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has been met, the most journalists have been beaten with detailed coverage. the ongoing covered 19 health emergency means the border remains close. disrupting the traditional us asylum profit from around the world. miami dade county officials will be inspecting it and other older high rise buildings hoping to avoid another catastrophe on this sinking sands of miami beach. ah, me to joins investigations into the killing of german. as police say, one of the most of the haitian presidents attack is well columbia, national ah, other more. com? it's our life and also coming up egypt, a nation of over 100000000 souls is facing an existence. so threat
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un security council meets the regional concerns over here, appears grand renee, since i made a dispute over at impact just one more year of funding that can stand is not a solution, but a recipe for being there indefinitely. us president joe biden defend his decision to withdraw troops on his phone, even as taliban fighters capture more territory. south korea raises restrictions level to the highest following a daily surgeon crow of ours cases. ah, columbia, as governance, as initial investigations indicate, retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's president giovano, voice. he was short that during a raid at his home on wednesday some of the attack is have been identified. but officials are still looking for at least 8 in magnitude in response to the
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assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the colombian government and the national police about the alleged perpetrators of the fact. initially, the information indicates they are colombian citizens, retired members of the national army. we've given instruction by the national government to our police and the army to collaborate in the investigation. to clarify these facts immediately, public force is fully at the disposition of the republic of haiti. the motive for the killing is still unknown, but political infighting is leading to concerns about the nation's security. and he got her reports. the authorities believe these 2 men being loaded into a police truck in port a prince may be part of the arm gang that allegedly assassinated president job now movies on wednesday. the side
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a police station where several other suspects are reportedly being held. there have been angry scenes as a nation real from the death of its 53 year old president. those guys killed the president. we are going to make them suffer now that the police have found them and taken them to jail. we want them to burn today. my wife's house is now the scene of an ongoing investigation. his body said to have been riddled with. gunshots has been taken to a morgue job. no more. he says wife martine, who was badly injured in the attack, is here in miami, receiving medical treatment. a couple of 3 children are said to be in a secure location. the biden administration who call the assassination heretic a monitoring the situation in haiti, closely white house press secretary gen saki. this is the us will support an investigation. it's a presence. death is calling for stability in the beleaguered nation. well, 1st i would say that it is still, it is our view and we continue to call 4 elections to happen this year. and we
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believe they should proceed. we know that free and fair elections will facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected president. and we certainly continue to support haiti's democratic institutions. given the haiti's last plan, the elections in 2019 were delayed over in fighting. that may be easier said than done. but we had been ruling by decree after the majority of parliament was dissolved in january last year. now both cloud, joseph and ariel on re both senior politicians claim they're in charge. through the us special envoy to haiti says joseph is the new leader. as does hate his ambassador to the u. s. bullshit, edmond, where you can say the primary job if they want to come in, when the others however disagree, she jumped in and see the void of power. but if you folks who politicians and human rights organizations, he 80, they will tell you that he don't have any legal authority, no more authority,
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whatsoever to conduct anything in the name of the government. he is now at a precarious tipping point. this is a nation already dealing with object poverty, political instability, and a potentially worsening security situation. for the people, the stakes couldn't be higher and together corolla, missouri, miami, florida. jorge restriping is the director, the concept analysis resource center says the assassination had a political motive. but it is also a consequence, a consequence of a rise in organized crime between both countries. it is a matter of ex, military ex policeman, retired members of the security forces. hardly ever putting forward her services, if you can call them that way. national grooming organizations or. busy has a political motivation and of course it has a lead to go in,
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but is like the national, organized crime, having the relation effect on the democracy and regimes and governments in the region. i do believe that there has been criminal interests from these large criminal organizations in this part of the hemisphere that are having high impact in political terms and has happened before from guatemala to what i liked for is from colombia here in columbia as well in the past these large and high level organizations' criminal organizations, used violence against democratic regimes is the 1st time that it reached such a large scale on the most likely place to happen where they were. institutions are weak. there is the high level of political in fighting and
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important to say also that there has been the relationship between several political groups and criminal organizations in the bio haiti plays were non profit game takes place, big way, big time. over the last several years. the in security council is discuss the controversial mega project that if you is building on the nile river egypt and sued on say the grand, if you can. renee on stem limits access to fresh water. but if you, if it says the u. n is not the place to address such concerns or diplomatic editor james base reports when the united nations outside un headquarters ethiopian protest has gathered. they didn't want this meeting to take place to demonstrate that point. unlike egypt and sudan, ethiopia didn't send its foreign ministers in this meeting. instead, it was represented by water and irrigation minister. of the con,
