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saying he is dealt with much, was what the country needs. he says is the support of many sectors of business and society to deal with the situation. but roger, papa has been a mr. fix it, man strategist between the roger pox, the families rise to fall into lanka. but with the government, popularity falling in recent months, his families hoping he can turn things around. fernandez, colombo ah, there's out there and these are the top stories, columbia, as government says, initial investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's, present a job and my wife. some of the attackers have been identified, but officials are still looking for at least $89.00 we see in response to the
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assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of the fact. initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens retired members of the national army. we've given instruction by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately. public force is fully at the disposition of the sister republic of haiti. the un security council who discussed the controversial mega that if your peers building on the nile, egypt, and to don have raised economic and security concerns about the project. if it says the matter should be discussed and the african union us president joe biden says american troops will leave off. one is on by august 31st in says the u. s. is achieved its objectives often 8020 years of war. but the withdrawal comes as the
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taliban continues to seize more territory. south korea will raise creative iris restrictions to the highest level in the capital assault and some neighboring regions. for monday, the country reported is biggest daily rise in new cases. and this phase numbers could double by the end of july, the delta variance has fuel. the 3rd a leading news website has been blocked him by the roots, security forces rated its officers and arrested some bits. journalists, nasa neva is accused of publishing information on behalf of organizations not registered in the country. several media organizations, critical of president, alexander lucas sent a faced similar action. those are the headlines. the news continues, hey, on out to 0 after the stream. frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that by the ministrations playing
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a long game, it's very much more embrace on the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they're politic? then their life has been shape. why vitamin the in depth analysis of the dates global headlines inside story on our jazeera? ah, i'm sorry. okay, are you watching the stream today? we are looking at hong kong one year on the national security law being in place. the log is the police and security 40 sweeping powers to arrest citizens. we go 1st to hosen, child, he's the vice chairman of the be a plea. that is a pro paging party in hong kong and he here is addressing some concern
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why i think as long as you are beta law, you don't coco occasions, national security. i see nothing that they need to feel very let me take an example . apple daily is not only a pap lloyd, but it's also a prop, again, the done against the central government. so if you are running a media with an agenda to sort of thing during our countries national security, there's something wrong, isn't it? well, is there something wrong? what do you think you are part of this conversation? you can be in the youtube comment to be part of our discussion. what we are asking our guest. all is hong kong. now a police state. let's meet our panel. we have katrina, we have been we have ins. good to have all of you on board on the stream. katrina, remind our audience. you are what you do. hi everybody. i'm the
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china correspondent for al jazeera reporting out of aging. but traveling nationwide here in china get to happy, katrina, hello. say welcome to the stream. you tell our didn't who you all what you doing? so hi everyone. my name is phil long. so i'm one of the circle, hong kong activist. wanted hong kong national law. i was also one of the 10000 arrestees of the hong kong pro democracy movement. going to have you. and i welcome back to the st reminder audience you are and what you do. i'm an american national . i live in sharing an independent commentator. i'm on over 24 channels in china and international for any given month by month. 12 channels, year 24. so guess i'm going to start with how much do you think hong kong has changed in the last 12 months with the national security law being now in place? this is what we offer our online community,
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and here is one response. i would love to see thin and katrina and i know if you agree as take a look since the implementation of the national security law is chilling, facts obscene into people's everyday life. so for instance, many put mark would be patient to spend the common and politicians being present. i've gone into exile further in educational spaces, textbooks, and public library books of the democracy and sensor to pull off the shelf. and journalist have also been facing more and more read haven persecution most recently and, and popular for democracy newspaper apple daily were foster closed. so given all of these repression right now and political organizing and grieving events become incredibly risky. so a big challenge that home calmer space is to 5 attractive spaces in ways to
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continue building our connections. a relationship to one another. does that description of hong kong in the past year? does that resonate with the thing? yes. so i took the relief her and i would say it is much more than the shooting, in fact, in hong kong. so hong kong because of the pullman gauge and recall in home, clinician with the law. this is the last, the freedom of speech or this angry press freedom. i think freedom and other civil liberties because of our office, if you are correct, i'm off. i put a the we have last last pro democracy newspaper, hong kong. so in a single incident, we have witnessed, there is no real flaw. so we have lost the potential of private property rights. we've also lost the freedom of the press. so i think for hong kong could be qualified as an international financial center anymore. well, i would really highly doubt that it's, as i mean the number of i pos are going through hong kong are very high level right
