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some feel political leaders who think that they would go and mobilize some of our citizens so that they cause a fight because they want to be leaders of this country. i don't think they will get the audience from the public. the new coalition government is trying to rebuild, focusing on various developmental and infrastructure projects. as new buildings go up in some parts of the country, united a bitterly divided nation building trust and making sure it's safe enough for everyone affected by conflict to return home is going to be much more difficult. how to talk to you about an african american teenager has been crowned winner of the us national spelling bee for the 1st time in the competition history, n u r a y that is the 14 year old zeiler of god from louisiana. one, the event of the correctly felling maria a sub category of floods avant garde who was also accomplished basketball,
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player 3 can as well as records football trip thing. an incredible young woman. ah, the top stories, columbia governments has retired members of military will not be involved in the assassination of haiti's. president juvenile. stacy's police chief says $28.00 attack is it's been identified. but officials are still looking for at least 8 more my resume in response to the assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of the fact. initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens, retired members of the national army. we've given instruction by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to
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clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the republic of haiti. present survive and says american troops will leave afghanistan by august the 31st. he insists the u. s. has achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years of war. but the withdrawal comes as the telephone continued to see more territory. the un security council has discussed the controversial make a damn that in the opium building on the nile. egypt and saddam have raised economic and security concerns about the projects. if you see it says the message should be discussed, that the african union, south korea is raising corona virus restrictions and soul to the highest level starting monday. it's reported its biggest daily rise in new infections. when you come here on algebra this day, whether of next is inside stories, ceasing blue phase, most common site in city centers around britain,
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but as lockdown, the lucid people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come. an ongoing nightmare for the environment. this video shows stuff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded later. it's a face mask, made a plastic. now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable mosse didn't realize they were using single use prospects, researches at university college, london. so if every person in the u. k. used one despite almost every day for a year, it would create $124000.00 tons of waste, half of which would be and recyclable, the factory that trying to provide an alternative financial viral coaching. like other such mosques can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to be part of many people's lives, at least in the short term, whatever. calling the way that being urged to consider where it comes from and where it will end up. fears of more turmoil after haiti's president is assassinated
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. the country was already struggling with political infighting, violence and natural disaster. so, what could happen next? and what were you in need to intervene again? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammered. jim show me the assassination of haiti's president is the latest upheaval for the poorest country in the americas. unknown gunman rated jovan l. marie says home in the capital port prompts killing him and wounding his wife. police say they've killed 4 suspects and arrested 2 others. prime minister called joseph, announced a state of siege lasting 2 weeks, but it's unclear who is now in charge. as moines had named another man to replace
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joseph people, we've spoken to in haiti say they fear more chaos lies ahead. rosalind jordan reports the family of haitian president shows no moiz will not be able to hold an open casket. funeral assassin shot him several times and the head in front of his wife and daughter. early on. one day later that night, police arrested these 2 men in the patriot vill neighborhood of photo plants. they killed 4 other suspects. 3 officers were briefly held hostage during the raid voices killing, upset local residence for you after you've got with somebody. imagine we live in this area close to the precedent. even when we have problem to the precedent, we can't imagine. they will kill him like this. comes with them. i heard something go, boom, like an earthquake. i thought something under the soil had been turning. the interim prime minister urged patients to remain called study pictures.
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i have already spoken about this date of the seas declared. the president's body has already been transported into them all in the copy, told. the 1st lady is out of danger and has been seated in florida as pitt, the latest information. his date is stable, moist job came as he was in the middle of a political crisis. parliament had been suspended for the past 2 years. and opponents accused moiz of trying to undermine the constitution. the u. s. back boys as decision to stay in power for one more year, just so long as elections took place on time. lot more information, but the very worst. even as the investigation begins into our prime minister, close, joseph and the man moiz had picked to succeed him. are fighting over who's in charge moiz, his widow marcin was flown to the us to recover from her injuries. but haiti's border
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with the dominican republic is now closed. authorities have shut down the airport until further notice. raising questions about how haiti will recover from this attack on the body politic was on jordan al jazeera washington. haiti has been in political and financial turmoil for years. gang violence and kidnappings are common, particularly in the capital puerto problems. inflation is high, food and fuel scarce and almost 60 percent of the population makes less than $2.00 a day. haiti has also suffered a series of disasters including an earthquake in 2010 the destroyed major infrastructure a hurricane in 2016. and obviously most recently, the corona virus pandemic. political instability had led to thousands of protesters taken to the streets recently to demand presidential ven, elmo eastern resignation. ah, all right for more and all this i'm joined by our guests in washington dc. is jenna
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been you who the president and ceo of the trauma, national security project and former 80 analyst for the u. s. department of state in new york, san jar ski, a reporter for the haitian times. and also in washington d. c. jake johnston, senior research associate at the center for economic policy research, and lead author of the organizations blog on haiti relief and reconstruction a warm welcome to you. all, sam, let me start with you today. who exactly is in charge in a haiti right now? is it inter and prime minister quad joseph? and i asked that because a new prime minister ariel henry had been appointed a few days back. but he hadn't yet been sworn in. correct? that's correct, and i believe he was. he was expected to be sworn in later this week after after a week with a fascinated but but claud. joseph, the interim prime minister is currently running the country at the moment. yes. and do you believe that?
