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what it's like to be lebanese and color straightly home. once upon a time in punch bowl on al jazeera the news. ready wrong card endorse the top stories on how does arrow columbia, as government says initially, investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's present, giovano, voice. he was shot dead during arrayed at his home. on wednesday, he call home reports the very public display importer prints police load 2 men into the bed of a pickup truck. same day may be a part of the arm gang that allegedly assassinated president juvenile mo,
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either later paraded in front of the press, the outside of the police station were several suspects are being held in. angry crowd gathered, demanding the suspects, be turned over to them. those guys killed the president, we are going to make them suffer now that the police have found them and taken them to jail. we want them to burn today. the haitian police, you said the 28 attackers have been identified. 26 colombians and 2 americans of haitian descent. he said 8 were some of the run and 3 had been killed. and in a surprising turn, the colombian defense minister, acknowledged some of the suspects, had been in the colombian army in response to the assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of this act. so initially,
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the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we've given instructions by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the sister republic of haiti. this is all unfolded among a political backdrop of confusion about who is actually in charge. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call for elections to happen this year. and we believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected president, and we certainly continue to support haiti's democratic institutions. louise had been ruling by decree after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both claud, joseph and ariel henry, bow senior politicians claim they are in charge. haiti a desperately poor country where the corona virus is spreading. violence is surgeon
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and political uncertainty rules the day. and now international mystery of who assassinated the 53 year old president. and why had to call him al jazeera washington? the un security council has discussed the controversial mega them. that if you're building on the nile, egypt, and sued on have raised economic and security concerns about the project. if you're a p, a says the matter should be discussed, the african union us president joe biden says american troops will leave off harness on by august 31st into the u. s. as achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years of war. but to the withdraw comes as itala bon continues to seize more territory. south korea will raise cry of virus restrictions to the highest level in the capital soul and some neighboring regions. for monday, the country reported its biggest daily rise and new cases. and this phase numbers
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could double by the end of july, the delta variance has fuel the surge with reported infections of the strain tripling and just one week coordinated go to the countries in the worst infection crisis. daily numbers rich in record highs every day. there been more than 500 daily cases in soul for the last 3 days. and for the 5 cases and the greatest sol area, we have reached the conclusion, the bold decisions and swift executions are the only solution. australia's most popular city is tightening coded 19 restrictions. as the delta strain continues to spread. sydney's been in lockdown since late june, but cases continue to rise with 44 infections reported on friday. the largest daily rise since the current outbreak began last month. an extra 100 police have been deployed to patrol hotspot areas. those headlines. the news continues after our dessert world. ah
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ah do you. ready bury for $25.00 is ordered the killing of the pillows 2nd in come in and were they acting a love me i
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me. ah, this story begins in 1955 when a small group of palestinians attack to target and the go as a strip close to the border with israel. the middle have then i want is here, cannot buy it and know right? i'm in the right has a clue tack mckennon for yourself with them brought them behind the attack was hell. he was ia as abu g had he would go on to become a major figure in the palestinian resistance to israeli occupation, respected by his friends, but feared by his enemies. he was one of the 700000 palestinians, forced from their homes in 1948, in what they call the catastrophe,
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the founding of israel, the lovers who whose lo, travel mon monday and tell them you know, the model medina can just let me well, i thought i thought it well, but then i got a home computer full to the level new home and home. it was the whole less. i had to see what's up m all. hi, follow up loud. my hello. when enjoy minutes or so love for you. i'm going to be full of activity. how long will the one? well, my fee for a lopez for food. what free and why had from the fall of been know in the home i love have the out of all the all my love,
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the poor. it could take a lot. well, what i love sort of the hope is i found it to my daughter was for, for the room. this one is a mil boss or over the love that they can love him. we have the room the i'm be was in the whole slough for lack of a or i felt so here. i love for the next radical lover uplift the mother's in the for a month, little sub evans around yet it had the had is hey, i had a little of my dina, the little fucker trail after a college education in egypt. but she had moved to create where he worked to the teacher. there he met gsr artifact the start of a relationship which shaped the rest of his life. together they founded the fetter
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palestinian resistance movement in 1959. that at the back of my boss and my thumbs can as well, i'm a tucker, my mother, i'd love to get him can from room was the me when foot joined the palestine liberation organization. in 1967, a budget had became one of its leading figures. and for the next 2 decades, effectively the deputy to pillow chairman arafat he set up training camps in algeria for the power of military wing of sutter that would later undertake armed operations against israeli forces. and institutions
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were the pilot or b a n o l a n and then shot the deaf. a lot of them are totally thumb, limon with i bet. and with a ribbon with a stand alone with. and that's what i mean. tell me your name. during the 19 seventy's i would you had was behind several operations against israeli target's to many palestinians. he was a hero, a leader of the palestinian resistance movement. but israel he became an increasing threat level 5. such an initial it was when i me, so i
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in june 1982. israel invaded lebanon in a confrontation, led to the pillow being expelled from the country in september and its leadership leaving the capital a route. the not the day. it's new to many other dr. may head and the head of the men had the heart of who is a bad ones. for a while, yes i arafat and other leading figures regrouped into nicea abu jihad and his followers moved to the jordanian capital. a man and the 1st palestinian intifada,
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or uprising broke out can have been having a man or a man and he has her her. i let the most my full of fin, when can i will do with all the new year. fell had the shop living before the the, me the the holding. oh good. i get that. okay. that other ality up, but i had at the chevy ellerby a jetta. i've been at a for a little the started up here. let me in the news. the digital
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photo. it's on the national it's bus. move them on the me mark challenge a little bit more much come up with the founder of the gun. show them the fall. would you know division of the news in the last several months into the 1st intifada. fatter fighters attack to bus close to the israeli nuclear research facility. near the city of demona. for israelis and free palestinians were killed we do need to relate
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to the actual examples of j. b. who are the books should be the most. listen to me. they do need me to do the bad on him in order on the land lakin and comma mclaren to ben. he led off by the bed the bed a bed and i'm in
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a pan out for throw out tunis. ballard muscle. ballad, csc ballard. the malay, i see. why mean can you al am see the develop cana? yes, i am in the law to the 20 federal man. do that. oh, i see it on me . meanwhile, in cyprus, a car bomb killed 3 close associates of abu g heard palestinians accused israeli intelligence ma side of the murder from a couple of are near you know, pertaining to how to him. i was, and in iraq,
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a plot against hybrid she had was uncovered. excessive, she missed one shot. now can only handle musket masika de la la la la la la la, i'm lucky where i can move from somebody i can for you. i'm in the model of dela fee but, but it on a lot of the assess to follow the move and the bit of the kind of the back wilma, i'm the and i in early april 1988. i believe she had travelled from baghdad. should she nidia there?
