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to fall forward as we can to the front line. now the smell is overpowering. a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex, so it's very important that we make them is understandable as we can to as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue. as always, is there a correspondence that's what we strive to do. mm. ready the afghan taliban says it controls 85 percent of the country as it tries to assure moscow with the military gains don't threaten russia or its central asian allies. ah, watching, i'll just hear a lie for my headquarters in delphi me daddy navigator also coming off. the one security council extends an 8 operation from 30 to rebel held serial for another 12 months after russia agrees to
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a deal of food and beverage factory couch of fire near the bangladesh she capital more than 50 people are killed. sell to don march a decade of independence, but reflect on the pain brought by years of fighting. ah hello. thanks for joining us. the taliban claims and now controls 85 percent of gun st. on it's made major territorial gains this week and the vacuum left by the withdrawal of us lead foreign forces. it says that seized at least 3 border crossings, including a key roots with iran. as much as 700 kilometers of iran border with dana stone is now controlled by the taliban. and there are fears that 1000000 afghans may flee into neighboring countries. trons been taking an active interest in this situation . it's been hosting delegations from both sides for talks this week. russia is also
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on alert, worried of potential attacks on the former soviet republics. that border. i've got a son, it's hell talk to the taliban delegation in moscow where they've insisted they're open to a cease fire with the afghan government. sarah iris has more signs of times, changing the taller bonds routes lie in the resistance to the $979.00. stop the invasion of afghanistan. now sending his senior delegation to moscow to discuss the future of its country. the group says it's in control of 85 percent of afghanistan . the delegation is pledged to consider a sci fi with the government and stop its assaults. if ongoing talks in casa succeed, and if certain criteria are met, give us a in the to the conclusion is both sides. prisoners should be released, the blacklist should be removed. there must be no tax on the provisional capital cities, districts should not collapse. there should be no military activities and populated
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areas. a space of trust should be built among our guns and 90 days must be allocated for negotiations so we can arrive at or result. but the reality on the ground is fall from that as the group has made major gains in the last few months. taking advantage of a power vacuum of us and foreign troops leaving it claims to be in control of more than half of the $400.00 afghan districts across more than 20 provinces. including border towns. this week, more than a 1000 afghan troops fled into 2 g stone. after a tiny bon offensive in the north, along the border, telephone fights is also on thursday captured, a keyboard crossing with iran. russia has warned it will use force if any cost would a violence occurs, but they never miss shamika taliban has quickly taken many, board the districts and now has control of about 2 thirds of the board with touch which a russian military base and tajikistan is equipped with everything necessary to
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help the republic, if needed, additional measures will be undertaken in the spirit of the russian public alliance to prevent aggression or territorial provocation. last week, the afghan government told all does there it's won't collapse as a result. but the tyler bond says it wants to lead and inclusive government that respects minorities, women, and men in education, unemployment. the tal about have demonstrated no appetite whatsoever for any concessions they and they have consistently told their own membership. the men who are fighting on the ground is that they have one on the ultimate goal, which is complete military victory and re establishment of a taliban dominated government without any form of coalition with any other party. in moscow. the tyler bond said it once humanitarian support to continue in areas under its control that agencies are struggling to get medical supplies into scanners, on many health workers of fleeing violence and escalating father conflict pandemic
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that continues to spread. and now a natural disaster in the form of the recently declared drought. and all these events are unfolding in the context of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian emergencies in the world. afghans of the said most displaced population globally, and yet to see a peaceful solution to decades of violent thought, a height of al jazeera or china has accused the u. s. a f leaving behind a mess and i've got a son by hastily withdrawing troops. so we are, when you're talking the united states disregard since responsibilities and obligations and withdraw troops from afghanistan hastily dumping the mess and war on the african people and countries in the region. further exposing the hypocrisy behind the u. s. s. defense of democracy and human rights going to be one security council has approved a deliveries from turkey and to syria for another year. the mandate for the operation was due to expire on saturday. russia had threatened to block and
