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your neck out to hear me play an important role protecting human life. ah, ah, ah, the egypt, a nation of over 100000000 souls is facing an existing show threat. the un security council needs to hear regional concerns over your grand renee song . them admitted his peers, its downstream impact. ah, hello there on the saw the hey, this is out there, live from home, also coming up columbia joins the prob,
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into the assassination of juvenile ways. as police say, most of the haitian presidents attackers were columbia national. just one more year fighting against and is not a solution. but a recipe for being there indefinitely. us president, terrified and defend his decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan, even as taliban fighters capture more territory. a quarter of a 1000000 cases in just 7 days, africa experience as it was the week of the pandemic. ah, now the un security council has discussed the controversial mega dam project that ethiopia is, is building on the river nile, egypt. and to dante, the ground in europe today, phone stamp limits the access to fresh water. but if you're, if you says the un isn't the place to address such concerns. dramatic, added
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a james base reports now from the when the outside un headquarters, e. c, o, p in protest is gathered. they didn't want this meeting to take place to demonstrate that point. unlike egypt and sudan, ethiopia didn't send its foreign minister to this meeting. instead, it was represented by its water and irrigation minister. though the con union is seized of the matter and is abilene facilitating our negotiation. that is why it is to get a table or she steadily countries of the 2 brings the matter to the security company . it was sudan and egypt that had demanded this meeting, saying the fact that the pier is again filling the dam amounts to a threat to international peace and security. does not an overstatement to affirm that for egypt the girl is an existing show threat. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. later,
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i press the foreign minister on what action his country was prepared to take. so all their circumstances where you would consider military action. the matter of egypt, the protection of the rights of it citizen, is inherent and is a matter that necessarily any responsible government would apply itself to clearly growing tension between 3 countries. 2 of them with a population of more than 100000000 people and another with a population of 40000000 is very concerning. but the security council is unlikely to take any direct action. diplomats tell me they hope this meeting will force the 3 countries back into african union, lead mediation. james bay's ouch is era at the united nations? are let's now bring in cameron hudson. he is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council and is also a former director of african affairs, the white house national security council. he joined us now from washington,
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d. c. mr. hudson. i know us has been lobbying against this being taken to the security council of a month now and has said that this really bypasses the a you process. so in your mind, does this mean that the african union mediation processes essentially dead? well, it's certainly been on pause, i would say for the better part of last month. and of course, the last month has been perhaps the most critical phase of these negotiations. because the rains in east africa started falling within the last week or 10 days. and so the last month since the end of may essentially when the african union last held a negotiation session among all the parties, that's really too long to wait. and i think that we've seen them, the tension mounting on the egyptian ensued me side that they can't simply wait any longer to continue to negotiations. this was an effort to get, not just the security council involved to try to negotiate a settlement. i don't think that was ever part of their strategy. it was really to
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get the security council to push the african union and to push all of the parties, especially the ethiopians, back to the negotiating take table. well, trinity and saudi arabia have been getting increasingly involved. can you talk us through this developing dynamic that we're seeing here, where arab countries are getting more involved in this whole process? what's in it for them? is there a broader geopolitical strategy here? well, i think it's what you're seeing is sort of pan arab solidarity. so the egyptians, when they could not get the u. s. or the european union to step forward out ahead of the a u. they took their case 1st before the un security council. they took it to, to the arab states, to the arab league, which issued a letter, they have a meeting in the last 10 days. and then you've seen some bilateral efforts by the, by the saudis, and of course now by the chinese to have a don permanency on the security council. and so what we've seen is obviously pan
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arab solidarity around this issue. but again, all trying to do essentially the same thing, which is to force the parties back to the negotiating table. i don't think anyone has the ability to leverage ethiopia into making concessions that it's just not willing to make right now. so well, as we're hearing that from james diplomatic editor, there has been talk and speculation of potential military action around some of these tensions. do you see any of that as a real possibility yet? well, we can certainly say for certain that egypt and sudan have been conducting military exercises, joint military exercises in their, in their 2 countries. they have renewed security cooperation agreements. so there's certainly been no lack of saber rattling, going on for both cartoon and cairo. however, i think that the, the likelihood of a strike against the dam or some effort to incapacitate the dams operation is far off. right now. certainly a military strike on the dam. given what's already happened in terms of the filling