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he received a call from a close friend, a moroccan living in france, called mohammedan battery. he said he had an important security message for the fact of leadership, liberty. we had the wrong holler for on for. i was able to send them little bustling, was a lot of hannah. i want to learn of us rotors as well that i live at le imprimatur, who's so bad? i had to look well, we'll have a said have a feller. let me love him. when i'm her mother mostly eligible for you know, how long did sophia? well, look at them. if i will have that liquid will, if one from there's no recovery group can kill him of trying to fill it. something about, i mean a lot of them to, to talk has a tough one of the last,
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how would you heard any problem because you had had a job. so you had an initial of somebody show me and it doesn't have a bip or turn to job, hold on. perfect. when you go, oh, well and then i know that should be a q. do the id for listing. well man august 100 command. you found them out in the mesa view up off of our model, but it was wouldn't have dollars than that. ricardo and i thought offered to
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know what the heck was tough for me on the for the left. but i don't know that i live represent fee on the can do. and did you did not look up on the look up the reller what the hell i'm the did not let me check all of a fit. lemon is still gonna do, come and see them. and then at last, well, listen to that ally. well know, and i set the poof low. gotta fit. and i have to call, just want to our time. have you ever listened, dick? let them in here, but the look i'm the fellow entered only this i forgot to look for lamar and love him. calamity and for security reasons.
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but she had rarely stayed in. she knew for more than a few days at a time. but on this visit he was delayed. so the days turned into weeks ah, i kind of hung up in the carriages level of tele credit cards or jazz on tele, included. and i will kind of close the prick, you know, that knock this to her who kinda thought you had said when, when it was open to for the sunday dinner, i can hear you. can you tell us what the am for january of others mr. bell? throw on saturday. how well it was one lot of summer with that here was a general only and couldn't. and then separate them says, i didn't know that j. j
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i i i i
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i, i left over the rest of the i who was the 1st of the know the low double right in that has a 1000 level record for and i'm football. my head around about it and i believe football over them for them. but what i, what i
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want to know pre my mother of livable me for now would i have to buy and i love my name by saying that, but nobody who i love my love. i love you because and a bizarre area who has them has probably the one that has left left hand is so little left. another kind of touch on my what kind of car
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what kind of what was going on about in and out of hi, sunny hip. what's all that if we order for lucky that if you have any left not just left and love, come on man general health rather than what they have. that's not that's the color, the, the out of all the local for to know if you will not recall
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little order among the service. and one of the reasons not every kind of because even i am the mother for not and some of them. number one, but it is and her color has said that the landlord for what is your luck on that? i love little metal come served site. i'm a campbell, the mclean. tell us. not all for on 5th of every 5 when i said what happened to him in the past?
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who is it for them on the phone with that let's see madison what the cost to say. yeah. come on. how many in russia when i said home, but the look official food level has little to come and get the mic low. a lot of the go button rocket. ah. i bought a store and thought about the janine massage and
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what come in what i love ever say the 2nd baton rouge were completed by sir philip and how does i will hoard just wish i had seen office left on the search for oh, wilma, cisco. i don't fuck him can i do. ready me ah, what was immediately question
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sprang up who ordered the killing? me carrying the town they received just the right here to report on the people often ignored but who must be hurt? how many other channels can you say? we'll take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global offend, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how this find libya and her region. and so many other we go to them, you make the effort, we care who joined the debate and do not have maxine reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice in allowed
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a diverse community and how in array of different stories, no topic is off the table, it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new, wasted. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera, the story of them, bob weigh. in her words. she is always told from the perspective of the great man, whether it's even moving all robot mccardie. my responsibility is to tell this story in a way that it hasn't really been told before the ordinary, everyday life or is the people i'm writing about patina. got out of darkness, mice and bob way on algebra to. yeah. one of the world's most famous film festivals. is back with love landed tree and doors the social distance
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thing in place in some countries unable to attend. and the 3rd piece has been recreate the magic coverage of the council festival. now to me, the wrong cut into the tub stories are just there. columbia. as government has initial investigations indicate retired members, bits military are involved in the fascination of hasty president over no official say. some of the attack has happened, identified the authorities are still looking for at least 8 people. please see my resume in response to the assassination of the haitian president today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia.


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