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from the for values of correct. so the battlefields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge ah, signs of power. certainly in haiti as the senate appointed zone into present while calls are made for the deployment of an international security for awe under mon calling their life. and also coming up, the un security council extends the mandate for a deliveries from turkey to rebel held up for another year. after russia agrees to a deal. the president sends a warning to his russian counterpart after a series of cyber attacks. and why argentine is farmers have
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a beef with that government. the controversial decision left them fuming. ah, haiti appears to be hurtling toward a deeper political crisis off the assassination of president giovano voice. it senate has nominated joseph lambert of the new interim president until new elections are held. the senate has also backed arial henry to replace the clause joseph as the prime minister. and there are growing security concerns in the government as all the united states and the u. n to send troops to help stabilize the country. waste was killed and his home on wednesday by a heavily hit armed a squad. patient please said it was made up mostly a far less res manuel or apollo reports. your point from columbia to officials are stepping up assistance to haiti following the assassination of haitian president of
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nell movies. on friday, the colombian government announced that resources and personnel would be sent to aid in the investigation of intelligence officials are also sharing more information about the $26.00 out of $28.00 alleged conspirators identified as colombian citizen. don't up the knitting for them. i feel. yeah, we have the 1st details about the travel, some of them made dates from where they went. what kind of airline this is not only shared with haiti's interval central office, but with a dominican republic, as the people linked to the incident used as a port of arrival, the dominican republic to travel to haitian territory shuttle. the unrest on the streets of haiti's capital has largely subsided, though tensions remain high. outside the u. s. embassy and porter prince, a crowd gathered with many saying they seek to flee the country in anticipation of a worsening political crisis. if it was the way to go by norma, you're all here since last night. it's
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a normal thing to do to try to get out of the country since our president was assassinated. the death of president moiz at the hands of 4 mercenaries left the country in shock on friday evening, the haitian senate named joseph lambert as the country's interim president, the former haitian prime minister. the wrong moth tells al jazeera that international cooperation in this investigation is vidal, regarding the immediate future of both concern. because of course, over the fascination of president and its aftermath. but i'm hopeful that the current government is making the right it moves into inviting international community to come in opening up the investigation, you know, to the international partners this way, we would insure a fair investigative process that would lead us to, to who, whoever paid for this in the us, the biden administration also pledged to provide resources to uncover exactly who
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killed the haitian president and wine and response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance. we will be sending senior s t i n t h s. officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist the international investigators or also looking into how such a deadly security lapse that he's presidential palace could have occurred. the head of the general security unit for the police guard demitria rog. now under investigation, manuel up a little al jazeera. let's bring in eugenia chelsea is the host and executive producer of con, beat lucky, which is a radio show covering haiti. she joined us by zoom from washington, d. c, u j. what is this now about? is this about a power struggle between full would be leaders or is this about the constitution? but i think it is both the power struggle about the constitution in the context of
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the populations. we already have a constitution, but i think 87 constitution that was voted by the majority of the haitian that is currently in there. but when we got to the international constitution institutions, or international community, they are looking for a constitution that will allow them to get access window power assets into haiti. and that is why you see you're pushing for a constitutional work for random. and i think even though president former president of them will, you have been fascinating. the international community is still looking for somebody will continue with the se mended that they had given to former president of them will use what is to whole election in september and organized constitutional with a random white. now we do not need a constitutional referendum. the 1987 constitution does not allow them to have a referendum any, a change to the constitution have to go before parliament. we don't currently have good seating parliament. we only have 10 senators,
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that all still elected official. it is not sufficient to look at the additional reforms and have the at the moment as for elections, we are not ready for the nation giving that put it up to them. we have been assassinated, we need to pull investigation. and to hear that back to me, my sense he'll come to land, children, why friends and family and colleagues, and we need to find the perpetrators. right now we need to have people who have not been involved in embezzling money in haiti. people who have not been part of the mafia system to take over the government and give us a new system that we've been fighting and calling for for years. since you're never working on the p. s t. my yet is not what we need in here, right? now, i know the current seating president of the senate is looking to be the next president and he, i don't believe we need that. yes,
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he is president of the current senate, but he's been in the studied for 3 times. he has not done much to support the struggle of the haitian people. he was one of the person who organized the sham profits over the federal kindly be 5 years. you know, many people are much you seem to be suggesting. you seem to be suggesting that actually this is an opportunity for reform, not a country your price. yes, that's what we've been fighting for. but this is a country and crisis, not for trinity for reform, surely. no less then. yes, we are in a crisis. the quite as it's self i've been there, you know, we've time ended on february 7th, 2021. the population has been clear because they have fascinated him. does not mean that we have to do away with the struggle of the haitian people with the fight for democracy of 52 and russian in the, in the country and a fight to be moved. the hand of the international community grip on haiti that,