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now in terms of the overall, i mean, hong kong is now peaceful. you're not having the kind of chaos that you has for 4 years since 2014. i mean there's a lot of people who are affected by that. there been interviews with them. they were running small businesses. they're very dependent on the tourism trade and things like this. so they really kind of, you know, it depends on what you're perspective. it's now fin says pro democracy, well it for some pro democracy is pro independence. and there's this line between them and basing in their mind was extremely, you know, they restrained for those 4 years, while in essence there was a lot of chaos going on the streets. the 1st duty of a government is to make sure that people are safe and their property is safe. pro democracy movement, some of them were peaceful, but there was
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a large contention who decided to take matters into their own hands, beating people they were really harming people. everyone saw what happened. well, the number general and you and i was like, i respect what i'm saying about the business community. and i do agree that it's about perspective. but i think also that there's more to democracy, that democracy is also about democratic values. and from a reporting perspective, i've been living in china for about 8 years now, and especially it's about the, the beginning of that time, most traveling between beijing and hong kong. and i always noticed that there was a stark, very stark contrast. hong kong was a place of vibrant discussion where people were allowed to just said were protest. it was a part of the culture that journalist went there to, to cover protests and the government, the, the police force helped to facilitate that. and descent was normal. you didn't have to be brave to be able to to be critical of the government here in beijing. it's
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different. i mean, in the mainland china, in mainland china, it's stock. there are no protests allowed to send, is only for the very brave or for people who are seen as not having much to lose. and i think the way i see it is bay ging or mainland china is a play. some people lower their voices, they whisper when they are be critical. katrina, you're, you're a very western view of this whole thing. i mean this, the truth is that most asian societies and you're from singapore, there is a high re value that is paste, i'm sorry. oh, i'm sorry. yeah, sure, sure, but i mean it's like i said, let me just run time in singapore. these other places, let me just give you a visual and then you can pass what you see, what i'm saying. so this is july. the 1st celebration here on my laptop that the handing over of hong kong from the british back to china. and the difference in the
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crowds in 2003, 2019, and 2021 thing. what's your explanation for this? so this is a direct direct result of the nation with the law. so for the last 20 years, we have to try to shut off. i think 1st off, july or march inventory park and hong kong island. but because of the nation is akila, we don't have such a freedom in hong kong. we don't even have the right to have peaceful or kendall like fi josie hall called for the 10 i'm we're massacre. so i don't think measures of kilo is a to that could promote the international status of the, of the city instead of just destroying the city. so the number of the, all the amounts of people to send records and what does that mean that hong kong is qualified for being it has international financial center. these are 2 different
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things. i'm just going to put in, but since shed. and originally that it is somehow you've lost property rights and that there's is inference. it's a hong kong was disappearing. i mean, i understand his perspective, but you know, i would put a question to you. where did you get all of these ideas? i mean, while the british were in hong kong, after seizing it by force, so they could sell drugs to china. where was democracy then? i mean, it seems to be too many in beijing that it was a kind of deliberate attempt, the poison pill by the depart high. and i want to ask you a question that you post and go ahead. yeah. so i, so if you look at the history, especially those and classify the files from the for one coming office from the doctor much, you can see that for the lot 50 to 70 years, do you take off them? i have been trying to introduce the most important reform, comprehensive democracy reform to hong kong, but because of the military, french,
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or pressure from paging. the hong kong british to british hong kong government couldn't figure history their grants of and military things until in the very beginning i'm just going to bring some of our audience as views as well. so put them to you. alex chung says katrina. you take this one if you've ever been to hong kong before. it's not even a shadow of its own self. now quick response, katrina, go ahead. i think when you look at the ability to speak out people the ability of people to express what they, they say is important or criticize the government, if you that's what made hong kong special is a part of chinese territory. there's very few opportunities to do that. elsewhere in china, so from that perspective, hong has completely transformed. they've seen people punished activist protesters, journalists, politicians, and people themselves are afraid,
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they're afraid to speak out. they're afraid to have an opinion which is different from the official narrative. and if they're not directly in told or threatened or intimidated into silence, they are self censoring because of it and cannot on youtube because you're says that they can do whatever it wants. i know. go ahead. ok, so katrina, you're based here in beijing. we have this conversation on a fairly regular basis. we talk about the long term situation. what is the duty of a government is provide primary. the 1st thing is to provide a safe place. if you're not safe in your home, if you're not saving your business and your schools, what's the point of all these theoretical things? the idea that a ballot box and a open market is the only way that you can run a country is belied by the with the progress. busy that china, mainland china has had, over the last 40 years, you look at other places where you have, quote, democracy, look at haiti. i mean,
