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from being free and equal, we need to be fraternal one kind to one another. oh that idea. teenagers in the middle of an economic crisis, negotiating with foreign creditors to prevent a default on it solving debt and struggling with a pin demick. but the countries polarized on how to fight the battle ahead and while some support the government's policies, others believe they will lead argentina to further decline. that if i will, as i see them when a fight, if ah, this is there and these are the top stories. hey t, senate has nominated joseph lambert. busy as the new interim president of the assassination of president a journal noise, it's also back to replacement for the interim prime minister, plunging the country further into political incenses, and certainly there are growing security concerns and the government is off the u. s. and the u. and to send troops help stabilize the country. the un security
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council has approved a deliveries from turkey into rebel held northern syria for another year. russia had threatened to block the operation, preferring aid be directed through damascus. but at last, when compromises reached, our diplomatic editor, james bass has more from the united nations. for months now, people have been concerned that russia might actually decide to use its veto and stop this. only one humanitarian crossing into syria. some had wanted that again to be more than one crossing potentially 3 crossings. the u. s. wanted, in the end, no way at all, and put forward to russia, objected to that it went down to one for one year. russia then proposed one for only 6 months. the compromise is one for 6 months, then a report from the secretary general, and then another 6 month authorization. pretty much automatically us president joe biden has called on his russian counterpart vladimir putin to crack down on 5
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a criminals last weekend. the 1000 businesses were affected by a ransomware attack. originating from russia. covered 19 cases across the united states are increasing rapidly, sparking phase of a new outbreak. the 11 percent rise in a week is being blamed on the delta varian, which is now the dominant strain across the us. the latest data shows more people are being sent to all spittles in area where there are low rates of vaccination us donation of 1400000 doses of the johnson johnson covered 19 vaccine have arrived in afghanistan, capital, cobble, the you and children's agency. unicef says it's the 1st of 2 shipments this month. and part of the co fax, global sharing program, i've got to start is experiencing a 3rd wave infections, and the some full percent of the population has received a job. those are the headlines. the news continues on algebra. teacher, you can watch out english streaming live and i do channels plus thousands of our
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programs. award winning documentaries, and get new support. ah, subscriber, you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. the singapore st food is world famous. traditional stores, a vast range of sheep and tasty dishes, table diet for the masses. but the co written 1900 pandemic, is turning up the heat on the hawkers nielsen. it all the meals, the face a stock choice to innovate or defeat the brazilian on physically and mentally financially the $11.00 east examines how cobit 19 is changing. singapore hawk, a culture the ah,
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beneath the shimmering skyline of the city state where i grew up, the humble trade feels the workforce. across the island, some $20000.00 foot stalls serve up delicious dishes. the melting pot of casino by the early chinese and indian migrants who mingled with a local malay these dishes have become part of singapore, the cultural heritage. 5, see if her funds to the funding i know the scene well, mom used to sell chicken rice. consider one of the countries national dishes and like many singaporeans, i love my hawk food. i know that this really of
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a smell and taste of growing up. it's my comfort food, and it's very much a part of the culture. a can believe i got to eat it for me. a lot of hard work goes into making these dishes kept alive by recipes and businesses passed on the generations . and the golden mile food center tucked away in one of singapore, the oldest neighborhoods. 56 year old alice true selfish soup and porridge. her family has been in the hawk a treat for 3 generations. alice took over the business from her mom ching, up hill, who's 80 years old, and continues to help out. dennison's love song. i
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met him. she moved from a wrote site stall to this food center 45 years ago. she worked tirelessly to raise 3 daughters. alice is a youngest call. what kind of a longer get juliana will talk soon. so i was told that this was going to my, my kid in law to hold on my way. mine is also little boy in our household and think over the years they fit through traditional ways and built up a loyal customer base me. but then along came the coven, 19 pandemic in a nation wide fight to curb the corona virus. most places were shut down between people and june 2020. the 3 schools only serve took away food, nelson and all the lee meals for month rent up. we'll find off if we'll find high