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that struggle has not changed that process to have quite a few people to democracy in haiti. here we men because you know, have been fascinating, does not do away with all of the demands of the haitian population to basic social services. thank you very much. always great to hear your thoughts. thank you very much. eugenio charles, thank you. you and security council has approved a 12 month extension of a deliveries into northern syria. now the program was due to expire on saturday, nearly a 1000 trucks from turkey, bringing supplies for millions of syrians every month. russia ones aid to flee through damascus to its allies in the syrian government, but agreed to a compromise in last minute talks with us to pass the resolution. diplomat said, the extension of a deliveries into northern syria is essential for the survival of more than 3000000 people. medical supplies will continue to reach a live loss rebel held enclave. but the pandemic has deepened the humanitarian
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crisis. that feeling calls for long term solutions. referral for nod reports from a lib it gives medical infrastructure in ruins and it's making medical care hard to find for some of syria's most warrantable people haven't been, you know, so, but with facing tremendous difficulties in the hospitals, the city is on the front line, raising targets the medical facilities constantly. our whole treatment relies on the aid we received. the supplies must continue without restrictions because if they stop and the people will only suffer more than others. in the last decade, hundreds of medical facilities have been deliberately targeted by the city and government and allied forces. international medical right group positions for human rights sees it has documented nearly 600 attacks on at least 350 medical facilities and the killing of more than 900 medical personnel. since the start of the conflict,
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the u. s. found the hospitals share their coordinates through a mechanism to prevent attack. but for the city civilians, everything care that government attacks are no longer the main threat. so that's just the day. my 6 month old daughter is suffering from malnutrition. she was in a very bad condition and almost about to die. the after i brought her to the hospital and she got better. thank god, the medicine is freezer, i'm so good. so should the court, in 1900 pandemic has existed beated and already a crew to many teddy and crisis in the country. city as northwest has more than 27000 core with 1900 cases and 497 cars on that. so far, medical facilities are short on peace. your test to detect the virus. the $3400000.00 population is running out of the nearly $55000.00. so of course,
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19 waxing, received through barbara in apple fashion to the u. s. cross board. that a mechanism may provide some relief to look at health care workers and passion. but it's far from a permanent solution to the health care crisis in the war tone region. the extension may be a temporary life saver, but the long term fate of millions of this base people remains on clear press. will said al jazeera, it lip, syria, us president joe biden has called on his russian counterpart vladimir putin to crack down on further criminals. last weekend, more than a 1000 businesses were affected by a run, some way attack originating from russia. richard, cnn is the chief research analyst at i t harvest. he says if biden wants to force moscow's hand, his options are limited. percy's eyes got diplomatic and he's obviously trying to do that. he's got economic med takes
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a long time to impose new sanctions. and at this point, there been a lot of sanctions against russia. they don't seem to have much impact. of course, there's military option and nobody wants to see that happen. a cyber option would be, you know, responding and kind no question. and the united states does have extremely powerful cyber capabilities. but there's danger to using them. anytime you a tax, somebody with a special tool or what we call zeroed a vulnerabilities and exploits against those, you immediately reveal your tool and the target of your attack in this case would be russia, could immediately turnaround. start using those for more ransomware attacks. and because it would be a new tool that nobody had a patch for the 1st place, so to devise it appropriate attack that could shut down the ransomware attackers or expose them or damage. some other capability inside russia has to be carefully
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orchestrated, probably only using no and tools in the 1st place. and that's what i expect to happen. that would be an appropriate response. you know, if you think about it, the united states is a signatory to the budapest convention, which was an international treaty cyber crime passed in 2001 and then acted in 2004 there. 65 countries that have signed up to it. and it lays out exactly how the international community should deal with cyber crime and rushes adamantly refused to ever be a signatory to that. so head out is there a leak? documents in thailand, inject doubts the chinese vaccine, and its effectiveness against new coven luncheon? various why the taliban claim of controlling most of all it's got to start off to wrap against russia, concern about its own modem. ah,
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now we're 1st look at al serra, the biggest story weatherwise in the us with that's becoming we can actually be brought flooding out through north carolina as through new york. dc is, is go off to the canadian maritimes, picking up the rain off shore, and they'll be briefly fine. but pretty warm spot of weather for the east coast and back throughout the midwest. and the plane stays a big barrier of potentially giant thunderstorms. that's going to be a position which continues of difference from the south and slowly east. this is nor will weather for summer time, but it will be more flash flooding and in contrast, further west, it's still quite hold. boise zip 41 example. casper wyoming at city 3 feet at $44.00. now, these aren't all records, but they're all well above the average. and the heading towards that record, clearly in san francisco with a maritime flow is much cooler, but go, it lands
