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policy and foreign policy, the focus should be on the dignity of this nation, and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made. large. weeping promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations the wes, but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianne demising, watching the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. gaining ground in afghanistan, the taliban, i'm to control. the majority of the country is ready for the fire with conditions. march needed a deliveries from turkey to rebel health syria, a guarantee for now the year after
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a last minute compromise. un security council. the international investigation into who is behind the desk of the haitian president jovan, at a more ease as links to the us and columbia. dr much, and i'm devin ash, with both of them pick chief thomas back rachel's athlete. the game will be great without funds advertise. baron senior becomes the 1st italian to reach a wimbledon single final. why her faith novak joke of it? ah, hello, welcome to the news our o as the us and its allies that draw from afghanistan. it's not just the flags of those countries that have being lowered. taliban fighters have been removing the afghan national flag and assign the groups. influence and control is rapidly spreading. this image is one widely shed by iranian media from the slam color
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crossings. and i'm africa honest on an iran which was taken by the taliban on thursday. iran customs administration says trade has been suspended with afghanistan because the taliban now has now seized 2 of 3 crossings. they've also captured a town ordering, tuck, menaced on. we afghan government is rejecting a claim by the taliban. that controls 85 percent of the country, including about 2 thirds of the border with to jesus dawn. but he's real the afghan people that are suffering from the direct and in direct consequences of this violent conflict. the world health organization is now warning, but at least 18400000 people need humanitarian assistance and 3100000 children are risk of acute malnutrition and the fighting just makes it more difficult to get vital food and medical supplies into the country. well that warning comes as a taliban delegation has been visiting the russian capital moscow, the taliban insisting that it's open to
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a cease fire with the afghan government. so are high right now. reports signs of times, changing itala bonds, routes lie in the resistance, the $979.00 soviet invasion of afghanistan. now sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghan hist on the delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults. if ongoing talks and counsel succeed. and if certain criteria are met, give the call. i say in the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no attacks on the provisional capital city. districts should not collapse. there should be no military activities and populated areas. a space of trust should be built among guns and 90 days must be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at or result bounce. reality on the ground is far from that. as the group has made major gains in the last few months,
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taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops fled into 2 g stone after italy, bon offensive in the north along the border. telephone fight is also on thursday. captured, a keyboard crossing with iran. russia has warned, it will use force if any cost would. a violence occurs but then every met miss shamika taliban has quickly taken many, board the districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with touch, which a russian military base and touch guest on is equipped with everything necessary to help the republic. if needed, additional measures will be undertaken and the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told all does there it's won't collapse as a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead an inclusive government that
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respects minorities women and men in education, unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one on the ultimate goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other party. in moscow, the tyler bond said at once he monetary and support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into galveston. many health workers fleeing the violence and escalating the conflict. pandemic the continues to spread, and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced
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population globally, and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violence thought a height of al jazeera or all the top story. this how the un security council is extending its 12 by 12 month a mandate for a deliveries to northern syria. nearly a 1000 trucks from turkey bring supplies and millions of syrians every month. russia wanted a to flow through the capital damascus to its allies in the syrian government, but did agree to a last minute compromise to pass the resolution. diplomatic added to james bass has more on this now from the united nations. intense negotiations at the un about but if you have a compromise, rushes ambassador being friendly, yet coy. in fact, just minutes before the security council met a compromise deal had been reached after months in which it looked like russia might veto the authorization to keep the only border crossing,
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delivering aid into syria open. a deal was unanimously agreed that extends the operation of the bible. how a crossing for a further 12 months. russia said it was a result of its direct diplomacy with the u. s. she wouldn't remember. so simply means. today we are witnessing a historical moment for the 1st time russia and the united states not only managed to find an agreement, but to present a joint text, which was supported by our colleagues in the council. we expect this kind of a day would become a turning point, that not only syria would wind from this, but the middle east and the world as a whole year later, the us ambassador linda thomas greenfield was asked about those comments. i certainly see it as an important moment in our relationship, and it shows that what we can do with the russians if we work with them diplomatically on common goals. and this was a common goal that we were able to come to an agreement on to be clear,