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that would jeopardize much of sudanese territory to see a rupture of the dam right now. kevin, they're obviously a number very important countries involved in this dispute that could be stabilize the region. i know the u. s. for instance, has made this a priority issue for the horn of africa and voice. how global powers regarding this? well, i think it's hard for them right now to juggle the many issues that have emerged in ethiopia and in the horn of africa in the last few months. we can't forget that there is this horrific crisis going on in the gray region of, of ethiopia, which border sudan, which is, you know, creating famine for nearly a 1000000 people that has really been i think the top priority for the u. s. and the european union to try to bring that conflict under control, gain, humanitarian access, stop the fighting and save lives. so that's been the number one priority, i think secondarily to that has been mounting tensions, separate from the damn,
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between ethiopia and sudan, there is a border conflict that has been brewing now for the past 6 months. there had been over a dozen deaths between b o b and ensued nice soldiers in the course of the last 6 months. so again, that's a very active conflict, more active i think than, than the kind of saber rattling we've seen on the girl. and so i think what you're seeing from the u. s. and the european envoys is really an effort over the past few months to try to sequence and to balance all of these different, you know, negotiate negotiating priorities, to, to try to lift all of them up at the same time. well, not, you know, well, not undermining efforts to, to reach agreement on other parts of this very complicated agenda and data very, very complex agenda there. and the horn at the moment, cameron, hudson, nonresident senior fellow to counsel. great, get your thoughts out there. thank you for joining us. thanks very much. moving on and columbia as governance has initial investigations indicate that retired members
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of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's president. and that's off the haiti's police chief said most of the 28th attack as have so far been identified and driven. our ways is killing where colombian was shot dead during array that his home on wednesday, the motive for killing a still unknown. but political infighting is leading to concerns about the nation's security. well, patty calhoun is across all of this for us from washington d. c. parties. we've been saying that really sounds like this investigation is in moving very quickly. and now the colombians are getting involved it really has been in the numbers are jumps considerably as the day has progressed. now the police chief in haiti is saying that there are $28.00 attackers identified $26.00 of those are colombians. 2 of those they say are haitians not clear if that's the 2 haitian americans that we've been hearing about and 8 or on the run? so the math is
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a little bit fuzzy for what we're hearing about earlier in the day after the police raid. but the most intriguing aspect of the story is now the colombian defense minister says they were alerted by interpol that these colombians could were involved. and they could have ties to the colombian army, and the defense minister said in fact, 2 of those who been arrested, or at least identified, are former members of the colombian army. and that they are looking into right now, flight records and financial statements, their time on the force that they plan to give that all to haiti. but this is a very interesting development from the beginning the haitian government and said these were coordinated attacks. they were military in style that the attacker spoke english and spanish, which of course would be unusual in haiti, and this is a sizable number that they've been able to identify and track down. as i mentioned, we've been hearing media reports that 2 of those are americans of haitian descent, allegedly from florida, the state of florida,
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not sure if they're natural as citizens or if they were here out of visa, but again the haitian government, not necessarily confirming that but the most intriguing aspect of the story right now, the colombian defense minister says interpol has been involved. they notified them, they've been going through the records. and as of right now, they can identify 2 of those suspected in the attack of having military experience of belonging to the colombian army. i will be staying across those developments for you here on out. is there a petticoat here and there with all the latest? thanks patty. i'll feel a hand here on out there. it's been 10 years since after dawn gains independence. find out why many see little reason to celebrate. and fans are now bod, from the olympics in tokyo, after a corona virus emergency is declared for japan's capital. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello. we got more heavy rain across central parts of china and wet weather getting pushed across towards japan. yet again, we have seen flooding here, courtesy of the may you front those seasonal downpours and just to the west, over soccer in here or smell, we saw 198 millimeters afraid in 24 hours could see the same again over the next 24 to 48 hours, very heavy downpours coming through, that's around a month's worth. so we have seen flash flooding as a result of that and that wet weather across a similar area as we go on through the weekend is dryer to the south. but it is some, a wetter across a good part of the korean peninsula. we've got some wet weather to particularly wet weather across the endo china and presently could see of the south west the monsoon that's driving big down palsy and across much of thailand into cambodia into a good part of vietnam. elsewhere across the region, the philippines, malaysia,
