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ah ah hello there, i'm the star his hand or how at the top stories here on alger 0. have his government is also united states and the united nations to send troops to help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president, driven on ways he was killed in his home on wednesday by a heavily armed hit squad, newer apollo as monitoring developments from next. because the fact that there are so many international actors almost ensures that this is going to be continuously developing. story of the last that we've heard from the columbia side of the
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investigation was from a press conference earlier today and a tweet from colombian, president even to k, same again, committing the columbia, sending investigators and special forces to help with the international investigation. but also we're hearing some of the more strategic points and a little bit more information about the actual people who are involved. 26 and 28 of the alleged conspirators have been identified as colombian citizens. early on friday, we heard from colombia and military officials who said that intelligence is being shared in real time between columbia officials and the police in haiti. there's also another interesting development here out of columbia, which is the a, these 4 companies for private corporations that have been identified as potentially being responsible for the hiring and or recruiting of former mexico. former colombian military members, that would then be hired as mercenaries, mercenary, specifically that are believed to have been part of this alleged assassination plot against the haitian president. and lastly, we also heard from members of the military saying that none of these individuals
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that have been identified these colombian citizens or active duty in columbia. now we've been speaking to people on the ground in haiti. we've been speaking to political analysts. we spoke to the previous, the former prime minister of haiti earlier today, and they're talking about how vital it is that this remain in international effort and international investigation that haiti really does lack the resources, the forensic resources. so it is important that we're hearing this commitment from the united states and from columbia to aid haiti in this investigation. the un security council has approved a deliveries from turkey and to rebel held northern syria for another year. russia had threatened to block that operation preferring rather that aid be directed through damascus. but a last minute compromise was reach. and taliban claims it now controls 85 percent of afghan is done. russia is on a lot of the tensile attacks on the former soviet republics, that border the country factory fire has killed at least 50 true people in
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bangladesh. and believe many workers were trapped behind locked doors. doesn't suffered injuries, trying to escape from the upper floors protest have taken place to mounting justice for the victim. over $900.00 cases across the united states are increasing rapidly, sparking for peers of a new outbreak. 11 percent rise in a week is being blamed on the delta variance, which is now the dominant strain across the us. the latest data shows more people are being sent to hospitals in areas where there are low rates of vaccination here, but it is under has more from new york. the good news in the united states is about 47 percent of the population is fully vaccinated in more than 332000000 vaccinations have been administered. certainly the u. s. does not have a vaccination problem. what it does have, though, is a problem with not enough people that want to get vaccinated and a potential death problem there and of 24 of the u. s. u. s. has 50 states about half. the infection rate for corona virus is going up by
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a rate of more than 10 percent. most of the states that are seeing the biggest increase, primarily being driven by the delta delta variant. states like arkansas, missouri, alabama, parts of texas and even a few pockets of florida. these are areas where the infection rate is going up sharply and death is increasing. there as well, and the u. s. government has said that within the last month, 99 percent of the people who have died from corona virus or people that had not been vaccinated. well, us president joe biden has called on his russian counterparts, out of my opinion, to crack down on cyber criminals last weekend, more than a 1000 businesses were affected by a ransomware attack originating from russia. and believes to be the biggest attack of its kind in history. while those are the headlines, they'll be more here after made in france, stay with us. the
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who's me i i i the the in 2018 in garden confrontation between the israeli forces and palestinian youth is ever present the march of return protests on friday. oh no, a ritual. it's a crew face to face
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today you got to have a wash inside you know my doing documents, human rights violations for the palestinian and you amazon to more than 10 years. he's been witnessing the wounded in the dead in the gaza strip. under constant violation of the lunar for the play this little chicken most of the has not been missouri instead of this message to be this is i can see if you can also be in the model. but in the comes in when you get off the fish
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off labeled as well. really go. all right, well i got the information collected in the field is used to wage a legal battle over the last decade. the n g o his file 244 complaints in israel, involving more than 500 civilians killed or injured by israeli forces in the gaza strip. so far, all of the complaints fell through the
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me. ah, ah, the all the on some new ventures and just just responsible for the crimes committed with those with the know the arms industry is trading with impunity in 2018. unprecedented legal proceedings were initiated against a friend jones manufacturer. it took 3 victims out of oblivion jihad and watch him shoot. 3 children killed in gauze in 2014, during operation protective edge, launched by the state of israel to destroy the tunnels,
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which threatened its security. that someone was out the crime scene. the the well as well as well as a tremendous that when to get people coming out. so what would you like me to put me in the heck what the
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family about the management let's see what the mellow you are from here. you want the numbers of the children that killed them during this event and injured and, and is your children. okay. can you take my phone number ok and send to me your email and reply to
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that special purpose. i'm just going to tell about myself, i wouldn't have to think, but i would put that on the map that they have until friday, which i'm trying to live on. the shoes family still lives in the building where the children were killed. they live in a working class neighborhood in northern garza. dependent in enclave is overcrowded
