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ground over 900 help to bring you more award winning documentaries and live on air and online. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs that matter to you. i hey, he uses a hit, was made up of colombians and americans. fascinating presidents job and several suspects have been arrested. ah. other i'm can vanelle, this is elders their law from coming up. i will march in another generation marriage is toward, i can't stand. the president joe biden says the us military mission, and i've gone down will come to an end in august,
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ending the countries longest war. battling to contain the bike and coven 19 infections. south korea raises restrictions in the capital to its highest level and the sweet taste of independence or in south to down is amongst 10 years, is becoming a nation. ah, police in haiti say to haitian americans and more than 20 colombians a behind the assassination of president jovan al luis columbia. as government says early investigation suggests that some of the men involved will retire. members of its military, luis was shot dead during raided his home on wednesday. some of the suspects have been identified, but officials are still looking for at least 8 others. petty call have a for the, a very public display import of print police load 2 men into the bed of
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a pickup truck saying they may be a part of the arm gang, but allegedly assassinated. president juvenile mo, either later paraded in front of the press, the outside of the police station, where several suspects are being held in angry crowd gathered, demanding the suspects be turned over to them. those guys killed the president, we are going to make them suffer. now that the police have found them and taken them to jail, we want them to burn today. the haitian police, you said the 28 attackers have been identified. 26 colombians and 2 americans of haitian descent. he said 8 were some of the run and 3 had been killed. and in a surprising turn, the colombian defense minister, acknowledged some of the suspects, had been in the colombian army in response to the assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the colombian government and the
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national police about the alleged perpetrators of this act. so initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we've given instructions by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately. our public force is fully at the disposition of the system republic of haiti. this is all unfolding among a political backdrop of confusion about who is actually in charge. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call 4 elections to happen this year. and we believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate a peaceful transfer power to a newly elected president, and we certainly continue to support katie's democratic institutions. louise had been ruling by decree after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both claud, joseph and ariel henry,
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bow senior politicians claim they are in charge. haiti a desperately poor country where the corona virus is spreading. violence is surgeon and political uncertainty rules the day. and now international mystery of who assassinated the 53 year old president. and why had to call him al jazeera washington, the us military operation in afghanistan and said to em, sooner than originally planned, president joe biden said troops will be off my august 31st instead of september 11th. but as far, unfortunately, there is growing concern about an increase in violence as the telephone continues to see more territory. a white house correspondent, kimberly health one week after us forces withdrew quietly from bog room air force base. the taliban is making games from the security vacuum left behind us . president joe biden is adamant us forces will leave afghanistan by the end of
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august. nearly 20 years of experience has shown us that the current security situation only confirms that just one more year of funding that can stand is not a solution, but a recipe for being there indefinitely. as the taliban gave power, biden is now on the defensive. he had this afghanistan future is tied to a political solution, not a military one piece must be negotiated between the african government and the taliban. but when he was asked if he had any faith in the group, the president had this to say, no, i do not trust to tell us will keep a small security and diplomatic presence in the country to support. ap can force it keep cobbles, airport open, and protect the u. s. embassy. now we're left with a strategy that less than coherence and by an invitation is going to have to
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scramble to realize what their priorities in the region are. the taliban, rapid advance process. ghana stan has put key cities at risk of being overtaken. still by didn't insist the united states won't be at fault if that happens. no, no, no. it's up to the people that get stand decide on what government they want. not us to impose the government on them as part of its humanitarian effort. the white house announced on thursday. it will also ship $1400000.00 doses of the johnson and johnson covey vaccine to afghanistan. but critics argue, afghanistan needs much more, especially afghan interpreters that served and supported us troops and are now in danger. the white house insist evacuating thousands of african nationals and their families to a 3rd party country while their visas are being processed was complete. those who
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supported the u. s. mission in afghanistan could be offered asylum in the united states. kimberly healthcare al jazeera, the white house will be asking taliban, the claim that now controls 85 percent of the country. a delegation is visiting moscow and is assured russia's foreign ministry. it will not violate any international borders. taliban officials say they're willing to allow schools and hospitals to continue operating. i also called on international aid organizations to keep working and i've gone on this big now to victoria font on who is a professor a few studies at the american university of, of gone to some she joined us now live via skype from nice and france. thanks for your time. so we heard also from moscow after this meeting saying that it's urging all sides to show restraint. it's looking to see it, it's border with the cust on. it says the taliban control is about 2 thirds of that
