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because of that, and many problems are being reported and all they come to taking refuge conditions . here are some ideas the, the hazy of the united states and the u. n. to send in troops to stabilize the country . as pensions rise after the assassination of president driven ah, hello there, i'm to start the at hey, and this is out of their life. and also coming up un security council extends the mandate age deliveries from turkey to rebel health, syria for another year. after russia agrees to a deal can tell about and says now controls 85 percent of the country, but assures moscow it's military gains don't threaten russia or the central asian
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allies. in the u. s. fascination dr. takes on new urgency as the delta various causes an increase and curve in 1900 cases in several. ah, no haiti's government has all the united states. and now the united nations to send troops to help stabilize the country off to the assassination of president of anomalies. and he was killed in his home on wednesday by heavily hit squad haitian police say it was made up of mostly foreign mercenaries, and many of them are now in custody. thought the sat still continues for 8 remaining suspect. patients, meanwhile, are in a state of shock, and it's unclear just to succeed noise when you're a palo is monitoring developments forth from mexico city. the fact that there are so many international actors almost ensures that this is going to be a continuously developing story. the last that we've heard from the columbia side
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of the investigation was from a press conference earlier today and a tweet from colombian, president even to k, same again, committing the columbia, sending investigators and special forces to help with the international investigation. but also we're hearing some of the more strategic points and a little bit more information about the actual people who are involved. 26 and 28 of the alleged conspirators have been identified as colombian citizens. early on friday we heard from columbia and military officials who said that intelligence is being shared in real time between colombian officials and the police in haiti. there's also another interesting development here out of columbia, which is the a, these 4 companies for private corporations that have been identified as potentially being responsible for the hiring and or recruiting of former mexican former colombian military members. that would then be hired as mercenaries, mercenary specifically that are believed to have been part of this alleged assassination plot against the haitian president. and lastly, we also heard from members of the military saying that none of these individuals
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that have been identified, these colombian citizens are active duty in columbia. now we've been speaking to people on the ground in haiti. we've been speaking to political analysts. we spoke to the previous, the former prime minister of haiti earlier today, and they're talking about how vital it is that this remain in international effort and international investigation that haiti really does lack the resources, the forensic resources. so it is important that we're hearing this commitment from the united states and from columbia to aid haiti in this investigation hall. now let's pace patty calhoun and she joins us from washington, d. c. that he's, we've been saying some really big offset from having not only of the us, but now also of the united nation. yes, we are hearing reports that they have asked united nations to send in peacekeepers . i believe that would take a blow of the 15 member security council. so that could be a tough ask, ask you the united states military and the military house confirmed to me the department of defense folks burn that they haven't asked for security assistance.
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and that they are, excuse me, they are regular contact with patient officials to discuss to discuss how the u. s . can assist. it seems highly unlikely that they would consider sending us troops. first of all, the be a fairly sizeable deployment. they did send in, shoot reinforcements during that horrible earthquake of 2010. that's a much different situation. we're talking about having to secure an area, make sure the us troops are safe. it would be very expensive, and it would also probably be very popular. think about this job president joe biden, currently bringing troops out of afghanistan. so if you would send them just back to 80 a country that really is it on this nation, the peoples radar here and the united states that could prove unpopular. so, department of defense telling me to, to look for further guidance from the state department, not making any sort of commitments other than to say we've gotten the request and asked the state department about it. and patty admits that, on certainty, they have already been sub substantial commitments i believe. so some help is
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already on the way its indication that the military portion of this is unlikely because when asked about it, the white house is immediately started talking about the things they are doing. what they are doing, they say, is sending members from the federal bureau investigations and the department of homeland security to haiti in the coming days to help with the investigation. then they went on to highlight the aid that they're giving to haiti, 75900000 in aid. then they want to talk about how president joe biden allowed the temper protective status to continue for haitians who came here after the earthquake. that's something his predecessor what to do away with. what we're seeing is when the u. s. is asked about, what are you going to do to for haiti. they usually point to money, political will power, things of that nature. but they're not talking at all about the sending in the us troops because they've done that before and it didn't necessarily go well how they call hand that was all the ages for us from washington dc. thank you. patty. on
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moving on now in the un security council, meanwhile, has approved a 12 month extension of a deliveries into northern syria. nearly a 1000 trucks from turkey brings obliged for millions of syrians every month. russia once at age for through damascus to its allies and the syrian government, but did agree to last minute compromise out of her medicaid said james bass has worn out from the us intention negotiations at the un about. but as you have a compromise, russia's ambassador being friendly yet coy. in fact, just minutes before the security council met a compromise deal had been reached after months in which it looked like russia might veto the authorization to keep the only border crossing, delivering aid into syria open. a deal was unanimously agreed that extends the operation of the bible, how a crossing for a further 12 months. russia said it was a result of its direct diplomacy with the u. s. she wouldn't even persist in pre
