the u. s. found the hospitals share their coordinates through a mechanism to prevent attack. but for the city civilians, everything care that government attacks are no longer the main threat. so that's good. my 6 month old daughter is suffering from malnutrition. she was in a very bad condition and almost about to die. the after i brought her to the hospital and she got better. thank god, the medicine is freezer. i'm so good. that the court, in 1900 pandemic,
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has existed beated and already accoutrement italian crisis in the country. city has northwest has more than 27000 core with 1900 cases and 497 cars on that. so far, medical facilities are short on peace, your test to detect the virus. the $3400000.00 population is running out of the nearly $55000.00 of code. 19 waxing, received through bible in apple fashion, to the u. s. cross board. the mechanism may provide some relief to look at health care workers and passion, but it's far from a permanent solution to the health care crazes in the war tone region. the extension may be a temporary life fever, but the long term fate of millions of this, these people remains on clear. bristol said about al jazeera, it lip syria present. joe biden has called on russia's land to be a to, to, to crack down on cyber criminals. last week,
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more than the 1000 businesses in the us are affected by ransomware attack, originating from russia, security analyst, sworn. such attacks have become the main focus of group seeking to extort payments from companies white house correspondent company how kit has more from washington d. c. that's a concern of the white house's concern from ordinary americans who have been victimized by these ongoing routes and where attacks the impacts have been felt with the rest were attack on the colonial pipeline. that also occurred recently that resulted in americans not being able to fuel their gas tanks in some cases for up to a week. and then we also saw the meat packing industry effective. and that of course, impacted the the supply chain. and what gets food to american tables as well. so there's been increasing pressure on the, by an administration to hold the russian leader vladimir putin to account. they have to remember all these comes from the context of the fact that just less than a month ago, the 2 were sitting down side by side where the u. s. president promised and very
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strongly articulated to vladimir putin that there would be consequences if these rats were attacked continued even though they're not state sponsored in the eyes of the united states. the fact that they're happening on russian soil matters. here's what the u. s. president joe biden had to say about his telephone call and his latest conversation with last year when we're already coming from historically, even though it's not, not sponsored by mistake, expect them to actually give them enough information to actually do that. now you remember perhaps back in geneva that job wide and put together a list of 16 critical infrastructure areas that he said cannot be targeted. many people kind of criticize that and said a why did you tell them what was so critical and be really shouldn't anything be
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off limits. and so that's the argument now that there's been another cyber attack is. but joe biden, meeting seems to have gone to waste has fallen on deaf ears, and they're looking in the united states for tougher action from joe by. that's what the white house press. carrie said in the last couple of hours is look, joe biden pledge that he would engage with. vladimir, put me diplomatically, that's what this call was about. and the united states will retaliate if necessary at the time in place of its choosing. the firefighters and bung mother, she managed to put out a factory fire. that's been batting since thursday. at least 50 people were confirmed dead after the blaze in a food and beverage factory on the outskirts of the capital. darker and investigation is underway. tons chandry has more from the scene in the roof guns at total devastation. as you can see behind me, the fire service is still active. that going floor by floor trying to salvage see if there's any bodies left. now i spoke to the left hand corner,
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the lawyer. i'm on the director operation for buying with the fire service. he told me that the cover $549.00 bodies, total dep county, $52.00 people actually died was jumped out of the 3rd floor. we met some of the relatives were still waiting here to know about their loved ones who are missing. they went to the medical mog, the said, the have to wait for months even to test the dna to confirm who the family members are. now we spoke to a lot of other family members that a lot of allegation about this factory that the 3rd floor was locked during the fire. for whatever reason many people couldn't skate because of that. also there was a fire incident about a year ago and this factory. yep. that didn't take the necessary safety precaution that was required. there is not a flyer act that outside. there's only one staircase says it's a 6 story building. you would expect the exit. and if i skate, but there was some debts now, bangladesh has improved a lot since 2030 ron plaza,
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industrial disaster. there is a card with global buyers, especially when it comes to take style and clothing. factors that up to the european standard. now the fire safety have that worker safety measures their fire exit all those. yes, things are much more improve. there's no child labor in those factors. but saying that there are a lot of factors that operate informally. we know there's a chemical factor that was operating in old dot kind 2019 over 70 people died many factories they're supposed to comply with the fire regulation and other regulation, but they don't. the government doesn't have enough resource or manpower to enforce . this is the factory owners who doesn't name forces and get away with doing things like that. usually the case is while in the police department takes a long time to bring this paper to justice. we are still waiting to hear abroad, at least 44 people listed according to the relatives that told the police that, that 44 people still missing. those are not accounted for. will know if those
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people of body are found, or that accounted for in coming days or weeks, or even months. while still ahead here on al jazeera leak documents in thailand. inject sounds about trying to send it back saying that its effectiveness against new cove in 1900 varian. welcome to barcelona, the field of dreams and i'm joe hall with the story of cricket catching on the catalonia. ah ah, while the seasons got rather active again, this is the rainfall everywhere in the form of big showers, thunderstorms, some philippine south as a sort of ways him through borneo, back towards sumatra. ready? it's ready. davy. shout are widespread. java and bali will see this dry spell and