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indonesia, the usual seasonal range coming in over the next day or so. another seasonal range saves no down. pause to southwest the monsoon, driving very heavy rain across the pipe and going to me on mar, pushing up into the dish. to fall taste of india much of india now starting to see that southwesterly range now pushing all the way because much of the country actually, but even it's more than parts of focused on turning cooler and twitter full of whole this weekend sponsored pay cut on airways frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the, by the ministrations playing a long game, it's very much more embrace at the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their politics then their life has been shape? why vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story
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on our jazeera? ah, ah, ah, hello again, i'm to solve your pain dot com. that's remind you about top story. if you have a solid, the un security council has discussed the controversial mega done that you're building on the nile, egypt. and through dawn of raised economic and security concerns about that project . and if you, if it says the master should rather be discussed at the african union, columbia governments has retired. a members of its military were involved in the assassination of haiti's president driven on the 28 attack. as of now been identified, visuals are still looking for at least 8 more us president joe biden has
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defended his decision to pull american troops out of afghanistan, saying the military operation will end on august 31st. he insists the u. s. has achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years of war, but the withdrawal comes as the taliban continues to seize even more territory in afghanistan. white house correspondent, kimberly hallett reports. one week after us forces withdrew quietly from bog room air force base. the taliban is making games from the security vacuum left behind us . president joe biden is adamant us forces will leave afghanistan by the end of august. nearly 20 years of experience has shown us at the current security situation only confirms that just one more year fighting f canister is not a solution. but a recipe for being there indefinitely. as the taliban gave power, biden is now on the defensive. fist afghanistan future is tied to a political solution, not
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a military one piece must be negotiated between the afghan government and the taliban. but when he was asked if he had any faith in the group, the president had this to say, no, i do not trust the tell him the us will keep a small security and diplomatic presence in the country to support afghan forces. keep cobbles, airport open, and protect the u. s. embassy. now we're left with a strategy that less than coherent and bided in ministration is going to have to scramble to realize what their priorities in the region are. the taliban, rapid advance process. ghana stan has put key cities at risk of being overtaken. still by didn't insist the united states won't be at fault if that happens. no, no, no. it's up to the people that are going to stand. decide on what government they
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want. not us to impose the government on them as part of its humanitarian effort. the white house announced on thursday. it will also ship $1400000.00 doses of the johnson and johnson covey vaccine to afghanistan. but critics argue, afghanistan needs much more, especially afghan interpreters that served and supported us troops and are now in danger. whitehouse and says 30 vacuuming, thousands of african nationals and their families to a 3rd party country while their visas are being processed was complete. those who supported the u. s. mission in afghanistan could be offered asylum in the united states. kimberly helped get al jazeera, the white house, while at snobbery and bryan katrina. yes, he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress and joins us from bethesda, maryland. bryan, i understand your work focuses on american national security strategy and counter terrorism. now,
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despite what the whitehouse has said over the years when the u. s. actually went into afghanistan after 911. the objective via call was to eliminate the taliban, who had been harboring been logged and given that they haven't done that, do you regard? this is a failed mission. well, it looks like it's not a positive outcome. i don't know if it says failure. the actual goal was to get al qaeda because, you know, at different points, especially over the last 10 years, there's been negotiations with the taliban to see if they will. ready move away from harboring groups like al qaeda isis. so the actual mission was to get been ludden. and in that sense, yes, it succeeded. it was also to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al qaeda. and in that sense, i think it succeeded, but it certainly did not succeed in helping the afghan people and the afghan government stand on its own. and i think we're going to see the devastating. ready consequences of that in the next few weeks. what do you make of the timing if this
