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now more than ever, the world needs w h, making a healthy a world for you everyone the. ready kind of there, i'm the fancy at hand with the headlines for you here on out rivera, the un security council has discussed the controversial mega project that european is building on the river ny on egypt into dawn. say the grand or if you appeal renee on time limits, say access to fresh water. but if you're, if he says the u. n is in the place to address such concerns. dramatic editor james base reports now from the united nations. the outside un headquarters, e. c. o, p in protest is gathered. they didn't want this meeting to take place to
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demonstrate that point. unlike egypt and sudan, ethiopia didn't send its foreign ministers in this meeting. instead, it was represented by water and irrigation minister. the 2nd union is seized of the matter, and is emily facilitating our negotiation? that is why it is regrettable that our she steadily countries of the 2 brings a matter to the security council. it was sudan and egypt that had demanded this meeting, saying the fact that a peer is again filling the dam, amounts to a threat to international peace and security. does not an overstatement to affirm that for egypt the girl is an existential threat. this is a situation that egypt cannot and will not tolerate. later i pressed the foreign minister on what action his country was prepared to take. so all their circumstances where you would consider military action. the matter of
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egypt, the protection of the rights of it citizen, is inherent and is a matter that necessarily any responsible government would apply itself to clearly growing tension between 3 countries. 2 of them with a population of more than 100000000 people and another with a population of 40000000 is very concerning. but the security council is unlikely to take any direct action. diplomats tell me they hope this meeting will force the 3 countries back into african union, lead mediation. james bay's ouch is era. at the united nations. i have is police chief says 28 attack has have been identified following the assassination of president driven arm ways. most of them were colombians, officials that are still looking for at least 8 attackers who are believe to be on the run call and has one out from washington d. c. we are hearing from the haitian police chief and he is saying that there are
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total, they've identified $28.00 attackers. 26 of them are colombians. they said to are haitians and 8 are still on the run. as you know, everything's pretty much been shut down in haiti as the investigation continues. now, there are been reports, there were at least 2 americans of haitian descent that were arrested. the state department said that they were aware of those media reports, but could not comment on that. obviously this investigation is going very, very quickly. they're going to be questions about exactly how for how they are. they'll track down these suspects just so fast. but again, the latest numbers, they say 28 attackers identified 26 colombians to haitian they're. the haitian officials are not confirming the 2 of those or in fact haitian haitian american americans of haitian descent. but those are the latest numbers that we're getting from haiti as the investigation continues. you as president joe biden says, american troops will leave afghanistan by august 31st. he insists the u. s. has achieved its objectives after nearly 20 years of war. well meanwhile,
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half of all us states announcing a rise in proven 1900 cases amongst unvaccinated people. there's been an 11 percent increase in cases last week, most of them in areas with low vaccination rates. the delta variance has become the dominant strain in the country. now, south korea will raise corona virus restrictions to the highest level in the capital soul and some neighboring regions. from monday. the country reported its biggest daily rise in new cove in 1900 cases on thursday, a top health official this morning. the numbers could double by the end of july. and the limbic torch has arrived and her city tokyo 2 weeks out from the start of the games. but they will be no spectators, as olympic events and the japanese capital. the organizers made the decision as the city struggles to deal with code the 19 well, those are the headlines. i'll have another update for you here after witness stay with us. the
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what it was. yes. you would do that given that those belly and you called them miss you miss law michel would have to go
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to the news people. i think for me take 1414. how am i going to be with the whole 14 cars in my hand for you don't you whole 77 time i can form into lines for
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so what is your family saying now? to me to stay here? and then i don't want you to take that journey unit, that's what i'm telling me to stay. if there's a way i can go back and they are aware of the danger and some awesome on and you can do for what i think being alive is very important. when you're in blessing, danger, being less than just being hit, being alive is much better. and worse than putting, relaxing danger. no upsets me the most. going to get arrested. i'm harassed, of being are sure. but you know, even for me or even had a chance of me in the danger, i know. i mean, you don't know about my situation. i know, i don't think i know you've got you've got your american possible right. my dad has different to me. i don't have
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a brace possible i'm. i'm devoted from the u. k and i was an ex member now. so it makes everything difficult because i'm an ex name, but it's going to make it difficult for me to legally get back. and because i am an excellent, but he's going to make it difficult for me to stay here because they're going to want to change then, right. where, where, i mean, it's not coming to pick over me the the news in ah,
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it's all stuff. is he and the whole through that my playing cell you thought fast. not much of a good, thus something happened. you know, it was meant that it was really hot and nobody's not like is going to be useless. who's not going to be his son's life? you know, you can get his done sooner. lay all you know, if i care about your guy, if on our, than than in him money he lation nobody nobody. now the only person he's got is me.
