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why self res, just council festival. now to me the wrong cut into the tub. stories are just there. columbia, as government has initial investigations indicate retired members, bits military are involved in the fascination of hasty president, termino, loyce official say, some of the attack has happened, identified the authorities are still looking for at least 8 people. now we see in response to the assassination of the haitian president, today, interpol has officially requested information from the colombian government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of the fact. initially the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national
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army. we've given instruction by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts, immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the republic of haiti. the security council has discussed the controversial megan them, that if europe is building on the nile, egypt answered on have raised economic and security concerns about the project. if you're p, it says the method should be discussed at the african union. years president joe biden says american troops will leave afghanistan by august 31st in 50 u. s. as achieved its objectives of nearly 20 years of war. but the withdrawal comes is a taller bon, continues to see more territory south korean res creative restrictions to the highest level in the capital full and some neighboring regions. from monday the country reported its biggest daily rise in new cases. and this phase numbers could double by the end of july. the delta variant has filled the 3rd with reported
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infections of the strain tripling. and just one week an african american teenager has been crowned, went out of the u. s. national spelling bee for the 1st time in the competitions, 96 year history, n u r r a y. that is the 14 year old a lot, haven't gotten the we've won the event of the correct spelling, mariah, a subculture, great diploma. and god, who is also an accomplished basketball player, describe spelling as a hobby, despite routinely practicing a 7 hours a day. those are headlines. the news continues after i was there a world the news
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news news with me i do. ready
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was one of the founders of the palestine liberation organization the palo and the right hand man of its chairman. yes. he was shot dead by israeli agent since june is here in april 1988 for nearly 25 years. israel refused to acknowledge its role in the operation, but in 2012 its admitted carrying out the assassination. a rare admission of responsibility for an extra judicial killing in his family. friends and supporters were just dropped on data. lucille
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i have none of your candidate with them. nice. i had job a lot of one most likely not a citizen in your social on a italy, man. laudermill said us and lived little knows also had this fear of other homes up in the hall or at the cotton governor called the one with me. the truth eventually came out in an israeli newspaper interview by the soldier who said he killed the publication in israel. of the details of the killing of a major palestinian figure offered
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a rare glimpse into his railey covert operation. what had been an open secret was now in the public domain. so over in charlotte corporation, which we service must look like either the smart records in schmidt and was too long to look involved. and i'm not sure what she traditionally for she was, she really was charlottesville. we don't even don't be for them. i need to ask a couple of on sooner to try to get much manifold. you know, when the voltage to know what happened to me or when she brought up, they own a lot of them unless, i mean
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for the 1st time, the exact details of the operation were out in the open. the israeli hit squad, had apparently travelled to gene easier by see what the law school to me in to see what it took to not do for him. she took the little girl who, who to call him and she is willing to help you out with them in the room when a man should come of the women rushing the court
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and she will eventually she will see the motion. we should be good to go on with change a love. so the, the home is it shall ever shift commando. i mean, for service on saturday, the hon showing here to get if i go to the shop, it's closer to the charlotte. she'll let you know. she lives in the time she had a little some of my stomach was going to give no, she would have to
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i having arrived outside the house and killed the security guard. the schools next priority was to establish that she had was inside the israelis had put together an elaborate plan designed to confirm the palestinians presence, without alerting him. ah ready. when this was a high risk operation, an om destination team was operating on foreign soil with a mission to kill a high profile, arab figure,
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and escape undetected. the stakes could not have been higher. oh hello, come on to the phone and know that you left the hand phase of the dumpster mode, or fy 16 will start with the graphical fight. my son in law is on the phone. heck, my phone. so how come i thought you had my over my limit, my toners look back. i know that even if marshals i know hello fabric but lou and i have you been to 11 and then and i should go to the and the la exceeded my food. but as for my food muscles,
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show me the israeli arrest of the palestinian lawyer fires of rock ma was deployed to ensure that he would you would be on the phone, which most of them the commander force had already poked about. she had had fallen into the tramp outside the house. the commandos were given the confirmation. they needed to move in going in the extra judicial killing res. several questions. did israeli intelligence and the military act alone? or did they get local assistance from influential figures inside gene easier?
