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the me ah ah, the patient police say most of the attack is in the assassination of president and job. what columbia national ah. wrong. com. is there a life and a whole? so coming up egypt, a nation of over 100000000 souls is facing any the central threats.
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the un security council meets to his regional concern over if his grandparents amended dispute for impact. just one more year funding that again seems not a solution. and a recipe for being there indefinitely. us president joe biden defense's decision to withdraw troops found a thought, even as taliban fighters capture more territory. south korea raises its restrictions level to the highest following a daily search. and corona virus case, ah, kindly, as governance has initial investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's president trevino, voice. he was shot dead during a rate at his home on wednesday. some of the attack has been identified,
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but officials are still looking for at least $830.00 co hain reports. the a very public display importer print police load 2 men into the bed of a pickup truck. same day may be a part of the arm gang that allegedly assassinated president juvenile mo, either later paraded in front of the press. the outside of the police station were several suspects are being held in. angry crowd gathered, demanding the suspect, be turned over to them. those guys killed the president, we are going to make them suffer now that the police have found them and taken them to jail. we want them to burn today. the haitian police, you said the 28 attackers have been identified. 26 colombians and 2 americans of haitian descent. he said 8 were some of the run and 3 had been killed. and in a surprising turn, the colombian defense minister acknowledged some of the suspects, had been in the colombian army. they might be in response to the assassination of
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the haitian president today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of this act. so initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we've given instructions by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the sister republic of haiti. this is all unfolded among a political backdrop of confusion about who is actually in charge. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call 4 elections to happen this year. and we believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate a peaceful transfer, a power to a newly elected president, and we certainly continue support haiti's democratic institutions. louise had been
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ruined by decree, after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both claud, joseph and ariel henry, bow senior politicians claim they are in charge. haiti a desperately poor country where the corona virus is spreading, violence is surging and political uncertainty rules the day. and now international mystery of who assassinated the 53 year old president. and why had to call him al jazeera washington. jorge research is the director of the complet analysis resource center. he says the assassination had a political motive, but it is also a consequence of a rise in organized crime between both countries. it is a matter of ex, military ex policeman, retired members of the security forces, hardly ever putting forward her services,
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if you can call them that way. national grooming organizations or has a political motivation. and of course, we have to leave to go in, but it's like a national, organized crime, having the relation effect on the democracy and regimes and governments in the region. i do believe that there is been criminal interests from these large criminal organizations in this part of the hemisphere that are having high impact in political treatments and has happened before from guatemala. to what i like to know before is from colombia here in columbia as well. in the past, the large and high level organizations' criminal organizations used violence against democratic regimes is the 1st time that it reached such a large scale on the most likely place to happen. what were
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institutions are weak? there is these high level of political infighting, and important to say also that there has been the relationship between several political groups. criminal organizations in the haiti is a place where non profit takes place big way, big time. over the past several years. the web security council is discuss the controversial mega projects that if you're is building on the nile river egypt and sued on say the ground. if you're pin renee sloan, stan limits access to fresh water. but if you're says the u. n is not the place to address such concerns or diploma. i think it is a james based report from the united nations outside un headquarters, e. c o, p, and protest has gathered. they didn't want this meeting to take place to demonstrate
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that point. unlike egypt and sudan, ethiopia didn't send it's foreign ministers in this meeting. instead, it was represented by water and irrigation minister. the 2nd union is seized of the matter. and is emily facilitating our negotiation? that is why it is regrettable that are she steadily countries of the to bring the matter to the security company. it was sudan and egypt that had demanded this meeting, saying the fact that 80 peer is again filling the damn amounts to a threat to international peace and security. does not an overstatement to affirm that for egypt the girl is an existential threat. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. later i pressed the foreign minister on what action his country was prepared to take. so all their circumstances where you would consider military action. the matter of
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egypt, the protection of the rights of a citizen is inherent and is a matter that necessarily any responsible government would apply itself to clearly growing tension between 3 countries. 2 of them with a population of more than 100000000 people and another with a population of more than 40000000 is very concerning. but the security council is unlikely to take any direct action. diplomats tell me they hope this meeting will force the 3 countries back into african union, lead mediation, james bay's ouch is era that the united nations cameron hudson is a senior fellow. the atlantic council and former director for african affairs, the white house national security council. he says the un meeting was critical to push negotiations forward. the last month has been perhaps the most critical phase
