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in american country, but when it become like paradise, europe, i watering tech valuations, raise bubble fears, plus lambda, gamey, goat electric county, the cough on al jazeera. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching. the news are live from a headquarters in del heim dirty. you navigate that's coming up in the next 60 minutes, the don taliban chas. it controls 85 percent of the country as it tries to assure moscow its military gains don't threaten russia or its central asian allies. the un security council extends an aid operation from turkey to rebel,
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held syria for another 12 months after russia agrees to a deal. lebanese members of parliament on ministers hold up investigators efforts the question senior officials nearly a year after the bay route port explosion. president biden, to sign and executive order or targeting giant companies that control the market and industries ranging from tech to health care. and jeff nash, with both limbic safe and thomas fat, rachel's athletes, the take your game will still be great without adding to tell you better team, he becomes the 1st italian to reach the wimbledon final. and the tournament 140 full year history. ah, welcome to the news our, the taliban claims now controls 85 percent of i've gone on. it's made major a territorial gains this week in the vacuum left by the withdrawal of us lead foreign
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forces. it says it seized at least 3 border crossings, including a key ruth with iran as much as 700 kilometers of iran border with i've got a son is now controlled by the taliban. and there are fears that 1000000 afghans may flee into neighboring countries. to ron's been taking an active interest in the situation that's been hosting delegations from both sides for talks this week. well, russia is also on alert, worried a potential attacks on the former soviet republics, that border f done. it's done. it's how talks with the taliban delegation in moscow, where they've insisted they're open to a cease fire with the afghan government. sarah iris has more signs of times changing itala bonds. routes lie in the resistance to the 1979 soviet invasion of afghanistan. now sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghan hist on the
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delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults. if ongoing talks in council succeed and if certain criteria are met, the say in the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no attacks on the provisional capital city districts should not collapse. there should be no military activities and populated areas. a space of trust should be built among our guns and 90 days must be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at or result. but the reality on the ground is fall from that as the group has made major gains in the last few months. taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops led into 2 g stone off to italy, bon offensive in the north, along the border. tyler bond fights is also one thursday captured
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a keyboard crossing with iran. russia has warned it will use force if any cross. good, a violence occurs, but they never miss shamika taliban has quickly taken many board districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with touch which a russian military base and tajikistan is equipped with everything necessary to help the republic if needed. additional measures will be undertaken in the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told al jazeera it won't collapse as a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead and inclusive government that respects minorities, women, and men in education, unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one on the ultimate goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of
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a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other party. in moscow. the tyler bond said it once humanitarian support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into a canister on many health workers of fleeing violence and escalating file, a conflict pandemic that continues to spread. and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced population globally and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violence. a height of al jazeera symmetry babich as a political analyst, as rossi said, goes now a state own russian news agency. he says both russia and the taliban say they've learned from past mistakes, and it's unlikely that history will be repeated. well,
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certainly russia will lot go into again. this question was asked to our or a minister. and he said it was absolutely out of the question that russia would be the mistake that we made, the $979.00. and that mistake was made primarily because the soviet leadership was concerned about possible american influence in august and the 979. now, was russia is going to how if there are problems on the board there, but certain the rush of a lot and get didn't go really carefully in any immediate activities against them. hopefully it will be different from what we saw in the 99. of course, everyone is interested in stable developing again, this is just insane. it's insane on the side of the soviet union as the states
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are trying to make up against any concrete or some kind of quasi european democracy . that's not going to happen. and again, we have known that less an earlier than americans. now i think to give that we should do something to prevent it from becoming what it wasn't. well, the un security council has approved a deliveries from turkey into syria for another year. the mandate for the operation was due to expire on saturday. russia had threatened to block an extension. it wanted a to be controlled by the syrian government, but a compromise has now been reached. let so speak to in emory eric sensory there who's norway's, for a minister. she's joining us lie from although thank you so much for speaking to us and that compromise. just remind our viewers what that is is that aid will not resume into northwest syria for a 6 month period. and then there will be
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a 6 month renewal subject to certain conditions. are you pleased with this resolution that was passed as i'm very pleased with it? we think that this is an extremely important resolution. it's the lifeline of 3400000 people who have no other way of reaching basic. you carry an aide. we're now assuring that 1000 craters every month can, can come over to the border with food with medicines, with water. and we have been very keen on collaborating with all members of the council. and this is really a milestone because this is the 1st resolution on syria in almost 5 years that was adopted unanimously. and that i think is something to, to build on for also the political solutions that must come and syria foreign minister, norway had put forward an initial draft. however,