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man, now you model my something. well then what the cam has been between is from comes from 11. i will see of tone know kind of one of them i was so i was clear the calling for my going to have been number one that i would you had house was in city booth said a residential area where diplomats and politicians live. i could have written it out the whole bit laughable mention all region for mcafee. and i'm, you know, i'm sub shadley libby going to be separated elaborately from the jettas, john kenton, mac over and i'm going to get him to let him. and another thing i'm another has 30 minutes of a dummy to look at the register for you to the a lot of them and within
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a few or so for that new model for interested or fee. i mean, when this melissa for movement 11. so for huge turns are configured ah, we're going to see that even though it's a month to month, i was had no other real life for linda health. and i'm the best how elena this one from one to any pre has or my have feel want to be a min, the toners will must have nurse and i for the minutes my head of school fee because it's the love of it. i'm the you the way we want the had and what about the see the was hate will be 60 at the middle of the thoughts. yeah. unlimited admitted
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masturbate in the, in the israeli operation had taken months of planning with the hit squad training in a replica of abu jihad villa built in haifa. the mockup was so similar that the distance from the beach to the house was exactly the same. ah, lose my little i know a lot of the service being or do you have the dealership is young a really nice n l for the family with many with many i live with the service. i'm really it's an
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a p ed. i was hoping that maybe you can possibly send a read. yeah, me spend my time sheets. see the was a bit. can we check lin left at the been as you may have a come sheet? miller. yeah. i mean, what, what, i know them that kind of live in that they have to live with the short the end where lynette the g, d. c. the had a few very can you know, with massage to lieberman jimmy and then with it in a few years. i hate it. it was a be any old. we never used the in the ivr not to her. the mother was he was a b. do me you any sorta sorta and whether that ever messa said that the law
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can feed how to talk to her about any kind what had what had to be met them, what had missed and i know i had or country so yada. i'm going to see your philosophy. i thought him took a little month to allow for refresh. charlotte in nevada. can less and what phone call list? i'm the one of up. fuck it off. well listen, how does that don't seem to have it as elected me. there were other questions to over the deployment of security guards and an
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interruption to the power supply and said, we did, i'm in this bill. i had the you can. yes. i mean, usually you know, how are the geron mendel enough of yet and of the organ i did municipal. so you can, you can, how does amendment mean? how does when bought the stuff it and how does that mean amendments i started harassing definitely in doesn't at sunset on the day of the raid. there was a power failure. well look at my lemon. i know the 1st bit has 5th to pull that up to mother baton. is much in the tone effect. ma well, so what up to them and barrier i a french family living next door,
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raise the alarm deck. i hear frontier work as a short, but no fear. i'm doing this. not all a bit in front of me. if i don't see him belive of having us alarm left here. what telephone? so, so it's the telephone plus what mr. lamina left, the artificial telephone console done in the philistine in under the snow. 200 and the kind of gotten back in my head for ms. kennedy and i'm our family and i at santa mckenzie. i'm and let me run that later, but later my vehicle over to him out there, but i'm,
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i'm can i 3 or my this of ours and i so profiles of the yes, yes. so the, so i want to have that i cannot sort of have those mama easy how they apply that. that telephone probably had the easiest to for the, for the ho, oh well, you know where to go. if the hello melissa, i had the share phone lives with him as well. hello enough. yeah, i never don't my why had get sick and i'm, i can me,
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me and you can please you have up. well, i'm and up with all in the vomit need and the mom she was in the see if i don't see any of them a lot of little was you were the middle a flipper to mo, walk, you know what him and i don't see i but i get what i mean, dilemma. she will be shalean, oma d and older. just g and what they were feel afternoon. yeah. different g than and them at the feet of which he had the most sad. that was just yet. i love the way i had the letter letter in the middle of the sheet that we had a good the melinda, good them, and one of them, a detail for us. and he was jacqueline,