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ah, the i was 2 years old and he just wanted me to stay in life. when i was a, i came to england where i grew up with my stepsister. i was just like any other kids. i went to primary school, secondary school, college, and friends. i played football and run them the streets. but i don't my parents when i was 15, i go into that company trucks and i was sentenced to prison for 2 years.
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in those 2 years, i begin to change. i begin to become religious. i was looking for a sense of belonging. after prison, i was deported to somalia and i became part of shabba me at 1st and i have to show up with the good guys. like for the somebody people they befriended me. they gave me a way to establish my life in africa. i was never a front soldier. i never carried a gun for them. i never killed anyone for them because i could speak english and i was educated and i knew how to use the computer. they had me doing other things for them. i'm not, i'm not a toe is not a problem.
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when i saw the dying and i begin to understand and realize dash 5 is a terrorist organization, kids and some people. that's when i stop tina i realize i was before, i realize i was trip this and i realize i'm literally state now i'm hiding the show. trying to stay away from us. my father passed away and my mother lives in start. somebody. we are sharps that have a lot of power. what had happened to them in more highly secure in
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the medical, but i think somebody mentioned sometimes control own the absolute will have to load. i thought i probably should go. so call my mother had that a little bit negative mission wise, and i know it may have been, i don't know how you, how many of it that's going to increase going to occur that can lower that how much logically moving to montes could show up and i guess the would add that on the
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bus who would do the do you do the good to go in and out of my way for me to get the never done or job with it in the in the book ahead and show up a little early what the mother, who really harman, who know me, you can put them in. i mean, i was wanting me
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the job here. i need to hold on like on back to help you with the time she took the issue. yeah. sure. you know, she started. oh you mean like that? and i never had that tell i i i brought the the
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the table the me the me wanting what
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much time i didn't have i do know that you can give me take the day. well, okay, can call them cuz i got you booked. feel
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go by peel home talk to you don't belong here. i'm already, i'm not going to know, but what i was going to do, nope, no kidding up faith. and that way you can always do this. come motion, man, talk about it. could you keep your voice done? okay? not to. she's not here now. okay. but you know, you know, i don't want to know if i have my own place, then there will be no job. no, nothing drama. no it won't. it won't,
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it won't be like in time then said i do, you know, that i know well, i'm going to go is the investigation. com or the oil what do you want to do about that and we have, i have to do what i said, i'm going to do. okay. my call still say no. i bought a house the way you can call me. so i think that you don't want, they don't have a place to know if i'm still living a whole place, you want to, um the
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call on call. hopefully it will let me go. go on. okay, no, i could get some help. maybe i can do the
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the the the hello. hi. how are you? larry london, i had head ahead quite you know, i don't understand it at all. my name
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was mentioned in the name, but then i was given your criminal offenses. you would that change the chip, you've never been given exceptional leave your name or anything in the country having made to it's like the view being able even in the u. k. b is not in any way. then if you were able to get it to you,
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then you would be very involved with the documentation. i know you look too good. i never get optimistic about and it was just a month ago and like down, sorry, don't, don't get me wrong is did they never look at that person's predicament or, or what causes the person to be most predicament? everything just plain people kind of thing. so actually immigration context and they never really looked at my problem really i'm 100 percent sure of this so much. i never told them so
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they might be out for the same type of family life but and the fact that the fact that i was 8 years old and no mother and father and i came to the u. k. and i did so much they didn't consider that a lot look, if you really well, unfortunately not likely to happen in the you know, the question with the given given i don't want you to be closure. well, she's about to take care of
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me me i'm trying to lead this country. i want to be in place and i can hear and you know, you know, i don't know about kind of different being all wow, i me show any other european country
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this close to you again. you again you think? oh, let me see you again. in the parade of iris pandemic has altered modern society as governments have grappled with soaring cases, contact, tracing, and huge data collections are causing concern amongst civil rights activists. people in power investigates the ever increasing powers of governments and businesses as they access people's most personal data and asks, what is being done to regulate the flow of sensitive information under the cover of cove it on a jazzy data with energy and change to
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every part of our universe more small to continue. the change is all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. when a war crime is committed, is it kind of just follows a garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to french high court, i says, every place to make sure to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all just give me you want to help save the world,
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needs into your own. ah ah hello there. i'm just going to take into how the headlines here on out there. and the un security council has discussed the controversial mega them that if you're building on the nile, egypt, into dawn, and raised economic and security concerns about the project. meanwhile, egypt foreign minister had a rather blunt assessment of the situation. a nation of over 100000000 souls is facing an existing show threat. a grand structure of mammoth proportion has been constructed across the.


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