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that's how it should be. so really we're seeing a resurgence of what you might expect at this time of the year. it, australia, the cold is just coming out of the granite pretty cold nights and last couple. but the stormy weather, this east coast, from new south wales in city colby's stay for decade. yes, at 12 point one degrees. and currently there's quite a good circular 6. me to wait. so that's so dangerous weather or where the coast beyond sidney that slowly improved during sunday is that i was driving. it disappears. i'm sure the same time and you can calculate there's one low as the next low. and this other one coming behind me. the weather in perth is going to change cross substantially. monday is not a good day for you windy wet or particular color, but not by the enjoyable the rain. our hope is welcome because it's coming any way . and then if you can't, again, that lows hitting dance was news even so probably oakland alone will see significant rain running in during sunday and lasting throughout monday. everyone else is a bite where it should be at this time,
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the year. the weather bang, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you. and your business ah the me
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talk about you're watching over there with me. so rom, the reminder of our top stories. haiti's interim government has asked the international community to send in troops help stabilize the country after the assassination of president of, in our lawyers. but the us a said it a lot send any military assistance. also, the security council is approved a 12 month extension for a deliveries to northern syria. the program was designed on saturday trucks from turkey. kerry supplies to millions of syrians every month at a century and, but she is being held on murder charges after at least 50 people died and a fire about 40 work has remained accounted for except inquiry has been logged into the use of child labor factory. the frauds will soon begin reshaping its military presence in this hell region of west africa by reducing its trip numbers by half. but present to manuel macro insists his country remains dedicated in the fight against groups linked to al qaeda. and i saw nicholas hart cause more from docker
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in synagogue. after i mean it jello is village and burkina faso came under attack from isis. she entered children, escaped to neighboring molly they thought the presence of french soldiers un troops and the g 5. so held soldiers would offer some protection, but in central, molly gunman from an arcadia affiliate attacked the village who was in and she fled to the capital domco. for jello the arm groups will always be a danger. right now to move the fights from the very from jody or the people the other people. jello refers to are the g 5 to help soldiers of chad. burkina faso, multi martinez news year, backed by the french military attacking armed groups affiliated to isolate an al
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qaeda in its summit, hosted by france, president emmanuel, my coin, details of a drop down of french troops and closing of bases in the region, while offering reassurance to g 5 partners prison, the details of the to the hospital to the la pom. yeah, still our military presence in this house will be based on to mission you this you your come. the 1st will be to continue neutralizing and disorganized the high command of the to enemy organisation of the 2nd mission will focus on supporting the rise of the regions armies, iso and al qaeda affiliates are expanding attacks to coastal countries including been in and ivory coast and in molly, in new jeron, burkina, faso, the security situation has deteriorated dramatically. 7000 people were killed and 2000000 displaced last year. governments in 1000000 brick enough for someone to engage in talks with the groups to try to bring an end to the violence. french military victories have not translated into lasting peace and whilst comparison
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mccall announced a true production of 50 percent in the clothing of military bases. this is not the end of his country's presence in africa. friends has military outposts in almost every single one of its former colonies. add to that pressure from a key ally, the united states who fear that if france steps out a less reliable partner will step in saudi arabia has announced a $100000000.00 boost in funding for the g 5. so hell, russia is expanding its presence to central african republic, and our talks with molly on arm cells. and china's investment in these air has increased by 400 percent of them. this way. we need france for what it can give us . we don't need france for what we already have. francis, electronically intelligence capabilities, which are not in our position that the new configuration does not deprive us of this possibility. so there is something important. francis ariel resources that we
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do not have and which compliments are activities that we maintain ourselves on the ground. but for millions in africa, displaced by conflicts in this region. there drop down in french troops doesn't mean the end of their trouble. just the beginning of new ones. nicholas harker al jazeera, me recently, documents from thailand such as doctors, are concerned that china's sin of vaccine is not effective against new cove in 1900 variance. the health minister has defended the job saying that he leaked the memo. all the leaked memo of me was only an opinion, but it's tony chang reports from bangkok, public confidence is waning. a small group of protest is trying to march to thailand's health ministry. the police are determined not to let them through their protesting both the scarcity of vaccination shot and the vaccines. the government
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is giving them some one hawk hawk me. i'm worried about the vaccine that the government has ordered for us with many people, including myself don't wants to novak vaccine, but the government keeps ordering more. reassuring was from a senior health official have little impact leaked memo shows that the government is keen to defend scientists thanks to protective nist, despite the doctors concerned with health officials unwilling to push other vaccines for fear of denting public confidence. to illustrate their concerns, the protest, his poor paint on bound, muddle corpse, and attempt to cremate them. clarity guards quickly, step in sign of the 1st bank seemed to be released and thailand was quickly distributed to frontline medical workers, most of whom have now had 2 doses. but it's a new cobit delta variance spread. some found they weren't protected. here,
