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will come and they'll be following in the footsteps of their heroes. and i always see on tv. they are playing cricket, like barbara shadow in my mom has, i'm on and there are months every clear. and i get the idea. i want to play this game. jonah whole al jazeera barcelona ah, your challenge there with me to hill robin in the reminder, all top news stories, haiti's in true government has asked the international community to send in troops help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president of the united states says, it won't, the un has councils humanitarian 8 flights to haiti this week. just safety concerns following the assassination of the president, efforts to respond to the recent increase of cobra. 1900 cases in the country are being put to risk. the situation is also threatening the efforts to provide
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humanitarian assistance, especially food and water to people who have been internally displaced. due to recent gang attacks, the international organization for migration and other humanitarian colleagues estimate that as july 4th, some 800000 people were displaced in puerto prince, a greater metropolitan area of those nearly 14700 were displacing the beginning of gang clashes in early june, the un security council as approved a 12 month extension for a deliveries into northern syria. the program was turned on saturday trucks from turkey, kerry supplies for millions of syrians, every month. russia won't say to fly through damascus to its allies in the syrian government. president joe barton has called on the russian lead of vladimir putin to crack down on cyber criminals. last rate, more than a 1000 businesses in the us. we are affected by around some wherever tank originating from russia, firefighters in bunger, there should have managed to put out
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a factory fire that's burned on the outskirts of the capital decor since thursday, more than 50 people, a concerned firefighters also battling hundreds of separate fines in east in russia, as it suffers unusually high temperatures, that you could tear region is misty, covered by forests under particularly vulnerable to wildfire. malta, they're spending all visitors unless they're fully vaccinated against david 19. the small mediterranean island now has the strictest entry requirements of any european union country. previously, visitors needed to provide a negative test result. and 9 people had been killed in sweden when the plane they were in crush. shortly off take off the police and the city of r. e. bruce. they were killed instantly when the aircraft burst into flames. all the impact, those were the headlines course. we'll have more news in half the hero knowledge there. you can follow the stories on the website to the dot com to stay with us. on county, the call south salvador legalize is bitcoin. what it proved to be an economic
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bonanza for the latin american country. but when it become a guy, paradise in europe, i watering tech valuations raised bubble fears plus lambda, gamey, goat, electric county. the cough on al jazeera, the one of the things that really struck me. you could feel not just that people were fearless, but that there were joyous. there was a way in which they brandished sign, the ways in which they screamed political slogans that made you feel that these people had no constraint. if people did not worry about what may happen to them tomorrow, because what they felt they had at stake was much more important and much less scary than what they could lose if they did not walk on the street. or more and
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more than there have been so many times since 2011 when i have tried to describe to people and friends of what that feeling was like in the square . and there really are no words. i mean, you weren't allowed to say anything. i gave you a lot of not a whole lot in the street. so, you know, just suppose that with walking into the square in 2011 and having pictures of the me, a lot of, with the words, leave go with people laughing pictures of his face with their shoes. this was the feeling and the square. those are the slogans you heard and it was the crack. hello. until now it feels like a dream. i remember the 1st shot from the master from the people were jumping, the witches, cherry and people. what do you,
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humiliated to have the chance or the hope for the free press, for some kind of freedom expression. that was a dream. and that's the uniqueness of that moment. the moment of possibility, the moment of rapture, where the systems of authority, where hierarchy begins to fall apart. the same chance that starting to basically know about go from taneesha to syria, continued to grow where it stands in stark contrast to everything else that subsequently unfolded. but at least during those moments touch, what glorious future stories in awe
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the wave of revolution that came to be known as the arab spring began a decade ago in december of 2000. it was a time in which anything arab mobilize in their millions in collective cause for democracy, justice, freedom of expression, government auto craft, james white with foreign adopted ali, went with him the special edition of the listening post. we're taking a retrospective look at what happens in the subsequent crushing of democratic move the clamp downs on freedom of the press. the remain in place that we've chosen to focus on the stories of 3 countries to nivia, where the movement got to start from egypt, where it appeared to reach park and syria, where it hit