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quite joseph has the political legitimacy to be able to run the country or will there be, you know, more political scuffles about who exactly is going to take charge going forward. i would, i would definitely expect to see more conflict over over who's in charge. i know ariel henry, who was the man who was nominated to become prime minister by marquiz. he's also claimed that he's the rightful prime minister and then it's his government. so i yes i my definitely expect more. more conflict going forward, jeanette. there are growing calls for the international community and especially the united states to step in and do more to put it into the violence in haiti and the political crisis in haiti. what are international actors and more specifically the us in a position to do at this point? well, thank you, mohammed and good morning. the situation on the ground is highly unstable. the un
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here to council need this afternoon and an emergency meeting. there are a couple of possibilities for what might happen. it's important that we recognize this really as haiti, 2nd earthquake, the 1st being geographical dating back into 2010. and the 2nd being political. this really is that devastating. i think it's possible we might be something akin to what we saw in the aftermath of president work of an air receipts departure, and 2004, which was the issuance of a re month interim stabilization force that became the predecessor for what ultimately was the peacekeeping operation, it was on the ground for 13 years. that's a possibility until we see something like that. i think we can expect more calls to com. you mentioned the peacekeepers who had withdrawn. do you expect that they will actually make a return? and if that does happen, who needs to make the request? how does this happen? going forward?
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fell minister on ground for 13 years. they laughed about 4 years ago. it wasn't a perfect situation. it brought some modicum of stability. but we'll recall that of the $13000000000.00, the foreign assistance that was provided by the international community from the earthquake. and that extended beyond that have very little to show that in the peacekeeping. operation was certainly deeply flawed with widespread accusations, criminal accusations of sexual assault, a cholera epidemic from nepalese peacekeepers on ground. i think there is a reluctance to return to a full fledged peacekeeping operation. there is some haiti fatigue that can't be understated or overstated, rather ready international community. there's been sustain presence on ground for the better part of 2 decades in some way, shape or form. so i do think there is a call, the certainly be the dynamic or so urgent that will be some forcible call for a presence of some sort on the ground to bring
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a modicum of stability. we need to see some they know from the haitian government, but again, as my colleague here, nope, there is real question as to who is in charge. so we're in a bit of uncharted territory here. jake, you had written a piece in which you discussed how the u. s. would be better suited to change at policies toward haiti. what do you think from your purch needs to happen? how does the u. s. need to change its policies toward haiti? yeah, i think in the most immediate read to me, it's clear another intervention from the international community or from the us would be a disaster. right? i mean, you look at have a history of this has been a history for an intervention, overturning election, supporting to, to todd's putting military troops in the ground. when you look at the situation today and the crisis that you described in the deteriorating economic situation, security situation, etc. this is much a product of international interventions and international policy has anything else, right? so to look to them for a solution, think, you know,
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is really misguided. i think, you know, again, yes, haiti as you know, in the situation of political uncertainty today. right. but he was in a position of political uncertainty before the assassination of president believe his own mandate was contested. there have been calls for his resignation and for a transitional government for some time. and i think the most important part today, and the important thing moving forward is to listen to those voices and hated civil society organizations, especially who have been unanimous and quite clear about what they want to see going forward. right. and that doesn't involve for an intervention, but involves putting together a credible and non partisan transitional government to oversee returned to democracy. because again, this democracy did not disappear with the assassination of president luis. it has been undermined for many, many years, including by these 4 and actors, jake, you're talking about the undermining of democracy that's been going on for a long time. in haiti, of course have been growing calls for elections to be held. elections were supposed to happen in september. do you see that timeline being adhered to at this stage? no, i dog. and i mean,
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i don't think even those who are saying they support the elections. truly believe that they are able to do this right? this has been, you know, it's been an ongoing debate and discussion for some time this push forward to elections and we talk about a change in us policy. i think this is specifically what i was referring to, the national actors over the last 6 months have been insistent that despite the lack of conditions are free and fair elections on the ground in haiti that elections must go forward. right. i think this help contribute to the crisis and really ratchet up tensions and push the, the nation to this, to this point we're in today. right. and so it to them come out the day after this and, and just act as if this hasn't changed the situation or hasn't changed that dynamic . again, i think this is, this is moving towards a very dangerous situation. if they continue to call for elections in the near future, sam, you know, there's been so much reporting about how gang violence and, and kidnappings have surged under the tenure of president mcgee's. i want to ask 1st, why was that the case? and secondly, i want to ask you just how bad is the situation for haitian citizens?