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of these negotiations because the rains in east africa started falling within the last week or 10 days. and so the last month since the end of may essentially when the african union last held a in negotiation session among all the parties, that's really too long to wait. and i think that we've seen them, the tension mounting on the egyptian into nice side that they can't simply wait any longer to continue to negotiations. this was an effort to get, not just the security council involved to try to negotiate a settlement. i don't think that was ever part of their strategy. it was really to get the security council to push the african union and to push all of the parties, especially the ethiopians. back to the negotiating take table, we can certainly say for certain that egypt and sudan have been conducting military exercises, joint military exercises in their, in their 2 countries. they have renewed security cooperation agreements. so there's certainly been no lack of saber rattling, going on from both cartoon and cairo. however, i think that the likelihood of
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a strike against the dam or some effort to incapacitate the dams operation is far off right now. certainly a military strike on the dam, given what's already happened in terms of the filling that would jeopardize much of sudanese territory to see a rupture of the dam right now. us president joe biden has defended his decision to pull american troops out on saying the military overlaid opperation will end on august 31st. in 5th, the u. s. is achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years war, but the withdrawal comes as the taller bond continues to seize more territory. i've gone to san white house correspondent kimberly helped get reports. one week after us forces withdrew quietly from bog room air force base. the taliban is making games from the security vacuum left behind us. president joe biden is adamant us
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forces will leave afghanistan by the end of august. nearly 20 years of experience has shown us at the current security situation only confirms that just one more year finding that ghana stan is not a solution. but a recipe for being there indefinitely. as the taliban gave power, biden is now on the defensive. this afghan, the stance future is tied to a political solution, not a military. one piece must be negotiated between the african government and the taliban. but when he was asked if he had any faith in the group, the president had this to say, no, i do not trust the tell him. the us will keep a small security and diplomatic presence in the country to support afghan forces. keep cobbles, airport open, and protect the u. s. embassy. now we're left with a strategy that less than coherent and bided inventory. gratian is going to have to
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scramble to realize what their priorities in the region are. the taliban, rapid advance process. ghana stan has put key cities at risk of being overtaken. still by didn't insist the united states won't be at fault if that happens. no, no, no. it's up to the people that are going to stay and decide on what government they want. not us to impose the government on them as part of its humanitarian effort. the white house announced on thursday. it will also ship $1400000.00 doses of the johnson and johnson covey vaccine to afghanistan. but critics argue, afghanistan needs much more, especially afghan interpreters that served and supported us troops and are now in danger. the white house and says 30 vacuuming, thousands of african nationals and their families to a 3rd party country while their visas are being processed was complete. those who
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supported the u. s. mission in afghanistan could be offered asylum in the united states. kimberly healthcare al jazeera, the white house, so head out there of a quarter 1000000 cases in just 7 days. africa experience is the worst week of the pandemic book. it's been 10 years since the dawn gained independence. but find out why many the little reason to celebrate ah hello once again, welcome to another look at the international forecast. still get a chance. i want to shout into northern parts of a man, just run straight from mistakes. a little bit of cloud cropping up much of the peninsula on dry sums it up. i'll stop here in dough harder. i'm 46 celsius off to
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still further north q 8. and the bag that at around 50 degrees, the heat just call me back a talk. just we go on through saturday. here in dough. ha ha. around 40 celsius. the winds falling a little lighter. less than the web lifted. dustin sam, more in the way of humidity, wanted to shout just around the caucasus elsewhere. it is going to be dry, hot and sunny, then dry and sunny too for samaria. all the way showers, they're just around the opium hot is pushing a little further west with macy wanted to showers just around the rift valley as well over the next day or so. but i think as far as southern africa goes, the majority of showers are going to be so still shall, is just around central and northern parts of most and be pushing up to southern areas of trans nice and showers to just around that eastern side of madagascar. but for south africa, it is january dry and sunny over the next couple days cooler than it has been recently temperatures in cape town at around 16 celsius,
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over the next day or so. and a similar temperature, the portal isabel with a face compelling story without uttering a single word. and knowing a simple times informa leon conventionality of life. witness through the lens of the human eye. if water bias witness documentary on out there. ah, the
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out is there a reminder about top stories? columbia is it government says initial investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the acquisition of a t present juvenile voice. some of the attack has happened, identified, but officials are still looking for at least the web security council has discussed the controversial mega they, if you're building on the nile, egypt, and sued on have raised economic and security concerns about the project. if you're, if he says the message should be discussed of the african president, joe biden says american troops will leave off on a thought by august. the 1st in says the u. s. is achieved its objective after nearly 20 years of war. but the withdrawal comes as a ton of bond, continues, the thieves voters in