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extension. it wanted aid to be controlled by the syrian government, but a compromise hasn't been reached. we have recently started are standing by in the bible house, the syria turkey border, but 1st let's cross towards magic and james bass at the united nation. so what can you tell us about how this compromise was reaching was certainly it looked pretty bleak. earlier on in the day, we had to rival resolutions facing the un security council for months now, people have been concerned that russia might actually decide to use its veto and stop this. only one humanitarian crossing into syria. some had wanted that again to be more than one crossing potentially 3 crossings. the u. s. wanted, in the end, no way at all, and put forward to russia, objected to that it went down to one for one year. russia then proposed one for only 6 months. the compromise is one for 6 months, then a report from the secretary general and then another 6 month authorization,
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pretty much automatically. so everyone seems happy, although clearly not enough. aid is going to get into syria as it would if there were 3 crossings. in many ways. we have the status quo now, but i think there is an important aspect to the story that goes beyond syria. and that's the fact that russia and the u. s. a both saying that they made this compromise happen, and they're saying that it's a new turning point. the russian ambassador saying, we're witnessing a historical moment. this was, this could be a turning point, not only for syria, but the middle east in the whole world as a whole. he's certainly been very positive about this. the u. s. a best, the perhaps not as full in her praise, but certainly again saying it was very good that the us and russia were working together. and it's worth noting this happens at the same time as president biden and president, person. i've had a phone call in the last few hours. so perhaps perhaps there is
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a positive effect from that summit that took place in geneva. but of course, just remember this. we only had one border crossing into syria. not enough, a dakota view, and before this and we still have one border crossing now. ok, james. thank you so much, james, reporting from the un. let's now bring in resource or he is joining us from the serial turkey border crossing bible. how a, specifically, where the aid will now resume, going in through tell us about the humanitarian needs in the area. well, very, just a couple of hours ago we were in the city center of it live. and people were seeing that they are very much disappointed about the discussion that's going on in the united nations security council. because they're saying that they shouldn't be discussing to close the last remaining a delivery point. and they need desperate need that how the un, international military and aid. and so the us should be discussing how to open the
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new border crossings that will carry the age to these people who definitely need that it. and yesterday we were at the refugee comes 10 thousands of the towns and more than 100000 little people living in that camp on there. very much hard, tough conditions, women, children, elderly people, people who need the medical treatment are there and left with no choice, without no options in the middle of a global pandemic. and to they also have with to couple of the medical facilities, hospitals, even just in a hospital which is just indicated to the children. and you could see that how nurses doctors are not going to have these people in addition to that, this health facilities, the hospitals like allotted and the lip. this central hospital there under the
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constant attacks from russian forces and the regime forces. and now they're even trying to transform their places into the secret places because they're deliberately being constantly attacked. so this 12 month, extension of the you and course border a mechanism is surely going to provide some relief to the local health care workers and passions here. but it's far from a permanent solution to this humanitarian crisis in this world of tone region. so this extension may be a temporary life saver, but the long term fate of millions of this least people still remains on clear. thank you so much for us to start our frances shrinking its military role in the fight against armed groups and africa. so hel, region. presidents are money. when i call says franz will start closing its bases