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border. how concerned is russia about what's happening right now? it's going to stone. when russell could be confirmed that they would be over all the conflicts into a neighboring, we'd have the stuff introduce shot. and so i need feel so wretchedly in the, in the, in the week to come. so i decided rush, i will be asking for assurance, is that they will not be any or, or any 7 is ation center. but what do you make of what the taliban is saying? it says it controls 85 percent of territory says is willing to allow hospitals and schools to continue operating. i mean, how important is the messaging right now where the messaging is or is probably the 2nd phase of offensive up against the act and safe place work to gain territorial control. and now it's really a matter to manage to game. so it's part of
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a psychological sense for the kind of been to let the tradition know that it's getting so much advantage territorially. and now they can actually never people that they would gain power. but all of their claim has to be taken with the same because nobody knew at this time about the actual power to control of the tiny back over the guns. when does all of this leave the intra africa and talks when i get in with regard to the territorial control, that's that, that is going to take a whole different than the long lines actually solidify then for you to be possible for different parties. the conflicts to stop, we try and try and dialogue as long as connected tv from tv on the ground. and it's terry to leave a key being held by one party,
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one day and the the other parts of the next day. then it's quite easy to stop because the things that they have a book to be to gain more, it would fence more into gain more territory. we had earlier from the us president basically saying, you know, leaving by august the 31st is the right thing to do despite this rise and violence . i mean, he would have known this, this rise and violence would happen. wouldn't be a nuclear when he said that's not true plenty, but he actually signed a deal with them. so it's really disingenuous to say at this time and it was all that the security vacuum created by that we would actually be that the live what has been busy enough for the last 20 years and the government. and so it's really our matter of government when gaining its forces and, and we, the population are for 40 and giving that supports we're way of flags that they
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have known for the past 20 years. but for the united states to say the said the sign is really inappropriate, i would say, all right, thank you very much for your time, victoria phone, tom. there a professor p studies at the american university of comstock egypt and who dod had urged the un security council to acts against the controversial mega damn. but if the o b or is building on the nile with it, they say the gram teeth, european renee sounds, dam limits their access to fresh water. but if you says the un should not be involved, not the medical se, james face reports from the united nations, the outside un headquarters, e. c o, p, and protest has gathered. they didn't want this meeting to take place to demonstrate that point. unlike egypt and sudan, ethiopia didn't send its foreign minister to this meeting. instead, it was represented by its water and irrigation minister. of the con,
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union is seized of the matter. and is emily facilitating our negotiation? that is why it is regrettable that she steadily countries of the to bring the matter to the security comes and it was to don and egypt that had demanded this meeting, saying the fact that the peer is, again filling the damn amounts to a threat to international peace and security does not an overstatement to affirm that for egypt, the girl is an existing chauffeur at. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. later i pressed the foreign minister on what action his country was prepared to take. so all their circumstances where you would consider military action, the matter of egypt, the protection of the rights of it citizen is inherent and is
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a matter that necessarily any responsible government would apply itself to clearly growing tension between 3 countries. 2 of them with a population of more than 100000000 people and another with a population of 40000000 is very concerning. but the security council is unlikely to take any direct action. diplomats tell me they hope this meeting will force the 3 countries back into african union, lead mediation, james bay's ouch is era at the united nations. so come here on algebra. we look at why continuing attacks from armed groups in northern nigeria, putting millions at risk of salvation. stormy weather hits, new york, starting subways, turning roadways integrated ah, ah,
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it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. they've been some spectacular thunderstorm drumming around central europe recently, and they will be more today and tomorrow, more or less running the same lines over germany for poland, for austria and event shifting, move north into the southern baltic, go around this area of low pressure now around that is quite warm, sunny face. hot for many nice. you're particularly in the south. further west. it's still disappointing, but better than it was, but the sunshine, an awful lot of showers and proper rain running in slowly towards southern ireland in the far west of france. that's the picture during friday. these orange centers here might suggest the heaviest writing has been flash funding from that this. now the overlay is the temperatures fairly, obviously if it's going to be red, is pretty much on the hot side and these temperatures are high. not quite, but almost recalled breaking, for example, in vilnius,
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the record is actually 36. that was certainly what above the average of 24 triggers . sudden country on sunday night and in the midst rain, it is quite warm and it's getting hot seville 42 isn't not surprising. 47, it's a record, but madrid, it's a different story. the record here is 42, but we can yet to 41. as a full cost or a fatty windy sunday, sponsored pay cut on airways joined the debate. do not have maxine reaching those who are mostly nice and amplify your voice. it allowed a diverse community in how an array of different stories, no topic. it's off the table, it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new, wasted, the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. oh,