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means. today we are witnessing a historical moment for the 1st time russia and the united states not only managed to find an agreement, but to present a joint text, which was supported by our colleagues in the council. we expect this kind of a day would become a turning point, that not only syria would win from this, but the middle east and the world as a whole. so, later the us ambassador linda thomas greenfield was asked about those comments. i certainly see it as an important moment in our relationship, and it shows that what we can do with the russians if we work with them diplomatically on common goals. and this was a common goal that we were able to come to an agreement on to be clear, this won't change life ordinary syrians. there was one border crossing, delivering aid into syria before as one border crossing now. and the un says if it had more border crossings, it could deliver more aid. it's also not clear what this really is,
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a breakthrough in relations between the us and russia. but the fact that both countries a talking up this moment is perhaps significant change phase al jazeera at the united nations. all of his island and norway who drafted that resolution and noise . foreign minister in america, ericsson 3 day, told us era, there is hope that it will lead to more cooperation on syria. we think that this is an extremely important resolution. it's the lifeline of 3400000 people who have no other way of reaching basic humanitarian aid. we're now assuring that 1000 craters every month can, can come over to the border with food with medicines, with water. and we have been very keen on collaborating with all members of the council. and this is really a milestone because this is the 1st resolution on syria in almost 5 years that was
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adopted unanimously. and that i think is something to, to build on for all of the political solutions that must come in syria. our initial aim was to open to or to have the one we have today. but how open and we open another crossing that was not possible for the council to we on. so we had to work with all council members in order to get a renewal for the next year. which is more or less about keeping 3400000 people alive in syria. and how we see this is as a victory for diplomacy. and we think that it's also a very good way of cooperating with all council members. we also see that it now covers many of the needs that are not only big, but also increasing in that part of syria. and there are no other ways for people in this region to get to mandatory and a because there are no supply lines from regime control, the areas in syria and into the market, syria. while the taliban claims it now controls 85 percent of afghanistan,
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it's made a major gains this week in the vacuum that's been left by the withdrawal of us said foreign forces. russia is allowed to have a potential attacks on the former soviet republics that border the country. and it's held talks with a taliban delegation and moscow. so hierarchy has been signs of time changing. itala bonds, routes lie in the resistance to the 1979. stop the invasion of afghanistan. now, sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghan hist on the delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults. if ongoing talks and counsel succeed and if certain criteria are met, good quality in the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no attacks on the provisional capital city. districts should not collapse. there should be no military activities and populated areas. a space of trust should be built among guns and 90 days must
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be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at or result. but the reality on the ground is fall from that as the group has made major gains in the last few months. taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops fled into the g. stone off to italy, bon offensive in the north along the border. telephone fights is also on thursday. captured, a keyboard crossing with iran. russia has warned it will use force if any cross. good. a violence occurs, but they've never met miss shamika. taliban has quickly taken many board the districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with touch, which a russian military base and touch guest on is equipped with everything necessary to help the republic if needed,
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additional measures will be undertaken and the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told al jazeera, it won't collapse as a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead an inclusive government that respects minorities women and men in education unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one on the ultimate goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other party. in moscow, the tyler bond said at once he monetary and support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into galveston. many health workers of fleeing violence and escalating the conflict pandemic that
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continues to spread. and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced population globally, and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violent thought. a height of al jazeera still ahead here on the 0, the us president send the warning to his russian counterpart of the series of cyber attacks. and from says more people are dying of hunger, uncovered 19 as best hands on, it pushes hundreds of thousands into famine. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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now the potential for flooding in japan is still there because the ground is so wet and this certainly clad evidencing what is still the season or rain. but i think you'll be in a week from next day or so. there are orange tops, which is where it's at it's heavy on there. where at the far west of japan, the fall, the linebackers into china. and that is where we've seen flash flooding recently. and i think we might see more again as that drift slowly eastwards and north as though that leaves everything south of the yangtze, relatively dry, sandy shoemaker mostly dry, the hong kong. not entirely in that picture with daddy thunderstorms and they've become very active further south. and that's the philippines, that silhouette see? i think we'll see some big shelf develop in the next day or so. the west is, was probably western me am. i may be part of thailand, down towards malaysia and singapore very wet, spelt after my lease in the forecast for lead part of the we can java's remaining tati dry or the despite it being the dry season. the monsoon rains that have picked