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in that initial draft had called for the reopening off another border crossing in addition to the renewal of the babel crossing. but of course, there were objections by china and russia and then you withdrew that dropped and proposed a compromise resolution. so would you now be looking at trying to convince russia to opening at least one other border crossing? well, as you, as you rightly point out, our initial aim was to open to or to have the one we have today. but how open and we open another crossing that was not possible for the counsel to we on. so we had to work with all council members in order to get a renewal for the next year, which is more or less about keeping $3400000.00 people alive in syria. and how we see this is as a victory for diplomacy. and we think that it's also a very good way of cooperating with all council members. we also see that it now
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covers many of the needs that are not only big, but also increasing in that part of syria. and there are no other ways for people in this region to get to my attention a because there are no supply lines from regime control, the areas in syria and into the market, syria. but let me just put you on this a little bit. it's, i mean, would you be pushing at the un security council by you, i mean, norway, of course, to try and get more border crossings open for a to get into the country. again, we wanted to have one more crossing open and the table, the resolution of draft together with islands and were co pay holders miss filing the security council. and we want to keep as many openings or crossings open as possible. but now we have a decision that takes care of the most acute issues and that decision is bands and what will happen with the next renewal into next year is of course, up for discussion. we hope that it will be possible to china as much as possible
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into the bubble, how a crossing and we know that from the us title. so this has been precarious for a long time. and to see that now the quote from you still open from the year is going to give aid and to relief and relief for millions of syrians who have no other way of reaching basic humanitarian need. the russian ambassador to the united nations commented after this resolution was passed and he described it as a milestone. he also said that today we are witnessing a historical moment and for the 1st time russia and the us not only man is to find an agreement, but to present a joint text. are you optimistic that this could potentially unlock other areas of cooperation when it comes to serial? well, as i wanted to earlier, i'm hopeful that this can be a constructive way of also discussing a political solution interior. it is desperately needed because only political settlement and solution can be in the necessary calm and also course the necessary
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humanitarian aid and also vital to a sustainable development in syria going forward. so i'm hopeful that this milestone that actually took place today and could also bode well for the future. and we have to be optimistic given the fact that now for the 1st time in 5 years able to agree anonymously on resolution on syria in the council. and one of our colleagues of penn holders has also been to try to unite also us and, and russia in a discussion on this. and that has been successful. and we are also very grateful that all members continue to constructively to this resolution and to the adoption unanimously. resolution, a foreign minister. we thank you so much for speaking to us on al jazeera. thank you for having me. well, we have russell sardar, standing by in the bible. ho crossing that's on the syria turkey border. we'll
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bring him in and just a moment. the 1st words, if the magic editor james bay's at the united nations who watched all of this unfold and a foreign minister of norway, just saying that she was pleased with this resolution passing, james, what's been some of the other reaction that's come through? well, it's interesting to hear the comments and then we come for a minute because no way and ireland what the 2 security council members that known as the pen holders on the syrian humanitarian issue. they were leading these negotiations. and clearly they come up with a compromise let. so be honest, the compromise gives syrians exactly what they had before, which is just one border crossing, which the un itself says if they had more border crossings, they could deliver more aid. but they only have that one, and the status quo does not change as a result of this resolution. it's also worth telling you that although arlen de norway were leading the negotiations, certainly the credit for the deal that was done in the compromise in the end is
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being taken by the us and russia, both the russian ambassador and the us ambassador saying that there was very good relations between the us and russia, and they came up with this compromise, suggesting that it may have been something that came out of or led from the putin biden meeting in geneva. the took place earlier this month and may be a turning point in us russian relations. that's certainly a comment from the russian ambassador worth noting that all this is, this is happened in the same day just hours after that was a phone call between president biden and president putin. ok, james, thank you so much for that update from the united nations. let's now bring in russell sardar, he's joining us from the serial turkey border crossing that bob and how, which we've been speaking about will just tell us a little bit about the humanitarian needs where you are and what you've been seen. well very now we are just standing in front of the baba causing point that through
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the last couple of days have been the main topic of the discussion. and today, a couple of hours ago was, and the city central of the live and talking to the aid workers and people that they were seeing that they're very much upset point and, and feeling broken that there is such a discussion and negotiation is going on in the united nations security council, because the discussion should not be to whether to hand the, the mandate for the last remaining a delivery point or not. but it's rather shouldn't be about how to reopen the other gates and increase the open case through the borders in the north and the yes, because these people desperately need the community. and here, there are 4500000 people who are living in this tiny region and with limited access to the food, the madison, the medical care, and the,