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i mean, how fearful are they right now from the gangs who were out on the streets claiming more territory? how fearful are they that they could get kidnapped at any time? well yeah, i mean the situation is definitely worse. and over the past, over the past year, i think people are, are much more reticent about about going outside there. they're hanging, staying in their homes more. and i was definitely the case mediately after the assassination, where the streets were pretty quiet in many areas. so yes, definitely. i'm a climate of fear. but you know, this issue with the gangs, the, like i'm, it's definitely been getting worse. i'm over the past several years as the economic conditions in the country have, have deteriorated. and what are you hearing right now from sources on the ground about the instability, about the fear. you know that,
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that is there right now because of this house nation. i mean, what kind of stuff you're hearing from people on the ground in different parts of haiti. what i've heard is that people, you know, people want a national dialogue. right now. i people, one, all the different actors in the country to come together and create and create a stable environment for, for elections. they're fearful about. i'm about what's to come about the situation right now. and you know, i don't, i don't think people trust, you know, the current forces in charge to organize incredible. i'm incredible process for elections right now. jen. i, i saw you nodding along to some of what sam was saying there. did you want to jump in? yeah, i think it sounds right on the money there, haiti needs to ultimately call this political crisis on its own and come to an electoral outcome that is supported by the haitian people. absolutely. but i
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would differ with with jake on this point. i think it's virtually impossible to guarantee a process that would be widely viewed as credible absence, some sort of external internationally supported process. before we even get to election though, we really should be talking about some kind of stabilization mechanism to keep the peace on the ground. i think there is a very high propensity for widespread political violence. gangs are armed to the teeth, the police have been over run in recent months by games. there have been a number of gruesome killings of police officers. we just can't really capture the full extent of the political crisis. that as jake rightly notes have been ongoing for some time, so before we can get to talk of haiti solving a political future, which of course it must in order for it to be tenable and sustainable in the long
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term. we need as stabilisation aspect to calm elements on the grounds that kids can go to school for the businesses can reopen the airport, the border remain closed and we need to investigate into who was behind the mercenary attack. well, that brings me to a follow up question jen, i mean, you're talking about the need for investigation who conducts the investigation. and quite frankly, at this point with so much political instability in haiti is the government there. you know, in any type of position to conduct some kind of a thorough credible investigation. while as of yesterday, the feed room spokesperson, net price had said that us was ready to offer support, but had not yet received an official request. i suspect some sort of request may be forthcoming in everybody's interest, including both sides, your claim rightful heir to the throne. if you well to have an independent external
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investigation, the credibility brought by and they depend 3rd party elements to conduct that investigation. i think will be very important. putting aside what i think is the reality that there is not an indigenous capability to conduct the kind of sophisticated investigation that is required in the political dynamics on the ground. jake, you know, there are those who say that president always was a target because he was cleaning to power because he was acting as an autocrat would and trying to expand his power. there are others who say that he was a target because of the reforms that he wanted to implement. which of those scenarios is more likely? yeah, like, i mean, i think it's important to know what i mean. anything about motivations or responsibility here is pure speculation, right? and i think, you know, we really need to take to take some time and to get more information. right. and not sort of feed into that, that rush to judgment. you know, i think going back to this issue of security,
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right. and i think it's really impossible to separate the security situation, the situation with the gangs, from the political situation itself, right? it has been political conflicts that are feeding the insecurity situation that have led to the politicization of the police. where there are open factions warring with one another within the police again with, with politicians and elite groups funding both sides of gang conflict and game warfare port prints. right? so, to try and address the security situation without addressing the political situation . you know, again, i think would be a misguided effort. again, creating the space for asian lead dialogue for that process to take place. i think will have a dramatic impact on the security side of things. you know, even absent any international intervention. jacob, we talk about the political dimension, the security dimension, we have to also talk about the humanitarian landscape there in haiti. i mean, just how dire is it right now, and how much has all of this instability and this power vacuum and the constitutional crisis and everything else is going on there, contributed to the suffering of patient people. no doubt the situation is extremely