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this won't change, lie for ordinary syrians. there was one border crossing, delivering aid into syria before there's one border crossing. now, and the un says if it had more border crossings, it could deliver more aid. it's also not clear where this really is a breakthrough in relations between the us and russia. but the fact that both countries a talking up this moment is perhaps significant change phase al jazeera at the united nations. what we're so sorry dara has returned to the syria turkey border crossing bobbo. how often meeting displaced people in ed live, which is the last rebel held enclave. he says that people living in northern syria desperately need the a that goes through that crossing. we were in the city center off it live and people were seeing that they are very much disappointed about the discussion that's going on in the united nations security council because they're saying that they
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shouldn't be discussing to close the last remaining a delivery point. they need desperate need that how the un international military and aid, and so the u. n. should be discussing how to open the new border crossings that will carry the 8th to these people who definitely need that it. and yesterday, we were at the refugee camps 10 thousands of the towns and more than 100000 of the people living in that can on there. very much hard, tough conditions, women, children, elderly people, people who need the medical treatment or there and left with no choice, without no options in the middle of a global pandemic. and to they also in we have with a couple of the medical facilities, hospitals, even in our hospital, which is just indicated to the children. and you can see that how nurses doctors are not going to have these people. you're watching the news,
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our life from london much more still ahead for you. the drug company pfizer will seek approval for a booster for its corona virus. maxine, it shows the job loses its efficacy all the time. and then in sport, the us open champion picks out where he left off, but this time across the atlantic one that with jama. ah, now an international manhunt is on the way for h remaining suspects nissan nation of the haitian president. jovan adam weighs heavily armed hits for murder president. why is that his home on wednesday haitian police say it was made up of mostly foreign mass and raised many of them and now in custody patients are in a state of shock. it's unclear who is succeeding moiz. well,
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money rock below is following events for us from mexico city and money such a fragile uncertain situation inside haiti right now. what help or assistance is being offered by the us in columbia with this investigation? there are so many moving parts, mariam, there's so many countries involved at this point. this is really an international effort, but really want to investigation. one of the latest developments is an investigation into dmitri hardy, who is the head, or was the head of the general security unit, one of the people most in charge of protecting the haitian president. he's currently under investigation for a possible ties to arms trafficking. and there are many unanswered questions about how exactly such a security lapse could happen. that would lead to the death of a president, the assassination of president jeff nel noise. but again, an international effort here very much a single investigation and very much a developing story. still, we're still seeing lots of new information come out every single day. earlier today
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we saw a press conference in columbia where colombian military officials outlined the 3 main points in their part of the ongoing investigation. the 1st being that columbia is sharing information in real time, colombian police with haitian police to find out who exactly these men were, who were responsible for the assassination and the plot against the haitian president. the 2nd is that 4 companies have been identified for private corporations. have been identified by colombian, investigators as having ties to potential recruiting, recruiting, and hiring of private mercenaries believe to be responsible for that assassination . the names of these companies have not yet been published. and lastly, colombian investigators said that, even though most of these men happen identified as being private mercenaries, as being members of columbia as mil military, there is no reason to believe that any of them are actually active duty. they are
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all retired. former colombian, military members, and one thing that keeps popping up and we're talking to people throughout the course of the day. we've spoken to political experts, we spoke to the, the former prime minister of haiti, who tell us that it in international effort here really is vital really is necessary to get to the bottom of what happened and answer. many of the questions that have gone on answered, but meanwhile, the streets of haiti have quieted down quite a bit following the assassination of the president. it was a lot of unrest. there were protests that's quieted down, but things remain very tense. in fact, we spoke to one of our contacts on the ground earlier today who said that there was a large q, a large crowd outside of the u. s embassy. many people hoping to obtain exit visas to reach the united states, anticipating what many believe is going to be a worsening political crisis in the country. thank you. from mexico city, mani rapids. and i was stories of falling the french present in ano micron is saying that he's flashing the number of french troops in the saw hell region by
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half. micron has been trying to reassure 5 african dieters that even though he's that he is reducing that military support. he's trying to offer those reassurances to them the g. 5 nations do face of common threat from groups across the style. bout club hoc has more on this now from the car in santa go after i mean it jello is village and burkina faso came under attack from isis. she entered children, escaped to neighboring molly they thought the presence of french soldiers un troops and the g. 5, so held soldiers would offer some protection. but in central, molly gunman from an arcadia affiliate attacked the village who was in and she fled to the capital obamacare. for jello. the arm groups will always be a danger. right now to move the sites from the very from jody or the people
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the other people. jello refers to are the g 5 to help soldiers of chad burkina faso . molly martini new year, backed by the french military attacking armed groups affiliated to isolate an al qaeda in its summit, hosted by france, president emmanuel, my coin, details of a drop down of french troops and clothing of bases in the region, while offering reassurance to g. 5 partners, the details of the crew to hostile to the you know, palm yan still of how military presence in this house would be based on to mission you this you joke on the 1st will be to continue neutralizing into so organizing the high command to enemy organisation of the 2nd mission and focus on supporting the rise of the regions army. iceland, ok to affiliates are expanding attacks to coastal countries including been in and ivory coast. and in molly, in new jeron, burkina, faso,