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union is seized of the matter. and is emily facilitating our negotiation? that is why if you could get a table that are she steadily countries of the to bring the matter to the security council, it was to don and egypt that had demanded this meeting, saying the fact that a peer is again filling the dam amounts to a threat to international peace and security does not an overstatement to affirm that for egypt, the girl is an existing chauffeur at. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. later, i press the foreign minister on what action his country was prepared to take. so all their circumstances where you would consider military action, the matter of egypt, the protection of the rights of it citizen is inherent and is
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a matter that necessarily any responsible government would apply itself to clearly growing tension between 3 countries. 2 of them with a population of more than 100000000 people and another with a population of more than 40000000 is very concerning. but the security council is unlikely to take any direct action. diplomats tell me they hope this meeting will force the 3 countries back into african union, lead mediation, james bays al jazeera at the united nations. he was president joe biden has defended his decision to pull american troops out of cornerstone thing. the military operation will end on august 31st in says the u. s. is achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years of war. but the withdrawal comes as the taliban continues to seize more territory and i've got his own white house correspondent, committee health care reports. one week after us forces withdrew quietly from bog
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from air force base. the taliban is making games from the security vacuum left behind us. president joe biden is adamant us forces will leave afghanistan by the end of august. nearly 20 years of experience is shown us at the current security situation only confirms that just one more year of funding that can stand is not a solution, but a recipe for being there indefinitely. as the taliban gave power, biden is now on the defensive. this afghan, the stance future is tied to a political solution, not a military. one piece must be negotiated between the afghan government and the taliban. but when he was asked if he had any faith in the group, the president had this to say, no, i do not trust the tell him the us will keep a small security and diplomatic presence in the country to support afghan horse
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that keep cobbles, airport open and protect the u. s. embassy. now we're left with a strategy that less than coherent and bided in ministration is going to have to scramble to realize what their priorities in the region are. the taliban, rapid advance process. ghana stan has put key cities at risk of being overtaken. still by didn't insist the united states won't be at fault if that happens. no, no, no. it's up to the people that are going to stay and decide on what government they want. not us to impose the government on them as part of its humanitarian effort. the white house announced on thursday. it will also ship $1400000.00 doses of the johnson and johnson cove it vaccine to afghanistan. but critics argue, afghanistan needs much more, especially afghan interpreters that served and supported us troops and are now in
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danger with the white house and says that the vacuum in thousands of african nationals and their families to a 3rd party country while their visas are being processed. was complete, those who supported the u. s. mission in afghanistan could be offered asylum in the united states. kimberly health hit al jazeera, the white house, still the head on out 0 other security forces. detain several journalists. i'm block a leading new sites in a media crack though, keeping it in the family, the president of so long names, his brother as the new finance minister. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. how
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once again, welcome to another look at the international 4 can still get a chance. i want to shout into northern parts of a man, just run straight from mistakes. a little bit of cloud cropping up for much of the iranian peninsula, and dry sums it up. oh, stop here in bo hard. around 46 celsius. off the still further north q 8. and the bag that had around 50 degrees. the heat just call me back a talk just we go on through saturday. here and go higher around 40 celsius, the winds falling a little lighter, less than the web lifted. dustin sam, more in a way of humidity, one or 2 showers just around the caucasus. elsewhere, it is going to be dry, hot and sunny, then dry and sunny to 4, somalia, all the way showers. they're just around the opium hot as pushing a little further west with macey, one or 2 showers just around the rift valley as well over the next day or so. but i think as far as southern africa goes, the majority of any showers are going to be social shall, is just around central and northern parts of most and big pushing up to southern areas of trans, nice showers to just around that eastern side of madagascar. but for south africa,
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it is generally dry and sunny over the next couple of days cooler than it has been recently temperatures in cape town at around 16 celsius, over the next day or so. and the similar temperature port, elizabeth sponsored pay cut on airways an extra judicial killing, and a north african capital. i had someone breaking into our house. i heard people shouting so full masked men, but not only the eyes and hair was showing al jazeera world, his red eye, witness accounts of the dramatic story of the assassination of major p l. o. figure kelly was here in a secret israeli operation. assassination in tunis on al jazeera. oh,
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i see you're watching out. is there a reminder of our top story? is this our columbia? as government says, initial investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of president juvenile minus. some of the attackers have been identified, but officials are still looking for the state. the security council is discuss the controversial mega down the yoke is building on the nile, egypt. since you don't. busy have raised economic and security concerns about the project. if your p s s, the matter should be discuss of the african present. joe biden says american troops will leave afghanistan by august 31st. says the u. s. is achieved as objectives. after nearly 20 years of war, but the withdrawal comes,