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. it's one of the most densely populated territories in the world. nearly 2000000 people are crammed in an area that is barely 41 kilometers long and 6 to 12 kilometers wide. then as i can in the middle in the system, you don't mind having like an exam, but i wanted to know if none of no good this guy looked
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her that is millman the dresser. lemme do nation or the havoc offend. can attila the intimate said date in me now let me tell and be quick. hello. that day. on the 17th of july 2014. besides air raids, israeli troops and 2 guards to allow people to prepare for the breaking of the ramadan fast. the truce had been declared, the missile was fired shortly after the end of the truth. in the building there were no fighters, only 23 members of the sri about family who were about to eat dinner. so then i thought it was,
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they have the and i can give them a lot of money. my them had a month, all the
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lines of when i was the system when for me
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so we have to have somebody found on the ship. our roof was made in france. all the details of the investigation were pounced on by the n g o amazon. to a parisians or fun. joseph bram filed a complaint in from on the ball family behalf. for years he's been working on these international crimes involving states and manufacturers. in february 2018, the french course took up the complaint and examining magistrate was assigned to the case. that's actually not only for the phone. and the thing is, you said that as your, you know, because i'm certainly putting in on several things
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for the criminal lawyer. the metal part found on the show balance roof is the piece of evidence that makes all the difference. it will help to define the role of the french company in the crime for the calling chest mission halls. sure. sure. i knew the kinda get an office so i was online. get off the little show me trick the you follow the honda? i clearly look at what was what she said for c on it because i kept reserve. she really me to set up a player. i'm not going to be kept on puzzle tissue shit. we also had a social device on the wrong number. i think also if you them up by the mamma, sand missouri interest on the other phone. and
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then i see she requested home with a coupon extra miss home looks wanna leave a doctor should get the twisty county. kids should get it back and say, call when you don't tissue. when she have a justification point. interesting sounds you're her mom said his lunch he leaves or whatever he wants to play now is up. i'm not one of his really not showing up for 2 year old don't attack completely me somebody you have him on the show that they do that they do it on the phone. i don't know which one either call hopefully from school district. i know what's going on because i don't know, i don't even turns people in the st. louis, what will be, i guess all it'll turn mood or an issue on the i tell the non
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expose they want to go. i want to pay for somebody to move kumasi does family and don't put requests. she didn't she said she lender. she created those though she c. crew took lesson to criminal it ill? just so i guess over guess i'll see patching due diligence found it out. who couldn't you thought a false non cap and co dash wanted to share of a guess on secret her says de la bondo. give it to go. pick it up to me. how much the meant bob, bob luther depletion in don't go solo do either for our, because had to get to the order on the, you know, to saw, just listen to cream shop last equals, you know, showing you back so you can apply. that is okay, so there are one electron kiska savage. and he said he saw
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what silly they could possibly in april, april 4th in the morning. let the phone the phone is understand. i'll place it all off. i don't know for sure. i don't want to talk to tickets for the issue again, you know check console. so that's a totally different process. it for 2nd one shows horses that are more difficult to come for settlement for the same way the suits on that equal to go yet. so she g o i o
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i, i, i me, i, i know how much control of the gaza strip since 2007, and the subsequent israeli blockade suffocating garz's population at any hope the change thousands of miles separate from, from this territory. neither the judge and his investigators nor the family louis can get access to the palestinian garza. he, i'm in alma dune,
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carries out the investigation alone. we are asked for what was the phone, the phone so he came by buttons by the new companies now. but this could be kind of kept to possibility the caps. are you the way know where the messiah? precisely. okay. these are the most high you probably are. so
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like a little wing that's on the beside, you know, at the end of the site or wait, wait, wait, that i guess like would you say precisely the wing full without the massage? go left, right. okay. and what is important? 20 without discounts or the messiah? no. the judge has already requested for it, but it's mainly confirms that accept it coming from europe. and that's funny, the one i'm trying to make sure that everyone does the same. we'll see what the company was. what new changes in what will happen in the future about this case? well, on the very beginning. so 1st the gentleman here,
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the company, and we will the judge to oblige the company to disclose all of the contract with us so that we can assess whether they are letting me. oh, i an unconventional capital city ever changing and yet forever to find guides. turbulent tossed, stephanie deck meets the lynas and takes you want a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at algebra, right, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects
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their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because we know that our audience, who's interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported an extra judicial killing and a north african capital. i heard someone breaking into our house. i heard people shouting so full masked men for not only the eyes and hair were showing al jazeera will, his red eye witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera ah, ah, hello there, i'm just trying to get a into the top stories here on out there. he's, he's government is all the united states and the united nations to send troops and to help stabilize the country after the assassination of president, driven on ways he was killed in his home on wednesday by a heavily armed hit squad, made up as nicely foreign mercenaries heidi ag center has meanwhile nominated joseph lambert to be interim president until elections are held in september on your apollo is following developments for us from mexico city. the fact that there
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are so many international actors almost ensures that this is going to be a continuously developing story of the last that we've heard from the columbia.


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