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the security situation has deteriorated dramatically. 7000 people were killed and 2000000 displaced last year, governments in money and breaking up for someone to engage in talks with the argued to try to bring an end to the violence. french military victories have not translated into lasting peace and whilst comparison mccall announced a true production of 50 percent in the clothing of military bases. this is not the end of his country's presence in africa. friends has military outposts in almost every single one of its former colonies. add to that pressure from a key ally, the united states who fear that if france steps out a less reliable partner will step in saudi arabia has announced a $100000000.00 boost in funding for the g 5. so hell, russia is expanding its presence to central african republic, and our talks with molly on arm cells. and china is investment in the air has increased by 400 percent of them this way we need from what it can give us them. we
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don't need france for what we already have from to electronically intelligence capabilities which are not in our position that the new configuration just not the privacy of this possibility. and so there is something important francis area resources we do not have. and which compliments are activities that we maintain ourselves on the ground. but for millions in africa, displaced by conflicts in this region. there drop down in french troops doesn't mean the end of their troubles. just the beginning of new ones. nicholas hawk al jazeera when moved to bangladesh, now the factory fire in the country is killed. at least $52.00 people with is that more bodies could be found. emergency teams is still searching the top 2 floors of a 5 story building. many work as a believe to have been trapped behind locked doors, and as alexia bryan reports,
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this is the latest in a long series of similar tragedies. how do you get on through the smoky, hey, emergency workers battle a place that's been burning since the day. this was one of food and beverage factory, and we'll gunch an industrial town at 25 kilometers east of the capital docker. the 5 story building now a child shell. it's believe the fire began on the ground floor and sprayed quickly because of the chemicals and plastic partials stored inside. the main gate was said to be locked trapping many workers. they were in state brought out and body bags covered and ash, and dirt, and packed into waiting. ambulances was relatives waited overnight for news. as flames lit up, the darkness and smoke billowed into the sky. i felt like my brother worked at the 6th floor of the factory. i lost communication with him after 5 pm. just wanted to
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switched off. oh, god helped me. i didn't do the meeting today, but we came here because my niece was not answering her phone for a while. and now the phone is not ringing. the toll worry. while some people were rescued from the roof, several others were injured when they jumped from the 2nd and 3rd floor to escape. the situation is very critical. the roads, 2 sides of the building, our vehicles can access the other 2 sites. there's also no way for the vehicles to move on and it's very risky to go higher and now we can't go higher due to the immense smoke on the factory, 5 common and bangladesh, where many of the businesses operate illegally and without safety measures big waste and brand, which employ tens of thousands of low paid workers there had come under heavy pressure to improve conditions. authorities did impose tough safety rules after
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more than 1100 people died in a garment factory collapsed and darker and 2013 just months earlier. a 112 workers had lost their lives when they were trapped in a burning factory on the outskirts of the city and investigations been launched into how this latest fire started. grieving family members demanding answers, and justice alex here brian al jazeera covered 19 cases across the united states, increasing rapidly sparking fears of a new outbreak. the 11 percent rise in a week is being blamed on the delta variant, which is now a dominant strain. all the virus across the us, the latest states was showing that more people are being sent to hospitals in areas where there are low rates of vaccination. meanwhile, the drug make a pfizer is expected to seek us and european approval for a 3rd dose of its corona virus vaccine. this is based on evidence that shows there
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is a great risk of infection 6 months after inoculation and takes into account concerns of the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. pfizer research shows a boost, a job generates antibody levels $5.00 to $10.00 times higher than those after the 2nd dose. u. s. regulate to say the booster shots are not needed just yet because fully vaccinated people are protected from current variance, adding that they will be guided by the science sizes. chief scientific officer said the data from israel and britain suggest that even as 40 devil decrease a vaccine is still around 95 percent effective against severe disease. so now joined via skype by dennis nash. she's distinguished professor of epidemiology at the city university of new york and graduate school of public health. so if you could just describe for us, if you can, because i suppose dater and evidence is still being clarified on this. how
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effective are you is while pfizer all astrazeneca randy and almost done or any the vaccines out there against the the dells her strain of the corona virus. yeah, i mean, obviously we're still learning a lot about how long the fax scenes will remain effective. because the panoramic has really only been around for a year and a half. and so we're learning as we go to be sure it's important to be thinking about the need for boosters and also routinely booking for the extent to which the vaccines may result in breakthrough infections. importantly, with severe disease, time will tell, but of course we need to be thinking about and planning about it because it may become important. but i do agree that it's not the time to be prioritizing a 3rd dose and boosters as much as maybe
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a bigger and more pressing priority that we have. which is really ensuring that the highly effective countries and regions of the world with little or no access to vaccines can be supplied and supported immediately. and, you know, speaking can a very, it not only will address the inequities in vaccine access, but it will do more to mitigate the spread of delta variance, then really anything else right now and also reduce the potential for new variance to emerge. right? because at the moment you have, well, i think particularly in, in the south of the united states, places like mississippi, louisiana, idaho. what less than, than 40 percent, you have many people that are still not vaccinated, which means that the, the virus will continue to, to replicate and mutate. and that puts everyone at risk. yes,