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top. you've got over 4000000 people food insecure right now. but i think, you know, this is not just a product of recent political instability, this in the product of decades. and even centuries of political power and economic power being concentrated, important prints, and greatly excluding and ignoring the rest of the country and the needs of the rest of the country. and i think also a product of the focus on international action. when you look at the fights for power and puerto prince, asian politicians are competing for the interest of washington. if auto of paris, they're not competing for the interest of asian people, right? because they've seen who controls power and who gets to choose asian leaders, right. and it hasn't been the haitian people throughout history, it's been these international actors. and if we want to see, you know, a representative government, something that can actually address the interest of the majority of the population, that's what's going to have to change. sam, how much anger had president always been facing from the public over his attempt to hold on to power? well,
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i think it's been building ever since ever since. pretty much the start of his term on november 7th. on november 2017, when the senate prob, implicated him and others around him and corruption with the petro caribbean money, which was granted to the haiti i'm. it was alone from venezuela to, to purchase oil, so as far as popular protest in 2018. and then again, i'm in 2019 so that you know, that popular anger has definitely been building over the years of his ministration . does it look to you like right now? there will be more anger directed toward the government will protest continue? is it going to be a wait and see, i mean, from your vantage point, what do you think are some possibilities there? well, like i touched on earlier, i don't think, i don't think there's going to be a lot of trust in this process as it's, you know, and as being organized by,
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by the current government. so, you know, we're just trying to organize. i'm a constitutional referendum later this year. it's currently scheduled for september 26th. and that was also that also drew protests earlier this year. so you know, i, i could definitely see. i see more on rest of that process, goes forward. jeanette, how much concern is there right now among regional leaders and how might this impact the region the americas? while we saw that the, the dominican republic was very quick to close that border, which admittedly is like locking your front door with a screen door. it's a pretty porous border. some setbacks remain at large. there is some question as to whether they are there might be some possibility that the suspect had fled to the dominican republic. so that was the 1st reaction that we saw in the early hours following the attack. we've seen expressions of some to be and concern for me
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throughout the region. but again, as my colleagues of noted, the real capacity for support is going to confirmation. like the united states and from canada, in addition to european partners that have been long standing, we saw the initial expressions of concerns from the organization of american states or sub regional body that addresses the america, that the capacity of regional actors to respond in this environment is going to be very, very limited, and that's why i think all lives are on the un security council emergency session. is there any concern among those regional leaders about this state of emergency or state of siege that's been declared, whether or not it has the potential to make things worse? well, we've got 15 days, right, and it is a fact of li martial law. and the interim government, whoever that may be and will continue to assert themselves in that capacity, give them 15 days to create an environment in which they have widespread authority
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to conduct investigations, shut down protests that will be looking for additional displays. the force on the ground and the dynamics surrounding that. the question i think really becomes, what happens after the 15 day period. haiti has a history as do other nations in the region, in particular, and central america, or extending these kinds of emergency decrees or extended periods of time. so looking together for that daymark, what happens after that and what comes out of the security council session later this afternoon and i think both will be tele and pay the path forward. so look for that 2 week mark, jake, is there any chance at this point that mr. joseph would go to the opposition? would try to work out some kind of a deal going forward. or is there a possibility that some type of transitional government could be put in place in a climate where things are so politically divide it you know, look,
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i mean it again, i think it's important to note that this didn't begin with the assassination of president voice right, again, there have been these ongoing discussions that was why there was a new prime minister nominated, right, was to try and, you know, get, get some things, moving to appeal to certain actors within the opposition. right. so i think, you know, we're after look at a few things. one is this conflict between closure staff and real re, right. but also, i think in the, in the bigger sense of things, the underlying political dynamics are still there. right. and we'll still drive drive. what comes next? so we're talking about, you know, a certain actors push for elections and other actors calling for a transitional government, right? i think at this point it's really unfeasible to expect elections later this year. and that makes the negotiations over transitional government inevitable jane, and we don't have a whole lot of time left, but i saw you reacting somewhat. jake was saying there. so i want to give you the last word here. i think it's going to be virtually impossible to imagine
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a dynamic in which suddenly a transitional government is possible without additional support externally. as jake note, there has been a deep political crisis ongoing for years. so the heinous and an expected assassination of the sitting president is not going to bring about a kind of political piece, if you will. if anything, it's going to flame tension and make what was already near. impossible, all the more challenging. i think we really need to manage expectations here and what we can hope for in the near term is a modicum of com. all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thank you so much to all of our guess gentlemen who to sandwich our ski and jake johnston and thank you to for watching. you can see this and all of our previous programs again, any time by visiting our website, algebra dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at ha,
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