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the me. you're watching al jazeera, her reminder of our top story, missiles, columbia. as government says early investigations indicate retired members of the military were involved in the assassination of haiti's president jovan l. t t please choose the 28th attackers have been identified but officials are still looking for at least i can tell a bon times that now controlled 85 percent of the country. a delegation for the group is visiting moscow that has a short rushes. foreign ministry will not violate any international this is john had urged the un security council to act of the controversial negative. ethiopia is
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building on the nile river. they raised economic and security concerns about the project says the us shouldn't be involved in south korea will raise covered $900.00 restrictions to the highest level in the capital on monday. as it faces what appears to be its worst wave of the virus. the measures will also apply to some neighboring regions, a sole school. the balls will be coast restaurants will only be allowed, limited seating. the country has reported its biggest daily role as a new infections. one leading help, official is warning numbers could double by the end of july coordinate, you go to all the countries in the worst infection crisis with daily numbers rich in record highs every day. there been more than 500 daily cases in soul for the last 3 days. and for the 5 cases and the greatest sol area, we have reached the conclusion the bold decisions and swift executions are the only
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solution. south korea isn't the only country in asia that seeing a surgeon cases several a thing, a troubling rise and deaths and infections. the highly contagious delta variance is being blamed for that. and there are concerns that hospitals won't be able to cope . look to dan fisher is a professor in the infectious diseases division at the national university of singapore. he's also the chairman of the world health organizations outbreak alert and response networks joined just by skype from singapore. thank you for your time . so as i've been saying, parts of asia really struggling right now, some in the 3rd waves is all down to the delta variant, or are there other factors that play to thanks kim. yeah. this, there's several factors of play and there's, there's probably different reasons in, in different countries. and i think if you, if you look at south korea, for instance, they've had cases through most of the and they've never tried to get to 0. so,
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so really it's, it's about the number of existing people, the number of existing daily cases growing. and i think that's probably partly fatigue. partly partly delta, but, but then there's other countries, for instance, malaysia that it was doing very well based on its border controls. and once those were breached in the 2nd half of last year, then we really found that the, using that their public health interventions, they've had trouble sort of putting the cat back in the bag you feel like. so these problems happened in malaysia or delta. how do you think lockdown or increased measures in general? i guess will be received in sort of lower income countries already really feeling the economic impact of the last year. yeah, it's really challenging him. you need to look at the, the, the majors to control coded,
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come down to those public health measures. the contact tries thing, the foreign planing, the testing them as the border controls them as the social restrictions and then those back thing. so obviously, once there's many cases inside the country than, than the border controls, i'm not so relevant. most of these countries have got back to the same rights in single digits still. so they're really on the left with the public health system which is challenging and a lot of low and middle income countries. and then the social restrictions on the social restrictions, generally main, lots of lots of income. and i don't even know if many of these countries have capacity for income replacement. so, so all of the for mechanisms to control coded are actually being solely tested in, in these countries. i want to ask you and i know it's very difficult. no one has a crystal ball, but i am interested in your assessment of what the next sort of 6 to 9 months might
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look like in the sense that some countries are still going for this eradication strategy. i'm thinking of new zealand but, but most of the world is just trying to tampa the virus down to manageable levels. so how want that all play out? yes sir. so every country knows where it is now, and i know where they're going to be in, in a certain amount of time for singapore, with thinking it's the end of the year. seems to think it's, it's very eminent. but, but you need to work out a strategy to traverse from the current state into that future stage where, where cockburn's, endemic, and, and your strategy, particularly the countries you mentioned with eradication, which is really china, australia, new zealand. these countries that have gone to 0, a going to have to work out at what point can i age those social and,
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and border restrictions and allow their virus in this, this will be very testing because if you've got a cluster when 50 percent of vaccinated, you know you're not ready, 50 percent, not enough, but you also know it's a different game. so there'll be a lot of pressure to not keep doing all the shutdowns and mess testing so. so these countries have got a particular challenge. in fact, every country's got a, a challenge to, to work out there. they're sort of in game for the, for the pandemic. what do you think we're going to see when all of the social distancing all these mosque measures, they finish in the likes of the u. k. we've had warnings from the world health organization that we shouldn't be rushing towards the end of this pandemic, but it's not over yet. what do you think we're going to see as a result? well, i would much rather say a stepwise approach. i find a staggering,
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i think he can throw up everything suddenly because because there's still a lot of people not vaccinated, we don't really know everything about the delta variance. and i think there's lots of steps in between that could give the community a lot of relief without saying let's, let's um, do everything so. so i think can i, i think this is the tricky. been some countries want to do it urgently. others will be very conservative and of course other countries are even ready yet because the vaccination right up to lower singapore is about 65 percent one job 40 percent to jobs with not, not, not rushing. i think we're not going to get to 60 plus. yeah. there's, there's a lot for the pick up. i thank you for your time. talk to dale. we appreciate remnants of hurricane also have left parts of new york city on the water. several subway stations were flooded with police rescuing thousands of people. video said