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as it's all the bond continues to thieves, more territory. the continuing tension between iran and the u. s. is being felt in iraq with attacks and counter attacks iranian back to home groups of intensified operations against u. s. military and diplomatic facilities are very gained access to one such military base in ambo province, western iraq from their, my food. i had ripples iraqi forces in anal i said these are on high alert. on wednesday, a missile attack injury to people, the base houses iraqi army units along site coalition forces, including us personnel. we traveled with iraqi army to about that the district about 14 kilometers away. this is where the missiles have targeted the bays. during the past few months, we'll fire the from we found a missile launcher that had excluded leaving several houses. damages including
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a mosque. hums, amazon was among a number of civilians injured in the last august bishop object to shortly. otherwise shall buck on it. i was looking from the window when the explosion started shrapnel in the head. why is this happening in our area? we are not part of the conflict. iraq's joint operations command, which protect the base, is investigating at hobby howard. i miss them. but the terrorists have been using various ways theresa base. this time missiles were hidden under flour sacks, where now collecting evidence to identify the perpetrators security sources, say the missile launcher was blown off by the ammunition it was carrying the detonation brought on by scorching some more temperatures, but local, still a different story. i guess hurdle her. why do me sales came from the base direction one key to the messiah truck, the other, to the got it in the advice of the u. s. a. to strike on the city iraq border. 2
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weeks ago, iranian back to groups declared to open war against the u. s. forces still in iraq . washington says iraq, the government wants the us to provide military training for its troops, and help in the fight against isolate iran. but this continuing conflict between iran and the u. s. goes further in direct talks aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the previous u. s. administration under donald trump. again under threat and that smart helping iraq danial asset base has been under most well drawn and rocket attacks since the killing of iranian commander. some slay many in the u. s. a. to strike in january last year. i didn't want this and iraqi commander of the popular mobilization forces was also killed violence between us forces and iranian affiliated with groups is likely to continue as long as the nuclear issue remains
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unresolved, would have to have a number province, western iraq, a leading news website has been blocked him by the roof security forces rated its offices and arrested. some of this journalists, not certain eva, is accused of publishing information on behalf of organizations not registered in the country. several media organizations, critical of president, alexander lucas shanker, have faced similar action since last year's protest, opposing election results for that vehicle, is a senior political advisor to exiled opposition leader. so atlanta just kind of guy up, he says, detentions have taken place across the country. police and k, g b came to more than 8 officers of different outlets and mince can regions. they arrested editor in chief journalists, reporters without explaining the reason that they arrested them like terrorist in hand, cause they put in car and then in the prison. so right now,
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we are trying to understand how many people detained, detentions took place all over the country from 50 to 100 report. there are behind bars right now. some of them are facing up to 2025 years of prison. some of them accused in terrorism, and many of them needs legal, 8, some outlets they need to relocation to the neighboring capital to ukraine, to worse, so poll until the 20th of illness. and also there is a big need for financial support, financial assistance. so this media because look after their profit last year and this sprint, he realized the if you will correct down the media, no one will know the truth about what's happening and others, sanctions are the most powerful leverage and most powerful tool. the u. u. s. u k. candidates have right now, but they must be joined, they must be carbon mated. they must be substantial and comprehensive and all the loopholes must be eliminated from the sanctions regime. if we don't want to have
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the car in state, in the center of europe on the border with a you, we must act now. and our actions must be, must be card and needed. and democratic forces of the risk. urge and ask international community to to, to support us now right now in south korea. res corona virus restrictions to the highest level in the capital of soul and some neighboring regions. from monday, the countries reported its biggest staley rise in new cases and its hope health official as warning numbers could double by the end of july, the delta variant is helping to fuel the search with the reported infections of the strain tripling in just one week. schools and balls will be shot and restaurants are only allowed, limited seating. coordinated go to the countries in the worst infection crisis with daily numbers rich in record highs every day. there been more than 500
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daily cases in soul for the last 3 days. and for the 5 cases and the greatest sol area, we have reached the conclusion, the bold decisions and swift executions are the only solution. let's bring in dr. jerome kim. he's a doctor of intern, internal medicine and infectious diseases and is the director general of the international vaccine institute. he joins us by skype from sol, told him just tell us this is. busy an extraordinary raise in cases rise in cases over the last year. oh, in a, in a competition now in a race between those have been vaccinated and the spread of the delta variant. yes. and so the situation and creates mirroring the situation and many parts of the world. korea was remarkably successful in controlling the crone of ours outbreak in the early part of 2020, with a combination of masks and distance and
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a lot of cooperation from the population. now, a year and a half later, you know, we're confronted with the, the most significant increase in the number of cases. so korea country with 50000000 people as about 820-2300 cases being reported in a day. and that's with pretty good tracking, so we're pretty confident of that estimate. it raises concerns. korea is only 30 percent vaccinated. so it gets to the point that vaccination really is going to be the way that countries like korea will finally get a handle on, on the corner of ours and demick. and finally begin to safely are losing some of the restrictions. what is being put into place now again reflects some of the success. the korean government had earlier, but with newman and stricter messaging, you know, you've only 2 people can go out to dinner rather than 4. bars and restaurants are closing much earlier. are actually bars are close, the restaurants are open for a very limited period of time. again,