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it's a poster child for what has failed both in terms of i'm going to bring us back to hong kong. if i may, i know because hate the news agenda right now. let me just show you, hey, on my laptop screen, this is, this is you for a very long time. when you are protesting, you stayed under the rated radar. you stayed secret because you were afraid for your safety. what made you then reveal your identity? why did you come out? so i have b g. i have accidentally become a 1st since june 2019 and for more than one and a half year, i have the under the reader. but in august 2020 my identity was exposed by some probing newspaper in hong kong. and they reported that the ccp has issue royce to arrest me under the so called national 60 law for example cruising reform forces. so i would like to tell, i know that even to king interfere with from media like this one could because
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cedar colluding with foreign forces. so, and that's why today there are no hong kong pro democracy to face or x of mom because willing ordering to take this interview or this program. so i would like to show this chilling effect and a problem of the hong kong nationals of the law to you to you are no longer in hong kong. i know, let me play this to you. this is an activist and a policy advisor who is talking about the pro democracy at the 5th. now having to go underground, have a listen. have a look at the election system is so risk that we are almost certain most of the face must a super majority of the state will be fielded by pro china politicians. so there is no meaningful way within the system to fight for freedom and democracy. the situation hong kong is very bye. but as
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always i have faith in the people will go when the pop within the system know back, i think what they would do and what i encourage them to do is to pursue a path outside the system. well, i mean it's, it's very fine for him to sit outside and recommend that other people go to jail for so verse of activities and things like this. but you know, this, the everything is being framed here in the sense that there's freedom and democracy being called for hong kong is part of china. that's there's nowhere that, that is disputed. we're pushing the freedom of expression somehow completed with this idea that, oh yes. and that means that it's a fight for independence. i think that's really the point that i just great because
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what you're seeing is it is it is a slow and steady kind of change of the way the system is working in hong kong. and i think i and liners points are valid and that we are seeing in hong kong what some have described as this mainland design is ation. basically, that hong kong is very slowly going in that directing in that direction. the system is coming closer to what we see happening across mainland china and that is sadly for the people in hong kong who value the democratic values at hong kong, once represented within chinese territory. this opportunity to speak out to criticize the government. that is not something that there is much space for in the chinese system because of the way it works. we have a one party system here that there is no opportunity to overthrow that party. so there is a one specific narrative that aging needs to maintain in china is very little room
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for little else for the sake of stability, the waging season. and that, that, that is also being reflected in the way that the central government is pulling hong kong. now and making an overhaul to the, to the way the political system works there. yeah. my way of doing that. yes. go ahead. yeah, thank you. yeah. so i also need to remind, i know that there has to be there is no british joint declaration under which the purse freedom, democracy, and other 5 should be preserved under such international treaty. and there should be no change for 15 years. however, we have witnessed the author, 997, had over ordered all kinds of people, liberties and freedom are correct. well that's not true. after the 97 hand over, those were kept intact until you had 4 years of chaos mean you have to look at it from beijing point of view as well. you know, you're a very idealistic,
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you're very young. these ideas you came from somewhere. i assume that your teachers said that these were the values that were in cal cation by the british, when in fact they weren't, the british were not interested in providing democracy until they were about to leave, and they knew that their lease would not be renewed. so, you know, you can revise history just because it's suit your purposes. what we have here is, is simply the struggle between in, in beijing point of view, those who seek to change. and you can china, i was going to build up that point that you may because christopher is what do you right now? and christopher court right says that hong kong is part of china. nothing will change that. it means a new culture and a new way of living that what we are used to in the west that doesn't make china wrong. it's literally a culture clash. thing. i would agree. and that's, that's what it comes down to say i, i know,
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i know you agree. i'm just interested if, if i'm going to put that to thing, it's like this is the new normal thing. this is china. hong kong belongs to china. and this is what the future is going to look like. thank god. i don't think this is the way the hong kong should look like. and under the british contact creation, which is an international treaty, hong kong on congress enjoy different kinds of 6 people. liberties for at least 50 years since the 960, the hong kong has to be most local piper and a c p or the deter, any kind of them are the reforms to deter any kind of offset the timing issue. right. and even before $997.00 hand over a whole congress have no say in the hand over the issue. so. so actually that's why in 2014, there was there lots of scale umbrella movements. we tried to fight for your new social suffrage, which was guaranteed under the basic law which was dropped upon the ccp themselves
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. look when you can repeat these things, but there doesn't make them true. ok, there was no guarantee you want to serve versus suffrage. it's not independent. if you're mad at the hand over talk to the british. they were the ones who to go shaded on your behalf. so you can nice, no, there is not a study serious suggestion. i mean, if i'm not serious, wait a 2nd. i want to challenge you and how is that? i'm going to challenge and like my religion in the show. there's not a thing. it's not a serious point to make off the british because we're past that now we're way past last katrina. you're pat, you're always past it when it comes to call. yeah, she not make me live on tv. kathrina. come on. i got to be more interactive than even the 3 was capable of. alright, let me, let me show you katrina. this is the pulse of arrests that we can look at from the