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south korea will raise corona virus restrictions to the highest level in the capitol soul, and some neighboring regions. for monday, the country has reported its biggest daily rise in new cases. top health official is warning numbers could double by the end of july. the delta variance is helping to fuel the 3rd. and with reported infections of the strain tripling in just one week, schools and bars will be shot, and restaurants are allowed, limited seating. coordinated go to the countries in the worst infection crisis. daily numbers rich in record highs every day. there been more than $500.00 daily cases in so for the last 3 days and for the 5 cases and the greatest sol area, we have reached the conclusion that both decisions and swift executions are the only solution. though it is your own camp is a doctor of internal medicine and infectious diseases. he says south korea's low
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vaccination rate is a real concern the situation and create mirroring the situation and many parts of the world. korea was remarkably successful in controlling the cook karone of ours outbreak in the early part of 2020, with a combination of masks in distance and in a lot of cooperation from the population. now, a year and a half later, you know, we're confronted with the, the most significant increase in the number of cases. so korea country with 50000000 people as about 820-2300 cases being reported in a day. and that's with pretty good tracking, so we're pretty confident of that estimate. it raises concerns. korea is only 30 percent vaccinated. so it gets to the point that vaccination really is going to be the way that countries like korea will finally get a handle on, on, on the corner of ours pandemic. and finally, begin to safely loosen some of the restriction. what is being put into place now
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again reflects some of the success. the korean government had earlier, but with newman and stricter messaging, you know, you only 2 people can go out to dinner rather than 4. bars and restaurants are closing much earlier. are actually bars are closed, the restaurants are open for a very limited period of time. again, looking at the areas where transmission has been problematic. so they are directing attention to the areas where they know spread is occurring and hopefully this will be successful. there will be no spectators to lim pick events in tokyo, the organization organize a your guys this sort of made the decision just 2 weeks before the start of the games. as the city struggles to deal with codeine team. they would stokes reports just hours after japan announced a fresh state of emergency in tokyo. the knock on effect on the olympics was confirmed to come back. the surging covered 19 cases. there will be no fence at all,
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allowed to attend venues in tokyo, seeing that the golden that used to constant got good news without the pandemic. the limpid games would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. but unfortunately, the panorama could not allow us to hold events with full spectators. we are very sorry for the locals living near the lim, sick venue. but at that, the decision to buy foreign fans was made months ago. but organizers had still hoped to allow 50 percent capacity to domestic crowds. although a small number of people may be allowed to attend venues outside tokyo, there's no doubt 1st, a decision has inflicted a significant blow. this was supposed to be a huge moment for, for tokyo, for japan. so much effort has gone into preparing the capital to host these games. and now it's going to be a lot of empty stadium. the head of the international olympic committee, thomas bar, arrived in tokyo, justice and new rules were announced, and he, himself will now spend 3 days isolating in his hotel will support any measure
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which is necessary to have safe and secure will begin paralympic games. the games have now effectively been reduced to a major tv event, which means the i o. c will still collect around $4000000000.00 from broadcast. is that the last ticket revenue around $800000000.00 will be felt by japan's tax payers who have already been hit hard by the most expensive games in history. with some reports, putting the overall cost close to 30000000000 still around 11000 athletes from all over the world and making their way to tokyo, ready to compete in an lympics like no other minorities for this opportunity. the only comes once before years where they can actually compete in arenas which are compatible through oper. mason bought reality is when they get to tokyo and get to those arenas and see how unusually quiet it is. i think it could affect some
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performances. there will be no fans in tokyo, but the delayed games are still going ahead. with the opening ceremony, just 2 weeks away. david stokes al jazeera, australia's most popular city is tightening. coven 19 restrictions. as the delta strain continues to spread cities but in low towns is late june, the cases continue to rise with $44.00 infections reports on friday, the largest 80 rise since the current outbreak began last month. an extra 100 police have been deployed to patrol hotspot areas and the state leader has now limited the number of people who can gather. busy for funerals or to exercise awful us states the thing arising kind of in 1900 cases among unvaccinated people. the centers for disease control, recorded and 11 percent increase in cases last week. most of them in areas with low
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vaccination rates experts this week and now the delta variance has become the dominant cobra. 1900 strain in the country. as many as 11 people died due to hunger and long nutrition every minute. that's according to the charity oxide. it says hunger is killing law. then coven. 19. that's currently around 7 every minute . the charity estimates a 155000000 people are now living in crisis. uncertain whether next meal is coming from. that's $20000000.00 more than last year and blamed mostly on war or conflict . but the panoramic is also a factor mass unemployment and severe disruptions to food production have. same price is 3040 percent. that's the highest rise in more than a decade. on the rise in prices and reduction in foam output is also leaving many families in nigeria and niger hungry continue. attacks by all groups are