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up though they were focusing west angle, they no longer doing that, but virtually anywhere else in clothing, new delhi, and the whole it's like to be fairly sherry. in fact, the monsoons got to almost everywhere, but this area, particularly pakistan. you will get to you soon. sponsor cut on airways. when a war crime is committed? is it kind of how does it follows that goes in human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court? i says, every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france. old jersey the
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the me hello again. i'm sorry you're paying. hi. let's remind you that top stories, the salad, hazy government has all the united states and the united nations to send troops to help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president jeff and all more years, he was killed in his home on wednesday by a heavily armed his squad. the un security council has approved a deliveries from turkey into rebel held in northern syria for another year. russia had threatened to block that operation preferring aid rather be directed through damascus, thought a last minute compromise was reached. and the taliban claims it now controls 85 percent of afghanistan. russia is on the line. so if the potential attacks on the former soviet republics that voted the country, our factory fire and bangladesh has killed,
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at least $52.00 people with fears that even more bodies could be found and believed that many workers were trapped behind locked doors. and as alexia bryan reports, it's the latest in a series of similar tragedies. how did you get this? through the smoky, hey, emergency workers battle a place that burning thursday. this was one of food and beverage factory and roof gunch, an industrial town at 25 kilometers east of the capital, darker the 5 story building. now a child shell. it's believe the fire began on the ground floor and sprayed quickly because of the chemicals and plastic partial stored inside. the main gate was said to be locked trapping many workers. they were in state brought out and bodybags, covered in ash and dirt and packed into wasting ambulances. wow, it was la relatives waited overnight for news. as flames lit up,
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the darkness and smoke billowed into the sky. i felt like my brother worked at the 6th floor of the factory. i lost communication with him after 5 pm on the phone till switched off. oh, god helped me. i didn't do the meeting today. we came here because my niece was not answering her phone for a while, and now the phone is not ringing. the toll worry. while some people were rescued from the roof, several others were injured when they jumped from the 2nd and 3rd floor to escape. the situation is very critical. the roads, 2 sides of the building, our vehicles can access the other 2 sites. there's also no way for the vehicles to move on and it's very risky to go higher and now we can go higher due to the immense factory. 5 common and bangladesh, where many of the businesses operate illegally and without safety measures,
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big waste and brands which employ tens of thousands of low paid workers there had come under heavy pressure to improve conditions. authority did impose tougher safety rules after more than 1100 people died in a garment factory collapsed and darker and 2013 just months earlier. a 112 workers had lost their lives when they were trapped in a burning factory on the outskirts of the city. and investigations been launched into how this latest fire started grieving family members at demanding answers and justice elector, bryan al jazeera. now us president joe biden has called on his russian count avant out of prison to crack down on cyber criminals. last weekend, your call more than a 1000 businesses were affected by ransomware attack, originating from russia. white house correspondent kennedy hawk. it has lots of concern at the white house is concerned from ordinary americans who have been victimized by these ongoing routes and were attack. so the impacts has been felt
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with the rats were attack on the colonial pipeline. that also occurred recently that resulted in americans not being able to fuel their gas tags in some cases for up to a week. and then we also saw the meat packing industry effective, and that of course, impacted the, the supply chain and what gets food to american tables as well. so there's been increasing pressure on the, by an administration to hold the russian leader vladimir putin to account. they have to remember all this comes from the context of the fact that just less than a month ago, the 2 were sitting down side by side where the u. s. president promised and very strongly articulated to vladimir putin that there would be consequences if these rats work has continued, even though they're not state sponsored in the eyes of the united states. the fact that they're happening on russian soil matters. here's what the u. s. president joe
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biden had to say about his telephone call at his latest conversation with latimer when we're already coming from historical, even though it's not, not sponsored by mistake, expect an action enough information to act. now you remember perhaps back in geneva that job wide and put together a list of 16 critical infrastructure areas. good. he said cannot be targeted. many people kind of criticize that and said a why did you tell them what was so critical and be really shouldn't anything be off limits. and so that's the argument now that there's been another cyber attack is but job widens, meeting. it seems to have gone to waste has fallen on deaf ears, and they're looking in the united states for tougher action from joe by the what the white house press secretary said in the last couple of hours is look joe biden pledge that he would engage with blood were put and diplomatically,
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that's what this call was about, and the united states will retaliate if necessary at the time in place of its choosing. all it's now bring in richard steen and he's a chief for such an analyst at i t harvest and he joins us now from birmingham in michigan. richard, as kimberly was saying that president biden has previously tried to draw some lines with russian president person, but it really doesn't appear to have made much difference. so what his options at the moment. yeah, you know, of course his eyes got diplomatic and he used obviously trying to do that. he's got economic men. it takes a long time to impose new sanctions. and at this point, there been a lot of sanctions against russia. they don't see that much impact of course there's military options and nobody wants to see that happen. a cyber option would be, you know, responding in kind no question. and the united states does have extremely powerful cyber capabilities. but there's danger to using them.