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patrol is this is by the says, a strategic call to avoid getting involved in nation building, or is this potentially rather political decision because us versus poorly want to see this happen? i don't think it's that much of a political decision. people aren't really talking about it here in america. what they're talking about are sort of the economic and panoramic situations here. they're more focused here at home. they're really not paying attention to us can get in the way. ready that they did. ready say 10 or 15 years ago, so i don't think it's political thanks, driven by this sense that we've been there for 20 years. and as president biden said, he wasn't going to send another generation of us. america, americans there to fight and risk their lives. if the situation wasn't going to improve. so i, i think it's part of the broader attempt to. ready ready position america to try to
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focus on things like china, corona virus and climate change. but i actually think in some ways there will be very negative consequences of how this is unfolding. and i guess stand and may end up being sort of like what we saw on iraq after the obama ministration with through there. brian, you mentioned the face, devastating consequences. i mean, i know there's a great deal of trepidation on the part of ask our troops at the moment. has the us done enough with training and equipping, ask our forces actually take over the war. i tried and it's spent literally hundreds of millions of dollars and many years in doing that. it's not just training and equipping, it's also the issue motivation and whether the african soldiers are willing to fight for their own country. i think the devastating consequences i was talking about are more related to. ready the next generation of afghans who lived and grew up in relative freedom, where they could see, you know,
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women and girls going to school civil society, seen those benefits. and i, i think that may change quite a lot in the next few months and, and that should shocker conscious consciousness for i'm considered a fair senior fellow at the center for american progress. get great to get your thoughts here with us on al jazeera. thank you for joining us, brian. thank you. well, now it's been 10 years and south sudan gained independence from sudan to become the wealthy youngest nation. yet few citizens there are rejoicing. who will, rich country has been mine by fighting that killed nearly 400000 people and misplaced millions. as humanitarian crisis and a fragile p steel are also making it difficult for many to move forward. hunger tosser of what's now from judah. john cox. it is people voting overwhelmingly to proceed from sudan. 10 years ago, wasn't a mistake. it would happen to south to don afterwards that broke in the war in 2015
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. when another round of fighting in 2016 has left him traumatized. it will not only do as had been we had our collect, my brother we have get even during this douglas, my brother. they were also killed. when it repeat itself, it was audible. things are now relatively calm. i like previous t steals that failed. some people hope the unity government set up last will hold it for former rebel lee, the react. michelle fornia, the 1st vice president along with 4 other vice president, president salva kit and michelle are once again trying to work together and to the elections in 2023 politicians. hope this transitional period encourages refugees
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and internally displaced people to return to their homes. thousands of people live here and this is just one of many camps across out the door. there's no running water and not enough food, meaning fat and you say they don't know how long they going to be and going home for several of them is not an option because live insecurity in some parts of the country. after that flood drought and into communal violence. children born often the payments have never known peace age was to say the mediterranean crisis is listening. these are some of our greatest concern. certainly there's a food insecurity, crisis, and so sudan, 1400000 children are going to be male nurse this year, the highest number in years. the key parts of the peace agreement are still to be implemented. these include establish a unified national army made of opposition and government forces. the people of south done telling their leadership that look, we tired of war. nobody once will any more. if there are some feel
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political leaders who are saying that they would go and mobilize some of our citizens so that they cause a fight because they want to be leaders of this country. i don't think they will get the audience from the public. the new coalition government is trying to rebuild, focusing on various developmental and infrastructure projects. as new buildings go up in some parts of the country, uniting a bitterly divided nation building trust and making sure it's safe enough for everyone affected by conflict to return home. it's going to be much more difficult how to talk to you, but in so the pandemic now and south korea will raise corona virus restrictions to the highest level in the capital. so and some of the neighboring regions from monday, this comes off to the country, reported its biggest daily rise in new cove at 1900 cases on thursday. and top