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a central valley and it will be hot, lazy about $29.00. they've done the car been not caught in, i don't know, else's gone. it's just a few light showers by day in the dresser antilles the biggest showers. and who has costa rica on panama and of course still in mexico. this is seasonally correct. some of these will produce some flash flooding, but not all of them. just getting better there on sunday. the the covey 19 tended to brittany, one of singapore, the most love tradition. it's famous straight to the french on $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigate it. poker can innovate to survive on algebra. ah al jazeera
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which is a whole me ah, the me out is there a reminder of our top stories? ag sentences nominated joseph lambert as the new interim president of the fascination of president joe. good morning. it's also back to a replacement for the interim prime minister. plunging the country into further political insight into the un security council has improved a deliveries from turkey. as a rebel held norm, syria for another year, russia had threatened to block the operation preferring
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a to be directed through damascus, but a loss when that compromise was reached. also, us president joe biden is called on his russian counterpart vladimir putin to crack down on 5 colonels last weekend. more than a 1000 businesses were affected by a run some way attacked, originating from russia. in covered 19 cases across the united states are increasing rapidly sparking phase of a new outbreak. the 11 percent rise in a week is being blamed on the delta variance, which is now the dominant strain across the us. recently lead documents in thailand suggest doctors, a concern chinese fund of vaccine isn't effective against new code. 900 variance the health minister has defended the job saying the leaked memo was only an opinion, but as toni chang reports from bangkok, public confidence is declining. a small group of pretence to try to march to
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thailand's health ministry, but the police are determined not to let them through. their protesting both the scarcity of vaccination shot and the vaccines. the government is giving them a whole lot. i'm worried about the vaccine that the government has ordered for us. many people, including myself, don't want to novak vaccines, but the government keeps ordering more. reassuring was from a senior health official have little impact leaked memo shows that the government is keen to defend scientists, banks effectiveness, despite the doctor's concerns, house officials unwilling to push other vaccines for fair sensing. public confidence to illustrate their concerns, the protest, his poor paint and bound, muddle corpse, and attempt to cremate them. here to guard quickly, step in sign, evac was the 1st bank seemed to be released and thailand was quickly distributed to
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frontline medical workers, most of whom have now had 2 doses, but it's the new cobit delta varian spread. some found they weren't protected here, there were 5 medical stuff infected with k with 19 and 2 were admitted. i see you well, there's a concern by a lack of information about side effects results. although test groups show the vaccine works. why the studies have been harder to find the problem about the transparency of the report when it is study in larger group of participants. it seemed like that that information is not getting out of their investigators had that could be a real problem to thailand. domestic production has stalled and delivers of the more effective m r n. a vaccines wouldn't arrive till the autumn thailand had a real problem finding enough supply of vaccine to meet demand. the current rates, the whole country won't be fully vaccinated until the middle of next year. at
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a local temple, people have been queueing over night just to get a cobra test. increasingly difficult in thailand, which now has reco daily infection rates, despite early successes in the fight against cove at 19 times responses now looking poorly planned and ill prepared. now many a questioning the faith in the government's ability to respond. tony chang al jazeera bank of a u. s. donation at 1400000 doses of the johnston johnson code 19 vaccine has arrived and i've called the phones capital cobble d u and children's agency units have says it's the 1st of 2 shipments this month. and part of the co vox global sharing program. the aim is to get to vaccine distributed across the country, including into hard to reach areas. now it's kind of phone is experiencing a 3rd wave of infections and less than 4 percent of the population has received a job. the taliban claims and now controls 85 percent of
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a colostomy is made a major gains this week and the vacuum left by the withdrawal of us lead foreign forces. russia is on alert over potential attacks on the former soviet republics. the border, i've kind of thought it's helpful. so they taliban delegation in moscow for hire has more signs of time changing the taller bonds. routes lie in the resistance to the 1979. stop. the invasion of afghanistan. now, sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghanistan. the delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults. if ongoing talks and counsel succeed and if certain criteria are met, good quality in the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no attacks on the provisional capital city. districts should not collapse. there should be no military activities
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and populated areas. a space of trust should be built among guns and 90 days must be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at a result bounce reality on the ground is fall from that. as the group has made major gains in the last few months, taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops sled into 2 g stone after italy, bon offensive in the north, along the border. tyler bond fights is also on thursday. captured a keyboard, a crossing with iran. russia has warned it will use force if any cross good violence occurs, but they never miss shamika. taliban has quickly taken many more districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with tajikistan, which a russian military base in touch is done is equipped with everything necessary to