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school credit card. the law to support the woman will eco me good will see young nathan without the me. the book of food is an integral part of singapore in life. but half of the focus are more than 60 years old. and few young ones are joining the trade. i. i visit allison a mom or that day off. they don't expect their family to have a 4th generation of hawk of an engine. i could send us a 100 sink with a if an if a call either me to me and me. ellis, a stall is open more than 12 hours a day. she is on her feet the whole time to know that you all might got up a question, a lot of those us and kind of things. and to make us also find that since we sell toned neither because if you guys was home locked those for me. when i tell
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you he puts in your hosting, do you want me to have a mobile cell phone? when like she, she like tall thomason? i think we are michelle time of we are like for the woman, come and do something woman and not him trundle disorder when i'm on the cell and i move ahead to high up to several 1000 us dollars a month. a typical mule costs about $3.00 and hawkers take home, only 10 to 15 percent in profit. alice needs to sell more than a 1000 servings a month just to break even on my cellphone. when my top off, it would tell him name that i saw me with bundles and was told i didn't mention that you think going on with my time with having seen how much hard it takes. it wasn't something i wanted to do with. but there is
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a young worker who is confident of success. i'm calling my family before delaney's time is just 22. but his family has been in the hawk of business since his grandfather's time. bobby small means that she had more a because he used him to squeeze at the end of 2019 deli next apply to join a government program to start to hawk us toll the following april. his dream came true when he opened official noodle store in the business district. he named it from di fishbowl front. i means 3 generations in chinese. his parents stole in the market, provided a ready supply of fresh fish balls. his young. i'm happy on my voice. on our own business. so think times when things that we think, conversely, what on this business and then let it be expanded too. but just for days after
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opening his stall growing fierce overcoat 19 trigger, singapore restrictions della nicks was forced to suspend business. i was anything because my money was on the line. i was mad about this. he had no income for 2 months. when the restrictions began to ease deloney, i couldn't wait to relaunch. to advertise, he posted in a popular facebook focus united. oh, which was created during the crisis for hawkers to promote their food online. i think my to respond to my, my post screven by ro and then there's a lot of new media social media platforms actually feature me lot. so i got a lot of football are looking up are nice. i mean when the money buy things in private, happy days, someone younger is speeding to join a cheap his passion caught the imagination of singapore ins. but will he succeed? it's quite gone. thing for them, i forget a lot of young hawkess's,
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what they feel is the older one key of c 2 is a well known champion of singapore, the hawk of food. he says it's a tough industry to break into even before the pandemic. if you don't know, the 360 game of being a professional, hawker is going to sit in swap flies and watch your reviews to a saw the end of the day. and this 360 game is important for lowering customers. among the course of other things, you should know as a brand new hawker. what my few sales, what was it look like? do you understand the food culture it came from? are you good on social media? how should you label your kitchen? so they did seem, if you walked by while, hey, so all of that says you've got to know, deland,
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he did everything he could me with the pen demik forcing many, singapore insta, what from whole hawker, stalls in the cities tend to struggle one and make so today is basically the last day of some papers for i'm way street since august last year, the linux was forced to close his store for good, just 2 months after he reopened by many how good am way street. we really for you just a little bit and it for, for in a but a teacher money put his back or be to the base. you go as the he goes with me. which one is you're going to see this was my thought. and what was the rest around you were there if i could even i came in, i was just on the phone as i thought about going over there. and they were both affected by the viet makes a lot of fall behind me. i think different supposedly i've been doing this for long enough. well, it's very good. let me point like looking mostly in building
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a blog. i feel budget about these things i'd be want to do the school sometime and also to embarrass fashion is not enough. especially in state foot, it's becoming an all too familiar story for seato. so how hope for you, for the future of being a false hawk culture. right. it looks kind of agreement. if you just walk, you'll see a lot of source shutting up. not enough people are replacing the audio hawkers going off. if things don't change, it will be in 10 years. 1520 years, it will desperate to keep their businesses alive. and some hawkis are trying to adapt with help from her daughter and is to begin to embrace technology to sell her fish soup using facebook for online orders. funding to
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both funk cheese jewel sanky annual with concentration christine christine friend, 2 x on the on the order. now are you in the you week or talk to lot of both on how you might that the phone up in. so why you couldn't order the customer to phone that type? boston south woman and then the seal the cookie live, like me to woman to cindy, the thanks to mobile phone apps, people working from home, just a few slides away from ordering in their favorite food. i want to do business with them like 50 year old suleima because i'm really just ready. papa said that he's too high for us is don't. right? we can override you cannot simply just increase in price. have you want them to