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looking at the areas where transmission has been problematic. so they are directing attention to the areas where they know spreaders occurring and hopefully this will be successful. i mean, you say, hopefully this will be successful, but from what i'm listening to from what you're saying and from what other people are saying is effectively that there's any one real strategy here. and that is the vaccination vaccination vaccination showed it. so remember, i think to the vaccination is not the only strategy we really do need to emphasize that vaccination is used in combination with other means of prevention. so masks and distance and for a period of time until an adequate number of people are vaccinated. we are going to have to be very strict about the messaging around the continued use of masks and distancing. and i think the government has been emphasizing hopefully that you know, they'd be able to loosen a lot of the restrictions. and there was a lot of hope that rather than being limited to 4 people at dinner,
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you could have 6 people. but again, the delta variant and the and the most recent outbreak, i think illustrate that we have to be continuously on guard until sufficient numbers of people are adequately vaccinated. and adequate is the key with the delta variant, single dose, single doses of ac scenes that have, that should be given as, as 2 doses are really or less effective. and we really have to talk about full vaccination. but what about boost the vaccination? so those people have already had, is that a concern for the medical community? yeah, that's a great question and it's when for which a lot of scientific data needs to be generated and very quickly. so i think you are referring to booster vaccination is that people who are already infected, and there is, for instance, in the united states or recommendation that everyone be vaccinated fully, even though they've been impacted. we do know that infection natural infection confers protection against infection for some period of time. and the actual timing
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of booster vaccination, optimally in the setting where other vaccines are limited and we need to vaccinate as much of the population as possible. really need to be thought through carefully by individual countries. booster vaccinations for people who receive vaccines that, that need reinforcement, that need additional immune responses is something that really needs additional attention. and i think that, that the government of korea, as well as governments all over the world are funding research and to try to decide what the best type of combination are we call it mix and match will be in order to maximize protection against infection, particularly with the barrier to dr. kim and saw that thank you very much. always interesting to hear your thoughts. thank you. thank you. the pic torches arrived in the host city of tokyo, 2 weeks out from the start of the games. but there will be no spectators are limping events in the japanese capital. the organizers made the decision as the
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city struggles to deal with coven 19 still around 11000 athletes from all over the world, making their way to compete in the event. australia is most popular, city is tightening cove at 19 restrictions as the delta strain and continues to spread. cities been locked down since late june, but cases continue to rise of 44 infections reported on monday. the largest daily rise since the current outbreak began last month. an extra 100 police have been deployed to patrol hotspot areas. off of all us states the thing arise and coven 19 cases. among unbox aged people. the centers for disease control recorded and 11 percent increase in cases last week. experts this week announced the delta variance has become the dominant over 900 strain in the country. so like his rolling roger packs the family as tightened his grip on power by
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appointing a brother as the finance minister basel a jewel us through and confesses. and it said to be the brains behind the families domination of sir lanchen politics for 2 decades. michelle fernandez reports that says raj functions returned to po is very much a family affair. he was sworn in their shall and because finance minister, my older brother, president of the raj boxer as he's pretty censor. and another brother, the former president and current prime minister by the roger boxer, looked on because of the whole economy of all countries, including 3 long how changed. so you suffered so we have to face it. so i think the president is very keen to open the country back and get the big moving a corner mclee, and every emily said that would be no easy task. sure,
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lantus for him is dangerously low, massive debt repayment due, and income levels have fallen during the pandemic. the government has also this, this criticism regarding the printing of billions of rupees to meet its commitment . a 2nd wedding in this time, as member of parliament taking the family, italy in parliament to 6. the strengthening of dynastic politics with the latest appointment is a concern to many. there is no getting away from the fact that this is about family rule. this is about the roger box, regina type thing, it's strangle hold on power. so in that respect, i mean, for democracy. i don't see it is anything that is going to strengthen democracy on the contrary is going to detract from democratic institutions. speaking after he took off his massive raj boxer was not worried about the economic challenges saying
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he has dealt with much, was what the country needs. he says is the support of many sectors of business and society to deal with the situation. roger papa has been a mr. fix it and the man strategist between roger pox, the families rise to fall into lanka, but with the goblin popularity falling in recent months, his family hoping he can turn things around. fernandez, colombo ah, there's out there and these are the top stories. columbia, as government says, initial investigations indicate retired members of its military were involved in the assassination of president jogan l wife. some of the attack is have been identified, but officials and still looking for at least 8 not received in response to the
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assassination of the haitian president. today, interpol has officially requested information from the columbia government and the national police.


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