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a brick wall. the arab springs, the starting point came on december 17th, 2010 in the small central tennessee and city of city with the st vector named mohammed was, is fed up with local official corruption, unable to make a living himself, it was one individual active protest that would cost was busy his life and ultimately set off shop ways that would travel from north africa to the irradiance . don't leave him to the idea of if the regime of president been and he created a kind of political police and the whole network to get into people's heads. so that no matter where you are, no matter who you are. we found that was real and we can do old 90 only to talk even families inside their own home. if not that i speak about been id and obviously people didn't know that to post on social networks or discuss what was
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happening in the media. did not criticize the regime except to minority within them . and that completely changed. the feeling of fear was completely over 10, said birth a couple more, but really what was bubbling and 24th was a movement that until the uprising had been underground of bloggers of citizen journalists, of people who use the new emerging digital information fear to begin exchanging information to create networks. once the uprising started into nivia, that whole network came above the draft. once denisia became this magnet for news, but images for stories about that could be a different tomorrow, then emerge as a note in that big network. there's so many glorious moments that are, that have now become iconic. there was a short video of men in the fifty's or so walking up and down, gave
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a st. tunisia shortly after the follower benignly and he's calling people in their homes on an empty street telling them there's nothing to be afraid of. you are now free in his voice. you am to avenue that was just absolutely mesmerized. and as it travelled around the arab world, it, it ended up inspiring so many others to do the same money. and one of the more remarkable things that happened in 2011 and certainly in the square was this sort of out of language and terminology. words like freedom
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just that's right. the protesters in the square frame, their demands and articulate to using a right framework. one huge moment was when one of the who is a very famous presenter, egyptian television interviewed waiting on em, who had just been released from prison on life. and that into view which it felt like the entire 100000000, the population of egypt watched, was a real turning point once to the media because it was the most honest thing we'd ever seen. and to, because it just showed real pain. the activist who didn't realize what he had unleashed, but when taken back by what was happening and from what i can then i'm sure most of the work that one moment
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a lot of time. and there hadn't been really a symbol of the egyptian uprising up until that moment and suddenly away when him took me in egypt present. host nemo barrak was forced from power on february 11th. 4 days later, the 1st demonstrations broke out in libya. another leader would fall there from morocco in the west to yemen and buck rain in the east autocratic and arab leaders faced existential challenges of varying degrees. some met, their citizens demand halfway, others like serious bashar assad. confronted protesters with the government implemented a media blackout banning foreign journalists from entering arrest and local reporters who tried to get the story. the general manager
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was wanting him to miss the unrest. inferior exploded far from the capitol, graffiti written by a student on the school wall in the border city of data. a message for the president new york turned back at the beginning of this year and uprising. we've heard so many spoken saying allow me to, to gather which is period 9. there were this sense that you are witnessing and they are being manipulated and presented in a completely opposite way on the state media. that encourage many people who were students who wear and the christians carpenters and different kinds of backgrounds to just hold their mobile any cameras that they can get, hold on and document things many serious. so that might award what is happening in their home country. something will change and they believed in the
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power of media because they saw what it did and i. ringback ringback think that's basically when a lot of us again, prematurely now, usually or not, felt that this is a historic turning point and syria will soon become a free and democratic country where there is gonna be free and independent press. and i think that's basically at the moment when a lot of people became invested or interested in, not just going to demonstrations, but also in creating institutions that embody the sort of democratic moment of hope . so that's basically the moment when you start to have a lot of newspapers, a lot of radio stations, a lot of online magazines, also a lot of people, saudi organizations, and obviously, you know, i mean, now in hindsight, realize this was completely naive because journalism in this in the sense or bearing witness in the sense that not actually make a huge difference the
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health of the arab spring algae 0 was a key conjugate for the move in the beaming across the region and around the world has gone. let's go live to cairo. me say that and he's in egypt. things algebra was perceived for the 1st government. i'd like to ask you before ended by mohammed morrison. and the muslim brothers resulted in the networks reputation. one that had been seen years in the making, being al jazeera, played a substantial role from its inception, really in 10096, and shifting the news agenda in such
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a way to allow those who are not in government to critique those who are in before you know, and i'll just here as cameras were in the right place at the right time, raining down. bbc and cnn, all the major sort of broadcast was around the world. we're picking up our exclusive footage. so al jazeera was able to, to really bring the narrative of social mobilization and protests from the arab world to the world at large, and to elevate the discussion in such a way that made the aspirations of the protesters and the region. the only story worth exploring the muslim brotherhood who was perhaps the most well organized political force won the election. the rules that lasted barely one year was not what people had hoped for. corruption continued authoritarianism,