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the water and electricity. yesterday i was in the refugee camps and talking to the people, women, elderly people, those people who need the medical urgent medical care and children. and you can see that they are really living under the rough conditions. and these people are carrying the scores of a decade off the war. and through the last couple of days, they have been even facing maybe to lose their last lifeline of the aid that they desperately need. also today was to their medical facilities, hospitals in it left like list and medical facilities, a hospital and the mass whole, the hospital. and i could see that the doctors and nurses of really struggling to help the people who are in a desperate need of the children, the heavily injurious people. and you know, the issue all of this shortage of the equipment, the met since the basic essential materials there are coast and attacks when the
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russian forces and the rigid forces were these facilities over the cities and even sometimes to the camps. so in that regard, these people are almost left alone in the middle of a global pandemic. and just 4500000 people leaving him as so far. so if you only $55000.00, those of the west teens have arrived. so those will be able to manage to have an access to the wac seen are considered in done so slightly the luckiest so the 12 month of extension to the u. n. a delivery mechanism is going to have to a certain extent, give a relief to the how key workers, the passions and the people who are in need of the, the mandatory aid. but it is far from a permanent solution to did humanitarian crisis in this war tone, region biz extension may be a temporary life saver,
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but the law to fate of millions of people is still remaining on clear. ok, thank you so much for. so sir francis shrinking its military role in the fight against armed groups in africa. so how region president somebody my cross says france will start closing its bases. and northern molly before the end of the year, micro hosted the leaders of the g 5 countries. molly cha, bertina found sony's air and more italia and a virtual summits. he had announced last month at franz would withdraw. most of it's 5000 soldiers in the region. once more had on the news hour, including running on empty families in indonesia search for oxygen as the country struggles to contain. the latest corona virus outbreak felt much the decade of independence, but reflects on the pain brought by years of fighting july,
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the 9th march $500.00 days to go until the cut fif world come later and for it will hear from the boss of the organizing committee. ah, but 1st the us will send the f, b i, and other law enforcement agencies to help with the situation in haiti as soon as possible. this follows the arrest of 2 patient americans, and more than 20 colombians thought to be behind the assassination of president jovan on louise. columbia says early investigation suggests some of the men involved or retard members of its military. how do you have reports? the very public display importer print police load 2 men into the bed of a pickup truck. same day may be a part of the arm gang that allegedly assassinated president juvenile mo, either later paraded in front of the press. the outside of the police
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station were several suspects are being held in. angry crowd gathered, demanding the suspect, be turned over to them. those guys killed the president. we are going to make them suffer now that the police have found them and taking them to jail. we want them to burn today. the haitian police, she said that 28 attackers have been identified. 26 colombians and 2 americans of haitian descent. he said 8 were some of the run and 3 had been killed. and in a surprising turn, the colombian defense minister acknowledged some of the suspects had been in the colombian army, they might be in respond to the assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the colombian government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of this act. so initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we have given instructions by the national government to our police
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and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the sister republic of haiti. this is all unfolded among a political backdrop of confusion about who is actually in charge. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call for elections to happen this year. and we believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate a peaceful transfer, a power to a newly elected president, and we certainly continue to support haiti's democratic institutions. louise had been ruling by decree after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both claud, joseph and ariel henry, bow senior politicians claim they are in charge. haiti a desperately poor country where the corona virus is spreading, violence is surging and political uncertainty rules the day. and now international
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mystery of who assassinated the 53 year old president. and why had to call him al jazeera washington more now from antic oliver, who's joining us from miami. so any new details emerging about the assassination andy while officials in columbia held a press conference within the last hour or so, they said they all specifically looking at for colombian companies that may have provided mercenary services. they say that of the 2 dozen colombians, the rest of non are currently in the military, but certainly some of them have been in the military in the past, which really confirms the reports we 1st heard in the earlier. i was of wednesday morning from haitian officials, here in the us, the by the administration is now promised to send federal agents from the f b i and the department of homeland security to help with this investigation. but really, at the moment, the motive for why this happened, or who is the haitians and now saying is the master by mastermind behind. this is