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in northern molly before the end of the year. my call hosted the leaders of the g 5 countries. molly cha, burkina, faso, new air and more atanya and a virtual summit. he had announced last month that france would withdraw most if it's $5000.00 soldiers in the region. nicholas hock is in the car in senegal. he says in my new, on my cause keen to wind down operations ahead of presidential election next year. i think the french president mccoy is trying to reassure the members of this g 5 to help coalition forces. we're talking about the countries or martini and share burkina faso. molly, all countries in effect under where there's been an uptick of attacks from our groups affiliated to, i'll call you. there's a group jameton to side to the slide. one mostly mean it as well as the iso affiliate the slavic state, and the greater sorrow. we have both launched attack in burkina faso. molly, uneasy air in the past months. so they're trying to, trying to reassure the african partners as well as the international partners to be
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the united states were noting that was president michael was meeting with with the african leaders. his minister of defense was meeting with the american counterpart in washington, d. c. and out of d, c came the statement that the united states will continue to support france and its operation in this a hell and the french saying that it needs the american support to fight off arm groups. in this i have been 7000 death to 1000000 people displaced and a lot of instability within those countries. political instability. we've seen that chad the long time leader is d. b killed and replaced by his son. and then in molly to cruise in the space of 9 months. and so the french president met him in my car is running for reelection next year. is trying to find a way out for friends that's been on the ground for the last 9 years. still ahead
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on al jazeera, the future of cinema, where the con film festival to meet the youngsters hoping to make an impact on the big screen. ah ah, a bit of a broken record, but what's a good description of most of the middle east, but it really is on the hot side. the hottest moment a cookie waits full cost of $51.00. baghdad at 49. now miss least not as bad. the further west you go, the onshore breezes keep it cooler in beirut and jerusalem. even here is pretty warm about 30 degrees. the he overlay the temperature. you see this is the area real heat. it extends into the mountains of western iran and a half as they could be because they're above sea level. but baghdad is hovering around 50 and has been, it seems for weeks now, if you want a bit of proper relief,
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head, south, and cellar where the hell is cutting. now, that's the western edge of the monsoon winds, which means it's almost permanent. the clarity, drizzly, or even sometimes sundry, and it turns nice and green. it's a rare area i have to say for most obviously it's dry and dusty. the very light winds i, doha. st. 39. will be a very humid 39. now that mall as soon wind also, of course, runs up the coast of africa for kenya and somalia, seeing increasing amounts of cloud and daily light showers, that a big shout out on the t a. p, and hardens. and for the west and south sudan and sudan itself, which means flash flooding returns. ah, frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the martin and ministrations i've just been a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed
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opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shaped by vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera oh the stories analogy 0. the african taliban claims it now controls 85 percent of the country of delegation. and the group has been visiting moscow and has assured russia that it will not violate any international borders. the un security council has approved a deliveries from turkey and to rebel held syria for another year. russia had
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threatened to block the operation, but a compromise has now been reached. president jim, i knew where my phone says franz will start closing its bases and northern molly before the end of the year, micro hosted leaders from africa, region and virtual summit. you plan, so withdraw most of the 5000 french soldiers in the region. at least 50 people have been killed in a fire at a factory and bangladesh. it's feared many more, remained trapped inside the building. alexi o'brien reports, i want to make through the smoky, hey, emergency workers battle a place that's been burning since thursday. this was one of food and beverage factory and real gunch, an industrial town at 25 kilometers east of the capital docker. the 5 story building now a child shell. it's believe the fire began on the ground floor and sprayed quickly because of the chemicals and plastic partial stored inside. the main gate was said
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to be locked trapping many workers. they were instead of brought out and body bags covered and ash, and dirt and packed into waiting. ambulances was la relatives waited overnight. the new, as flames lit up, the darkness and smoke billowed into the sky. i felt like i've got my brother worked at the 6th floor of the factory. i lost communication with him after 5 pm. this morning till switched off. oh, god helped me. i didn't do the meeting. we came here because my niece was not answering her phone for a while, and now the phone is not ringing the toll worry. well, some people were rescued from the roof. several others were injured when they jumped from the 2nd and 3rd floor to escape. the situation is very critical. there are 2 sides of the building. our vehicles can access the other 2 sites.