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continued one of the reasons that people stop following just in egypt for example, is because a lot of them felt that if this is the voice of a political formation that has failed and that has now been displaced from power, then that news outlet is no longer an important source of new ah, by 2013, the more see government had been deposed in the authorities then tried to take algae, 0 and dejection journalism down. the new government was led by military man turned president of the doctor. sees 3 al jazeera employees were among the dozens of media workers arrested one species watch. the court case was a show trial. the government's evidence against al jazeera was feeble, but reputations suffered already in
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that same year. on august 21st, the assad government showed it citizens and how far syria was prepared to go to suppress the kind of descent that had toppled other arab leaders. the rock slammed into the outskirts of damascus that day carried chemical weapons. ah, and it was one of the biggest massacres more than 1500 people were killed about one . so it's supposed to shake something in for some kind of action or reaction. so when it didn't, then nothing we can do is going to be changing. our reality is nothing we can do or document or film or be killed for that word. to stop this massacres and this horror then it's useless. and that's when we've seen many of the journalists shopping this going back to their jobs, to their workshops, and just giving i think that
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was a turning point, not only for here in, in the sense that, you know, the world is not going to do anything to share and receive from perpetrating war crimes. it was also a moment of despair for journalists around the world in defense that it completely blunted the emancipatory and incisive razor of journalism. journalism did not matter anymore. it did not make a difference anymore and doctors lawyers and now journalists are all organ the government. that was the case across the middle east and north africa, the globe back against the sensor. and the coverage of it just grew worse, back in june right now. and 2000 people have been arrested. those governments have also diversified, their dissemination of propaganda. outsourcing what was once the responsibility of state own channel,
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to privately owned some newly taken over by the state. others just eager to please egypt meeting, have proven night after night that more voices do not add up to a plurality of opinion. journalism such a critical component. outset of the arab spring has become one of its long term casualty. egyptian state. under c, c is not a practitioner of the old style of game where you have the one news anchor of the state deliver your child that everybody watches who says what the leaders wants you to hear. for the very 1st time, a lot of the main television channels in egypt are directly on by the egyptian military. right? this is new. this did not used to be the case. that's dynamic number one. dynamic number 2 is the unleashing of these larger than life, insufferable. personalities on talk shows and then you have what, what the met,
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the more go ahead, larry, aka file. and she, when allowed to walk in these personalities tend to turn the faith narrative into an irresistible drama. yeah. there's one kid i love fog hunt good enough. that's conspiracy theory by theater, of the absurd part, propaganda and part political talk show that the people find irresistible. wow. yeah. and so in combination, i think these to create sort of a very toxic media here on a warning. and the region enlarge some of the worst ratings. as far as the treatment of journalist and detain journalist prosecutor, journalists, journalists who are either exiled or sent to live abroad, one of the greatest losses in this process is the ability to tell reality as it is
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the ability to relay truth to audiences and public at large, so that's a very, very hefty cost to pay, and unfortunately it has major repercussions across the board in the sense that you only need to target a handful of journalists before the rest of them are in line. and in some countries, it wasn't just governance journal. so did the other actor proxy players rivals for power together managed to turn the middle east into one of the world's most dangerous places to come? scores of journalists killed, exiled were now languishing among them. now, just as my change has been held without charge in cairo for 4 years, the egyptian photo journalist shop spent 6 years in prison for taking pictures of
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a protein in syria chill in a russian air strike on the city and its camera was rolling as he gone in and you can add the name of another syrian to the list of journalists taken before their time. his killing thought to be at the hands of the militants, formerly affiliated with our right and left a whole difficult hundreds of people as well. no serious radio host reputation could break change to syria. i decided he was not just a journalist. he was one of the reasons why pro uprisings were able to say that it is not regime against your head, is that they are people who are fighting both parties for their own dignity for their basic. he was threatened by their jam, his house was destroyed,