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there were 5 medical staff infected with k with 19 and 2 were admitted to the i c. u. others a concern by a lack of information about sign of x results. although test groups show the vaccine works, why the studies have been harder to find the problem about the transparency of the report when it is study in larger group of participant, it seemed like that that information is not getting out of the investigator's hand. that could be a real problem to thailand. domestic production has stalled and delivers the more effective m r n. a vaccines wouldn't arrive till the autumn thailand had a real problem finding enough supply of vaccine to meet demand. the current rates, the whole country wouldn't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next year. at a local temple. people have been queueing over night just to get a cobra test. increasingly difficult in thailand,
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which now has reco daily infection rates, despite early successes in the fight against cove at 19 times responses now looking poorly planned and ill prepared. now many a questioning the faith in the government's ability to respond. tony chang, how to 0. bank of the fiji as they came back seems compulsory all work is as it struggles to contain a new outbreak. we are a nation, had kept infections in check for year. that's after a quarantine breach. it's now reporting almost $900.00 cases a day, mostly with the delta variant. under the no jobs, no jobs policy, unvaccinated public sector employees may be fired. private companies that don't comply could be shut down. thousands of farmers, an argentine or a pretence against limits placed on b shipments. the country is the world's 5th largest beef exporter farmers, say the new policy will cause irreparable damage to the industry trees. a boat has more from point as iris. i continue go. jones came out to mark independence
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day on friday and to join farmers and other agriculture workers in nationwide protest against the government of the firm. and if they're angry because of our recent government decision to reduce beef export, an attempt to nationalize companies linked to agribusiness farmer barnaby palo says, the government is making a mistake. they always use a farmers as, as a conflict. and and because they, they say we are big landowners, i'm cars and, and, and it's not true we, we do what we can as any farm and the world i didn't. tina government is trying to control the price of beef that has increased over 70 percent in the past year, leaving many argentinians unable to afford their own home go need. exports mainly to china are blamed. thousands of people took to this page to express their
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frustration with the administration of foreign landers right here in the agriculture inspectors that plays a crucial role in argentina economy. people here are convinced that the government's attempts to increase, the preference of the state economy will defend the recession and effect of recovering from the damage. i was going to kathy had told breeder him when a fight is he said that government should try to increase production instead of hurting farmers like him. the more real and with waterloo. this is the 1st time something like this is happened. it happened in 2006, so obstacles caps, troubles linked to beef production and especially export tended with florida. how's we shutting down? people laid off thousands abandoning beef production. markets lost a loss of 11000000 heads of capital loss the but it's not just the agriculture sector. many margin tina are angry with
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a government handling of the pin demick. they believe the government should have purchased more vaccines. instead of relying on lock down quarantine and rather restrictions that have trended thousands of people abroad. president a lot of the firm and he says he's government, he's working to protect the most vulnerable empiric for food. i mean, do you think that could be happy with the restrictions? nobody can, if we have courage and can unite to understand that nobody will save himself on his own. that aside from being free and equal, we need to be fraternal and kind to one another. i would, or jean teenagers in the middle of an economic crisis, negotiating with foreign creditors to prevent a default on it solving debt and struggling with a pin demick. but the countries polarized on how to fight the battle ahead. and while some support the government's policies, others believe they will lead argentina to further decline the federal alger theda . when aside, if and finally football is by far spain's most popular sport. but when the city of
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barcelona ask residents to vote on what new facility should be built, the answer came was quite a surprise. the winner was a campaign led by a cricket team. john hall explains 5 years of life. and my brother also playing cookies and his life. i wanted to know if you guys are going to be well if i'm feeling very excited left because goes also the already more they want to learn that things actually i'm putting this is the unlikely story of how a women's cricket team in a country not known for cricket, one public support to have a ground built for them to play on a net get and beat those mildred's up. but in 2013 we started the young cricket barcelona project. when it became clear, there were large pakistani indian unbundle the she communities in barcelona playing cricket on the streets. it was
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a sport being played by students aboard luna. but with nor to play it. and i got, the woman's team has spearheaded the project in recent years, especially because it has allowed us to work not only on social creation hello, but also gender empowerment when barcelona city council asked the public to vote on a range of new facilities to be built using municipal funds, the young women launched a campaign for the city's 1st cricket ground and one the most votes. and this is it, a disused football pitch to be transformed into an astro turf oval at a cost of nearly $2000000.00. part of a project promoting community relations through sport. an unusual use of the city's budget. as more established immigrant cricket is in the amator capital and lee will tell you what people think about some teams over here, but it's not overly popular with the spaniards. you can imagine they will thing that it goes on for days and days and it's the sort of baseball with
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a funny stick and i don't really get it soon. the sound of leather own willow will ring out from the barcelona international cricket club. the plan is to turn this field of debt into barcelona. the field of dreams, as the movie said, if you build it, they will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and i always see on tv. they are playing crooked like barber as shadow in mom. mom has one and there are months every player and i get idea from the i want to play this game. jonah whole al jazeera, barcelona ah, what you onto there are nice. the whole rom, the reminder of all top stories, haiti's interim government has asked the international community to send.


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