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there's also no way for the vehicles to move on and it's very risky to go higher and now we have to go higher due to the immense smoke along with the factory 5, the common and bangladesh where many of the businesses operate illegally and without safety measures big west and brands which employ tens of thousands of low paid workers there had come under heavy pressure to improve conditions. authorities did impose tougher safety rules after more than 1100 people died in a garment factory collapsed and darker and 2013 just months earlier. a 112 workers had lost their life when they were trapped in a burning factory on the outskirts of the city and investigations been launched into how this latest fire started. grieving, family members are demanding answers and justice. elector, bryan al jazeera. so career plans to raise coven, 1900 restrictions to the highest level in the capital on monday. that's because
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it's facing what appears to be its worst wave measures also apply to some neighboring regions of sol. schools on bars will be closed and restaurants will only be allowed. limited seating. one leading health official is warning numbers could double by the end of this month. the delta variance is being blamed for the surge with reported cases of the strain tripling and just one week drug maker, pfizer is expected to seek us approval to authorize a 3rd dose. so if it's current virus vaccine in the coming weeks, it's research shows a booster job generates antibody levels that are $5.00 to $10.00 times higher than after the 2nd dose. us regulators say fully vaccinated, people are protected from current variance and they don't need an extra job. the u . s. will send the f, b i, and other law enforcement agencies to help with the situation in haiti as soon as possible. this follows the arrest of 2 haitian americans, and more than 20 colombians thought to be behind the assassination of president
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jovan mcgee's columbia says early investigation suggest some other men involved or retired members of its military particle hang reports. the very public display imported print police load 2 men into the bed of a pickup truck. the same day may be a part of the arm gang that allegedly assassinated president jovan in mo, either later paraded in front of the press. the outside of the police station were several suspects are being held in. angry crowd gathered demanding the suspects, be turned over to them. those guys killed the president. we are going to make them suffer now that the police have found them and taking them to jail. we want them to burn today. the haitian police, you said the 28 attackers have been identified. 26 colombians and 2 americans of haitian descent. he said 8 were some of the run and 3 had been killed. and in a surprising turn, the colombian defense minister,
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acknowledged some of the suspects, had been in the colombian army in response to the assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of this act. so initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we've given instructions by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the sister republic of haiti. this is all unfolded among a political backdrop of confusion about who is actually in charge. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call 4 elections to happen this year. and we believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate
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a peaceful transfer, a power to a newly elected president. and we certainly continue to support haiti's democratic institutions. movies had been ruling by decree after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both claud, joseph and ariel henry, bow senior politicians claim they are in charge. haiti a desperately poor country where the corona virus is spreading. violence is surgeon and political uncertainty rules the day. and now international mystery of who assassinated the 53 year old president. and why had to call him al jazeera washington protesters and argentina are demonstrating against the government of president l barrel. fernandez, they're angry over several issues. from the response to the coven, 1900 pandemic to the struggling economy and high inflation. terrorism bo is one of the protests in san nicholas. or didn't he not independent,
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say cows and people to the street protests against the government of value out of the paramount. we're here in sun. we call us, we're close to one of our largest works. most of the agriculture and export leave the country and what you're seeing here is our idea team sector that plays a crucial role in the economy. people here are protesting against the government and here and in the economy. off a month ago, the government announced that it was closed can be exports because a rise in the price of the in argentina lay prone be increased at quarter to around 50 percent. but people here say that not, not enough, but they're also saying that they pay taxes for taxes and we know help from the government argentina. in the middle of an economic crisis, it's fighting with the pen. demik. inflation is one of the highest in the world's poverty rates on the rice and the government. if i got it for a man, this is jacqueline negotiating right now with trying to pay the international