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the more uncontrolled or unmitigated spread that we have. the more likely that there will be the existing variance will spread and new new variance can emerge. and also in situations where there is, you know, medium levels of vaccination coverage and high levels of community spread. we're going to see more breakthrough infections. but importantly, as, as others have noted, the vaccines are protective against the very and they're protective against severe disease. it's not clear how much a booster will be needed to protect against severe disease and death. i'm going forward with something we need to keep a very close eye on. what is the reason for vaccine hesitancy when we know that the vaccines are the solution and, and that they work. but of course, if millions of people, millions of americans and getting them outbreaks will still happen. yeah, i mean, i think there is a combination of hesitancy and just outbreak resistance. and some of this is ideological resistance part. and some of it is really, you know,
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true barriers and getting access to vaccine. you know, some places around the u. s. are, you know, much better and more advanced and further along in rolling out there, there are vaccines too large numbers of people than others. but it really is starting to get to kind of a rather grotesque scenario that we find ourselves here with an access vaccine. and yet an inability to get to the higher levels of coverage that we need to prevent these localized outbreak breaks and surges that we're seeing. meanwhile, other countries have raging surges in cold cases in depth and little vaccine available. at some point, we have to really think about the moral obligation that we have to, to get that excess vaccine supplied to populations around the world that really needed more. you know, no country should really be having access vaccine sitting around during the pen demik. we're all in this together and this is really a moral imperative. that seems to be that doesn't seem to be at the
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priority for many governments. right now. do you think that that is likely to change? what is your sense of the direction that government is taking? is it they just completely consumed by the delta vary becoming the dominant dominant strain. is there enough awareness that travel restrictions and so forth might not be enough to protect them in other parts. the world remain on vaccinated. yeah, i worry that, you know, like so many other things the, the public health issues are not always at the front of the line in terms of the considerations that are elected leaders and politicians around the globe are considering. and you know, this, this, you know, lack of a coordinated responses is really, you know, it's, this is all another concern and symptoms of, of the sort of protracted,
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uncoordinated response to what is really a global common threat. the pandemic spread is happening on all by definition. it's happening in all continents. and the only way to get it under control, it's really a coordinated response that includes cooperation. cross countries across borders, within countries, but a lot of cooperation globally. it's something that our political leaders have not been able to to do, and if they don't, there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of avoidable deaths as a result, we've already seen too many. okay, thank you very much. at dennis nash distinguished professor of epidemiology at the state university of york. thank you. or in other developments us president joe biden has called on his russian counter, populate him of putin to crack down on cyber criminal's loss. we can, more than a 1000 businesses were affected by a ransomware attack. originating from russia,
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believes to be the biggest attack of its kind in history. white house correspondent, kimberly how kept brings us more on this. lots of concern of the white house is concerned from ordinary americans who have been victimized by these ongoing routes of were attack. so the impacts have been felt with the rest were attack on the colonial pipeline. that also occurred recently that resulted in americans not being able to fuel their gas tags in some cases for up to a week. and then we also saw the meat packing industry effective. and that of course, impacted the the supply chain. and what gets food to american tables as well? so there's been increasing pressure on the, by the ministration to hold the russian liter vladimir putin to account. they have to remember all these comes from the context of the fact that just less than a month ago, the 2 were sitting down side by side where the u. s. president promised and very strongly articulated to vladimir putin that there would be consequences if these
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rats were attacked continued even though they're not state sponsored in the eyes of the united states. the fact that they're happening on russian soil matters. here's what the u. s. president joe biden had to save about his telephone call and his latest conversation with latimer who were already coming from a store. no, it's not, not sponsored by mistake. expect them to actually get enough information to actually do that. and now you remember perhaps back in geneva that job wide and put together a list of 16 critical infrastructure areas that he said cannot be targeted. many people kind of criticize that and said a why did you tell them what was so critical and be really shouldn't anything be off limits. and so that's the argument now that there's been another cyber attack is that job wide and meeting it seems to have gone to waste. it's fallen on deaf
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ears and they're looking in the united states for tougher action from joe by. that's what the white house press secretary said in the last couple of hours is look joe biden pledge that he would engage with flood. we're put new diplomatically, that's what this call was about. and the united states will retaliate if necessary at the time in place of its choosing. with the news, our life from london more still ahead. filmmakers of the future. we meet the young directors pitching them movie ideas as well glamorous film festival. and it's for the president of the international impact committee is a should athlete bell have an experience to remember fine, no fun. ah if you're a lover, thunderstorms you'd have left.


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