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go, hawker, for more than 40 years. suleima runs a thriving stall selling muscle among it's a traditional malay dish. rice cooked with coconut milk and served with egg fried entries. peanuts. actually paste with one of them. i think we thank you. in 2013, so i'm almost chosen as a master trainer to mentor new hawkers in a government program to preserve singapore food heritage. this piece here by the hot thing is the professional for it. for me is no show how you prepare. she needs, you might use a grind porcelain man. the best way to future proof is business is not technology, but to stay authentic to his parents values. when you think of knocking them off, would you think about how she does or how do
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they should go from there. we bought out, if you can live with a book fries, and with the same quality, people can make the been taught my, our parents while established hawkers may still thrive on walk in customers home to the rear, become a lifeline for others. and to young on to produce made it their mission to help. i think so. i thought i thought i saw them. i talk to you. right? yeah, i hear. thank you. tell roy lehman. hi, john kind of found the hawker seeing how the pandemic affected the owner. the 2 friends thought that the re service with a different one of the few platforms that don't actually talk to any commission on boarding fees to the hawkers. so that's why they were really very skeptical
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everything. how could you send out that form? i had this conversation with them initially read. sorry about, i guess a lot. they're really suffering through that. the chances are the heroes take board as online for lunch on weekdays, featuring a different food center each day. focus pay nothing for their services. customers pay a flat delivery fee. all of it goes to the driver, hawkish heroes also charge customers 10 percent of the foot bill for their services . but with just over a 100 focus from 4 foot centers on board, they're not even covering costs to make it available. always i trouble this question. was this i said, i think it through the, the money supply, they saw how close one we are committed to be my motivations. it's a healthy heroes is really to help our deal with the
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payoff the pay today's a big day for the hawk, a heroes. they are expanding to their feet food center, bringing the services to china, town complex. finally, it's like a dream come to boston. legendary, it's not far i bought the largest authentic and we have been wanting to be able to count them for the longest time. because the number today they're putting in extra effort before the collection time to remind hawkers of food order sent the night before. i think the last of all, oh me another for couldn't figure out how to load the order
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details on his smartphone. i actually would order maybe a little bit, maybe a couple of more times as a whole guys get more used to using that taking the message. we can get these a whole lot more. i've been here since. hello young law the report on them right now. i'm able to help them through these soft time as well. maybe we will be able to save course. gilroy helps with the delivery as well. but one thing continues to trouble him. office hitsfeld being picked away. he got the sauce kid himself and whatnot. but at time all this for the read just the customer because of the long be a bit shy. so it really doesn't do justice to the quality of actually to deliver to the meeting, someone who's already trying to solve this problem. shuffling ton runs
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a chain of restaurants. business has suffered from the pandemic, and he hopes his invention will help it turn the corner. all go fair is love by everyone. whether you are which of poor, it's a common local thing. ming and his team spent for months researching how to cook hoc in me, a famous noodle dish that request plenty of skill with a walk and fire control. he calls his version a damn easy hawk in me. it comes pre packaged customers complete the final step of the cooking at home in 10 minutes street out of the fridge using just a pot on a stove. i'll do the measures up with a really good me from august. the 1st i will be brought to market and we're happy with. we're going to carry on refining this. i mean, there's some aspect of labor that i still contract and put it down to the home office and the skill at 18 us dollars for a peg that feeds 2 or 3 people. it's nearly 3 times more expensive than fresh hawk
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in me, fried up by the old masters. but most singapore is expect hawk of food to be cheap and unwilling to pay more. i think the mentality will have to shift in sort of our price increase their stephanie room. maybe i should be more willing to fedex or get the sense or dollars on the item. me a singapore, whether the worst recession in it's $5060.00 a history. know roy and sancho at the front row seats to how to condemn hurting the hawk. ah, 5, i think monday through friday i was coming messaging. i have wrong thing for the fall because it's just heartbreaking for i think they have to see what it takes to be the how behind a long hours. well, they will realize is that you're enjoying all these very low price at the expense of the ha, how do you see the future of singapore hawk culture?