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national security law. about 120 people have been arrested. some people will not be out on bail. this is a very serious law. when you look at these numbers graphic, what does that tell you about the future of hong kong and particularly for activists that are caught up in court cases right now? i do think there is to it's time to point to i just poured and also defense point. there was a clash of direction here. so the democracy, activists, we saw the leading the lead years leading up to this. we're hoping for to go in the direction of more, i guess what i would call western democracy more universal suffrage, but in china's eyes, beijing, as they always feel the direction of hong kong, eventually becoming more like any other mainland province, certainly and 50 years. and the way i sort of look at is kind of, they beijing, as this kind of frustrated parent looked at hong kong, which had all these, i suppose, much more democratic opportunities or rights then definitely any other roles and
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china, chinese territory and said, well, you know, we gave you the opportunity to, to vote. it wasn't perfect, but we gave this opportunity and then you kind of made a mess of it with this. what they would describe as riots and all this violence. and therefore you prove that we, we couldn't trust you. and so we're going to take off the, take away these rights much faster than they were already going to do. i think china had the attention of turning hong kong into something that was really more unified, but the rest of chinese toe tree, beijing has done the soley with other parts of china. we've seen it happen engine jog in tibet where they had this unification kind of nationalistic agenda. and this was going to happen to hong kong. but what we saw as a result of, of the protest movement evolving the way it was. the way it did was try to basically accelerate it at this incredibly rapid pace. these changes besides this national security law which removed all basically the voice of this democracy movement and really dismantled it essentially let me just bringing one more voice.
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this is joey. if i may, i know bringing this was this, this is jerry talking about now. what do you do if you were part of the pro democracy movement? now what the young people do have a listen have a lot since the mentation of the national security legislation in july 2020 some content from international financial center. a city where job. so to level freedom and democracy into an open, our president under to complete control of the chinese was party. the generations of our parents and our grandparents came to hong kong known that this is a fable and processed by a t under the protection of law. and all these carmel is a phone call, but now for our generation, we either have to leave hong kong persecution, or how to say in hong kong, and that's the fear every single day. then what happens to you now? so we to be on us hong kong,
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or is the order pro democracy on congress. we are struggling to suffice and hong kong overseas because this is via credit done by asian. and we have one seen johnson china already. if we don't stop at all, we all may be the international community to install the ccp from creating more. seeing john, that it could be the end of hong kong. we do think that this is the last chance to fight and we will continue to receive the ccp and document in hong kong should be off the people by the people and for the people. it's really interesting. a lot of us constitute there's a lot of conversation on youtube comments section about why don't you just off con condos, what they want? is that even possible right now? katrina? i think what is important to note is that in china we have a one country system we need i mean, basic needs basically unquestioning loyalty from its population because it,
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it doesn't want obedience by force obviously will use force if it needs to, but it wants people to choose the, the communist party, they want to choose the company's party based on true belief. and it's lead to, to see that it's doing the right thing for the people now on the mainland. that's easier, especially among the older generation because they've grown up with the communist party and seeing the difference between maybe they grew up in the time or they experience a time of chaos where they couldn't eat. and now things have markedly improved. and so they have more of this loyalty, but in the younger generations. and certainly in hong kong who didn't have this opportunity, they didn't grew up with that and said they grew up in a more of a globalized world or world where they could look across. and see the west where people had both their civil civil rights as well as developments and they having to engender this loyalty. and to do that, you need to control the narrative. you need to control the message not enjoy katrina newspapers and on the streets. you need to control it in education, and definitely i only see that direction of trying to continue and do that trainer
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in hong kong, control it in. thank you. i wanna thank you for the arm wrestling as well. and i appreciate the, the dynamic debate that we all just had and youtube as well. i'm going to leave you with potentially what might be the new look for young people in china and the kind of education that they may. well, thanks for watching you next time with an unconventional capital city. ever changing and yet forever defined bytes turbulent tossed, stephanie deck meets bananas and takes you on a journey. exploring the identity and legacy of europe's rebel capital took out his era. when a war crime is committed, is it come to the, how does it follows that garzon human rights investigator, on his unprecedented journey to the french high court?
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i says, every place to make sure that that ought to bring its context, taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. the news news news
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with me. ah ah patient, but they say most of the attack is in the assassination of president and job and what columbia national ah, i mean, ron, calling their life and the whole. so coming up egypt, a nation of over 100000000 souls is facing any the central threats.


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