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help the republic, if needed. additional measures will be undertaken in the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told al jazeera it won't collapse as a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead an inclusive government that respects minorities women and men in education, unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one on the ultimate goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other parties in moscow. the tyler bonds said it once humanitarian support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into scanners on many health workers fleeing the violence and escalating file,
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a conflict, append to make the continues to spread. and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced population globally, and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violent thought, a height of al jazeera lebanon's interior minister has rejected a request by the lead investigator for the bay report explosion to question the security chief. it's prompted a protest by families. some of the victims of last is explosion. many are angry that almost a year on no senior officials have been held to account. the blast was caused by a massive quantity of chemicals that had been stored unsafely at the port for years . more than 200 people were killed then hold,
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it has more from barrels. it's been nearly a year since the closing, of course. and there's still been no accountability, $2750.00 tons of ammonium nitrate was stored in a warehouse alongside labor material. and that was believed to have triggered the black who was responsible for unsafely soaring this material. well, the judge leading the case has come up with a list of suspects who he wants to question. they may face criminal charges, criminal negligence, but so far he has not been able to question them. as these are politicians, members of the security establishment, including the caretaker prime minister, has done a number of m p. 's who were former ministers at the time when the ammonium nitrate was sort of support, as well as 2 of 11 on top, a security agencies that has of these 2 security agencies. but the judge is facing political backlash and it's not the 1st time politicians have been trying to send.
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and the weight of the judiciary of the previous judge was removed from his toes following a court order. he was accused of overstepping his, his authority's now in a country like lebanon, where there has been a culture of impunity. a few really believe the truth will ever be known and that's justice. will be served more than $200.00 people were killed, thousands were injured. hundreds of thousands were made homeless and still the investigation has been slow. it's still not known what caused the fire that's believe to have triggered the blasts. and it's still not known about the origins of the shipment. who brought that shipment in the country. and there's also questions on whether or not 2750 pounds were in fact inside the warehouse, when the explosion happened. so more many questions answered the judge trying to initiate the process of prosecuting suspects. but the politician sounding in the way the bustle against the accountability has so far been stronger than the battle for justice. thousands of farmers,
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tina have shown up in tractors and trucks to protest against limits placed on beef shipments. the countries, the world's 5th largest beef exporter pharmacy, the new policy will cause irreparable damage to the industry. theresa bow reports from what ferris. i continue go. jones came out to mark independence day on friday. and to join farmers and other agriculture workers in nationwide protest against the government of the firm. and if they are angry because of our recent government decision to reduce beef exports, an attempt to nationalize companies linked to agribusiness farmer barnaby. paolo says, the government is making a mistake, they always use as, as, as a conflict. and, and because they, they say we are being landowners and, and,
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and it's not true we, we do what we can as any farm in the world. i didn't 100 government is trying to control the price of beef that has increased over 70 percent in the past year, leaving many argentinians unable to afford their own home go need exports mainly to china. i blamed thousands of people took to this page to express their frustration with the administration of a better man. there's right here is the agriculture inspector that plays a crucial role in argentina economy. people here are convinced that the government's attempts to increase, the presence of the state economy will defend the recession and effect of recovering from the been damaged. i'm going to book a theme is that cattle breeder him when a fight is he said that government should try to increase production instead of hurting farmers like him. it the more real and with the world. this is the 1st time something like this is happened. it happened in 2006, so obstacles caps,
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troubles linked to beef production and especially export. it ended with florida. how's the shopping down? people laid off thousands abandoning beef production. markets lost a loss of 11000000 heads of capital loss the but it's not just the agricultural sector. many northern tina are angry with a government handling of the fin demik. they believe the government should have purchased more vaccines. instead of relying on lockdown quarantine and travel restrictions that have trended thousands of people abroad president of the firm and this says he's government is working to protect the most vulnerable i am paying for food. i mean, do you think that could be happy with the restrictions? nobody can, if we have courage and can unite to understand that nobody will cite himself on his own. that aside from being free and equal, we need to be fraternal and kind to one another. oh that idea, teenagers in the middle of an economic crisis, negotiating with foreign creditors to prevent
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a default and solving debt and struggling with a pin demick. but the countries polarized on how to fight the battle ahead and why some support the government's policies. others believe they will lead argentina to further decline. that if i will, as i see them when aside, if ah, this out there and these are the top stories. haiti senate has nominated joseph lambert. busy as the new interim presence of the assassination of president, a juvenile, moist, it's also back to replacement for the interim prime minister, plunging the country further into political incenses, and certainly there are growing security concerns, and the government is off the u. s. and the u. and to send troops help stabilize the country.


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