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the butler for minimal couldn't let that hasn't had that out with him. for living with had had little really any, and me on a lie and daughter bother me about it. and i was in the m a. so if you my when i come and i don't want to see what's going on with our do not bonus, let me know what are you touched when the chef would deliver the voc that he can hold that they will offend here, can on that live the little by my can see when the see, if you had alarm lamp up our for little, can you see why, why alam so bad enough? he can like the jekyll, but there was a little gravity alone was going on and
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good luck tomorrow. love to learn how to santa and i'll probably not that it was own last year or the country either to answer for the on one and i filled it in or she just started to know like how to levels meandra island palm 150 of his massage packet packet and we're have this was a long national as for when i had is i massage ah ah
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said the body shop i was up and know had the can. who will for the other for having some in missouri. i was, i love the i a oh, hello, mature hunter. what was the salon one before we got over to my head in one can you can free amity itself, whiteman, hated the food. let michelle let. he cannot see us. he was, he had an lubo at that moment a that was, you know, while the hello my said get myself along with legs. are the model of a lack in a few more i legit it was you heard alec and to the mom and let me can had the cookie on on the hold about that school that much or i would had you read and you will be much. lon, csc. your home family ask any adult. oh,
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gee, had uncompromising politics, clearly cost him his life. but it's never really been clear why the israeli government chose to wait 25 years before admitting responsibility for his killing. perhaps the passage of time was enough. or israel wanted to send a message to the pillow in 2012 about the scale of its military reach. on june easy as involvement. there is no shortage of allegations. but precious little hard evidence. the extra judicial killing of hollywood was the boot she had was controversial. and even with the revelations in the israeli newspaper interview still remains shrouded in mystery. do i
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just see the world unpaid? the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners, as recalled, fine mediators and players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchange. on out his ear. the who's probably once again, welcome to another look at the international 4. can still get a chance. i want to shout into northern parts of a man. just run straight from las vegas, a little bit of cloud cropping up for much of the right the peninsula on dry sums it up. host up here in bo harder. i'm 46 celsius off the still further north q 8. and the back that at around 50 degrees, the heat just call me back
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a talk. just we go on through saturday here and go, ha ha ha. around 40 celsius the winds falling a little lighter, less than the web lifted. dustin sam, more in a way of humidity, one or 2 showers just around the caucasus. elsewhere, it is going to be dry, hot and sunny, then dry and sunny to 4, somalia, all the way showers. they're just around the opium hot as pushing a little further west with macey, one or 2 showers just around the rift valley as well over the next day or so. but i think as far as southern africa goes, the majority of any showers are going to be social shall, is just around central and northern parts of most and big pushing up to southern areas of tenseness and showers, to just around that eastern side of madagascar. but for south africa, it is january dry and sunny over the next couple of days cooler than it has been recently temperatures in cape town at around 16 celsius, over the next day or so. and the similar temperature, the portal isabel with
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the latest news as it breaks the level of intimidation over the media over the last couple of days has been met. the most journalists have been beaten with detailed coverage. the ongoing, covered 19 health emergency means the border remains close, disrupting the traditional us asylum process. from around the world, miami dade county officials will be inspecting it and other older high rise buildings, hoping to avoid another catastrophe on this sinking sands of miami beach. me ah ah
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okay, ah o i o o i o r g. oh ah ah
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ah, ah, oh i. okay, in for ramirez and molina families, the pain is unbearable. 4 of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. and neighbors and family members in states, they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister. but i mean, if i said the forces were obliged to defend that country from regular groups,
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i added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah, hey, he accuses a hit squad made up of colombians and americans assassinated president juvenile movies. several suspects have been arrested. ah, i'm kimbell, this is elders are alive from dell ha. also coming up. i will much send another generation america's toward i can stand president joe biden says the us military mission and.


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