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still on known for the moment things in puerto prince necros, haiti are quiet. i think people, they're pretty scared and hunkering down into houses waiting to hear news. one of my contacts important prints that she said that sought the american embassy. there are now long lines of haitians trying to get these us to get out of that country because they fear what may happen next. that's another reason why the border with neighboring dominican republic hasn't now being closed. essentially, we've got a power vacuum, a political vacuum amendment following the death of mister malise and 2 different people, claiming to be in leadership. that is really not what he needs right now. it need some definitive leadership, but more than anything else that you need, safety and security for its own people. i think this investigation will move, perhaps a little bit faster now, but the colombians and the u. s. government are involved. but for the people of haiti, these next few hours, days and months will be very uncertain. indeed. thank you so much. and gallagher reporting from miami,
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me south korea plans to raise cove 19 restrictions to the highest level in the capital on monday. that's because it's facing what appears to be its worst wave measures will also apply to some neighboring regions of sol. schools bars will be closed and restaurants will only be allowed. limited seating. one leading health officials warning numbers could double. by the end of this month, the delta, very interesting, blamed for the surge with reported cases of history and tripling and just on we tougher restrictions are also going into effect and timelines, capital. and at least 9 provinces. bank hawk has struggled to contain a surgeon cove in 1900 cases in the past month. the new measures will limit people's movements including traveling between regions. fractions are also going up in indonesia was set a new daily record. many hospitals are its full capacity and patients are being turned away. people are now scrambling to find oxygen to care for their relatives
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at home. just a washington reports from because he near the capital jakarta, the in need to these and capital oxygen isn't increasingly precious commodity. as hospitals in java run out of room for the sick people fight for their loved ones to survive. so mom i had trouble finding oxygen last night. i went to 5 places including this store and a large medicine market. all stocks ran out minority is trying to care for her elderly father at home. he's diabetic and has problems with his heart and kidneys. his oxygen saturation is low, but he could not get a place that you caught his crowded hospitals. everyday. she struggles to find oxygen for him. but tank is super difficult to get. we bought it and then suddenly the owner said they needed it back because it also got covert and then we looked around and got this big tank. but it's difficult to refill this public health
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clinic in because he is trying to reach those who couldn't get admitted to hospital . but these doctors are also struggling with shortages. we need really need about oxygen and reveal and then also the medicine because we treat she's a condition so we need to see fit. we cannot find it. doctor ernie says the government's data doesn't tell the full story because so many people are dying before they take a p. c r test. oh we feel bad because right now there are a lot of loss of home. sometimes we have report, report before report if someone died at home when we checked the body with unto gen . i've heard of before her team tried to monitor patients in the area, but there are more than 300 of them and only 30 health workers. as hospitals
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reached capacity and a forced to turn away critically ill people. roving teams of public health clinic work is a trying to reach those in need of medical attention to monitor their condition and to provide them with oxygen and medication. but there are too many patients and not enough medics and they don't have the time or resources to help everyone in need. the ministry of health, since it is trying to increase medical oxygen production and add more beds in hospitals. but each day, more and more people are falling in because of the very because the client goes the why help us find ways to help us that they need the way, how could it be without even the prospect of getting medical care people continue to die in their own homes in front of their loved ones. jessica washington out to 0
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because he drug maker pfizer is expected to seek us approval to authorize a 3rd dose if it's current of virus vaccine in the coming weeks. it's research shows a booster job generates antibody levels that are $5.00 to $10.00 times higher than after the 2nd dose. us regulators say fully vaccinated, people are protected from current variance and they don't need an extra job. well, this comes with corona, virus cases across the u. s. are rising rapidly compared to last week, sparking fears if a new outbreak, the new infections are being blamed on the delta vary ends, which is now the dominant co with 1900 strain in america. and malta is banning all visitors from entering unless they are fully vaccinated against over 19 the small mediterranean nation now have the strictest entry requirement of any european union country. previously, visitors only needed to provide a negative test result coming up on the news, our future of cinema, where the film festival to meet the young sir is hoping to make an impact on the
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big screen for the president of the international olympic committee assures athletes they will have an experience to remember. the fans are missing. ah, a bit of a broken record, but what's a good description of most the middle east, but it really is on the hot side. the hottest moment calculates full cost of $51.00, baghdad at $49.00. now miss least not as bad. the further west you go, the onshore breezes keeping cooler in beirut and jerusalem. even here is pretty warm about 30 degrees. the he overlay the temperature. you see this is the area of real heat. it extends into the mountains of western iran and half as they could be because they are above sea level. but baghdad is hovered around 50 and has been, it seems for weeks now, if you want a bit of proper relief, head, south,
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and cellar with a heavy fist cut in knots. the western edge of the monsoon winds, which means is almost permanent. the clarity, drizzly, or even sometimes sundry. and it turns nice and grief. it's a rare area i have to say for most obviously it's dry and dusty. the very light winds i don't house 39 will be a very humid 39. now that mom soon wind also, of course, runs up the coast of africa for kenya and somalia, seeing increasing amounts of cloud and daily light showers, that a big shout out on the tape in highlands and further west and south, down in sudan itself, which means flash flooding returns the something was going to change, anything really changed. this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against that barrier.


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