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anytime you a tech, somebody with a special tool or what we call zeroed a vulnerabilities and exploits against those, you immediately reveal your tool and that the target of your attack in this case of b, russia could immediately turnaround. start using those for more ransomware attacks and because it would be a new tool that nobody has a patch for the 1st place. so to devise it appropriate attack that could shut down the ransomware attackers or expose them or damage. some other capability inside russia has to be carefully orchestrated, probably only using no and tools in the 1st place. and that's what i expect to happen. that would be an appropriate response. if you think about it, the united states is a signatory to the budapest convention, which was an international treaty cyber crime passed in 2001 and then acted in 2004
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. there's $65.00 countries that have signed up to it. and it lays out exactly how the international community should deal with cyber crime and rushes adamantly refused to ever be a signatory to that. well, speaking of that, i know that us intelligence agency is the saying that moscow wasn't necessarily directly involved in this last you. ransomware attack, but it is well known that hackers are given some freedom to operate from russia. now, given that there is no direct chain of responsibility here, what can the whitehouse actually do in terms of targeting their response? it would be very similar to the situation of the united states, had criminals actively engaging in the rest of the world, right? we have law enforcement, the justice department, and who can track them down and prosecute them. the united states could expose and reveal who the attackers are in all their methodology, where they reside in their names and their pictures. they've done that in the past with official indictments of attackers. they can wait until we attack the cyber
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criminals, travel an arrest emotion as a step soil that they can be extradited from. they've done that in the past. sometimes they even trick them into coming to the united states. they arrest him as soon as they land to prosecute him in incarcerate them. so there are many options to go up against cyber criminals and ones that russia will be offended ad if only they would just help. interesting time. if we were watching it closely, richard stay in there. achieve for such analyst at it. harvest. great. can you expertise with us here? and there were, thanks for joining switches. thanks so much. look to the pandemic now. and kirby 19 cases across the united states are increasing rapidly sparking fears of a new outbreak. the 11 percent rise in a week is being blamed on the delta variant, which is now the dominant strain across the u. s. gabriel, as under,
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has moved from new york. the good news in the united states is about 47 percent of the population is fully vaccinated in more than 332000000 vaccinations have been administered. certainly the u. s. does not have a vaccination problem. what it does have, though, is a problem with not enough people that want to get vaccinated and a potential depth problem there and of 24 of the u. s. u. s. has 50 states about half the infection rate for corona virus is going up by a rate of more than 10 percent. most of the states that are seeing the biggest increase primarily being driven by the delta delta variant. states like arkansas, missouri, alabama, parts of texas and even a few pockets of florida. these are areas where the infection rate is going up sharply and death is increasing there as well that u. s. government has said that within the last month,
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99 percent of the people who have died from corona virus or people that had not been vaccinated on the global pandemic, along with conflict and climate change is causing widespread hunger and malnutrition on a scale. that is now killing more people than the virus itself. that's according to a report from the international agency. one of the worst effected regions is latin america, daniel shiner, reports now from one area. the oxfam report caused brazil, and the merging epi center of hunger were extreme poverty in the past year has multiplied, almost 3, falls to 12 percent of the population. that's 20000000, more people with not enough food. this bakery and rio de janeiro fills a few bellies, but it's not enough. when i go out with my mom and we walk around here, we see children dying of hunger. and that's really sad. there are similar scenarios
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across the region affecting young and old in venezuela club. lopez says that life was difficult before the pandemic. now it's much more difficult time based and unfortunately we've got no food. we have to go out looking for it. i can go hungry, but not the children from report also says the economic fall out from the pandemic has deepened poverty and expose growing inequality around the world. but wealthy nation is dealing with their own problems, have been slow to support development projects and humanitarian crisis in heart hit regions like latin america. this is a war ring because as they are thinking people here. a are suffering because of the crisis. and you know, it's not only the car when they see the prices, but it's a combination of different factors that have been happening here is that we in the regions oxide is calling on governments to stop conflicts, the fuel hunger,
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and to build more sustainable food systems. and support local protection programs the millions like these social movements from across argentina they, they can't afford to wait more in the summer. we marching because we can't take hunger and there's no stable work because the factory take you all know the fire in egypt. because you're not going to send it to situation the soup kitchen is desperate because we don't enough food. it is not just the unemployment eating there, but in the past years underpaid workers and pensioners to their demanding a fair basic wage and an end to crippling foreign debt payments. their demands are not new. they've been made and ignore many times before. are now allowed or more desperate because they say that situation is much worse and they need solutions. now folks, them says regions like latin america can feed themselves, can solve many of their own problems, but they need help the global problems,
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the global solutions. and so i'm there al jazeera, what osiris ah, hello, that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines he's, he's government has also united states and the united nations to send troops in to help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president driven arm ways. he was killed in his home on wednesday by a heavily armed hit squad manner. apollo is monitoring developments for us from mexico city. the fact that there are so many international actors almost ensures that this is going to be a continuously developing story of the last that we've heard.


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