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so these other change we shall see more and more of them closing down because of the price issues coming home and his wife, jessie hub and retired in 2020. after a lifetime is focused, his need could no longer withstand the hours of tending after 50 years in the trade, cataracts, in there is vision. they had to sell the business for $15000.00 less than half of what they wanted us to make on the home team you week. actually i like thing doesn't pass stuck in phone call. we did well monday. i'm good. how luncheon me. it was a good for me, was on the island in cape. okay. good. holla, me. the noodle store has been the main draw in this coffee shop since mr. past father started it in 1949. the new owner is a younger hawker. as part of the sale, he will retain the stores for thought and fine board. and mr. parmley part is
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wealth of knowledge. mister pony is teaching how to cook that dish that made him famous hawk in me. i know another person who might benefit from his mastery. i've arranged for me to come today so that the past can do a taste test of his pre packaged hawk in the country. one thing i want you to do is you can give them a little
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but the because when we are going to do something, i just got a few more treat secrets later. it's time to ask the all important question. it was a couple of people was there was look at how young people will reach, eating, coupled, speaking to these 2 masses of hawk into those, i'm very humble that i'm learning so much from one conversation. and then i see some in 7 or 8 or 9 or 10
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me with the pandemic far from over. most talk us can't afford another crisis. justice alice choose fish. business is beginning to improve the food center where you work is about to close for 3 months for renovation. once a month or and on sunday, if we, when we talk on the i trip on long island, that's all i all obviously want. i want you to be that way. you're welcome. i will go on and i, you know, this is one, i'm going to copy you on the able to
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more long since you really got the job, you know the kudos or what the point now my older one of them go see on it. and if you will, let me know, hope to see you doing that is in a hardly, we'll get that way higher than the me for young della next time. it's not quite the end of the road yet. for hawk a journey on weekend. he still helps his family at the store in a neighbourhood market. the find bought from a fish bone noodle adventure hangs right here in a book and know that it's been in your life in the future. that's up in the market . your mind that i may reopen again because of the proximity will help him save on the cost of transporting supplies from his debt
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store. but his decision also hinges on the cost of labor. singapore doesn't allow low wage foreign workers to be hired a stall assistance. deli next hopes that will change the media on simple me mental issue. most of all will go off. i mean, in both an aging really, really what i think, what we can try when we puzzle join join me tend to help them thrive in the trade. see toys, law insisted that young hawkers need formal training. we really need to set up a hawk colored area and cookies and hawk food institution and not just teaching people how to cook or how does that stuff. but the full gamut of me as feet foot for freshen l white. i think that though he'll local culture we don't have like i bought in van d or dean or somebody off the culture before one the wall. i can
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be that. what's the problem? this being the like it, but the want to be in it soon appoints thing hawkis dare to provide them a service, shoot me and affordably. they feel that, oh, it's a culture i can blog about, but i do the board and cooking do design and then and i go money. i don't to be all good news. maybe that's why my parents never wanted me to be a hawker, and neither did i aspire to be one. today she can raise brings back fond memories of growing up. but it's never quite as good as how mom cooked it. i'm biased, of course. ah. but the pandemic has unmasked some hot truce until hawkers become heroes. no amount of tech innovation,
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bookkeeper, st. food, culture, alive, ah, deported from the u. k. and dr. nate, to buy somalia. how can a young man disillusion by violence? we build as light. okay, i'm going to make a mistake and re unite. it's common africa, no knife for me. also like the last warrior, a witness documentary on a day. the corona virus pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists.
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people in power invest the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access peoples most personal data. and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of coven on a just the size of a power struggle in haiti as the senate appointment phone inter imprisoned while calls are made for the deployment of an international security for ah, other mon. com and so is there a life from coming up? the un security council extends the mandates for a deliveries from turkey to rebel held syria. another year off to russia, agrees to deal. theo, as president sends
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a warning to his russian counterpart after a series of cyber attacks, lead documents and thailand inject out over.


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