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health official is wanting that those numbers could even double by the end of july . well, meanwhile, the entire african continent has been experiencing its worst week since the beginning of this pandemic. as concern as several countries now surpass the 2nd wave peak and now appear to be entering a 3rd wave. nicholas hack reports from senegal, capital dot com. a public awareness campaign in the car nurse indicate job knows it will take more than a catchy tune to convince people to get back to needed. instead, the goal is running short on vaccines anyway. as infection rates rise, in the next 72 hours, we are going to be making a lot of noise. we will be doing topic campaigns, knocking on people's doors, going in factories and offices, and warning everyone to be prepared. synagogue is among 23 african countries experiencing a 3rd wave of infections with 250000 new cases. in the last week, the world health organization warns the continent is ill prepared to deal with the
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increase for africa. the worst is yet to come. as the fast moving 3rd wave continues to gain speed and new ground in countries, log downs are being imposed in sierra leone than bob, wy, and south africa, where half of the new infections are from the delta various has spread from india to 16 african countries. it is in rural areas away from cities where there are less people vaccinated, that the search of new cases is taking place. only 2 percent of africans have been vaccinated. most don't have access to the health centers, some fear unfounded side effects then while others view it as pointless with the you. failing to recognize the validity of the vaccines delivered in africa for travel to europe. some government see this as further discouraging people from getting inoculated. senegal is bounding public gatherings in an attempt to slow this 3rd wave, but in order to limit transmission, it needs rich countries to deliver on their promise. in providing cove in 1900
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vaccines as supplies are running out, given the rate of transmission, scientists fear the already virulent delta various could mutate into a more deadly and contagious virus. if we left countries behind on the facts, a nation, and public health response with just give them more chance to the fighters to evolve and new variance to emerge with or without the vaccine for senegal and other african countries. it's a race against time to prepare the population ahead of what appears to be a new and more dangerous wave of infection. nicholas hawk al jazeera the cart. well meanwhile, the limpid torch has arrived in her since he took her 2 weeks out from the start of the games. but there will be no respect cases at olympic events in the japanese capital. the organizers have made that decision as the city struggles to deal with . covet 19 david stokes reports just hours after japan announced
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a fresh state of emergency in tokyo. the knock on effect on the olympics was confirmed to combat the surgeon covered 19 cases. there will be no fence at all, allowed to attend venues in tokyo, seeing that the golden that used to constant aggregate needs without the pandemic, the limpid games would be an amazing opportunity to unite people. unfortunately, the panorama could not allow us to hold events with full spectators. we are very sorry for the locals living near dell and fick venue. but at that, the decision about foreign fans was made months ago. but organizes had still hoped to allow 50 percent capacity to domestic crowds. although a small number of people may be allowed to attend venues outside tokyo, there's no doubt 1st, a decision has inflicted a significant blow. this was supposed to be a huge moment for, for tokyo, for japan. so much effort has gone into preparing the capital to host these games. and now it's going to be a lot of them t stadium,
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the head of the international olympic committee. thomas bar arrived in tokyo just as the new rules were announced. and he himself will now spend 3 days isolating in his hotel will support any measure which is necessary to state insecure will begin paralympic games. the games have now effectively been reduced to a made for tv event, which means the i o. c will still collect around $4000000000.00 from broadcast. is that the last ticket revenue around $800000000.00 will be felt by japan's tax payers? have already been hit hard by the most expensive games in history. with some reports, putting the overall cost close to 30000000000 still around 11000 athletes from all over the world are making their way to tokyo. ready to compete in an lympics like no other minority sport. this oppertunity the only come once before years where they can actually compete in arenas which are compatible to of amazing support.
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reality is when they get to tokyo and get to the arena's and see how unusually quiet it is, i think it could affect some performance is there will be no fans in tokyo, but the delayed games are still going ahead with the opening ceremony just 2 weeks away david stokes al jazeera ah hello, this is out there and these are the headlines. the un security council has discussed the controversial mega and that each is building on the nile, egypt. and you dont have raised economic and security concerns about the project. but if you, if you says the master should rather be discussed of the african union in egypt, foreign minister had a rather blunt assessment of the situation. a nation of over 100000000 souls.


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