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and he kept refusing to stop. he kept resisting all of the facts, but he was facing, establish your fresh show last year. the 1st year which was completely based, syria with tens of south poplar women. so he was that exceptional and i think that was too much for any dictator for any criminal to, to handle so many tried to kill him before. and sadly they succeeded the against those challenges. there are some like city is, are jewelry that have proven independent journalism. can survive even flourish after the spring, egypt not much of an inky father into nicea have done the same under different circumstances. they all offer quality reporting expertly presenting. that audience
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has come to given the restriction and in some cases the danger is the reporter space. their work is all the more noted as what he was established on in march 2012. when we realized that something unprecedented was happening in the country. and it was very important for the syrians to not only be citizen journalists simply report things to basically provide international journalists with the footage and the raw data for, for others to come and sort of edit and analyze. we need to have our own place where it wasn't just citizen journalism. it was also in depth report for the syrian conflict in a way not to be reduced to just the daily dest, all of its heroes, and it's martyrs and its victims. but also preparing to take a step back and to be able to come together to reflect and to think not only about the present, but also about the future. on the, on the visit to use in dies and independent media outlets basting. today's which
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was established in 2014 by journalists, develop, and graphic design it although we are partners and friends with outlets like madam actually meetings, real young, syria and many other media with the same out to the want to be independent of the influence of big power to produce stories that are not big by mainstream media and to show what they do, not necessarily want more to corner the foster mom. unless we are part of this movement of a tentative, i've read the media, then how trying to challenge and to inform in the way without being captive, to get the report. i didn't do it. the bars were set really high by tenicia of the outcomes of which have not been reached, essentially anywhere else. but at the very least, denisia captured the imagination. there's a funny sort of figure of speech in egypt that comes from like
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a reality competition sha where one of the contestants says in the gap between us, meaning that the answers is tenicia. and so the answer to every problem is often tenicia. and that, that's now become a figure of speech around the arab world. anytime you're wondering how things should be done, right? the answer is always tunisia. anthony has effectively demonstrated that the revolutionary potential can materialize in a positive way. we'll conclude with an observation on what came at the beginning news conference or early 2011 when examined. in retrospect, some of the reporting was caught up in the exuberance this network and this program included that is not an admission of error. or even though even millions of people in one country after another were tasting freedom of expression for the very 1st
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time, the boys finally telling their own stories, driving their own revolution. the journalism was a reflection. it focused on what was happening at the time and it remains undiminished by what was when you're standing in the moment of defeat, you are inclined to look back on the beginnings and to just completely dismiss him as childish or naive or premature. i think one of the main responsibilities that we have as journalists, is to be able to retrieve and reflect on that moment. and it's very, very important for us to be cognitive, to acknowledge historic and revolutionary nature of what happened in 2011. i think another point of view is that if you were to look at it in the long term revolutions and real transformations take decade, and this is just one of the growing pay period,
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the growing pain on the part towards real democracy. i don't know if i believe that i want to believe that, but i can tell you this. the history is littered with examples of leaders and regimes that have curtailed human rights have told their population that they have no agency in the country that they live in. and it has not gone well for those leaders. and a day of reckoning has come no one knew the famous julian, les right. would always say, you know, we are condemned to. what else do you have? right, so i wouldn't call it and i have a day as much as i, i would call it dash hope the dash hopes of a generation 10 years of a long time. then years you have a new generation that's angry. that does not have a job. that's highly educated, fluent and social media, but does cannot,
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cannot see a future for itself cannot see its potential blossoming. this is an extra solution . this is the next movement. these are the next groups of people who are going to go down on the street. smash things, challenge the existing regime, and maybe next time it will work me something was going to change. anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the area and know what to say. so we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there, i'm award winning programming from international. so make it one quick, so it's straight on the back global discussion. what guaranteed to be the right to
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take the fide life, giving voice to the voice here in california is almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well today, this is what the picture looks like. the, the world from a different perspective on out of the . ready 80 appeals to the u. n. and us to send troops to secure the country after the president's assassination. but washington says it will not provide military help. ah, rom, and you're watching over there, like my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes. the you and votes to extend the delivery of humanitarian aid from turkey to syria, providing much needed assistance to millions of people.


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