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monetary fund. people that have come out the day on the streets of argentina. i'm not happy with the handling of the economic crisis. the handling of the pen demik airports in argentina are only allowing in the wrong $600.00 passengers. do thousands of people. thousands of argentines. i ran outside the country and that's why people are taken to the street. they're opposed to the government of the finance, the thing that the government is not doing enough to help this country recover the pandemic. and they believe that the government attempts to try to interfere we do economy will deepen the recession and in a way affect argentina's chances of recovering from the time that makes self sedans . president has promised not to return his country to war during a ceremony marking a decade since independence. it became the world's youngest country when it split from through don in 2011. but
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a civil war soon followed which killed about 400000 people and displaced about 4000000 others. who with hasa has this report from juba. john called this people voting overwhelmingly to the seed from sudan 10 years ago wasn't an mistake . it's what happened to south to don afterwards that broke him the war in 2013. when another round of fighting in 2016 has left him traumatized. it will not only do as had been we had our collect, my brother. we have get. you've been doing this douglas, my brother's new era of kill. when it did repeat itself, it was audible. things are now relatively calm. i
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like previous t steals that, failed. some people hope the unity government set up last will hold it for former rebel either react michelle fornia, the 1st vice president along with for other vice president, president salva kit. and michelle are once again trying to work together and to the elections in 2023 politicians. hope this transitional period encourages refugees and internally displaced people to return to their homes. thousands of people live here and this is just one of many camps of cross out the door. there's no running water and not enough food, meaning fat. and you said they don't know how long they going to be and going home for several of them is not an option because i've been security in some parts of the country. i act that flood drought and into communal violence. children born often dependents have never known peace age was to say the mediterranean crisis is listening. these are some of our greatest concern. certainly there's a food insecurity. crisis in south sudan. $1400000.00 children are going to be male
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. nourished this year, the highest number in years key parts of the peace agreement are still to be implemented. these include establish a unified national army made of opposition and government forces. the people of south done telling the leadership that look, we tired of war. nobody once will any more, if there are some feel political leaders who are seeing that they would go and mobilize some of our citizens so that they cause a fight because they want to be leaders of this country. i don't think they will get the audience from the property. the new coalition government is trying to rebuild, focusing on various developmental and infrastructure projects. as new buildings go up in some parts of the country, uniting a bitterly divided nation building trust and making sure it's safe enough for everyone affected by conflict to return home is going to be much more difficult how to talk to you. but over year the cannes film festival hosts
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a group of young people from across the world to encourage their work. she'll makers from iran to mexico, are able to meet industry insiders to fund their next creative projects. natasha butler has more. it's every direct his dream to come to can and for young mexican phil make a more to her. nie is patel. this visit could be life changing after residency in paris with the film festivals, program directors. martha has the picture movie project produces from france. his film funding body is the 1st time i actually do this kind of thing. and you have to be confident about your projects down who you are trying not to make mistakes talking. i hope it will be a good experience. irena and bizarre as audi is another young filmmaker from the program can after 6 months, are working in a point that can residency. finally,
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i'm here. i have the young directors program since it's a golden opportunity twice or 6 directors selected to stay in berries, doing for madison off writing the 1st and 2nd future. and so they receive money so that they can think only about vis street a couple of days later, at a club by the see, there are nerves and excitements. so this is where the patrons take place. your film a can have a 5 minute wait. i got a question from the night ms. ard pages, his kurdish language film, about a teenage boy who choice to find out how his father died. you know, in iraq there is no turning for a feel because, you know, they, they just want to make, make, feel in fact they would, could dish but it's,
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it's actually cheaper that could dish language. you know, she, one of the pages over days relief. but i think it was, well i, i'm happy that because now it's great and see what happens as the winners were announced, it was and the outcome, the bizarre or martyr had hopeful. but although they look out on the prize money, they will undoubtedly leave can, richer inexperience, friendships and memories. natasha butler al jazeera can ah, the headlines on al jazeera, the taliban claims, and now controls 85 percent of gun is done. the legation from the group has been visiting moscow and insisted is open to a cease fire with the afghan government. the group says it will lead an inclusive government that won't allow isolate to operate from afghan territory. russia says it's received assurances that there'll be no cross border aggression,
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didn't have it in the mission. but as we see a steep escalation of pensions and the project border. the taliban has quickly.


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