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a major part of the problem. interest reports from the northwest, nigerian state of casino, running out of options. tom was in northern nigeria, i increasingly turning to urban spaces to cultivate crops, or motor to them were totally and others like him. i know planting crops and residential areas in the city. the land may not be particularly suitable for agriculture, but he hopes his family will at least get something out of his efforts. that will kind of remind me when you can see how the land is. but when you are start from farming, being the only occupation you know and has a family to feed them, sees any opportunity that comes away. that's what we are trying to do here. before filling his village because of attacks by gunman, he was harvesting 50 to 60 bags annually. not enough to feed the family, but he says enough to just survive this year. there was struggle to get 5 percent of that much of farming activity as nigeria is in the hands of small farmers trying
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to feed their families. and those are the hardest it by violence from both or bandits and kidnappers. agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production belt. if it's steep decline in some states, access to fata land trunk by almost 60 percent because of attacks by groups. but we're the reduced, i've put, comes for shortages and higher prices and it also heating those selling local produce at the local market, lack of supplies and poor demand. i put in many traders out of business with them. all right, and we're not happy that the price of food is so expensive, much of the grains we sell here, come from other things when you factor in transportation and the risk prices should normally go up. we have 2 extra se desperate times lie ahead and the government is running out of time and options lose that, you know,
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leave on their farms. the for systems promise. i will be absolutely without food. and the are the greater number of farmers over 80 percent. which means that at least at least about 60 percent of our population, i like to go without food without any food in the us, poor for tomorrow. and that is definitely an assessment. humanitarian agencies agree with aid worker say, the continued violence has put the lives of millions in my area and other countries of the region at risk. so strangely, 19th and i didn't buy the tree has been targeting the grooves. yet, attacks and kidnapping of villages continue. and many of those who depend on agriculture to feed their families cannot now access their phones. degrees, algae zeta. kevin. it's been 10 years since i'll sit on,
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gained independence from sudan to become the world's youngest nation. yet few sits in citizens are rejoicing. the or his country has been made by fighting that killed nearly 400000 people and displaced millions, or tessa reports from judah. john cox, it is people voting overwhelmingly to proceed from sudan. 10 years ago, wasn't a mistake. it's what happened to south to don afterwards. that broke him the war in 2013. when another round of fighting in 2016 has left him traumatized. it will not only do as had been we had our collect, my brother. we have get. even during this douglas, my brother the will to kill when it did repeat itself.
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it was horrible. things are now relatively calm. i like previous t steals that, failed. some people hope you didn't, he government set up last year. we'll hold it for former rebel either react michelle fornia, the 1st vice president along with for other vice president, president salva kit, and michelle are once again trying to work together and to the elections in 2023 politicians. hope this transitional period encourages refugees and internally displaced people to return to their homes. thousands of people live here and this is just one of many can cross out the door. there's no running water and not enough food, meaning fat. and you said they don't know how long they going to be and going home for several of them is not an option because i've been security in some parts of the country. i act that flood drought and into communal violence. children born often dependents have never known peace age was to say the mediterranean crisis is
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listening. these are some of our greatest concern. certainly there's a food insecurity, crisis, and so sudan, $1400000.00 children are going to be male nurse this year. the highest number in years key parts of the peace agreement are still to be implemented. these include established a unified national army, made of opposition and government forces. the people of south done telling the leadership that look, we tired of war. nobody once will any more. if there are some feel political leaders who are seeing that they would go and mobilize some of our citizens so that they cause a fight because they want to be leaders of this country. i don't think they will get the audience from the property. the new coalition government is trying to rebuild, focusing on various developmental and infrastructure projects. as new buildings go up in some parts of the country, uniting a bitterly divided nation building trust and making sure it's safe enough for
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everyone. a fit to buy conflict to return home is going to be much more difficult. how to talk to you, but african american teenager has been crowned the winner of the u. s. national spelling bee for the 1st time. and the competitions. 19 year history, n u r r a y. that is the whole thing year old ivan god from louisiana. one, the event of the correct spelling, mariah a subcategory of plugs god who is also an accomplished basketball player. describe spelling as a hobby, despite routinely practicing a 7 hours a day, anyone scripts national spelling beach ah, this are there. and these are the top stories, columbia, as government says, initial investigations indicate retired member.


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