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on social media showed cause partially submerged, and resident waiting through. wait. on average of 11 people die every minute from hunger and mount malnutrition, the charity, oxfam, reports that more people dying then from covered 19 charity estimates. 155000000 people don't know where or when the next meal is coming from. as 20000000 more people than last year. worn conflict, mostly to blame that it's all now made worse by the pandemic. mass unemployment and severe disruptions to food production have seen prices jump by up to 40 percent. the highest rise in more than a decade. in nigeria, armed group violence and kidnappings are affecting the farming industry which people rely on for their livelihoods. of interest reports from the northwest and state of casino, running out of options. thomas in northern nigeria,
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i increasingly turning to urban spaces to cultivate crops or motor to them are totally and others like him. i know planting crops and residential areas in the city. the land may not be particularly suitable for agriculture, but he or his family will at least get something out. obviously, habits that will kind of remind me when you can see how the land is. but when you are start from farming, being the only occupation you know and has a family to feed them, sees any opportunity that comes away. that's what we are trying to do here. before fleeing his village because of attacks by gunman, he was harvesting 50 to 60 bags annually. not enough to feed the family, but he says enough to just survive this year. there was struggle to get 5 percent of that much of farming activity as nigeria is in the hands of small farmers trying to feed their families. and those are the hardest it by violence from boat or bandits and kidnappers agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens,
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a serial production belt. if it's steep decline in some states, access to fata land, frank by almost 60 percent because of attacks by groups. but we're the reduced, i've put, comes for shortages and higher prices and it's also heating those selling local produce at the local market, lack of supplies and poor demand. i put in many traders out of business with them. well, i know that we're not happy that the price of food is so expensive, much of the grains we sell here come from other state when you factor in transportation and the risk prices should normally go up. we have 2 extra se desperate times lie ahead and the government is running out of time and options lose that, you know, live on their farms, def assistance promise. i will be absolutely without food. and the other greater number of off,
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i'm us over 80 percent. which means that at least at least about 60 percent. oh, up to dish and i like you to go without food without anything in the store for tomorrow. and that is definitely an assessment. humanitarian agencies agree with aid worker say, the continued violence has put the lives of millions in my area and other countries of the region at risk. so strangely 19 that i didn't buy the tree has been targeting the groves yet attacks and kidnapping of villages continue. and many of those who depend on agriculture to feed their families cannot now access their phones. degrees, algae, zeta, kevin, half the population in south sudan is also facing hunger and is an urgent need of 8 . it's one of the challenges of the country, which is mocking 10 years since it gained independence from saddam from any there's
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not much to celebrate on this anniversary. millions of people is still displaced of civil war that killed hundreds of thousands. hermit tulsa has this report from cuba, john cox, it is, people voting overwhelmingly to the seed from sudan 10 years ago wasn't a mistake. it's what happened to south to don afterwards that broke him the war in 2013. when another round of fighting in 2016 has left him traumatized, it will not only do as had been we had our collect, my brother. we have get. even during the stuck with my brother, though it also kills. when it did repeat itself, it was about a things are now relatively calm. i like previous t steals that,
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failed. some people hope the unity government set up last will hold it for former rebel lee, the react. michelle fornia, the 1st vice president along with for ever vice president, president salva kit and michelle are once again trying to work together and to the elections in 2023 politicians. hope this transitional period encourages refugees and internally displaced people to return to their homes. thousands of people live here and this is just one of many camp across out the door. there's no running water and not enough food, meaning fat and you say they don't know how long they going to be and going home for several of them is not an option because live insecurity in some parts of the country. after that flood drought and into communal violence. children born often the payments have never known peace aid was to say the mediterranean crisis is listening. these are some of our greatest concern. certainly there's a food insecurity. crisis in south sudan,
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1400000 children are going to be nourished this year, the highest number in years. the key parts of the peace agreement are still to be implemented. these include establish a unified national army made of opposition and government forces. the people of south done telling their leadership that look, we tired of war, nobody once will any more. if there are some feel political leaders who are saying that they would go and mobilize some of our citizens so that they cause a fight. because they want to be leaders of this country. i don't think they will get the audience from the property. the new coalition government is trying to rebuild, focusing on various developmental and infrastructure projects. as new buildings go up in some parts of the country, united a bitterly divided mation building trust and making sure it's safe enough for everyone affected by conflict to return home. it's going to be much more difficult how to talk to algebra.


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